Monday, May 31, 2010

Part 1: What to know about Jakarta and Garuda

As you all know by now, i was invited by Garuda Indonesia to attend the Garuda Indonesia Malaysia inaugural familiarisation trip for bloggers to really get to know abit more about Jakarta as well as the airline itself. So to start the ball rolling, lets get down to business and let me tell you abit more about these two.


I suck at geography. I can still remember the times at school when i could score decent marks across board except for Geography and it was at that time, an official mystery as to why i still managed to get a 50 or 51% (probably for fear of the cane at home).

So it when to comes to arranging holidays particularly in the area for directions, you can see that my holiday destinations involved usually involves alot of homework like my earlier Taiwan trip or no homework like my beach holidays.

As for Jakarta though, i had to google my way through to tell me that:

1. Jakarta is roughly 2.7 times bigger than the city i lived in, Kuala Lumpur but based on population figures at 2008/9, Jakarta has more than 5 times the people living in the city. It goes to easily show how they manage to gain their notorious reputation of having perpetual traffic jam. Always ask the driver for the estimated time it takes to get to point A to B, with "macet" (pronounced as "machet" meaning traffic) because you will find suddenly the trip isn't as near as you think it might be.

[What you would expect to see from out of your car window, 90% of the time]

2. The mainstream language used is Bahasa Indonesia which has similarities with Bahasa Malaysia and if you must know, simple English may get you by, barely just.

3. It is only a 2 hour flight away! That is like driving up to Ipoh for your chicken hor fun.

4. As a food blogger, the local cuisine involves eating alot of rice such as nasi padang, nasi gudeg, nasi bebek goreng ("fried duck") or other peculiar items like Alpokat Juice ("avocado juice with chocolate condensed milk"). Stay tune on that one.

Fortunately, to get around the traffic, the language and guidance to food, our ground transport in Jakarta was all arranged and settled by Bulan Madu (which i would like to sincerely thanks for the warm welcome and reception throughout our stay) and if it was not obvious enough, specially caters for romantic holidays for couples in all parts of Indonesia.

This time around i wouldn't have to plot Point A and B on Googlemap and print booklets of directions before i go.

Garuda Indonesia

[Doesn't look too shabby, does it?]

The national airline for Indonesia, what MAS is to Malaysia is what Garuda is to Indonesia.

When i first posted the status "Free trip from Garuda" on Facebook, immediately i received a remark "is it safe?" It of course prompted me to (surprise, surprise) google about their history to reveal that Garuda had been imposed a ban to fly to Europe due to security reasons. What was of course the more horrific piece of news was that the latest crash was as recent as 2007 where the plane crashed while landing resulting in deaths.

Well i am glad that all is over and parked under history because for one, i survived the trip and with the recent award as most improved airline barely 2 weeks ago and also as a 4 star airline awarded by Skytrax, you are technically in safer hands than AirAsia who has 3 stars, the most frequented airline used for budget travelers like me.

Lo and behold, tickets to Jakarta flying a full service airline like Garuda isn't all that expensive either, try asking the travel agent and a return trip can be yours could very well for around RM500++ inclusive of fuel surcharge and airport taxes. If you are lucky, it might be even cheaper! Quite handy to know especially now is the season to send your indonesian maids back for holidays.

Sound boring so far?

Well wait till you see who my companions are.

From the left;

Isabelle from Garuda Indonesia's Malaysia office, this girl virtually single handedly organised everything from air to ground which caused the tendency to look at us every evening and tell us she needs beer. What is there not to like about a girl who drinks beer?

Thomas Yap from who never fails to be there with his digi camera recording every single funny moment and can rival any girl out there with his cam-whoring skills.

Nicole Tan a.k.a NicoleKiss, one of the big time travel blogger in Malaysia, listen to the around the world adventures makes you feel like the country mouse in the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse story from Aesop Fables. I was holidaying with a celebrity, you hear me?

