Friday, February 27, 2009

Spencer's 4 seasons @ FBB

4 layers of sin.

Sin that you would not think twice before indulging it.

Even after indulging in sin, you do not realise you have sinned.

In fact, you want to sin more.

And i am not talking about siu yoke, although it does come pretty close to the description of "layers" and "sins".

Here we are talking about sugar.

Go ahead and sin in Chocolate Mousse

Then to Chocolate Cake

Then to Chocolate Ganache

And the surprisingly Oreos layer

Wait, theres fresh cream too.

Who cares if the slice needs half an hour of pounding on the treadmill

Let me sin anyday, if sinning is as good as this.

Come to think about it, crap, its been 2 weeks since my brother blew the candles to his 21st birthday.

Oh when is the next birthday?

Cake from Fat Boy Bakes

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

BBQ @ Home

Find yourself getting yourself in the situation below?

Spend a few hundred on dining and wining at the latest posh restaurant?

And then spend hundreds on inflated whisky in the bar and club?

Feeling the pain now, before the salary slip comes in?

Why dont you BBQ at home instead?

That was what we did.

Save some money and have just as much fun.

How much could Chivas marinated chicken wings, possibly cost? Lemongrass infused chicken satay as well?

Probably the most expensive item on the menu; pork ribs. Ohh so succulent and spicy, great with sparkling wine. Not the RM300 plus Moet but the RM60-70 sparkling ones.

Or just plain sausages? RM 5 for a pack of 6.

See? A brilliant way to save some moolah.

This is a community service announcement by Lots of Cravings.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Times are Bad, Cheer up and Live like a Kid..

All you get to read in the news is news about recession, unemployment and retrenchment.

Retrenchment apparently has even gone down to whether you are male or female, apparently if you are female, you are likely to only work 10 months of the year (if you get pregnant and use maternity leave).

So how bad can Monday Blues be, with that kind of news?

I suppose one has to soldier on, enjoy some pictures i took 2 weekends ago (camera was in bag for the entire weekend).

Is my dress pink enough?

Dimple galore..

You again?

Come to think about it, maybe Ellen should get a job too.

Any takers for child model?

Monday, may you quickly go away

Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentines, How was yours?

What were you doing on Valentines?

The typical blow a bomb on flowers that usually cost half the price? Or maybe the girl who receives over-priced flowers?

Then pre-booking a restaurant a week before hand and having to choose between a menu that will cost an arm or an arm and a leg?

Or were you like me? Innocently walking into a lunch with people who thought Valentines was nothing but a day where retailers and restaurants make loads of money out of fools who believed that you should only love your other half on that particular day and not the remainder of the 364 days.

Ohh, fools who fall for commercialisation.

In any case, i thank my lucky stars for that invite as we dine and wine into what appeared to be a champagne drinking marathon that finally closed its curtains after 10 hours ( i left half way, yes, call me alcohol in-tolerant, if you wish)

Cheese anyone? Brie, Blue or just cheese?

Reminiscence of the Australian supper days; sausage rolls, daintly cut into mouth size bites.

Along with crackers, came very interesting and exotic dips and spreads.

Did i mention very grand spreads as well?

Home made Chicken Pie, something that can be called chicken pie for the sheer amount of chicken stuffed inside the fluffy pastry.

Did i not mention lots of champagne while the mains were being served?

The Duo of Mash; Truffle Mash on the left and Wasabi Mash on the right.

Lemongrass Chicken or Cock Au Citronella. Wonderfully flavoured.

Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding, who needs to go to Chinoz for their buffet?

Roast Duck Pasta

A Salad that had quail eggs, apples and walnuts

A Seafood Mousse that was left behind in the Fridge until it made a very late VIP moment.

When we were all stuffed; desserts made its grand arrival

Molten Chocolate Cakes with Fresh Cream

A Tacky Heart Peach and Mango Pavlova

Wash it off with more bubbly.

A luxurious lindt chocolate mousse cake.

