Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Alas, has my kitchen appliance broke down?!

Ever looked at the oven, with all your materials ready to go in and realise it doesnt work?

Whether you had wanted to bake a cake and now all you have is dough/flour mixed with eggs and sugar or cold bread just wanting to be toasted for breakfast, but all you get is the huge disappointment of all the stomachs around you (including yours truly).

Once the initial horror of hunger passes, and you want to comfort yourself with some take away, the next big problem arises; imagining the big bill the oven would cost to fix. Think about the hourly rate that the repairman would charge you for coming to your house to diagnose and the hacking away from your built-in cabinet leaving mess and a big hole in your kitchen.

Well apparently we have hope, in the form of online help.

Home repairs that will save you money and money . Something very useful in this climate condition (a topic i have stopped talking about since our Malaysian stock market have somehow in a semi-miracle recovered to a 1000 points).

Other than money, there is the environmental side of things (after all remember Earth Day was just barely weeks or maybe just months ago?)

So looks like there is hope after all, so remember when your oven / toaster/ kitchen appliance is broke, remember Part Select


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