Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh @ Pavilion, KL

Bak Kut Teh have always thrived in the areas where they are familiar i.e. Klang.

Ocassionally you have a few outlets scattered around KL and PJ that have also build a reputation too.

Rarely though would you see Bak Kut Teh in shopping centres.

Pao Xiang have done otherwise; opening in several shopping complexes like 1Utama, Centro, Klang and now Pavilion!

Famous for the fact that it is Klang Bak Kut Teh, they are also unique in using string tied to the meat during the cooking process to apparently reduce the fats on the meat. However, technically doesn't it just spill over to the soup?

The menu shows it all, all parts of the pig. Don't get too happy, prices ain't cheap.

A bowl (with refillable soup) costs around RM 13- RM17. Sea cucumber is at RM50. The soup is not as thick as i would like it and just didn't give me the oomph that Klang Bak Kut Teh usually does. Saddening to also see the omission of yao char kuey.

The atmosphere looks classy. I rather have my meals with a full crowd and boiling kettles running on gas tanks.

The million dollar question is how long will they stand tall with their porcine concoction?


6th floor Pavilion

Rating: 3 stars out of 5 stars. Not cheap, 5 of us raked a bill of close to RM120. Would have got us some dim sum or a couple of meals of Bak Kut Teh in Klang.


thule a.k.a leo said...

In this case, you better off go to Hutong for the Mo Sang Kor BKT.. I vouch for it :)
went to its Berkeley Park outlet.. guess what?? It was packed to the brim with many ppl queue-ing for tables while Pao Xiang (a few doors away) didn't seem to be that popular.
Downside is that Mo Sang Kor doesn't offer re-fillable soup!

Sean said...

great alternative though for those of us work in the city!
actually i found the bigger problem was that the menu doesn't explain what each part is in english (have to guess from the photos), and none of the staff seems to speak english!

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I too, like having my BKT with the crowd and boiling kettles around. That's part of the eating experience, no? =)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

bbabe: haha yeah i suppose, and the sweat!

sean: tats true, n yes its convenience if anything

leo: well yes mo sang kor soup gives a better kick but damn stingy with the soup!

Julian Si said...

Wahhhhhhhhhh... now you KLites can get your BKT fix in Pavilion hah!?

Come down to Klang on the weekends lar, cannot beat the authentic stuffz :-)

ps - dunno why, I was SHOCKED to see porrrrrk in your Pavilion blog, guess it comes from being in Abu Dhabi too long now!

CUMI & CIKI said...

so-so only la.. since so exp. but the fat on the pork looks v appetizing!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

julian: just to update u, the klang roads r now officially in a mess! they r closing the bridge soon!

c&c: yeah so only lor.

UnkaLeong said...

Come Come, we go to my all time favourite BKT down in Selayang ;)

Crowd = check
Boiling kettles of water = check
Thick Gooey tasty soup = check

xin said...

at the 6th floor of course the price is also high right :P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

xin: hahah true true..

unkaleong: i need to start running b4 i resume my bkt la..gaining weight!

qwazymonkey said...

Looks like Klang is still the place to go right?

Anyway Congratulations!!!!!

zewt said...

went there... not bad, but i think the price is too ridiculous...

Tummy Rumble said...

one of the reasons why klang BKT would only thrive exceedingly well in klang if due to the atmosphere of the hot, stuffy, semi-dirty shop... hahaha.. :)

pang said...

agreed wif u. juz diluted dark n light soy broth. No sign of any herbal after taste.
Prefer Kee Heong BKT in Tmn Eng Ang n Weng Heung BKT in Tmn Intan (nxt 2 Teluk Pulai BKT)

mimid3vils said...

always wonder what's the purpose of tied the meat...thanks for giving me the answer :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

saw this outlet when I was there last Xmas, didn't go in, I was like you, rather join the crowd and boiling kettles running on gas tanks.

Anonymous said...
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superwilson said...

5 only pay rm 120. quite reasonable to me my fren. roadside oso around rm 15 per pax.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

superwilson: actually turns out the receipt said rm130. and this is 1 pax worth of meats per person, not claypot u knw.

nkob: haha join in the sweat!

mimi: tats wat they say

pang: yeah no oomph

zewt: yeah damn exp

qm: thanks!

tm: yeah tats prob the secret

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Still a good alternative especially when one is craving for BKT just before a movie. hehe.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ll: well thats true..very true infact..

Boon Chuan said...

Better come Klang to have the best BKT. RM120 for 5 BKT is really expensive. Come early to Klang to avoid the jam. It is not that bad on sunday. Anyway, under the bridge BKT taste the best during 9-10am. Later than that, their soup tend to be saltier.

myinspire said...

Hi All Eater,

Date : 08/04/2012

I just visited your Klang Centro branch and had my worst experience ever in Pao Xiang.

I thought my experience in Pao Xiang Berkeley Klang is bad enough but the Klang Centro is the worst.

Very very regret I still give Pao Xiang a chance to proof it is a good restaurant to have a good dinner.

Will NEVER NEVER go to ANY PX BRANCH for myself and my family or my friend.

The food is still OK but the customer service at both shop is so terrible terrible terrible.

I being to Kepong Branch and the service there is GOOD.

Regret to visit PX and made my dinner such a ad experience. Rather go to any restaurant around than this PX.

I tried give my comment to the PX management through their website but the comment segment not even working.