Monday, September 28, 2009

Grandmama's @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Grandmama's looks uncannily like Madam Kwan. The ambience it gives you, the menu and certainly some of the taste too. Not to mention the decor too.

I have heard versions of how Grandmama's came about to be so similar to the Madam Kwan chain but regardless whether sister or brother fought, etc; I was only interested to see the differences when it came to the food.

To begin with Grandmama's has the advantage of being quieter as it is placed on 6th floor of Pavilion.

The bustling business of Madam Kwan whether in Mid Valley, Pavilion or Bangsar has put me off and it has been a period since i had my dose of Nasi Bojari.

Going back to the menu, you will notice the much talked about Sang Har Hor Fun, which i duly ordered. The Beef Kuey Teow, Nasi Bojari and a Kai Lan completed the ordering.

A rather starking red ais kacang or "Air Batu Campur" greeted us with an umbra juice with sour plum. Refreshing but priced rather expensive, RM7.95 each.

A well done plate of vegetable with garlic chunks.

The Beef Kuey Teow came in a generous portion and for something like RM14, this represented value for money. The flavours were good and the Dad commented that you probably wouldn't pay any much cheaper for the plate if you ate at Soo Kee.

Their version of Nasi Bojari comes with a fried egg, fried chicken, beef rendang and assam prawns. The rice was abit wet but still tasty nonetheless. A pity the fried chicken was clearly pre-fried as it wasn't pipping hot and the whole plate came 5 minutes after the order. RM20.50.

Priced at RM19 compared to the noodles version which is an extra RM10 (i wonder if got more prawns for the extra sum), The Sang Har Hor Fun is served with a prawn head broth and a big "sang har" split into two. The noodles were not too smooth but one just cant resist sipping down the rich and cholesterol laden soup and enjoy the fresh prawn.

Compared to Madam Kwan, this was a much quieter place that manage to serve us a decent quality meal for oh well, a shopping centre price.

Address and contact number:

Level 6, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-21439333

Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. A worthwhile place to take a bite at (with a slight premium) instead of fighting with everyone on the lower ground floor scurrying for food court food.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Ming Room @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

Bangsar Shopping Centre played a part of my childhood right through to adulthood.

I remember walking to BSC from our friend's house to buy magic cards and have a luxurious meal at Chillis.

When we grew up abit more, we chilled out like grown-ups at La Bodega.

Then the various comedy shows at the Actors Studio.

Blink an eye, the whole dull and aging place has been revamped into a brand new spanking place. Still empty and new, it still houses a few reputable restaurants.

I must admit that i have never been to Ming Room in the yester-years but i made up by visiting them a couple of weeks ago.

I think i must have found a cheaper version of Pudu Siew Yuk. The whole plate costs RM12 versus like the crazy RM13.50 minus all the rowdy people and lack of carpark.

Tastes just as good too.

Being in the same group of Oriental restaurants, think Maju Palace, there have a few funkier dim sum dishes up their sleeves. Here is a fried cod fish stick with mayo. Here you get the luxury to bite into fish rather than batter.

Egg tarts were rather small, just big enough for one bite.

The Spinach Dumpling, filled to the brim with fresh prawns

More juicy prawns in the Har Kao

Cheong Fun wrapped in a fried prawn spring alike roll.

Well siu mai i suppose is the best when pork is used; although its probably not because chicken has less flavour, its the pieces of fats you get to bite into.

The stir fried raddish cake was decent too.

What better dish that would represent childhood to adulthood? The fried salad prawns were and still is a favourite dish among the siblings, a must order during every dim sum session we had when we grew up.

The Ming Room serves a decent range of dim sum for a fairly decent price, the above cost around RM70 if i am not mistaken. Trust me, RM70 doesn't get you very far in a shopping complex nowadays, so go chill, sip chinese tea and have some dim sum.

During the quieter hours though, you may get irritated at the idling waitresses standing next to your table gossiping around themselves but i think thats really the only down side i can find (or the Girlfriend found).

Address and contact details:

3rd Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Bukit Bandaraya, 59000 KL
Tel: 03- 2284 8822 | Fax: 03- 2284 3822

Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Not exactly mind blowing out of the blue dim sum, but a nice place to visit with a variety of old school and fusion dim sum.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Recuperating like a King @ Amari Vogue Krabi, Thailand

I have to admit i miss my part time studying life.

Gone are the days when we would take 2 weeks off and study a paper.

The entire period; we would be shut out of the working world and although it was equally stressful, it gave us time to be "away".

So this year as an "away" holiday between the Girlfriend I (last year was Pangkor Laut), we booked ourselves into Amari Vogue (Rated #1 on Trip Advisor).

I knew there may have been some "catch" when there was an offer pay 2 free 1, and we found out on the day we arrived.

It was low season because it was the rainy season.

Well thank goodness, it was only a shower here and there but still beautiful sunshine.

The best part about going on holiday at a secluded resort is how our body clocks resumes back to what i call "normal humanbeing hours". Sleep early before midnight and wake up just when the sun is up.

Then proceed to feast like a king at breakfast.

Fresh fruits to start the digestion system. Ever seen light orange coloured papayas?

A basket of freshly toasted goodies

With home made jams, like rhubarb and tomato and chilli (tastes like our thai sweet chilli minus all the spice), this was awesome!

A savoury watery like Teo Cheow porridge with minced pork (thai style) that was simple yet delicious

To rather disappointing "german" waffles without texture

Then you have awesome pad thai with huge prawns

Omelettes with generous amounts of pork bacon, sausages, tomatoes and potatoes

Beautifully made poached eggs served with other sides like smoked salmon and spinach or hollandaise sauce.

