Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Moxie @ Bukit Damansara

Before the review, i would just like to say that i appreciate all of the comments left in the previous post and i hope that there are no hard feelings about the difference in opinions.

Bottomline is, Earth hour or not Earth hour, one should learn to be moderate; whether its electricity, food or alcohol (well maybe not alcohol).


(Correct me if i am wrong) Moxie is one of the latest restaurants to open in the rather sedated area of Damansara Heights.

With a bright red and white colour scheme that spreads from the walls to the chairs, it definitely aims to brighten up the area. Pity it just ruins about all my shots because of the dim lighting and my inability to customise my white balance.

Another thing that immediately stands out is the good service and accomodating waitresses (eventhough they lacked knowledge about the menu).

We asked about the weight of the steak meant for two and the waitress actually went into the kitchen to find out.

We teased and complained of hunger and they actually served an extra roll to that particular complainant.

Oh yeah, plentiful of parking is also a plus point but lets dive in to the food, shall we?

Fresh rolls and butter, cant go wrong.


We joked about the Tomato soup when we saw a poster of Campbells, half suspecting that they might just serve soup out from the Can. I doubt so, because he quietly polished it off.

The thick Mushroom soup was a hearty start for the rest. Almost a meal, one mentioned for the light eaters.

Blue Crab Slaw

I felt the Peach (describe in the Menu) although i pretty much felt it was Pear was quite lost especially when you read the dish title. Sweet with some rather mild blue cheese, i couldnt decide to eat this on its own or eat it with the salmon gravlax. When it came to the nicely round ball of crab meat wrapped with salmon, the only qualm was the 1-2 small pieces of crab shell i had in my bites. Maybe the hype i got from reading earlier reviews?


Someone mentioned that when one is in the dark, the palates become more awake and aware. It was exactly at this time 8.30pm (when Earth Hour started) when the mains arrived. If it was so, then the comments may sound abit harsh because there was totally no visual appeal to the dishes (as we were in the dark)

The Red Snapper. I got the comment that it wasn't wow and that it was an average dish.

The Seafood Nage with smoked trout and roe. Essentially a mix of seafood in what looks like a thick broth / sauce. No complaints on this one though.

Famous for their steak apparently,

Naked Truth 1: Sirloin 8oz Black Angus

Naked Truth 2: Prime Rib 12oz.

The quality of steak was good and cooked accordingly to how i wanted it (medium rare) but it lacked basic seasoning of salt and pepper. The sauce provided didn't help as it was rather bland. The only saviour was the requested english mustard. What a pity that i couldnt really feast my eyes on such a nice piece of meat too!

Another steak was ordered; judging from the menu this looks like a Steak Au Poivre.

The chef seems to be happy decorating his/her dishes with ebiko.


Banana Toffee Pie, i noticed no one finished this. Although no complaints about it though except maybe the crust was on the hard side.

I loved the Molten Cake, such a simple dish but it is the joy you get from having melted chocolate in your mouth and then taking a bite of their home made ice cream. Definitely going to order this again FOR MYSELF.

The Spanish Churros was light; sugar and chocolate dip, what is there not to like? Guilty as charged.

Overall a good dining experience, the ambience, service (although it got abit slow towards the end, benefit of the doubt that the lack of lights actually may have slowed things down) and great desserts. Pity the average mains.

Address and contact details:

44 & 44M, Plaza Damansara, Jalan Medan Setia 2,
Bukit Damansara, KL
+603 2095 0016
+603 2095 0017

Verdict: 3 stars out of 5 stars. I cant help but feel after the dinner that the restaurant is based on a concept (trendy decor and good ambience in a nice quiet area) and not on good wholesome food. I suppose it was also harsh tojudge the mains without even looking at the dish properly and that impaired the impression one will have on the dish. The desserts lifted up the mood (well that was what sugar was made for) to end the meal nicely. I just might come again, because i am quite a sucker of concepts. Prices are not cheap too, starters range from RM18 to RM38, mains are around RM30-90 and desserts are in the RM 10- RM 20 range.


Bangsar-bAbE said...

I'd probably be "sakit hati" if I had to fork out so much for substandard mains... @_@

Might as well have dinner elsewhere and go there JUST for the Molten Cake... ;)

Julian Si said...

Yup! New place ... I spoke to the propietor and he appreciates the feedback, they want to improve :-) No bad thing!

Cheers Joe...

ToyBoy & ToyGirl said...

Definitely not the alcohol for moderation =)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

tb&tg: hahaha judging by the way we drink..OF COURSE NOT!

julian: yeah i sort of knw one of the owners too, got to pass the message along i guess..

bbabe: i suppose so lor..then again if u r willing to pay for ambience, theres the offset..

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I've been to Moxie several times and I think the food's okay. The desserts are awesome, of course. In fact, I'd rank this ahead of Leonardo's, a somewhat related restaurant, even though Leonardo's is non-halal and thus should score higher points in my books.

Selba said...

The presentation of the food looks really good especially for the dessert.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ll: yeah agreed agreed.. need to go leonardo next, went there for drinks so far..and yes..non-halal usually scores higher hor..

selba: yeap..presentation was good, but i only realise after looking at pics..bcos it was dark!

Sean said...

i was pretty impressed by this place, but maybe that's because it's been too long since a really good new outlet opened in KL. i loved everything that we ordered, though i agree that the desserts were the highlight.

burpandslurp said...

the blue crab slaw looks incredibly amazing.
I don't like dark restaurants myself. I hate all the restaurants in america because it's so dark! and it's supposed to enhance the mood or something? how can I have an appetite when I can't even see my food.
but still, you managed to get beautiful pics! without flash?

J2Kfm said...

the pics still look very good without sufficient lighting.

i hate dark restaurants myself, as they're a recipe for disastrous food review outing. hmm ...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

j2kfm: in this case, it was no lighting bcos of earth hour..had to use flash..

burpnslurp: with flash of course, the only source of light were the candles, it was earth hour when we had dinner..

sean: like i said, i love the concept..chiq place in a quiet area, recipe for success really..

Life for Beginners said...

LL is a genius. She brought me here for desserts right after dinner @ Leonardo's (hence the comparison above). And I'm inclined to agree.

Also, good service is always a BIG plus in my books. :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

lob: i agree that desserts were awesome too!

so it is then, a crawl of their restaurants!

CUMI & CIKI said...

wa.. what hpd to saving money eh.. lol.. looks good but too bad not up to ur expectations. erm, that steak looks good though!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

c&c: hahah saved money for so long already mah..so like this lor..yeah the steak just needed abit of salt..thats all..

Nic (KHKL) said...

i musta said this a million times but well, the baked cod is good! like got wok hei liddat..hehe...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

nic: really ar..aiyoh yoh..now i have to return to try!!

FBB said...

gahhhh, am i the only who hasnt been? actually i pressed my nose up against the glass pane yesterday as i had to deliver something to a customer who was dining there.

that blue crab slaw, i'm confused..you mean that round meatish looking thing is crab???

ling239 said...

so after makan only go there for dessert right ? ^_^

Henry Yeo said...

Dining in the dark,
can be quite a lark.
While the dogs outside bark,
the food may have missed the mark.
No harm going back there to give it another hark,
if it is still bad, time to give them a rark.

xin said...

the molten cake looks really interesting. btw, now i really am having lots of cravings after reading this post.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

xin: looks like my title really suited the whole theme!

henry: very poetic there i see..

ling239: thats precisely my suggestion haha

fbb: so cham meh..so near ur house also.. yeah the salmon is wrapped around the crab slaw..