Thursday, March 12, 2009

My short visit to Sepang Gold Coast

Fancy reviving the economy with a couple of million bucks?

I mean after all, we have been just given indirectly 60 billion bucks to spend isn't?

Or oh wait, is it just for the special ones?


Well after finding myself landing at LCCT without delay, i was whisked away to Sepang Gold Coast.

Not the Australia Gold Coast but a beach side that just happened to appear from nowhere, 20 minutes drive from the Sepang F1 Circuit.

With luxury hotel suites being built up, prices starting from a million plus up; it is meant to be for the rich and famous, but mean time, the locals crowd this place in throngs walking and shopping at the hundreds of street stalls, like how Malaysians do in a public beach.

The Millionaire paradise? Imagine after track day in the circuit and getting whisked away for a sun tan?

That only i can dream; as for now, waiting for my lost friends to find the place, a nice sweet coconut to quench the thirst and the heat from the LCCT

With abundance of sun light, you can close your eyes and shoot pictures with clarity.

Got too hungry as well while waiting and had snacks from the nearby steam boat restaurants. RM10 for the thick battered sotong and RM 7 for the deep fried chicken wings.

In the end i gave up waiting and we whisked away out of the place to eat dinner, knowing that staring at the million dollar houses on stilts wont get me one.

Any takers and maybe an invite to one?


J2Kfm said...

for houses with that premium price, is the area developed enough to justify all?

staying near the airport and the tracks. hmm ... not too appealing. lest one's an F1 driver, or a pilot?

ggmu said...

IS it Morib Gold Coast Resort?

mh said...

Is it a trend to visit this place now??? Just saw a school friend of mine posting photos of them having loads of fun down Sepang Gold Coast.....

teckiee said...

Too bright you get shadows lor ...for me hor.. eyes a bit sensitive to light.. have to wear sunglasses or squint too.

cindy khor said...

the sotong and chicken wings look very very tantalising... wah...eating by the beach is totally super relaxing and vacationy

Bangsar-bAbE said...

So need to go to islands just for a sun tan!

CRIZ LAI said...

I read about this place recently too. The feel in such a beautiful place could be so great... as if a millionaire wearing a slipper to such a place.. LOL!

Anyway, from the food you had ordered, the price wasn't that expensive too.

Henry Yeo said...

why bother with that?

just go build a house on bukit tunku.

Penang Tua Pui said...

million dollar i dun have la... million hair every one have lor... heehee

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ptp: sure got so much hair or not?

henry: thats bukit..this is pantai

criz: yeah..i only got the slipper bit only

bbabe: no need la..go f1 circuit also can..

cindy: i suppose so..=)

teckiee: no money for sunglasses lor =(

mh: fun? not really lor

ggmu: nope that apparently is a different 1 wor..

j2kfm: well its meant to b a holiday last thing u want is a developed town..

CUMI & CIKI said...

haha.. we were here too about 6 months ago.. would consider investing but found the prices over the top man.. Cumi was like, yea sure.. u can just drive to work everyday la, for an hour .. and then back in the evening! hoho - no way. maybe rent out ok la.. :P

Life for Beginners said...

I dunno, I guess I won't judge till I have been there myself to see how it looks and feels like. But given the prices, ehh... :P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

lob: sometimes looking at the price is enough

c&c: 1 hr? u sure?? well jogging on the beach though would b cool rite?

worldwindows said...

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