Niki Cheong a.k.a Bangsar Boy, another CELEBRITY blogger. This guy just appeared on TV, frequently appears on newspaper with his own column (although not as frequent as the Prime Minister, of course). This guy here is hilarious.

Hanis Zalikha, the second runner up of the Malaysian Dream Girl show awhile back and is modelling part time. She has over 18,000 fans on her facebook fan page, a number that only i can drool at? Of course not only that, she was the "chomel" adik for our whole group.

Everyone one of them provided nothing but fun to the trip and i think i could not have asked for more in making friends with them all.

With that formal introduction, i will be kicking off with my food reviews, soon, as soon as i bloody edit and run through a thousand pictures.

Off to sleep, this is more stressing than going to work at a 9-5 job.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The icon of Jakarta in a bottle

If there was one item i had to name to relate to Jakarta or Indonesia since reaching yesterday, it would probably be the Blackberry or Teh Botol.

Since Blackberries are not exactly edible, the one that has a keyboard and a screen used to call people, I thought i might as well talk about Teh Botol. Meanwhile before i go to Teh Botol, i am impressed that almost 1 out of 4 people own a BlackBerry in Jakarta.

Back to Teh Botol, walk to any corner of Jakarta, be it in a outside stall, convenience store or in a restaurant, it is impossible not to find this.

A sweet tea, enjoyed by all young and old. Infact i think i have seen more 'teh botol' than soft drinks like Coca Cola.

For me, i have always preferred tea without sugar but nothing really perks you up more than caffeine and sugar, so it does the trick pretty well. A bottle at the airport restaurant retailed for 6,000 rupiahs (roughly RM2) and would probably cost much less outside.

So have your Teh Botol to enjoy a piece of Jakarta when you are here because i am having my fair share too!

I am in Jakarta!

So much for promising i will blog about Jakarta as soon as possible right? So here goes as i finally am about to reach for bed.

If you have been to the Jakarta International airport, have you ever noticed this statue (below) when you walk out to the arrival hall?

I don't know about you, but i can't help wondering why the guy seem to be representing a position so dodgy (blame the dirty mind). However I am certainly sure it is not meant to signify any hanky panky going on around in Jakarta, i hope.

In any case, more to come as i explore!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Silverspoon Trattoria @ Wisma Menjalara, Kepong

As you all start to read this tomorrow morning, i will be on my way from Jakarta to Bandung, a place that will squeeze me dry, cash, credit card and i hope no more. While i am doing that, i will let you drool over Silverspoon Trattoria.


Truth to be told, i am not as adventurous as some people think i am, in fact i am lazier than a swine and usually wait to be fed. So to get me to drive 30-40km it had better be something important like finding the Wife or some Bak Kut Teh in Klang (not that there are on the same rank of priority, of course) or it must be something very delicious.

Jessica (who turned out to be my junior in high school, what a small world) sent me an invitation to Silverspoon Trattoria last week (not because i was her senior in high school); it was the result of their new family venture and after procrastinating for a total of 10 seconds, i suppose i couldn't refuse and thus made it into one of the occasions where i would drive 30-40km to eat.

No offence to Kepong but i have never been in the vicinity before except for a suicidal football match in Desa Park City. So to experience alien roads with a GPS which mutters "recalculating route" every once in awhile, it was nerve wrecking to say the least.

So to finally find the nice big logo from far away, it was a huge sigh of relief.

Can't say i can relate to the name of the restaurant but i do like the logo, literally a silver spoon which greets you on the ground floor entrance. Alternatively if you want, take a lift to first floor instead of walking up the stairs.

The decor of the private room was tastefully done. The outside dining area gives you a comfortable feeling, without being too classy yet not too shabby either. Having walked across the open kitchen, you will appreciate some of the sparkling new equipment too.

Perfect for private functions, i must say

Said to be bought from Australia (well it does say Australian made), i can't pinpoint the brand because i don't remember having any when i was in Australia. That being said, the only thing i crave for in Australia is their lemonade soft drinks like Lift. However at RM9, that would probably be the same price as you would pay in a restaurant in Australia, probably more for a fizzy ginger beer.

