Monday, June 21, 2010

Awesome morning at the Garuda Headquarters @ Jakarta

It is funny how a food blogger is or even contemplating to blog about things other than food. To look through all the pictures i took without having to think of how it tasted and whether it was worth the calories, it was always going to be very hard to jog up the memory but after a glass or two of 18 year old single malt, lets give it a go.


Dear Diary,

I have never written a diary post but since i am in Indonesia and you never know when the next bombing will come around or the next earthquake will shiver the grounds, i better write something so that there is a piece of my legacy around.

It is Day 3 of our trip and we are finally put to work. Although the itinerary says it is a trip to the Garuda Headquarters and the Training Grounds, i doubt it would be much fun, especially since i have to wake up earlier than i usually do when i go to work.

Traffic in Jakarta is horrible as usual, what takes you 15 minutes on the weekend will take you 45 minutes in Malaysia and multiply by another 2, is the estimated time wasted in Jakarta.

Or maybe it is because the car doesn't work.

You see it doesn't move but notice the RPM meter is not at 0. I maybe sleepy but i am not pissed drunk to know that we were not moving at 0km/hr!

Similarly where our MAS headquarters is at Subang where the old airport is, Garuda headquarters is nearby the Jakarta International Airport (Soekarno-Hatta). However look at the IATA code it is CGK, short form for Cengkareng, the word that the Indonesians used. Sure is confusing to me, diary.

The aircraft that greets us at the entrance, thankfully these are near antique and are not part of the flying planes (well i hope so, for my dear life).

Security is pretty tight, almost as if i am checking into the airport. Hope they don't start to probing.

An awesome replica of the current or was it future fleet of airplanes used by Garuda, unfortunately a little too big to sneak into my bag.

Now i have been into one of the MAS Office buildings before, all i can is that it is seriously old and creaky, however this place is spanking clean and new. It even has a cafeteria that serves quite a decent coffee too!

Cappuccino? With caffeine, i am finally awake.

Actually, we have the whole lot, comes with coffee art too! At this point, i am confused with whether to use amazed or amused.

While we were sipping our coffee, a briefing started that went to the rather mundane details that even my hands will fall asleep while writing to you diary. In short, we were told that in no time Garuda would become from zero to hero and soon they would be joining the other airlines in flying into Europe, beginning from Amsterdam! Not only that, they are going to list on the Indonesian Stock Exchange, so those with some spare cash, this IPO might be gold! Maybe i should highlight this on you, diary so that i can start saving some money.

With the coffee and briefing finished, we entered their Engine Maintenance Warehouse, to be greeted with engines that we could not eat but if sold, would provide for all the meals i need to eat for the rest of my life! Now i know why someone went to steal some Malaysian engines recently, can really make some big bucks.

So where is the engine, eh?

Next stop: the Aeroplanes!

Not just only from the outside, but we were allowed to go in and out of the plane too! Usually when you fly Air Asia, you are not allowed to take pictures. Here, you take as much as you please!

I don't think i ever want to sit in Economy Class, look at these oh so beautiful Business Class seats. So spacious. Life is too short for sitting in something too tight. Seriously much more comfortable than even the pilot seats. How would you know?

Its damn tight la, trust me. Just enough space to squeeze in and take a picture.

They even have to take a break by opening up the windows.

The whole morning was like a kid going into a candy store, a woman let loose with their husband's credit card or simply us onto an aeroplane! I must say i was in awe by the end of it all. Dear Diary, how i wish the aeroplane was like in my backyard instead of it being far far away.

Once we were done, we were even fetched in their logo Toyota Avanza!

Sad to say though, the experience of wondering around the plane is of course priceless, even if you have a Visa or a Mastercard.

Dear Diary, i am about to embark on a 3 hour car ride journey that would make me so nauseous that the idea to continue writing will probably make me puke my breakfast out. So till then. Adios.


The headquarters, of course, is not open to the public either but oh well, at least i gave you a glimpse of what's it like. Security is pretty tough so don't think you can just casually walk in and ask to be taken into the planes!

Well after the headquarters, what was installed for us next?

That's tomorrow.


Life for Beginners said...

Pwetty aewopwanes! :D

J said...

What? They didn't let you all have a try at flying it? :P

Lindy said...

Cool!! :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

lindy: awesome!

j: got, fake plane..coming up!

lob: pwetty hor..

CUMI & CIKI said...

wow WAY cool.. they let u into the hanger.. JEALOUS!!

Sean said...

sigh, yeah, the business class seats look so comfortable. coincidentally, i'm flying to amsterdam for a trip later this year, but i'll have to go on economy class (on klm). dreading it!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

sean: haha did u get some cheap tickets? garuda had an offer, not sure still on, for 1400 2 way!

ciki: of cors...

Sean said...

much cheaper than mas, thankfully. i think it was about rm3600 return...

Tummy Rumble said...

try this beef supplier.. his name is Dayan, and his number is 0193380811.. He's located in Kelana jaya near the stadium.. you can call him for directions.. he has lots of cuts to choose from..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

tummyrumble: thanks for the tip!

sean: ohh thats not too bad!

Ivy Isabelle said...

whee... that's me sneak out of the cockpit's window... =P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ivy: haha yes it is!