Monday, June 7, 2010

Plane food: Is it all that bad? Check out what Garuda Indonesia had to offer

To be a committed food blogger, one must scrutinise every meal and it should start from the first meal to the last meal that you have.

One meal that i think most people miss out are the in-flight meals. I can't blame people for not bothering to post about them. For poor souls like me and probably half the population out there, we fly Air Asia. Flying Air Asia only means stuffing yourself silly before you board on your flight and i can't remember buying more than a drink in the air, whether it was an hour trip to Krabi or a five hour trip to Taipei.

If you are lucky to fly on a full service airline, i usually can't be bothered to move once i am seated and there are only certain items i really remember to hold onto before i buckle my seats; iPod, Book and earphones. Yes, i suppose i haven't reached that level of what a committed food blogger should be. Not sure if you noticed too but on a return journey, you are usually too tired to even fuss about food, what more aeroplane food.

So what to do, to prove to my sponsor; Garuda Indonesia that i am a worthy food blogger to bring along *hint* *hint* on future trips, i took out the camera and took pictures of airplane cuisine!

Flying out at a horrifying time of 7.10am (although i understand it is now 7.30am which actually means one can take the first train at KL Sentral at 5.30am and still make the flight on time), our host were kind enough to put us on Executive Class, meaning Business Class.

Which meant orange and apple juice poured into nicer looking glasses. Since it was after all early morning, no one offered me any champagne to go along with breakfast.

As what would be expected on Executive Class, you have a choice of a Western breakfast i.e. sausage, omelette and etc or a more local breakfast i.e. Murtabak. I am usually quite bad with choices, sometimes choosing the safer option or be daring with the less obvious one. In this case, i stuck with the omelette while the others told me the murtabak was awesome, damn.

With the sun all shiny and bright, it was a bit hard to take pictures without any shadows. The egg omelette was filled with chopped chillies to give it a local flavour but not fun picking it all out. Well cooked though i must say, as for the other items, the usual fare. Loved the fresh fruits though. Served with pastries and croissants as well.

Love the cute Salt and Pepper shaker. Should have kept it as a souvenir.

What can i say? Love the size of the seats, dont we all? For the short flight, you don't get to recline all the way but definitely enough for you to stay comfortable for the 2 hour journey.

If you need some soothing music, they offer noise cancelling headphones, something that MAS airlines don't even offer (as far as i can remember when i flew Business late last year).

Well, to truly enjoy the whole flying experience, we were flying Economy back to Kuala Lumpur.

*Wail* I had been bought back to Earth from Heaven. Although leg space is much better than Air Asia, it can't be compared to Executive Class. However being 6 feet tall, you have slightly abit more space before your knees have the capabilities to act as a massage tool for the guy/girl sitting in front.

I don't remember being served drinks before flying off ever before so a nice thought to get you refreshed.

The meal didn't look that bad but tastewise you got to ask my friend who had the meal. I was just so tired i could not take another bite of food (i know, coming from a food blogger, right?) Servings seemed quite substantial too. A nice thing they also offered was the option of red wine.

Overall, the food and service was quite impressive for an airline which is just on its path back to flying into Europe after the fiasco which is still embedded on everyone's mind.

Taking a break from Jakarta and Garuda, the next post is written by none other than the Wife who is finally going to start working for her invites to free meals.

PS: Do check out Garuda Indonesia's Malaysia Facebook fan page. Frequent updates on cheap tickets and happenings too.


J said...

I'm strangely amused by the rectangular block of rice :) Cute!

nutty said...

I love the salt and pepper. ((=

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

nutty: yeah cute right?

j: easier to pack?

iamthewitch said...

LOL! I also have problem with leg room! "giving massage to the passenger infront!" Haha.. I guess they should be thankful, no? :P

Ivy Isabelle said...

Normally, traveller with long leg would request bulk head seat (the first row with a 'wall' infront of you) or emergency row seat. However, both type of seats unable to pre-assign. Bulk-head seat is normally reserved for passenger with infant or passenger with wheelchair. Whilst emergency row is only for capable passengers which able to assist crews during evacuation/emergency. *wink*

Baby Sumo said...

not all airline food is bad... the higher class ur travelling, the better the food is of cos!

I've had nice macarons on a business class flight on KLM. Even the paninis and sandwiches they used to serve on BMI and BA Economy flights were pretty decent. And MAS Economy class nasi lemak is actually pretty good and they serve really good satays in First Class!

eiling lim said...

wah the food not bad woh!!

Sean said...

no one offered any champagne, but can still ask or not? :D

Life for Beginners said...

Looks like Garuda treated y'all well. :)

Can't wait for the guest post next week! :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

lob: its not next week, it is probably tomorrow!

sean: i wonder why i didnt ask, maybe i was way to sleepy to even remember.

eiling: not too bad la haha

baby sumo: u had to remind me of the satay on MAS, its awesome i tell ya, almost wanted to ask for seconds!

isabelle: i am going to remember all this terminology when i next book my seat!

iamthewitch: hope they enjoy the leg massage

yapthomas said...

I wonder how does flying Executive Class to Amsterdam would be like? :P

But then again, I'm with you.
Economy's class seat doesn't suit us 6fters. :(

Must earn more money to fly business class... :(

Or else, cattle class all the way. Oh, just another term for Economy Class. :P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

thomasyap: are you getting us to Amsterdam!??? are you?? puhlease..

Ivy Isabelle said...

Joe... currently promo fare to Amsterdam is only RM 1400 per person ! only for 2 months.. Hurry up!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ivy: really?? argh so tempting, but cant afford two fellows over there, got hotel fees too!

Ivy Isabelle said...

Yes, it's REAL good deal! Valid until end of july.. please spread the word around...

accommodation there can be settled easily, their motel/inn are clean and decent.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ivy: haha garuda pls sponsor!! =)