The Wife had the Silverspoon Mocktail which turned out to be quite refreshing.

Turns out the invitation involved alot of Superstars from the Blogosphere and to say it was daunting was probably an understatement; bloggers like KYspeaks, ShaolinTiger, KimberlyCun, Blushberry, MyHorng, TerenceG along with RebeccaSaw,

Well what best way though to start knowing new friends than to dig into good food accompanied with alcohol.

Red wine for the night was a Penfolds Bin 2 Shiraz 2008, easy to drink, smooth, quite bodied (whether it was medium or full, i don't know) though not exactly very complex flavours. Chilled to "room temperature", not our Malaysian room temperature that will cook an egg, this was flowing all night long. I wonder how come i didn't take a picture.

A plate of flatbread that they called foccacia topped with feta cheese and olives was placed in front of us to share. Top marks for the topping, very refreshing, couldn't stop myself to having more than a slice although everyone seemed to be allergic to carbohydrates surrounding me.

Starters of mozzarella sticks and arrancini with a tomato paste. Fried cheese, what is there not to like? However i would have preferred a sweeter sauce like honey to cut through the "jelakness" or how would you say, the "heaviness" of the cheese. The arrancini is basically fried risotto balls, which i would gladly like to have the original as you read on.

Stuffed Portobellow Mushrooms. A packet of this at the supermarket would have already set you back almost RM10-12. At the restaurant and all cooked up nicely with bread crumbs, herbs and cheese, will only set you back RM19. Not a bad deal, isn't?

Grilled prawns on avocado. Now salad prawns with avocado is probably more common, the flavours are mild but anything with avocado to me is biased towards being mouth watering. Perhaps, avocado should be left to cold salads or sushi rolls in this case.

God forbid what happen to my picture of the pizza, it looks like it has turned out from the hidden treasure chest of the 60s, all faded out unlike the pizza of course. Again, i think avocado should be best used in cold dishes but i shouldn't complain about them because i love them. In any case, they satisfy the basic criteria of a perfect pizza, thin crispy crust with enough cheese to boot.

Marinara pasta anyone? Before i managed to dug in the plentiful of seafood had already been distributed but still leaving me plenty of fish fillet, a lucky scallop and mussel. In addition, you will find prawns and clams too. Sadly, i didn't think the sauce worked for me, rather generic with the spicy kick that i didn't like. However, i would dare say, perfect for the local palate.

This was rather my cup of tea and since everyone was allergic to carbohydrates, i had a field time with a third of the plate. The grains are cooked right through, lots of mushrooms, creamy, the perfect dinner, if only this fad of "don't eat rice after 7pm, if not you will be fat" will go away.

Well who wouldn't want abit of protein after all that?

Grilled baby snapper with capers. Now if you have been to some of these italian restaurants in town, you would know ordering any form of whole fish, whether grilled or baked will cost you a bomb. I remember something in the region of RM100-150++, one wonders did they catch the fish from Italy and let it swim in a pond while it flew in. Here, it is probably a local catch and it can be all yours for RM36++. Noticed how it is nicely deboned courtesy of KYspeaks, i would have made mine into a mess.

Duck confit anyone? Some things are meant to be mystery. I definitely saw alot of skin, i mean so can you right, from the picture? However as i decided to carve out the generous portion out to everyone, no one seemed to have gotten a piece of the skin, mysterious don't you think? The consensus is that it did come out slightly too dry, nothing abit of sauce can't do.

Desserts anyone? A forte of the Chef Ken, apparently. The Creme Brulee was done well, actually tasted like something worth ordering unlike in many places where i always regret after ordering it and glancing at other people's choices. The tiramisu is well coated with alcohol, again just the way i like it. The chocolate pot was awesome too, with a texture slightly harder than mousse and softer than ice-cream. Such a sinful way to end dinner but nevertheless it should be the only way to end a dinner.

