Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The weekend of indulgence; alcohol, desserts and friends

Indulgence take on many forms, whether it is tangible items like alcohol and desserts or intangibles like friends.

Last weekend, it was just all of the above, something i wouldnt mind doing every week, if my liver and pants permits and if i can jog enough to burn off the calories.

Starting off with a Tiramisu cake for dear mom. (Alcohol version, may i add)

Paired with Single Malt Whiskey

Then another birthday black forest cake for Splashie Boy (briliant despite the caveat of it not being perfected yet)

Matched with any alcohol you want this time around, whiskey, wine and even sparkling

Ending it with a sugar rush of lemon sabayon (awesome) and a rum and raisin tart (alcoholic)

What a life? I mean how would life be without alcohol, desserts and friends? or simply without indulgence?

Monday, April 27, 2009

I am going to the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2009 !!

Who said food bloggers know how to eat only?

They know how to exercise too ok.

10km here i come !!

28 June 2009

Join me, for further details visit : KL Marathon 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Moussandra (revisit) @ KL Plaza

The last time i stepped in the restaurant was slightly less than 2 years ago.

I still remembered in reality it was probably a run down of a place but somehow the dim lighting and the decor made it look intentional and infact rustic, cozy and mysterious.

Fast forward to awhile ago, i saw a couple of reviews of the place pop up and the ability to not find a tiramisu douched in copious amounts of alcohol, we thought of going back to the place.

KL Plaza, what used to be an already very very quiet dead shopping centre was like a scene from a Zombie movie. Being the only restaurant probably opened in the whole centre other than the front entrance Coffee Bean, one would never know of its existence.

Having to take the back door out at 10.30pm, being told that the lights and lifts have stopped operations made us feel like we are dining with or on some illegals.

I heard that the owner has changed but everything else seemed in place, the wine bottle with lots of wax from the candle. Surprisingly now theres a chandelier which gives the place abit of light but still not enough for you to take a decent picture without the flash.

In the 2 years away, i think the menu has not changed abit, looks like the chef cooks what is best

While waiting for the food, we played their miniature Jenga set

The familiar medley of mushrooms, not just the foreign button ones but a mix of local abalone mushrooms too. Simple, probably easy to cook but are you bothered?

Something not that easy to make, hummus with pita bread. Smooth and you can generously spread on some carbs.

Still a firm favourite, the egg plant with some spiced up tomatoes.

The fish croquettes is best avoidable, tasted like eating tuna cakes.

Their calamari rings had a very crunchy look but we bit into limp soft rings instead. Would have prefer a more crunchy batter.

Their rib eye kebab, probably the most expensive tapas in their menu at RM19. Succulent and tasty with their mustard mayo sauce.

Piccata Milanese - Tomato based spaghetti with chicken breast that was coated with egg which explained why the meat was so very tender.

The marinara pizza that was thin crust with a decent amount of seafood evenly spread over.

The tiramisu was of course consumed faster than saying "wait". Still had the distinct taste of Kahlua, because if it had turned out to be a watered down one, we would have resorted to ordering a shot of whatever goes and pouring it into the sponge fingers. That is what happens when you are spoilt with alcohol laden desserts by friends whose profession or hobby happens to involve baking desserts.

Prices also still looked the same as 2 years, tapas are around RM 8-19 and mains being mains in Moussandra, their protein always hover around the high RM40s to RM50s while pasta and pizza are RM20 plus to RM30.

Nice to go back to a restaurant after a while to see that everything is still intact, the place and the food.

Address and contact details:

Sub Lot B-8, Mezzanine Floor, KL Plaza
179, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2144 0775

Rating: 4 stars out of 5 stars for old time sake. Come for tapas and sangria and its a brilliant place for a quiet dinner and gathering (thats where all the bonus points went).

Monday, April 20, 2009

A visit to the Shelter

Ever thought of the less fortunate when you are digging into your hokkien noodles and cutting through your nice tender steak? Well, most probably not.

Admittedly i don't.

Until we at PwC Toastmasters Club organised a half day outing at the Shelter to mingle and entertain the kids as well as donating items, cash and etc (our bit to the community). It striked me that i have once again forgotten how to appreciate the simple things in life and drowning in the lifestyle of wanting this and that.

To see kids of different age and colours, ever so cheerful despite their backgrounds, happy with just singing along to songs and listening to me ramble on about public speaking (after sleeping 4 hours the day before), was probably the best Saturday morning i ever had in a very long time (despite procrastinating that i had overslept and rushed in the shower and left without breakfast in the stomach).

The particular Shelter we visited in Petaling Jaya has 4 outlets catering for different age and sex.

Conducting a simple sing-along-song and jumping around. No canggih-manggih gadgets, no flat screen TVs and big speakers.

