Wednesday, November 12, 2008

May King @ Pudu, Jalan Yew

Is it just me or is infra-red technology something of the last century or generation?

I was looking around my phone that day, when i saw a huge archive of photos that i snap casually for food (especially when you BIG DSLR, is seating at home in the cool corner of your bedroom). So the next logical thing to do, is to get it synced to my computer.

Looking left and right, err, no phone cable.

Looking left and right at the phone, eh, no infra-red?

Thank god for bluetooth.

Am i really that outdated?


So back to something from the last generation then.

Words like old-school and nostalgia pops up infront of your face, when you step into May King for their signature Lam Mee.

I have grown with this shop, from that small little kid that will trot in walloping away at the thick starchy soup to the noodles along with all the side dishes they have to offer.

I remember the horrendous service we get, either you share tables, or you wait. If you finished your food, the counter is over there, get your arse up and leave.

You know, the typical situation where no human being can explain, why we pay to get tortured.

As the traffic got worse, we seldom visit, except for the ocassional take-away.

Coming back after a good few years, it felt different.

Gone were the crowd of the past.

Gone was the original Tau Kay who boss the counter and the queue and the 2nd wife that cooks the noodles. Last i heard, they have retired and left it to the kids to handle.

Gone was the nostalgia as you now see damn alot of new items on the menu. I remembered those days, it was just all about choosing noodles, lam mee style or dry curry only, no clear soup eventhough it was on the menu.

Then again, when i see my plate of Lam "Hor Fun" seating infront of me, it bought back memories. The flavour i suppose is still there, i mean how can you go wrong with the starchy texture?

The fried foo chook which came with some minced raddish with pork paste (seriously don't know what is in it, so oh please enlighten me). My favourite, just dip it in the starchy sauce and eat together with your noodles.

Another huge difference i noticed, the pork balls with cuttlefish has definitely shrunk in size. Maybe better suited to the smaller eaters who unfortunately don't have a mouth as big as me, but i feel it would have been awesome, if they could have maintain that gigantic size i was used to "those days".

Address and contact details:

No. 38, Jalan Yew
Tel: 03-92223740

Rating: 3 stars out of 5 stars. For old time sake, i wouldnt mind dropping by once in a while, considering that you have to face HUGE amounts of traffic when everyone is rushing in the same area to do their shopping at the market.


wmw said...

I haven't gotten round to visiting this area, so end up eating at Living Food in Damansara Utama, apparently run by May King's owner's relatives.

550ml jar of faith said...

Simpler food, simpler times... how easy it was back then to please the palate! But Lam Hor Fun is genius! It's certainly new to me!

MochaSourcream said...

TQ for reminding me of this foo chok place. I like the curry noodles... mmm...

CUMI & CIKI said...

lam hor fun! so now we know what you have been stuffing your face on.. lol.. nice shots:D oh, too bad about the size of the balls. is it that you have grown up bigger or that the balls have actually shrunk in size? lol.. kidding la :P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

c&c: yeah thats how i got so big..starch and lots of carbs haha..
maybe my balls must have grown (er i mean eye balls)

msc: u r welcome haha..friendly community service mah..

550ml: yeah those days u just open ur mouth and get fed mah..

wmw: yeah i heard abt it..but pudu is the original place where it all started..

mimid3vils said...

I never like Lam Mee or food resembling eg: Lor Mee :P

Life for Beginners said...

Unfortunately I am one of those diners with Giant Mouths... this "shrinkage" is surely bad news for me! :(

Nic (KHKL) said...

heard that olympus came up with a (more) portable dslr...hmmm, maybe it's a good alternative, hor? hehehe...

btw, mana itu jalan yew ar? near the famous siew yoke stall? :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

nic: no la..dis 1 is the pudu market.. olympus? no la..their dslr too small for the hand..some more cant put batt grip..

lob: hahah but ur body seem to take it well..unlike me, it stays..

mimi: wasted haha..

ling239 said...

the pork balls with cuttlefish is good ah!! ^_^

these photos were taken with ur SE hp ? K700?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ling239: yea my SE fone..crap la..even with plenty of light..

mh said...

eh, I'm heading to Pudu tomorrow morning...
Where is this place exactly? Can email me the map ???? (just joking la...I know how to Google for maps..)

The pork ball looks nice..yea, my mom makes bigger and nicer ones! kekeke...I'll experiment when I'm in Adelaide coz the Kitchen will be totally MINE!!!! Then will invite you to be guinea pig la..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

mh: err its right in pudu sure you can find it easily..its the so call main street of pudu..

Henry Yeo said...

time to bring you to euro deli grill and deutsche hans for comparison.

ling239 said...

i guess u are too used to high quality photos lor... :p