Night cap continued with Weihenstephan Beers (RM27 for a 500ml bottle) and a round of Chivas Royal Salute. Definitely no complaints in terms of the alcohol this place provides.

Now, whilst not everything was up to par (blame the "atas" palate), the food and the atmosphere serves the purpose of becoming a cozy family restaurant, big portions to share and drinks for the fathers and uncles to pour over and plenty of desserts for the ladies to keep quiet on. Prices are very decent too but sadly i see this as a neighbourhood restaurant just too far to go every other weekend. If you are in the area though, no excuses to give this a try. Maybe i should talk to Jessica into opening another outlet nearer to us poor souls living at Sungai Besi.

Address and contact details:

No: 2, First floor, Wisma Menjalara, Jalan 7A/62A, Bandar Menjalara,
52200, Kuala Lumpur
(Key "wisma menjalara" onto GPS)

Tel: 03-62770445

I understand its open 7 days a week, lunch and dinner but do call to just double check and make a reservation, it was pretty pack for a weekday night!

Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Not exactly the best place around but a place to drop by if you are around the area. If i stayed around the area, it would be risotto loving every night as long as my wallet can afford!

Monday, May 24, 2010

What is coming up next?

At Lots of Cravings, it has always been about writing informative posts (in a crude humour way, usually) of food places where you can have either crap, ok or good food (the bit where i say it is orgasmic is usually not true because that is usually only achievable through sex).

I realised except for a period in my first year of blogging, i have not written any form of nonsensical rubbish either; just for the fun of it or because my fingers were trigger happy (thank god i don't have a gun). So i thought i might resume this again just in time for a bunch of my faithful readers on a nice Monday morning.

So where was i? Oh yes, typing about nonsense.

Well, it isn't nonsense per se, infact it is rather informative in the next few paragraphs that i am about to ramble about, so do be patient and read on.

As i was meant to say, Lots of Cravings is all about food, whether situated in the KL city, at the outskirts of the city or even other states of Malaysia. I have also been blessed to have been able to share my dining experiences in Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand.

This week, i am now proud to say Lots of Cravings will landing in Bandung and Jakarta on Tuesday and eating his way till Friday and will be able bring to you an unique array of local cuisine which i will share with you all in the coming week or two.

What more may i also add that this has been generously sponsored by Garuda Airlines, the flagship airline of Indonesia. This is like a dream come true. People say that blogging pay well but hey the only amounts coming out from the advertisements usually just about enough cover for a meal and maybe a year of Flickr subscription, so to get a free trip? Now we are talking!

So stay tune as I travel to Jakarta with Niki Cheong, Thomas Yap, Nicole Tan and Hanis Zalikha along with Garuda Indonesia! God knows why i am in the midst of such celebrity bloggers.

Have a good monday guys! I know i will be having one, packing my bags!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

G Hotel, Any good?

I know, what is a food blogger doing a review on hotel rooms?

Maybe because he is lazy.

Or really the Wife and I have a soft spot for good hotels after being spoilt like a small kid in Pangkor Laut. Ever since, we craved for good hotels as we ventured to Amarin in Krabi the following year. This year, I hope we would be continuing our search in Australia but since we had to go up to Penang last weekend, i was tasked to find a nice cosy hotel without breaking in to the bank. Hotels by the beach was out of the question because i didn't want to be a good half hour away from the food and the city. Hard Rock Hotel will have to wait.

While G Hotel is not exactly in the same class as Pangkor Laut but since i heard a few good things about it, i decided to give it a try and got a corporate rate for RM250++.

So was it any good? If you compare to the really cool and funky lobby, the room was rather dry.

Not exactly the resemblance of the modern themed lobby.

Unfortunately the bed was way too hard for comfort but kudos to the 32inch LCD TV and the very comfortable reading chair. Thank god i bought a book along with me.

Facing Gurney Drive, the view is not exactly orgasmic but well better than facing buildings.

