Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hot Can Cafe Latte, Hot Chocolate or Mocha, anyone?

Instant hot drink anyone? Now, to be very honest with you, i was skeptical even after witnessing how it all worked. In fact i was mesmerized by how a can could warm up by itself by shaking it for a good 30 seconds, releasing some steam along the way as a by-product. It is even eco-friendly, in times when green is the new black or white.

So why was i skeptical?

In truth, why would anyone pay RM8-10 (depending on which supermarket you buy it from) for a can that turns into a hot drink, in a weather that is sickeningly hot? 

1. Convenience. Find yourself in the middle of night looking for something warm to drink before going to bed? Take a can, avoid all the hassle of going into the kitchen.  

2. Just plain lazy.

The simple technology that they have put into the product is awesome and double that, the drink is halal and 100% made in Malaysia.

Taste wise, it is still lacking compared to more established products like Milo or Nescafe. The flavours are slightly mild and not overly sweet, although i would have liked it to be a thicker consistency especially when it comes to hot chocolate.
Find yourself in the jungle at night, freezing? Or this time next week, i am going to find myself in an average temperature of 10 degrees and less during the night, i seriously wouldn't mind an instant hot can.

Don't pull the trigger first.

At the bottom of the can, press hard, break the seal and shake the can till steam comes out.

 Once the indicator shows it is hot enough to drink, Enjoy.

Thanks to Dato' Kenneth Kolb for inventing the drink, if you like it oh so much.

Now dear Hot Can, do you mind if you can go back to R&D and make some hot soup or better yet, Cold Can?


Thank you Mongoose Publishing for the kind invite to allow me to witness myself such an amazing product.


xin said...

hohoh i bought a can from village grocer at about RM8+ too. quite like it :)

thule a.k.a leo said...

Ah... the price almost at par with Starbuck's or Coffee Bean's!!! For that, I'd rather go to the two giant coffee chains as I got to use their facility!
Hmmm.. I'll wait for the Hot Can Soup instead! Heard that they are doing research on this right??

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Brilliant product. Perfect when you're caught in one of KL's numerous jams!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ll: if its raining then ok hor.

leo: u dont buy a hot can when you are at the shopping complex to drink. so unless ur house has a starbucks nxt door, this is as good as it gets. the soup? well the partner did say it was an idea, so lets c how.

xin: u liked it? cool.

si buta warna said...

wow, seriously amazing!
wanna try it soon.

J said...

I want soup and japanese sake! :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

j: haha u might want to ask for an empty can n DIY?

si buta warna: go do it!

Anonymous said...

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