Monday, June 28, 2010

A tragic end to this year Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010

What was suppose to be another good reason to congratulating myself for finishing 10km albeit at a probably slower pace, if not the same as last year was ruined by a sad piece of news that is currently all over on Twitter and Facebook.

A young man in his 20s collapsed between the 8km - 9km mark and started having seizures, before losing his pulse. The sad thing was that he didn't get the necessary help on time so that he could be alive like the rest of us in crossing the finishing line. It is understood that the ambulance took close to 20 minutes to arrive and at which point, despite all the help he got from participating runners, he sadly passed away on the way to the hospital.

Worse still, it only made me realise that i might have jogged past the pour soul, although i can't confirm. I did indeed saw a male runner lying down on the pavement with a few runners beside him. He had a shoe and sock taken out from his foot and he looked like he was in pain. My first instinct was that he probably injured his ankle. It definitely didn't come across to me that i was at such close proximity to a dying person.

Throughout the day, the saddening fact sat on my mind and that is probably one of the reasons why i am typing away at 3.40am after given up watching the World Cup. I hope that the loss of the pour soul will not be in vain as there are plenty of reasons to bring home.


1. Collapsing from exercise can affect anyone, regardless of age, medical condition and do not differentiate between gender or race. So much so, whether you deem yourself fit or not, please know where your limit is and don't play god and push it as hard as you can. Listen to your body. There's a difference between pushing within your limits and pushing out of your limits. It was only last year at the Adidas run held in Shah Alam that dehydration and fatigue took a life of a teenager as he collapsed at a quiet area.

That being said, after finishing 10km race last year and this year, would i be brave enough to go for another run next year?

2. I think from now on, people have to be careful of the reputation of the organisers for such marathons. If what is being circulated is true, where were all the necessary help when one needed it? Volunteers out there, you are not there just to look good and gain good karma, you are out there to ensure that everyone is to have a safe race. If you can't do so, don't volunteer.

3. Everyone who takes part in a race plays a part in the race. Kudos to the participating runners who spotted the mishap. I think this year at least they got the tag line right "Run As One". I feel sorry that i didn't get a chance to help.


Despite all that, i am glad i am still alive from 10km, which for some might be easy but for an overweight 20 odd year old, is still a great challenge.


Food post probably continues tomorrow.


qwazymonkey said...

Such a piece of sad news especially when you're in the celebratory mood. I agree, one should always listen to your body. it's the first step towards the prevention of any kind.

On a lighter note, congrats on the completion of your run!

J said...

Whatever his age was, it is a big tragedy,... but gosh 20-something is really too young loh! :(

Paranoid Android said...

Requiescat In Pace to the young man who passed away. I was mortified by the news. I always firmly believe that an ambulance should be on standby, together with proper medically trained staff during these events. It should be trailing the convoy of runners.

No use crying over spilled milk like Malaysians often do and I do believe it is the second incident this year. Maybe in the future, organizers will take heed.

Sean said...

a reminder that we mustn't take any day for granted, i guess. for me, i know i should take better care of my health (would be good for me to exercise, since i definitely can't run a marathon, but i'm totally undisciplined).
hope u're feeling better today.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

sean: yeah after sleeping till 12. yes, it doesnt have to be rigorous, just balance out with the things we put in our bodies..

pa: yeah not so much the crying but make sure we avoid another innocent death.

j: he was my AGE!

qm: thanks, i almost had so many 2nd thoughts of hopping to the nearest LRT station and go home!

thule a.k.a leo said...

I've read about this too... poor guy!

minchow said...

Absolutely devastating. If this isn't a wake up call for the organizers to clean up their act for good years of a big hot mess, nothing will.

minchow said...

Absolutely devastating. If this isn't a wake up call for the organizers to clean up their act for good years of a big hot mess, nothing will.

miss lili@ said...

so sad to know that.. :(

anyway congrats you for completing the run.. proved that you're still fit to do so.. :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

lilia: thank u!

minchow: well wake up call sure is quite long for dis group of ppl..

leo: i think poor is probably an understatement.

zewt said...

i still believe the problem is not just marathon... it's a very deep root...

say stand chart decides to pump in additional 10m next year to have private doctors station at every 1km equipped with mobile MRI and X-ray and all the high tech machine... does that mean that the "problem" has been solved?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

zewt: totally agreed, i know where u driving at, just saying got to look out for yourself too. hope sg is treating u well out there!