Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Silverspoon Trattoria @ Wisma Menjalara, Kepong

As you all start to read this tomorrow morning, i will be on my way from Jakarta to Bandung, a place that will squeeze me dry, cash, credit card and i hope no more. While i am doing that, i will let you drool over Silverspoon Trattoria.


Truth to be told, i am not as adventurous as some people think i am, in fact i am lazier than a swine and usually wait to be fed. So to get me to drive 30-40km it had better be something important like finding the Wife or some Bak Kut Teh in Klang (not that there are on the same rank of priority, of course) or it must be something very delicious.

Jessica (who turned out to be my junior in high school, what a small world) sent me an invitation to Silverspoon Trattoria last week (not because i was her senior in high school); it was the result of their new family venture and after procrastinating for a total of 10 seconds, i suppose i couldn't refuse and thus made it into one of the occasions where i would drive 30-40km to eat.

No offence to Kepong but i have never been in the vicinity before except for a suicidal football match in Desa Park City. So to experience alien roads with a GPS which mutters "recalculating route" every once in awhile, it was nerve wrecking to say the least.

So to finally find the nice big logo from far away, it was a huge sigh of relief.

Can't say i can relate to the name of the restaurant but i do like the logo, literally a silver spoon which greets you on the ground floor entrance. Alternatively if you want, take a lift to first floor instead of walking up the stairs.

The decor of the private room was tastefully done. The outside dining area gives you a comfortable feeling, without being too classy yet not too shabby either. Having walked across the open kitchen, you will appreciate some of the sparkling new equipment too.

Perfect for private functions, i must say

Said to be bought from Australia (well it does say Australian made), i can't pinpoint the brand because i don't remember having any when i was in Australia. That being said, the only thing i crave for in Australia is their lemonade soft drinks like Lift. However at RM9, that would probably be the same price as you would pay in a restaurant in Australia, probably more for a fizzy ginger beer.

The Wife had the Silverspoon Mocktail which turned out to be quite refreshing.

Turns out the invitation involved alot of Superstars from the Blogosphere and to say it was daunting was probably an understatement; bloggers like KYspeaks, ShaolinTiger, KimberlyCun, Blushberry, MyHorng, TerenceG along with RebeccaSaw,

Well what best way though to start knowing new friends than to dig into good food accompanied with alcohol.

Red wine for the night was a Penfolds Bin 2 Shiraz 2008, easy to drink, smooth, quite bodied (whether it was medium or full, i don't know) though not exactly very complex flavours. Chilled to "room temperature", not our Malaysian room temperature that will cook an egg, this was flowing all night long. I wonder how come i didn't take a picture.

A plate of flatbread that they called foccacia topped with feta cheese and olives was placed in front of us to share. Top marks for the topping, very refreshing, couldn't stop myself to having more than a slice although everyone seemed to be allergic to carbohydrates surrounding me.

Starters of mozzarella sticks and arrancini with a tomato paste. Fried cheese, what is there not to like? However i would have preferred a sweeter sauce like honey to cut through the "jelakness" or how would you say, the "heaviness" of the cheese. The arrancini is basically fried risotto balls, which i would gladly like to have the original as you read on.

Stuffed Portobellow Mushrooms. A packet of this at the supermarket would have already set you back almost RM10-12. At the restaurant and all cooked up nicely with bread crumbs, herbs and cheese, will only set you back RM19. Not a bad deal, isn't?

Grilled prawns on avocado. Now salad prawns with avocado is probably more common, the flavours are mild but anything with avocado to me is biased towards being mouth watering. Perhaps, avocado should be left to cold salads or sushi rolls in this case.

God forbid what happen to my picture of the pizza, it looks like it has turned out from the hidden treasure chest of the 60s, all faded out unlike the pizza of course. Again, i think avocado should be best used in cold dishes but i shouldn't complain about them because i love them. In any case, they satisfy the basic criteria of a perfect pizza, thin crispy crust with enough cheese to boot.