This website/blog does not encourage excessive drinking especially opening bottles just to create a heart shape. As the bottle says:

"Enjoy Responsibly"

My most sincere thanks to the host for another memorable alcoholic lunch..

Hungry just looking at the pictures, Grr..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shivz, Diner at Maarof @ Jalan Maarof

Shivz, the Diner on Maarof aims to achieve big things on the main Maarof street of Bangsar.

When you meet and talk to the charismatic Shiva, owner of the restaurant, one can feel how focused he is with his latest venture as he passionately shares his concept.

Aiming to provide value for money ambience and food, he is particular that his guests should leave his place, well satisfied with the portions and tastes and a wallet with some money left. When you look at the menu, the humble prices are indeed humble.

With starters at RM8 to RM18 and mains starting from RM10 to RM32; you are staring at a real deal.

Not to mention the classy and simple layout in the restaurant that won't be mistaken for a place where one would normally splurge RM100plus per head.

This far, i am already half convinced that this formula of real value for money will work.

However, how's the taste of the food?

With my rather blunt palate, we sat down waiting to be wooed away by his chef, a someone that his name i cant seem to remember, but is one with loads of experience and awards for creating dishes.

Being served with drinks with chilled glasses, the juices are served with sugar on the side with no ice. The reason? Shiva believes that the last sip determines the overall experience, and he is not going to let it go to waste by allowing his customer to drink ice water in his/her last sip. Another reason? Value for money, no ice means the whole glass is fruit juice and not half glass of ice and half glass of juice.

Fancy something more adventerous? Home made ginger beer and cocktails are available. The ginger beer is strong on ginger and you got to adjust it by adding the provided sugar. The lack of gas means it is a pretty flat beer.

The starters flooded the tables and here goes.

Deep Fried Mushroom; a mixed of oyster and shitake mushrooms. The batter looked like the same batter as the younger days of Chicken Maryland (the ones where we go to hawker stalls for western food). Not to say that this was bad, its fried food, crisp on the outside and still moist on the inside. Double up with a tangy version of a mushroom sauce, its a double whammy for RM10.

The Thai Prawn Salad, de-shelled prawns in a mix green salad. Beware of the tiny sliced chilli padi that they throw in for the extra oomph. A very appetising dish with the tamarind sauce and certainly almost enough for some, as a main (RM 18).

The Brushetta Platter (RM 8), the fillings were (i think), peppers, mushrooms and maybe brinjal. A good carb filler.

Their wild mushroom soup was "earthy" and not overly creamy. The addition of fresh mushrooms hits the home run again. RM10 for a bigger bowl than the above.

The seafood potpourri. Full of flavour and seafood, i am usually a fan of intense soup and this i liked, while some may complain its salty and too full bodied.

Tickled and teased by the starters, we were waiting to be blown away by the mains.

Mumtaz Grill. The history of this dish flies back to the days of the Taj Mahal and is influence comes from the borders of India and Afghanistan. Looking like a normal tandoori chicken, when sliced, it reveals minced meat. After tearing your hair, you will realise its prawns but full of chicken flavour. A genius dish, i must say when served with their home made mint and curry sauce (RM 26)

Their Pesto Pasta is RM12 but when you hear that there is almost 200gms of pasta and 150gms of chicken in there, this is a no joke. Slightly softer than i am used to, i prefer mine either al dente if not slightly harder than al dente. After the first bite, i didn't get a second, for it was polished on the other side of the table.

Grilled Salmon Cilantro (RM22) came in another respective size. The sauce fitted the fish along with the spinach. The meat itself? Again i maybe a bit of an odd ball for i prefer medium/medium rare salmon, but to the public, this would be considered well cooked.

Supreme Chicken Breast (RM18), very moist for a breast. Many places can screw up a meat that can get tough in a matter of seconds under a grill or pan. This was done well and served with nice sticky mash and mushrooms.