Bonus tiny things though does make a difference, Aigner shampoo, body gel and lotion for use, making the bed in the evening, complimentary drinks in the mini bar, free internet and a very cool swimming pool (that we didn't have time to use).

So is RM250++ worth it? Why not, if you want something by Gurney Drive, otherwise other places like Gurney Hotel or Northam Suites would do just fine.

However i have heard a boutique hotel based on pre-war shoplots have opened, can't wait to give it a try!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thean Chun @ Ipoh Old Town

Thean Chun is almost synonymous with Ipoh along with other ancient establishments like its next door neighbour, Kong Heng, Foh San the dimsum place and the Aun Kheng Lim salt baked chicken (well at least thats the impression i get).

So on the way to Penang, we skipped breakfast and stepped on the petrol to arrive at Thean Chun before 11am. It must have been the hunger from the previous night and skipping breakfast didn't help because i just ordered away!

I know i had the original game plan to stuff myself silly with "hei kor" chee cheong fun but can you resist the smooth noodle with mushroom sauce? I can't and i paid a good RM2.50 for a scrumptious appetiser.

While waiting for the legendary "kai si hor fun", i went ahead and ordered some side dishes as well. The fried stuff was cold but dip it in the soup and eat it the way i like it. Special mention is the "zhu kang yun" and the "ngau kang yun" which are basically the balls made from tendons from the pig and cow.

By now, i was actually stuffed. So maybe that explained why i didn't really enjoy the noodle. The noodle while very smooth no doubt, the soup lacked the kick you get from all the prawn shells one should use for the soup base. However seeing that the Wife polished the whole bowl, it must have been just me.

To end things off, i ordered the creme custard in advance ("dun dan") as a dessert to end off a wholesome breakfast before driving off to Penang.

Over the years, this place somehow seem to appeal tourists more than anyone, i wonder if there is another place where the locals go, any idea?


73, Jalan Bandar Timah,
Old town Ipoh,
30000, Ipoh

Key it into the GPS, it does work!

Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Nostalgia more than anything else, really is this where the locals go and eat too? Or was it just me because i think the Wife would have given it 5 stars if she could.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Albion @ Jalan Berangan, Changkat Bukit Bintang

This is probably not the first time i have complained how prices of dining outside have increased so dramatically that it is no longer a joke. Gone are the days that you can have a good meal at a nice ambience for below RM100 or thereabouts; 3 course with a drink or if we are on a diet, shared appetiser and dessert with our own mains.

Nowadays, we will be lucky to be contended with either pasta mains and definitely no alcohol to fit into that budget.

Albion, like any other restaurant, in my mind would probably have fit the budget of RM100-150. Serving modern British cuisine and armed with above satisfactory online reviews, we went to give it a try.

On a quiet weekday night, it was seriously quiet. A couple had just left before we entered at 7pm and we were the only exclusive customers till 10.30pm when we left. So if you want that romantic dinner, try a weekday night. Then again, i think back, it might have been Thomas Cup fever.

Pork Mosaic, i heard my friend said the description was pork cheeks but it probably was but in the form of a rough pate. It was alright, nothing fantastic.

Trying to be abit healthier than ordering calamari, we ordered some whitebait. Lightly battered, it missed having a sauce other than the balsamic vinegar glaze. Good old tartare sauce would have done the trick.

Accompanied with a bowl of rolls; butter and tomato paste.

So far so decent, starters were in the range of RM18 onwards.

Surprisingly when it came to the mains, prices aren't exorbitant as i had expected. Prices of meat dishes start from RM28, the same price as a pasta dish if you had gone next door to Bar Italia.

No doubt the best dish of the night, the roast pork with the crunchiest of cracklings. Moist with a bit of nut/herb stuffing, this has a melt in your mouth texture and probably worth that extra notch of cholesterol in your body. I want some more by the sight of the photo. Best still, only RM28!

The duck confit was expressed as something well cooked but nothing too spectacular. The red cabbage was apparently too sweet. Had a taste and i suppose the sweetness was meant to cut through the heavy piece of meat. The duck drumstick was RM32 (i think).

