Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Papa Palheta @ Bukit Timah Road, Singapore; Best coffee i had in a very long time?

I have generally given up on drinking coffee in Malaysia with the exception for one or two places that serve a coffee at the temperature that doesn't burn your tongue and is palatable without sugar. Nowadays if i am desperate, i go to those chain of coffee places and order something like a "hot latte, regular, skimmed milk, could you also not over-heat the milk", but still i realise all i get is a cup of bitter coffee.

Find me at Starbucks or Coffee Bean nowadays and chances are i am there to meet someone, use their free WiFi while trying to blend in with the pretentious. No longer for the coffee.

Its a pity though because i am sure that out there somewhere in this country, they are people who know and love to enjoy coffee. Downing 3-in-1 sachets coffee to stay awake don't count.

What makes it so hard to swallow is that a 3 hour drive down to Bukit Timah Road in Singapore, one can enjoy a nice cup of coffee, so awesome, that i had 2 cups in one session and went back there the next day.

Want a good cup of coffee? Look no further, Go to Papa Palheta.

There is something about the place that reminds me of Melbourne or any part of Australia for that matter. Even the people who were sitting down there, enjoying their coffee with their laptop or magazine is a reminiscence of the laid back life of the Aussies except that it is way too hot to enjoy it al-fresco in the afternoon. Maybe if the average temperature was in the 20s, this place would be packed but when it is usually in the 30s, the air conditioned inside is more suitable.

With the prerequisite that the place is not overly crowded, has its own character without conforming to the norm, lets try their coffee.

Any of the beans you fancy?

Now what is again unique to Papa Palheta is that there are actually in the business of selling coffee beans. Pre-packed for weekly roasted beans of your choice.

As a side, one can order a coffee, for "tasting", comes with cold water too and you can make a donation to the bowl when you are done. So one can pay as much as the coffee deserves while i am told that the going rate is SGD 5 per cup.

Latte or Cappuccino?

Why i have been banging on about temperature is that essentially one can actually taste the coffee instead of reaching for water to cool down the scalding tongue. The brew here varies from week to week but last week it was the Papua New Guinea. Creamy and smooth with a slight bitter after taste, it gives a whole new dimension to drinking coffee instead of waiting for the caffeine to kick start the body.

If there was one wish to the F&B industry, it is to come up with a concept as this, serving good coffee in Kuala Lumpur. If that comes true, i suppose theres really no reason why i have to migrate to Melbourne, right? (Well thats not entirely true but quite true).

Address and contact details:

140, Bukit Timah Road (Back alley entrance)
Singapore 229840
Enter by Hooper Road (turning left after the Shell station)

Open from Tuesdays to Fridays - 9am -7.30pm
Saturdays - 9am - 9pm
Sundays and Public Holidays - 9am - 7.30pm
Closed for roasting on Mondays

Tel: +65 97990420

Verdict: 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. Other than the fact that i had to sit outside with my smoking friends on a rather hot day, i still managed to enjoy a cup of coffee (even after conversion, the prices were comparable) and surf on free WiFi, twittering about this gem of a place. Heck should i even give it 5 stars?


J said...

And its so nicely presented too! 5 stars lah. :)

sc said...

miss those nice coffee places in melbourne reading this post..well, at least there's a nearer option for your now ;)

Jun said...

melb is currently too cold to be sitting outside with a cuppa, so i'd give anything to be at this place (esp with the GSS going on now) arrrggghhh!!! i want to be on annual leave, like, stat!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

jun: haha true..but its a case of i want what i cant have isnt?

sc: nearer..but not near enough!

j: no perfect score, my dear..nothing's perfect

hoay said...

wow~nice!!!hav a cup of coffee and enjoy~

Sean said...

i've only ever drunk coffee within malaysia ... so maybe that's why i haven't fallen in love with it? :D but yeah, i'm always burning my tongue if i have hot coffee, so i never order it anymore...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

sean: exactly!

hoay: of course enjoy.

thule a.k.a leo said...

the first thing that comes to my mind when I read "Bukit Timah" was my grandma! We used to stay in Bukit Timah area until she sold the house and moved back to Malaysia... back then, I used to go Singapore often but now no more... she has since passed away (I miss her)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

leo: there are a few houses nearby the cafe and its really holiday resort like, maybe thats where she used to stay! i am sure she misses you too from whereever she is.

eiling lim said...

nice place. i have one restaurant that I wanted to go at Bkt Timah. Now cannot remember the name. Ish!!

Anonymous said...

As a coffee fan myself, you might wanna give Pacific Coffee House a try (if you have not already) @ IOI Boulevard Puchong or Pavilion (near the Bentley showroom). It's from Hong Kong and i reckon it's friggin good..
IOI Boulevard for better ambience IMHO.

Just a thought :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

anon: i heard good stuff for their ice blended, but its always a simple latte that i will try. let me go check it out

eiling: i dont think i will be returning very soon, so take ur time to think!

tricia said...

i went on 5/6, miss this. makes me want to go down just for food.

Adeline Hooi said...

Stumbled upon your blog while googling good coffee in Singapore. Will try. I do miss Melbourne's coffee too and found Antipodean in Bangsar to be 'comparable'

ღ 關於我 - 芊瑜 ღ said...

Thanks for intro, i will try to find tis weekend :)