Having a challenge trying to capture smiles and laughs on the camera.

Our aim was to bring lots of smiling and laughing and we hoped our best made the kids have a happy day. At the end of the afternoon, we saw how the kids appreciate simple things like KFC and being so happy for our presence was priceless.

Any takers for the next visit?

For more info, please visit Shelter

More pictures at Flickr

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What is breakfast to you?

We were taught by the fathers, mothers and the yodas that breakfast is the most important/crucial/sacred meal of the day.

Just take a look at how many "wisdom of thoughts" surround the issue of breakfast like "eat like a king for breakfast, pauper for dinner" and "never miss breakfast".

In reality though, how many of us indulge in a healthy and filling breakfast?

I mean we are talking about equally important things like sleep and convenience versus breakfast which would probably spark a debate and rage of the Red T- Shirts.

But lets say i do want to eat a healthy breakfast, what can i possibly eat? Just this morning, i opened the fridge and i am faced with nothing more than a couple of eggs.

What kind of breakfast could i possibly make? Scramble? Sunny side up? Hard boil? Soft boil?

If not, could i do a drive thru to McDonalds or take away a pack of nasi lemak? Well thats hardly a healthy breakfast being preached since the yesteryears, so thats not really an option, or is it?

In the end? 2 hard boil eggs with a squirt of Japanese Mayo that should last to office.


How i am looking forward to finishing off the hard boiled eggs (unless i can actually make an effort to go stock up food during the weekends) and actually going out for a proper breakfast instead of just looking at pictures like the ones below; breakfast on Sundays @ Delicious.

How i would die for an Egg Hollandaise, yum yum @ Delicious, Dua Annexe

Or you can throw me a pesto seafood pasta for an early morning carb feast!

Why not throw in some a live band dishing out soothing melodies while i dig into breakfast too?

Definitely a good breakfast place.

[The pictures were taken with a Sony Ericsson C905, 8 megapixels worth, my sister's new stylo milo handphone. Looks like i have been spoilt with the DSLR all this while and can banish the dreams of taking food pictures with a phone.]


So back to the original topic, how many of you had a proper breakfast this week?

By the way for those who want to advise on what to eat for breakfast, don't ask me to eat oatmeal, you health freaks out there.

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice @ Sri Petaling

Not known to many (i think) in the more secluded area of Sri Petaling, the getting-more-and-more-famous Ipoh Chicken Rice has an outlet that dishes out what they are famous for. Ipoh Hor Fun and Poached chicken. So how convenient as this is barely a 10 minute drive from home whenever i feel like some hor fun.

The plump bean sprouts from Ipoh (or so i would think that they serve and nothing less)

The smooth hor fun that goes down oh so easily, just requiring a chew here and there.

But you didn't expect me to just come here to eat Hor Fun right?

We had some chicken gizzard, crunchy and chewy at the same time.

Some overly sticky char siew (that was ok)

Kampung Chicken which i wished that i ordered more instead of the Char Siew. A perfect compliment to the hor fun.


Somewhere along the lines of the address below
Jalan 14/149L,Sri Petaling,
Kuala Lumpur.

Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Comfort food for the simple soul.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Daily Grind @ Bangsar Village 1

After 2 weeks of routinely driving to gym after work and clocking km (not alot but satisfied with myself considering my bulk), this week has been just as good as nothing, with the flu and fever.

Lets hope i can squeeze some gym time during the weekend.

Back to food though.

If there is one thing to eat after a good hard workout especially if you have calories to spare, i would usually dream of a burger. That is the bad thing when drive thru Burger King is a minute drive from gym.

Today though was not about just Burger King, it was more to that.

Something more classy and fancy but down to earth considering what is inside a burger.

Home made Tomato and Chilli Sauce. The ketchup had none of the gooey paste that usually comes out from a supermarket ketchup bottle, this was rich and was obviously made from tomatoes (as oppose to what i heard that bottled ketchup actually contains more papaya than tomatoes)

So what burget should i splurge my calories on? Er i mean my wallet on?

The Triple Stack Cheese Burger; stacked with all the usual condiments of a satisfying old fashioned burger; cheese, onions, mushrooms, plenty of tomato paste and maybe a leaf or two. The amazing thing is the 3 juicy patties (probably almost half a kg of meat in there!)

Top off what fries, oh what a carb overload. Thats at least a 10km run to me.

One more picture for the road. Available at RM42++

Definitely worth coming for my cheat meal but it is unfortunate my wallet and stomach cant afford this on on a daily basis always eventhough your burgers are "Daily Grind".

Address and contact details:

LG 8 Lower Ground, Bangsar Village
1 Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru 591000
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Open: Everyday 11:00am-11:00pm


Telephone: +60 3 2287 6708
Fax: +60 3 2287 6707

Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars. Truly enjoyed the triple stacked burger and some of the other burgers i have tried during previous visits, just a pity that the pricing is abit steep.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Went to F1 and see what i got!