Using a similar sauce and sides, the Lamb Shank had a gamey taste to it. Could be much tender, but i had worse. (RM N/A)

The lamb rack, the one dish that people raved about because of the price. At a cost price (just the lamb rack, 200gms) of RM22, it sold for RM28. Common sense says make it more expensive and it is still affordable at RM32. With a tarty sweet sauce, the only improvement is to make it medium or medium rare.

Just when we announce retirement, Shiva came out with another chef special, a Pakistani version of Briyani. A whiff of it, and you will be dazed. The fresh tomatoes used gives it a red glow and the basmati rice lends extra fragance to what is already a celebrity bunch of spices. The restaurant plans to make this a weekly special, so do look out!

Finish off the meal with a very smooth Cappuccino, coffee beans from Bristot (apparently a close competitor to the more famous Illy beans). A very value coffee for RM 4.50.

Address and contact details:

64, Jalan Maarof,
Bangsar Baru, 59100, KL
Tel: 03-22842500, 012-2051400

Verdict: Given that the objective was value money food, most of the dishes were of reasonable tasting and quality (i mean don't compare to fine dining) with VERY reasonable prices, this place is worth a close 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Thanks alot Shiva for hosting the dinner. An eye opening experience to his concept and ideas.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Finale: The food of Sekeping Serendah

Living in nature; food we eat shall be in line with nature.

And i am not referring to the plastic bags, the fruits were packed in.

Nature as in everything should be care free and lead the "whatever will be, will be attitude".

With a sloth like mentality, the only food we scrapped by was provided by the caretaker of the compound.

At RM20 per pax, dinner was delivered promptly at the requested time and RM 3 per pax, breakfast was dropped off in the morning.

Well, room service if you may call it.

Of course before dinner, one should stop by on the way here, to buy jackfruit and ciku. Sweet and pungent, ohh so refreshing when you eat with greenery surrounding you.

For RM20 per pax, this is what you get. What appears to be southern indian food, cauliflower as fibre, chicken and egg as protein and rice for carbohydrates.

The food was well, ok, especially when you had just woken up from a 2hr nap, and did no more than lift enough muscles to scoop this on the plate.

Put in mind, you got no other options for food within a 3-5km radius.

I pronounce this Ok. Although for the more adventerous, the BBQ is well advised.

Early morning, a cold packet of nasi lemak appears along with a well cold piece of roti canai.

Gobble it all up and call it a day as you proceed back to City Life.

If you are like the sucker i was, to book your food in advance too, apparently they also need time to source for food.

Back to food blogging soon, i hope.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The day of being secluded from the World, literally..

From the second i drove into the compound, we were transformed into a world of its own. A world where there is only one form of communication; face-to-face conversations. No phone and internet, and so much for wide coverage claimed by the telephone operators.

Wait, maybe one of them had signal, but the consensus was why waste battery, so we switched all the hand phones off.

The Symbol that says it all, representing Sekeping Serendah.

Armed with a camera and lack of inspiration, i present the "pictures that says a thousand words", the life of one would do without technology.

Look from a distance and you may think its artistic decor; look closely and its nothing but a metal mesh over some wild grass.

How do you look at it?

The path to the unknown; i mean Glass House.

The Glass House or the "roof for the head".

Lots of windows; natural air-conditioning that breeze day and night, doesn't cost a cent.

A rich man playground? Or a poor man abode?

Is this really what we bargained for?

The porch; and the make shift bbq pit. Pity my BBQ party was 2 days later, didn't want to kill my throat and the pit remained untouched for the night.

Mosquito coils provided; definitely not what we bargained for.

What more; lighting it using the stove.

Ohh, so smelly, i mean natural.

If only i could take soap and a towel here instead, far better than the toilet above.

The steep staircase; definitely a no-no if you are intoxicated. Thank god the trip was alcohol-free.

The luxurious bedroom. Mosquito nets; something of the past or the current trend?

The water flowing down created a soothing sound that can even put the insomniacs to deep sleep..

Watch the crickets battle it out, the battle of starring at each other..

Nature vs Man made; a good combination in this case?

Staring at the greying sky, can wash all your stress and worries away..

Not to mention pictionary and a good book to burn the hours away.