Friday, April 3, 2009

Bruno's Restaurant and Bar @ Jaya 33, Petaling Jaya

A sms with "Let's go Bruno's".

An email with "I heard their steak is quite good, lets go".

Oh, ok? Packing my bags as i scratched head as to where have i heard about Bruno's and trying to remember where is which; Jaya 1 and 33.

As we were seated and the menu opened up, i realised oh, this is the non-halal place that serves Spanish Iberian Pork, the almost equivalent to Wagyu beef. Now where in the world did my friend hear about steak i wondered as i zoomed into the Pork page and stayed there, mulling over which options my wallet could afford.

Prices are not cheap as their Iberian pork dishes ranges from RM50++ to RM 390 (for the whole suckling pig).

Beyond that i don't think i noticed much but lets take a look through what we ordered that night.

They served toasted bread which i thought was either intentional (in which case i prefer them to be not) or it was not fresh (stale, toasted to hide that fact)

The smoked duck and avocado salad, served with walnuts, slices of apples and quail eggs. A brilliant salad that i would like to pack for lunch, hearty and filling. Unfortunately the avocado was still a bit raw (RM 20 odd)

A mix platter of salami and serrano ham which came with a side salad and olives. The ham came in rolls and the intense flavours burst through as you bite through layers of it. (RM 30 odd)

A tomato based spaghetti with mini pork cutlets. The pieces of pork didn't seem to gel with the rest of the dish and would have been better with pork balls or bacon. (RM20 odd)

The fettucine carbonara, with a very sinful look. The glistening egg yolk seats in the middle of the dish waiting to be folded in gently among the sauce and pasta. This came in with a bit of sauce which may have came in the form of cream because i doubt cheese and eggs can create so much sauce.

After breaking up the yolk and suggested that i take a picture of the runny yolk flowing through the pasta. Just looking it can almost stop my heart beating. (RM 20 odd)

The rib eye (which i luckily had a taste) was well seasoned, sauced and cooked. No complaints here (RM50-60 odd)

The pork chop that i ordered which came with a pineapple djion mustard sauce. Ohh the meat was oh so succulent and lean, while i thought the sauce complimented very well. The baby roast potatoes were addictive to pop into your mouth one by one. For close to RM60 though it is a tad expensive compared to the normal pork chops you get elsewhere.

We finished with a Tiramisu which i thought was ok. Lacked abit of moisture and not as "wow" as some of the ones i had.

Address and contact details:

Ground Floor, Jaya 33, Lot 33
3 Jalan Semangat
Seksyen 13
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-79602663
Business Hours: Daily, 11am to 11pm, Saturday and Sunday, 9.30am to 11pm.

Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars. We found the starters and mains above average which appealed on taste as well as presentations. The place was also quiet (weekday night) and service not too bad with free water being served (no bottled water, thank god). The only let down would be the desserts which i had better and maybe the premium prices you have to pay for the pork.


mimid3vils said...

Wow, ur pork chop almost same price with the steak!!!

Life for Beginners said...

You had me at "fettucine carbonara", bro. If it weren't for my escalating cholesterol levels, I could have this EVERY DAY.

(And yup, I won't get jelak of its creaminess and egginess... Hee.)

Sean said...

wow, that carbonara looks really tempting! it should be a law that all carbonaras must be served with an unbroken egg yolk. btw the pork ribs here are also pretty good if u plan to return.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I'm just like LFB! Won't get jelak of carbonara...

Somemore with runny yolk... *wipes drool*

Julian Si said...

Sounds delisssssh ;-)

Hey did you get a new lens, a macro perhaps? Photos are SHARP!

J2Kfm said...

havent try before lah ..Iberico pork.

tempting lah .... Jaya 33 got a lot of restaurants? cz normally Jaya One got more attention.

Selba said...

Wooow!!! Looks so delicious and pictures so beautiful!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

selba: hahah thanks!

j2kfm: jaya 1 is the bigger and grander of the lot i suppose..but jaya 33 is not too bad!

julian: no laa..still using my 17-85..the smaller pic makes it sharper pls the black background helps!

bbabe: i reckon thats the killer and the attractive 1!

sean: haha law? sounds good to me! ok man will giv the ribs a try

lob: if ur cholesterol high..means i wont b able to eat this liao..sigh

mimi: its one heck expensive of a pork chop ok..

ToyBoy & ToyGirl said...

That is really one sinful carbonara!! But since it is detox week, I will just have to wait.. =)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

tb&tg: detox week????? no alcohol too?

Nic (KHKL) said...

when i saw the pork, i was intrigued. then, the pastas, one by one. omg!!! the looks have already made me salivate. i can imagine the tastes...awwwwwww...

ToyBoy & ToyGirl said...

Unfortunately nope..

foodbin said...

must try their Iberico ham-highly sought after.

jasmine said...

ooh, be still my beating heart (at sight of carbonara).... lol. i read good reviews about this resto on time out some months back but didn't hear very good things about the management so somehow that hindered my going there. but your pics is making me rethink that. :P

CUMI & CIKI said...

wa, since ur so fussy.. (ahem) 4 outa 5 must be good la:P

YilingL said...

Wow looks too good!

sc said...

wanted to try but had a friend who complaint that the food is not good and not worth a try. but reading your review, seems pretty decent..

New Kid on the Blog said...

that doesn't look like a pork chop,... more of a beef to me. :)

thenomadGourmand said...

ya lorr..heard not so-gd things so nvr went..but Fronterra is this mth's target..would b heading there nx week.
Atr thing, i went to Fd Foundry.. and the staff (all myanmar, mind u..) kinda say somthing like its the same mgmt.cant b sure..but kept givin me the bruno card when i wanted to call the Mgr..

teckiee said...

And I thought I was the only one mixing up JayaOne and Jaya33. The salami and serrano ham platter looks good.

fbb said...

wow, looks delectable. runny yolk sum more. life cant get better. the problem is, i find in my old age, these days i can only take these creamy pastas in VERY small doses. first bite is ooooh, (spasming), 2nd is yum, 3rd is good, 4th is .... ugh, i'm exploding...
sounds very exp hor. how was the RM60 pork chop? like wagyu ah?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

fbb: wagyu like lor..pasta not that expensive la..

teckiee: nope looks like u r not alone!

thenomadgourmand: err well take a look for urself..20 odd on pasta isnt too big of an investment

new kid: haha no la..too thin for steak..

sc: i suppose thats the prob isnt? too many different opinions

yiling: haha thanks!

c&c: yeah quite fussy fren can also get quite fussy tats y i bumped the star up a notch..

jasmine: well go on a quiet nite if u r afraid of poor service i suppose..

foodbin: yeap..

tb&tg: thought so..

nic: got weekend..

vialentino said... the carbonarra favourite ler....

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

vial: as in the 1 served here? or in general?

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Hanna Foo said...

Beware of being short change when you order 1 whole duck..

Changi Airport Dian Xiao Er.

I am a regular customer of this restaurant. We have often order 1 whole duck for a family size of 6 and had a difficulty finishing it.

Today I brought my family (size of 4) and ordered a whole duck too. Unfortunately, the quantity that came out did not represent a whole duck. We are small eaters and order 1 whole duck with the intention of taking home half a duck but..instead we ate the whole duck with no problem in the restaurant today...visually noticing that the duck that came out looked very small. It is impossible to eat the whole duck tonight ... if the correct quantity was served.

I am disappointed and believe that we were cheated! :-(

Very disappointed customer