Monday, August 24, 2009

Toh Yuen Part 1 @ PJ Hilton, Kuala Lumpur

Having lunched once at Toh Yuen, quality was assured, trial and tested. The slight (and i really mean slight) disappointment arises from the fact they do not serve pork.

However, we know we were bound to be in for a treat.

For the sake of photography and for quenching thirst, the flower tea was ordered. Unfortunately these were rather lazy flowers and didn't exactly blossomed the way we wanted them to. Other than looking good, the three kinds of flower tea on offer can help with indigestion, relieving the body from toxins, etc.

The Starters

Wherever I go, lots of bonus marks are given where the captains or the waitresses show their capabilities in choosing the best dishes for their guests.

So it was not so much of looking at the menu but really to allow the suggestions to come through.

As starters, the Mango Dragon (prawns) and the Norwegian Salmon Roll was recommended.

Fried in batter, the highlight was the mango dip which was intense with the fruit.

The salmon roll tasted the same which i suspect is due to the same batter as the prawns and wasn't exactly inspiring.

Now before everyone shoots me down with their snipers, machine guns and whatever gun you can think of, yes, i admit guilty as charge for ordering the Toh Yuen Superior Shark Fin in Brown Sauce. Again yes, i truly realise that the almost non-existent flavours of the strands of fin is not worth the inhumane way sharks are treated. The saviour comes from the stock and the crunchy bean sprouts. Now i wonder if they can come up with a non-shark fin version because i really like the rich "brown sauce" so to speak. Yes for the third time, history have treated shark fins as a sign of luxury but it is just not worth it.

On the other hand, abalone are not extinct just yet so we happily digged into some with century egg. There is the option that the abalone be served in cubes or slices. Go with the cubes, i tell you for you will not regret the chunk of shellfish that allows you to chew about. The century eggs while not as good as the ones you get in Hong Kong with the pickled ginger was a nice touch to perk up the appetites.

To round off the appetisers, we had the famous Peking Duck. The first whiff of the roasted bird and you catch the familiar sniff of KFC. Perhaps a common ingredient?

The crispy shiny skin exposed in all her glory

With quick knife action, the slices of crispy skin and meat were served with pancakes or just on its own.

Caught in the middle of the action of filling up the pancake

The first of the second course: Duck Skin and Meat pancakes with an awesome sweet sauce.

With already so many dishes gone through, what can the chef possible serve next?

Stay tune for Part 2, if not go ahead and make a dash to PJ Hilton straight away!

Address and contact details:

Toh Yuen,
PJ Hilton KL

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Sean said...

wah, maybe u've unlocked the secret to kfc's 11 herbs and spices!
i plead guilty to enjoying shark fin soup too. one of the best things i've ever tasted was a shark bone cartilage soup at mandarin oriental's lai poh heen. to be honest, i'd kill a shark myself to have that again.

sc said...

peking duck smelling of KFC? now that's a first :D

Lisa said...

Wah, we should have dropped by much earlier. Missed out so many items liow when we came...haha. Thanks for sharing the crispy duck. What happened to its neck ah? Looks.......funnie hehe but excellent shots! Love it. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

thule a.k.a leo said...

don't worry... no point using a gun to shoot you for consuming shark fin! For me, I do my best to protect the species by not ordering it while having lunch or dinner! With 2 exceptions... wedding dinner (they serve the dish anyway) and CNY (where my aunt always prepare a bowl for me)... less guilt I guess :)

Abalone... tasteless stuff and I wonder why it's so freaking expensive! I just love the sauce that comes with abalone :)

As for tea... I only appreciate fine Chinese tea! As a matter of fact, I have my own collection of teapots and some nice Chinese tea at home.. lol!! Unlike you who collect whisky...

mh said...

I'm having my lunch now. Miserable macaroni in anchovy soup that I've been eating since yesterday.....

Looking at the glorious photos that you've posted....and comparing that to my lunch...just make my lunch looks more miserable.


mh said...

I'm having my lunch now. Miserable macaroni in anchovy soup that I've been eating since yesterday.....

Looking at the glorious photos that you've posted....and comparing that to my lunch...just make my lunch looks more miserable.


550ml jar of faith said...

Hahaha, I've always been underwhelmed by the Flower Tea - it sure is pretty to look at but find no other redeeming quality about it! Duck Skin and Meat pancake looks wonderful!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

550ml: well the flower tea is usually quite fragant too.

mh: y ar? sick ar??

leo: haha i like my tea too..but how to afford the whole set..and the thousand dollars pu er..

lisa: haah y u so late ler..?

sc: trust me haha

sean: or maybe kfc took the hint from peking duck?

Jenn said...

remember how I said that different people have different taste bud?? what delicious for certain people might not be the same for others.
For my daily consumption, I'd bought a 2008 puer tea which taste rather good! smooth and aromatic...
Still... nothing beats a vintage puer! I have a collection of 20 years old puer which equivalent to the smoothiness of Kilkenny when going down the throat :)

mh said...

wahahaha..not sick la. Winter ma, want some hot and soupy meal...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

mh: sounds warming mah ur meal..dont jealous ok?

leo: wow..sounds like life..

Jun said...

that pic of a duck reminds me of a pregnant lady lying in the lithotomy position, abt to give birth T__T sorry la can't help but make the association here ;p

thule a.k.a leo said...

not really la :) I also like booze! but then, can't drink booze daily right? plus, tea doesn't have any hangover effect :P

thenomadGourmand said...

ahh? must split into 2 posts?
My, u order THAT MUCH??? ;p

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

tng: hahah yeah la..ALOT ALOT..

leo: thats true..its like a check and balance..

jun: oh dear..the doctor has gone into you..

Bangsar-bAbE said...

My my...and I thought I ordered A LOT at Genji! =P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

bbabe: hahah i heard u did ORDER ALOT!!