Being british and all, one had quite high expectations on their fish and chips. It turned out quite ordinary but they did use quality garoupa which has a solid texture, perfect for a fried dish. The portion of the fries though did look quite meagre. Most expensive of the lot at RM38.

Now at this point, if you do the maths, a starter and a main would be in the region of RM50-60, which means it still gives you room for dessert, budget that is.

Desserts, as you will be glad to find out are a standard RM18.

The Chocolate Fondant was missing a scoop of ice-cream but it well made; with plentiful of molten filling.

The apple crumble came with plentiful of custard.

A scottish dessert, the cranachan parfait (?); an oats and whisky mousse with a scoop of berry sorbet. This was a dessert that i never had and if i had to eat oats everday, i wouldn't mind having this especially since it has alcohol too. Recommended.

So if one was to have a RM18 starter, RM28 main and a RM18 dessert with plain water, the meal would only actually cost RM 64++, not too bad for a restaurant around the precinct. Definitely a place worth trying.

Happy hour prices are quite decent from 5pm to 9pm, Carlsberg pints for RM16, jugs for RM39 and only RM10 for a bottle / glass. Worth it i say.

Address and contact number:

31, Jalan Berangan,
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2141 9282

Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars. I haven't let down my guard lately if some are wondering why my scores are so good but we genuinely enjoyed the meal here and it was, i must say quite value for money!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Food for Thought - "Fresh Mussels"?

I went to a reputable restaurant on Jalan Bangkung that serves pork (you should know which one by now) and swear by it because of its lovely ambience, the pork knuckle and also by chance i know two of the partners who are very lovely people.

Last night we were there to have a dinner, a last one among the boys at work and i decided to do the ordering.

On the menu; a recommended item was the "NZ fresh black mussels" and i asked the waitress:

"Really fresh?"

"Yes sir, its fresh"

I take their word because they know their kitchen more than i do although at times, i find that some are truthful while others are unsure and thus say yes.

The mussels arrived and the sauce was lovely. Now it completely skipped my mind that shellfish especially clam-like including mussels should not be eaten if it does not open. No one really said anything until they said how come the mussels are so small and shriveled while i was opening up mussels. Well, while the mussels did not taste bad, it did irk me enough to pass a comment later.

Until someone on another table decide to open his mouth before me. Now this conversation was definitely interesting.

"Excuse me, i thought when i ordered this, your girl said it was fresh? Its all shrivelled and not opened"

"Sorry sir, it actually frozen but fresh when it was shipped here. "


"Sorry sir, let me take it away for you"

Now the question is this; are you allowed to say its fresh on the menu, claim it is fresh when you ask and then say it was fresh when shipped over, only to be frozen before cooking?

Now that experience definitely put me off because how cynical should one be when you are told the item is fresh in a restaurant?

Food for thought.


On another note, cant wait for tomorrow, going off to Penang, going to tapau lots of chee cheong fun!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Taipei 101 @ Taiwan

One of the highlights of Taipei City, the Taipei 101, the taiwanese version of our KL Tower, taller and grander presumably.

But is it really worth the price tag of NT350 to go to the top? If you have the National Youth Card, the discounted rate is NT200 or NT250.

You decide for yourself?

For one, the queue is long and i mean long. Each elevator can think around 15-20 people and it roughly takes all in, probably 5 minutes a round. Either we went on a busy evening because we ended up in the queue for a good half hour.

Its fast. By the time i snapped the shot, we had already reached the top. The trip roughly takes 40 seconds (if i am not mistaken).

Although Taipei is a regarded as a developed city by many, the view from above is less than impressive. There aren't exactly too many towers and high rise to give you that impressive shot one would crave for. To add salt to wound, going at 6pm, you either must have the patience to wait till it goes completely dark or you take rather dull pictures. When you are tired, you just walk one round and give up.

If you are game for it, take two flights of stairs to the top.

A better night view.

