Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The See Ya later Mate Partay @ Fatboybakes

I wanted to leave the best for last. 

I suppose as usual, i am never really patient enough.

So i will skip right through to the most recent farewell session i had with the people that have kept me blogging about food till this very day. 

Pronounced as The "See Ya Later Mate Partay" for Nipple Joe, this was the farewell with the food bloggers.

Most of them go way back to 2007. I still remember that night when i first met this crazy bunch of people (in a fun way) and that it never crossed my mind that they would become such good friends. Over the course of 4 years; countless parties, lunches and dinners, even a food trip!, laughter and joy, this is one bunch of people that i will never forget.

Yes, these are also the very bunch of people who have given me a nickname that you may have randomly chance across it on the comment boxes or twitter. Maybe a story for another day.

Before i let the pictures flow through, the food pictures of all the wonderful stuff we had during tea, I would like to thank Cheng Yi a.k.a Fatboybakes or Ah Pa for being the gracious host as he always is. To be so nice of him to host my farewell tea party at his place, may i add. Always will be remembered for stuffing his camera down my shirt, his booze parties and his legendary cakes and so much more that it may take awhile to write it all down.

To all those bloggers that attended; Meena, U Mei, Nic, Jon, Way Cheng, Jek and Aly, thank you so much for coming on such short notice, the pleasure has been all mine in getting to know each of you and may the food blogging continue! Of course, not to say that you all are any least important than Ah Pa because he has more lines written about him comparably. Just to make it more equal, i enjoyed whether it was the food trip, the many meals together or just plain gossip!

To the rest of the friends who fell under the category of non bloggers, if we don't catch up via blogs, there's always Facebook or you can always come visit in Melbourne!

Even though it was meant to be tea time, food bloggers being food bloggers will indulge at any time of the day so it wasn't your everyday tea time.

Braised pork ("ter eu bak") was cooked by Nic's mom. The layers of fat made it so irresistible, i had to slap my hand to make myself stop!


Way Cheng's Thai inspired Pomelo Salad was lovely to balance all the heavy stuff we had. The sweet fruit and the tangy dressing.

Jon bought some Ah Khai's Char Siew which are chopped into chunks like how the Hong Kong people do it. Pick the right piece with the fats and you will shoot up into heaven.


Cheng Yi strikes again with this Mushroom and Luncheon Meat Quiche with Filo Pastry. The key is in the luncheon meat.  Available for order i presume.


Accompanying the Quiche, a western-like rojak salad or if you like a pineapple, cucumber and apple salad with a peanut dressing. Refreshing.

 We also had some duck from Sunrise, best to consume on the spot but hey, no complaints because Kat managed to take away while we enjoy the cooling air-con.

Not to mention:

Ciki bought fried rice for us to eat all the above with! 
Chian Tyng got us the curry puffs and the sesame balls with red bean filling from Mr Chiam at Brickfields.
Karen made some fragant portobello mushroom pate with crackers.

For some reason, probably gluttony, my camera failed to register any memory of taking pictures of it. 


For sweets, the scones are gorgeous with cream and jam, courtesy of the host again. Probably about the only thing that really was meant for "tea time".

Some Big Apple "Sushi Donuts". They looked so cute but man there were sweet with a chocolate filling too.

Unlike most parties, this was rather mild, we ended the evening with a bottle of champagne i bought from the airport. Not a bad recommendation for USD 40 i think. Of course there were some single malt whisky action going on, as usual.

There were a load more pictures i took with the gang, not in my camera sadly except for this one.

With that, till we meet again.

PS: The venue is not exactly open to public. Members only.


J said...

Sorry I missed out the party. :(

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I shall miss you, Nips. We've been through so much together. Keep updating your blog when you're in Oz.

babe_kl said...

*sobs* i missed this and we're gonna miss u lots! hopefully will see you in Melbourne one day

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

babekl: no prob, hope to c u in melb!

ll: sure will! yes so much together hor.

j: oh well.. =(

UnkaLeong said...

Sorry I missed this Nips. Don't be a stranger when you touch down, down under. *hugs*

CUMI & CIKI said...

v nais! was gonna save the post for next week.. :P

wei, ur watermark is still .blogspot faster change la:P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

c&c: yeah hor, must change!

unkaleong: haha lets c how big the greetings gift 1st hor.

fatboybakes said...

awww, nipples, hugs..i almost shed a tear, but opcors, being a chinese man and all, AND an ahpa, such displays of emotion are inappropriate. take care ya, young padawan... and we look forward to the big wedding reception soon. we will miss you of course.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

fbb: haha yes, like all ah pas do.

jfook said...

Awesome photos you have there!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

jfook: thanks!

ken said...

the occasion looks cool.. and the food.. yum yum =)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ken: its a food blogger event, food HAS to be yum.

qwazymonkey said...

Actually, I'm glad you're going away. Now I can be the youngest guy around the group! Mwahahaha.

Ok that was the evil munkey talking. But, will seriously miss having ya around the table. Take care and we'll hope to see ya soon. Til then, we'll keep in touch through the blog.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

qm: haha u forget u got chian tyng, delectable su and whoever else! u take care too!

Wilson Ng said...

Have fun in OZ mate! We will meet again next time. Take care and all the best.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wilson: till we meet!

gfad said...

I think it'll be the same for us - 'see' each other online most of the time and real life once a year. Only difference, it could be in Melb instd of KL! :D

Best of luck in job and hse hunting, Joe!

thule a.k.a leo said...

Arghh!!! Missed the partay :(
anyway, BON VOYAGE and hope to meet you again someday when you come back to Malaysia bro!!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

leo: well easier if its the other way around haha.

gfad: yes, c u in melb!