Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sunday Roast @ The Lobby Lounge, Ritz Carlton

Ask me for a place that serves good Sunday Roast in Kuala Lumpur and i will probably give you the same stare as how every other foreign waitress will look at you when you ask them for serviettes or ketchup. (If you didn't get it, it means i don't know)

Its a pity though because i think even with some research, i find it hard to find information on good Sunday Roast, just like finding good service in restaurants.

Personally i have heard decent things at Chinoz, KLCC where they serve a Sunday Roast buffet for RM69++ per pax. However try to drag the old man to having a close to RM400 brunch is not exactly the easiest thing to do and thus other than the good old days of university, its been many moons since i had a good roast until last weekend.

Apparently at an even costlier RM130++, Ritz Carlton like the established brand aims to bring to the market; the "place" to have Sunday Roast at the Lobby Lounge and it does succeed in every way especially with this sublime piece of Black Angus Prime Rib.

This handsome or beautiful piece of meat is so stunning and even more so when you see the inside pink flesh, tender and juicy. Having to go through a lengthly process of marinating and sitting in the chilling room, the roasting takes a few hours to achieve the end result.

However before we jump to the mains, an array of appetisers ensures that you have a fun time, choosing and picking from a variety of baby lobsters, oysters, sashimi, sushi, freshly baked bread and butter, italian antipasto, soup, salads and so on.

I was only recently singing praise for this heavenly butter and my wish came true as i generously spread on the slices of multi grain toast to line the stomach.

Baby lobsters anyone?

More seafood.

A speciality; their in house smoked salmon, not overly salty and brilliant with the herbs.

Want some japanese before something british? Why not?

A caesar salad mixed in a cheese bowl?

All this while, you are entertained by their band, oh so classy i must admit.

The lobby lounge may be small but it is cosy and comfortable. Almost feel "british like" infact to suit the Sunday Roast.

Back to Sunday Roast, you have a choice of the gorgeous Black Angus Prime Rib, lamb or the salmon coulibiac, a French favourite consisting of salmon, hard-boiled eggs and fragrant rice all cooked in a pastry. I would recommend that no Sunday Roast would be complete by not having the beef if not the lamb, somehow the salmon doesnt quite fit into my definition of Sunday Roast. The Yorkshire pudding is awesome i must add.

Now the catch is that the roast are meant to be a one serving only, however dont quote from me, ask nicely as that is possibly the only way and they usually oblige. After all, you are in Ritz Carlton and i am sure if they have enough to go around, they will aim to make you happy by giving you another plate.

While you go through all that food that would last for a week for some, have some refreshing orange juice which are unfortunately not included in the RM130++.

Time for desserts, what else? What i really liked about the buffet is that it doesn't feel like one. It feels like a candy store waiting for you to pounce free of charge. There are not many spoons or forks around for you to take a piece or a slice of that. Instead, use your hands to pick some of the home made chocolates with gorgeous fillings or the colourful macarons. Go ahead and pop one or two in your mouth before you proceed to sit down and enjoy the rest.

I must say the experience was truly enjoyable, relaxed and filling; just the antidote you need before you barge in to your office on Monday.

Thank you so much Oliver, PR from Ritz Carlton for the invite, a pleasure meeting you.

Address and contact details:

The Lobby Lounge,
Ground Floor, The Ritz-Carlton,
168, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2142 8000
Business hours: Every Sunday
from 11.30am to 3.00pm
Pork Free

Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars (caveat by the fact that RM130++ is ok for you to pay). I must admit that the price can be a hindrance to many and probably labelled as exorbitant for an early meal, while some may say that other brunches that run around the area inclusive of champagne may cost just a tad more but it is the different experience that it brings to the table. The quiet classy brunch with good old Sunday Roast that once in a while you might prefer over the rowdy crowd of a free flow champagne brunch.


Paranoid Android said...

I need to get out of my Pasar mode on Sunday and ditch my old aunties for this soon. Hope I just don't stink from the the pasar when I land there.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

pa: aiyah u hav enuf time to go back take a shower la..

J said...

Dammit. Looks so good but mahal lah. :(

babe_kl said...

looking at the spread, RM130++ seems worth it but too bad we cant eat a lot so no buffet for us :(

Life for Beginners said...

Ooh, the rolls of macarons look gorgeous! So pretty. :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

lob: was yummy too!

babekl: well i am sure u have one of the days when you just want to eat and eat!

j: admit not a wkly thing la..

thenomadGourmand said...

Looks good, but it for a day when i'm very hungry... LOL

Huai Bin said...

This looks good! Sunday Roast in KL eh? Surprisingly there is a good place in Kuching, mostly catering to expats. :)

thule a.k.a leo said...

since I don't eat beef or lamb... and like u said, salmon doesn't fit into definition of Sunday Roast... I'll give it a miss

Sean said...

the beef looks really tempting! but i'd like to try the salmon too, since it sounds like real comfort food with all that eggs and pastry. i've never made it for any sunday morning meals, including all the champagne brunches, cos i can't crawl out of bed early enough!

Big Boys Oven said...

it had been a long time having a sunday roast, now you make me craving for it! sounds like a must have this weekend!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

bbo: well pls call and book!

sean: haha well it is until 3pm, surely thats plausible, no?

leo: aiyah, lamb also cannot ar?

huai bin: like that i better pay rm130++ than have to fly to kuching..

tng: yes, save it for a VERY hungry day.

Tummy Rumble said...

the food looks very good.. I think thats more of a crayfish than lobster.. The roast looks so tempting...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

tummy rumble: yeah you could say that, somehow the name baby lobster stuck when the guy was going thru the dishes..

CUMI & CIKI said...

hahahaha.. i know about the "it's like asking for ketchup" thingy.. that's totally taboo in certain restaurants huh. desecration of great food!

great post .. makes me yearn for steak i tell ya!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

c&c: this is better than steak! haha

Baby Sumo said...

The Sunday Roast spread looks really good, especially the prime rib and macarons. But the price is really quite steep... but thx for the info, somewhere for me to go when I'm too lazy to cook my own Sunday roast. :-)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

baby sumo: u can cook ur own?? cool!

Miss Invisible said...
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