All in all, its an icon that the Taiwanese are proud of but something you can miss which is really the same with KL Tower, something for the tourists.

Would you pay to go? Or did you find it value for money after having been up there?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sunday Roast @ The Lobby Lounge, Ritz Carlton

Ask me for a place that serves good Sunday Roast in Kuala Lumpur and i will probably give you the same stare as how every other foreign waitress will look at you when you ask them for serviettes or ketchup. (If you didn't get it, it means i don't know)

Its a pity though because i think even with some research, i find it hard to find information on good Sunday Roast, just like finding good service in restaurants.

Personally i have heard decent things at Chinoz, KLCC where they serve a Sunday Roast buffet for RM69++ per pax. However try to drag the old man to having a close to RM400 brunch is not exactly the easiest thing to do and thus other than the good old days of university, its been many moons since i had a good roast until last weekend.

Apparently at an even costlier RM130++, Ritz Carlton like the established brand aims to bring to the market; the "place" to have Sunday Roast at the Lobby Lounge and it does succeed in every way especially with this sublime piece of Black Angus Prime Rib.

This handsome or beautiful piece of meat is so stunning and even more so when you see the inside pink flesh, tender and juicy. Having to go through a lengthly process of marinating and sitting in the chilling room, the roasting takes a few hours to achieve the end result.

However before we jump to the mains, an array of appetisers ensures that you have a fun time, choosing and picking from a variety of baby lobsters, oysters, sashimi, sushi, freshly baked bread and butter, italian antipasto, soup, salads and so on.

I was only recently singing praise for this heavenly butter and my wish came true as i generously spread on the slices of multi grain toast to line the stomach.

Baby lobsters anyone?

More seafood.

A speciality; their in house smoked salmon, not overly salty and brilliant with the herbs.

Want some japanese before something british? Why not?

A caesar salad mixed in a cheese bowl?

All this while, you are entertained by their band, oh so classy i must admit.

The lobby lounge may be small but it is cosy and comfortable. Almost feel "british like" infact to suit the Sunday Roast.

Back to Sunday Roast, you have a choice of the gorgeous Black Angus Prime Rib, lamb or the salmon coulibiac, a French favourite consisting of salmon, hard-boiled eggs and fragrant rice all cooked in a pastry. I would recommend that no Sunday Roast would be complete by not having the beef if not the lamb, somehow the salmon doesnt quite fit into my definition of Sunday Roast. The Yorkshire pudding is awesome i must add.

Now the catch is that the roast are meant to be a one serving only, however dont quote from me, ask nicely as that is possibly the only way and they usually oblige. After all, you are in Ritz Carlton and i am sure if they have enough to go around, they will aim to make you happy by giving you another plate.

While you go through all that food that would last for a week for some, have some refreshing orange juice which are unfortunately not included in the RM130++.

Time for desserts, what else? What i really liked about the buffet is that it doesn't feel like one. It feels like a candy store waiting for you to pounce free of charge. There are not many spoons or forks around for you to take a piece or a slice of that. Instead, use your hands to pick some of the home made chocolates with gorgeous fillings or the colourful macarons. Go ahead and pop one or two in your mouth before you proceed to sit down and enjoy the rest.

I must say the experience was truly enjoyable, relaxed and filling; just the antidote you need before you barge in to your office on Monday.

Thank you so much Oliver, PR from Ritz Carlton for the invite, a pleasure meeting you.

Address and contact details:

The Lobby Lounge,
Ground Floor, The Ritz-Carlton,
168, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2142 8000
Business hours: Every Sunday
from 11.30am to 3.00pm
Pork Free

Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars (caveat by the fact that RM130++ is ok for you to pay). I must admit that the price can be a hindrance to many and probably labelled as exorbitant for an early meal, while some may say that other brunches that run around the area inclusive of champagne may cost just a tad more but it is the different experience that it brings to the table. The quiet classy brunch with good old Sunday Roast that once in a while you might prefer over the rowdy crowd of a free flow champagne brunch.