Marinara pasta anyone? Before i managed to dug in the plentiful of seafood had already been distributed but still leaving me plenty of fish fillet, a lucky scallop and mussel. In addition, you will find prawns and clams too. Sadly, i didn't think the sauce worked for me, rather generic with the spicy kick that i didn't like. However, i would dare say, perfect for the local palate.

This was rather my cup of tea and since everyone was allergic to carbohydrates, i had a field time with a third of the plate. The grains are cooked right through, lots of mushrooms, creamy, the perfect dinner, if only this fad of "don't eat rice after 7pm, if not you will be fat" will go away.

Well who wouldn't want abit of protein after all that?

Grilled baby snapper with capers. Now if you have been to some of these italian restaurants in town, you would know ordering any form of whole fish, whether grilled or baked will cost you a bomb. I remember something in the region of RM100-150++, one wonders did they catch the fish from Italy and let it swim in a pond while it flew in. Here, it is probably a local catch and it can be all yours for RM36++. Noticed how it is nicely deboned courtesy of KYspeaks, i would have made mine into a mess.

Duck confit anyone? Some things are meant to be mystery. I definitely saw alot of skin, i mean so can you right, from the picture? However as i decided to carve out the generous portion out to everyone, no one seemed to have gotten a piece of the skin, mysterious don't you think? The consensus is that it did come out slightly too dry, nothing abit of sauce can't do.

Desserts anyone? A forte of the Chef Ken, apparently. The Creme Brulee was done well, actually tasted like something worth ordering unlike in many places where i always regret after ordering it and glancing at other people's choices. The tiramisu is well coated with alcohol, again just the way i like it. The chocolate pot was awesome too, with a texture slightly harder than mousse and softer than ice-cream. Such a sinful way to end dinner but nevertheless it should be the only way to end a dinner.

Night cap continued with Weihenstephan Beers (RM27 for a 500ml bottle) and a round of Chivas Royal Salute. Definitely no complaints in terms of the alcohol this place provides.

Now, whilst not everything was up to par (blame the "atas" palate), the food and the atmosphere serves the purpose of becoming a cozy family restaurant, big portions to share and drinks for the fathers and uncles to pour over and plenty of desserts for the ladies to keep quiet on. Prices are very decent too but sadly i see this as a neighbourhood restaurant just too far to go every other weekend. If you are in the area though, no excuses to give this a try. Maybe i should talk to Jessica into opening another outlet nearer to us poor souls living at Sungai Besi.

Address and contact details:

No: 2, First floor, Wisma Menjalara, Jalan 7A/62A, Bandar Menjalara,
52200, Kuala Lumpur
(Key "wisma menjalara" onto GPS)

Tel: 03-62770445

I understand its open 7 days a week, lunch and dinner but do call to just double check and make a reservation, it was pretty pack for a weekday night!

Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Not exactly the best place around but a place to drop by if you are around the area. If i stayed around the area, it would be risotto loving every night as long as my wallet can afford!


J said...

What a dangerous blog. Now I'm gonna go to bed hungry! :p

eiling lim said...

well, at least the deco is nice but I believe it should be the food and not the other way round. Only the food will keep people from coming back.

Bangsar-bAbE said...


Life for Beginners said...

Now I'm totally craving some Creme Brulee and Tiramisu. At almost 11 at night! :P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

lob: woo.. tough one my fren..

bbabe: must.go.try.and.tell.me.ok?

eiling: i think most items except for a few will get most ppl to come back

Ms. Jazz said...

hey joe my senior :P your comments on us will be well noted, thanks for dropping by especially after that super long drive to Menjalara. Was nice to meet you and your wife~

jfook said...

The photos are reli good. Haha.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ms jazz (aka my junior): haha no problem, my pleasure

jfook: reli?? thank yew very much!

mimid3vils said...

it's really near my place & I have no excuse to skip this right?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

mimi: nearby? dont wait any longer!

KY said...

I'm missing it alreadyyyy

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ky: who isnt? the alcohol or jessica? haha

mh said...

well...this post definitely sound like its worth driving 30-40km for food? This place is blardy near where I stay too...hehehee....and there are quite a no. of hidden gems in this areas....if you are willing to drive!