Monday, June 8, 2009

Is not receiving the bill, considered not paying the bill?

Almost worthy of a twitter post but thought i might as well go all the way and complain.

Dear Mr Telco Operator C,

Is the act of not receiving your bill considered not paying the bill thus a cut of the service?

As a busy man, do you think i have the time and brain space to keep track that you have stopped sending me bill for 2 months?

No courtesy call asking me if i had received my bill, no nothing and a sudden cut of service?

Result? No internet for the weekend.

Darn you buggers.

So buggers, if you are reading this, send me the bill!!!

PS: this is the second time, the first time when i was about to procrastinate, the bill appeared on my doorstep.

OHH MY BAD, my bills been promptly paid.

BUT sorry you cant seem to connect sir, maybe its the line? or it could be your USB port sir.

Damn, got to go home later at night and give it a try.

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