After a headache from processing over 300 photos that i blindly snapped during the F1 race last weekend, wanted to share with you all, the more interesting ones.

Datuk Siti Nurhaliza?

Our brand spanking new Prime Minister of Malaysia, along side Jensen Button

Kimi walking around.

The Drivers parade

What a waste of champagne..

EDIT: For the car lovers..

Towards the end of the race..

Dude, you are way too slow.. [Horrible shot i must admit, lost focus of what i was suppose to shoot!]

Way too fast

Caught Jensen weaving his car to get some heat and grip into the tyres before the start..

Monday, April 6, 2009

Rick's Cafe Casablanca RM38++ All you can eat; What a pity

My eyes sparked up the minute i read about Rick's holding an ala-carte buffet for only RM 38++.

I still remembered it must have been a good year and abit ago when we went to experience Tim's (the executive chef) cooking.

His creative flavours and dishes, all can be ordered via buffet style?

So we rushed and hit right into a wave of disappointment.

On a Friday night, the restaurant was quiet, without guests. That didn't sit too well with my friend. Err, i thought you said buffet?

When we opened the menu, all signs of the mains i had in memory had vanished.

In place was a variety of tapas, meat, pasta and pizzas which bear no resemblances to the cafe i visited. No signs of the juicy steaks and premium burgers.

True enough, the menu was signed off by a different chef. Confirmed by a friend who was around the corner and dropped by to say hi that Tim is now at El-Cerdo.

Oh well, if you are looking to pig out at protein and carbs (not to say the food was crap but i suppose edible at best) then this is still a place to go pig out for under RM50.

The disappointment piled on one by one when they keep telling us that our choices were not available several times and the finale of spotting a "bug" in my lamb stew after i finished the lamb.

Don't think i will be dropping by again.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bruno's Restaurant and Bar @ Jaya 33, Petaling Jaya

A sms with "Let's go Bruno's".

An email with "I heard their steak is quite good, lets go".

Oh, ok? Packing my bags as i scratched head as to where have i heard about Bruno's and trying to remember where is which; Jaya 1 and 33.

As we were seated and the menu opened up, i realised oh, this is the non-halal place that serves Spanish Iberian Pork, the almost equivalent to Wagyu beef. Now where in the world did my friend hear about steak i wondered as i zoomed into the Pork page and stayed there, mulling over which options my wallet could afford.

Prices are not cheap as their Iberian pork dishes ranges from RM50++ to RM 390 (for the whole suckling pig).

Beyond that i don't think i noticed much but lets take a look through what we ordered that night.

They served toasted bread which i thought was either intentional (in which case i prefer them to be not) or it was not fresh (stale, toasted to hide that fact)

The smoked duck and avocado salad, served with walnuts, slices of apples and quail eggs. A brilliant salad that i would like to pack for lunch, hearty and filling. Unfortunately the avocado was still a bit raw (RM 20 odd)

A mix platter of salami and serrano ham which came with a side salad and olives. The ham came in rolls and the intense flavours burst through as you bite through layers of it. (RM 30 odd)

A tomato based spaghetti with mini pork cutlets. The pieces of pork didn't seem to gel with the rest of the dish and would have been better with pork balls or bacon. (RM20 odd)

The fettucine carbonara, with a very sinful look. The glistening egg yolk seats in the middle of the dish waiting to be folded in gently among the sauce and pasta. This came in with a bit of sauce which may have came in the form of cream because i doubt cheese and eggs can create so much sauce.

After breaking up the yolk and suggested that i take a picture of the runny yolk flowing through the pasta. Just looking it can almost stop my heart beating. (RM 20 odd)

The rib eye (which i luckily had a taste) was well seasoned, sauced and cooked. No complaints here (RM50-60 odd)

The pork chop that i ordered which came with a pineapple djion mustard sauce. Ohh the meat was oh so succulent and lean, while i thought the sauce complimented very well. The baby roast potatoes were addictive to pop into your mouth one by one. For close to RM60 though it is a tad expensive compared to the normal pork chops you get elsewhere.

We finished with a Tiramisu which i thought was ok. Lacked abit of moisture and not as "wow" as some of the ones i had.

Address and contact details:

Ground Floor, Jaya 33, Lot 33
3 Jalan Semangat
Seksyen 13
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-79602663
Business Hours: Daily, 11am to 11pm, Saturday and Sunday, 9.30am to 11pm.

Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars. We found the starters and mains above average which appealed on taste as well as presentations. The place was also quiet (weekday night) and service not too bad with free water being served (no bottled water, thank god). The only let down would be the desserts which i had better and maybe the premium prices you have to pay for the pork.