How i wish i can live like a king once again.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dish by Delicious @ Dua Annexe, Kuala Lumpur

Blogging somehow comes hand in hand with being at work.

With the last day of work becoming like a blur in my head, blogging suddenly seems so foreign yet intriguing once again.

In any case, work starts tomorrow for most and i thought what better way than to write a nice juicy review for you all.


Now every now and then, a high profile restaurant mushrooms within the city of KL catches the eye or in this case the mouth of a blogger. With a snap of the fingers, the fine details from what soap they use in the toilets, service, food and decor will be diligently recorded and shared.

The less curious people like me, will ponder and succumb.

Dish it was.

Now i wouldn't call it fine dining, but it is proper dining, well at least the prices are.

With almost a third of their menu concentrating on the various cuts of the cow you can eat, you know you are in for some serious moo moo.
Carb lovers will be glad to know that they serve whole-grain and white bread with butter. Olive oil and vinegar are also provided if you decide against the smooth silky output from the cows.

The Lobster Omelette with the Bisque (sauce) was almost perfect with the accompanying bread. While the egg was cooked to perfection, the bisque was rather too salty when slurped on its own.
At RM 48 or was it RM58, you get a few pieces of lobster meat too and I would order it again (minus the overwhelming saltiness)

Another starter that looked stunning, a simple duck (looks like it was smoked) wild rocket salad. A rather breathtaking price of RM48 i remembered.

For expensive starters, Dish compensates with affordable wines. Usually at "fine dining" places, house wines would breach the RM100 mark. Here, you have a generous selection of wines that are under RM100. A NZ Pinot Noir for RM120 that turned out rather spicy but went well with the heavy red meat we ordered.

Some of the mains ordered around the table:

Lamb Shank Pasta

Lamb Rack

Duck with Foie Gras. The piece of liver got me salivating that i went to Zipangu the next day to get a piece of my own (only for RM15++ with the membership card expiring at the end of the month).

The Signature of the restaurant lies in their ridiculous large pieces of chargrilled steaks. Striploin, grain fed, 150 days sells for RM20++ per 100gm and this beauty up there was a whopping 600grams. If you think it was hard to finish between two persons, the quality of the juicy tender meat definitely made it very easy for us to polish it up. Take note that for a rather expensive piece of meat, they got their medium done rather "medium rare". A mistake that i didn't mind but the girlfriend never did like steaks red all through.

The truffle butter was torched and to be honest i didnt really taste any hint of truffles. Instead, i found myself scooping leftover butter meant for bread and spreading it over the steak. Decadent is all i can murmur. If your wallet allows, more expensive options include the rib in bone (approx 1.3 kgs at RM20 per 100gm to wagyu grade 5 or 9 at RM48 per 100gm)

Complimentary desserts was a piece of chocolate truffle and a passionfruit marshmallow. Apparently this varies and in the same night, another couple were served macaroons. Well if its free, i ain't complaining because these were quality.

Desserts were also ordered.

A rich chocolate cake with ice-cream.

A green tea souffle.

A rather average cream brulee.

I didn't hear any orgasms or saw anyone faint from desserts, so i am assuming there weren't mind blowing.

Address and contact details:

Dua Annexe
Jalan Tun Razak
Kuala Lumpur

Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars. A dining place that can be coined as informal yet served with the price and class as fine dining which really focuses on quality steaks. An alternative to the more casual and informal Delicious upstairs. Reservations are recommended with the lack of dining space.

Googling 'Dish' reveals that there are plans for another outlet which to me is, one too many because the small cosy exclusive concept is exactly what alot of people would like to dine at, instead of a franchised-like expensive idea.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Happy Hari Raya in Advance to all

I suspect from the sight of the busy roads and the announcement that schools are closed tomorrow that people are already on their way to their home towns, leaving the city empty.

Nevertheless wishing all my readers out there, Happy Hari Raya!

Those who are driving back, please drive safely and have a pleasant journey back.

For those people staying back at the city, its time to embrace the empty roads.

Till then.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Breaking fast @ The Shah Alam Ramadhan Market

A couple of things been happening.

Just got back from Krabi.

Found out my Grandpa had left us on the same day.

Well life will go on i suppose and may he find peace whereever he is now.


The month of fasting is about to end and before it ends, i thought i do my part and give you all some pictures.

I never thought i will cover a market of this magnitude and occasion. The idea of squeezing in with everyone (very hungry ones too) who are out there buying a meal to break fast while you casually walk and see what you would like to eat and snapping pictures didn't sound workable.

Well apparently its not too bad if you end up at one of the largest ramadhan market outside the Shah Alam Stadium.

Freshly made onde-onde. There had a piece of gula melaka in the core opposed to liquid gula melaka.

Satay on the grill.

Ikan bakar; different varieties and sizes.

A ghastly coloured honey dew drinks that looked like chewing gum.

Ayam rempah.

The KING of murtabak apparently.

Ayam percik.

CKT too!

Roti John, this was scrumptious.

All unpacked and ready to eat!

Well the market had probably more than a hundred stalls and there were plenty of misses (says much about our choices really). The downside of buying the food home is that it goes cold inevitably and things like murtabak, roti john, fried chicken and etc just has to be served hot.

However a good experience in soaking up the local culture and being part of the (over used phrase of the year) "1 Malaysia".