Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What do you do when you are all stressed out?

Back to back 8 hours classes on a dry subject like Tax = Driving someone insane and crazy to applying for a Shangri La card.

Then days later, it hit him that he just spent RM500 on a card which would lead him to becoming even poorer in the future as he plans his dietary requirements around the restaurants housed in Shangri La hotel; Zipangu, Shang Palace, Lemon Garden, The Pub and LaFite.

So what does he do?

He calls up Zipangu on Saturday and lands himself in a buffet line that only costs him RM96++ for 2 persons during lunch.


Especially after i saw how some people paid RM 150 for a few slices of fish decorated nicely, numerous plates similar to the above picture was served with no worries.

Internet down, thought i tempt you guys mean time, wait for the full blown review soon.

Monday, August 25, 2008

If there was only 1 thing i can eat, it would have to be..

A friend asked that night, if there was one thing you could eat, 3 meals a day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Health freaks would say sandwiches, salads and porridge, whilst gluttons would say bak kut teh and duck rice.

Having had a thought about it, the perfect thing would be dim sum.

In many ways, dim sum doesn't just represent a cuisine, but it represents a lifestyle. Waking up to the morning or the afternoon sun, tucking into a nice comfortable chair to sip a nice lukewarm cup of tea while waiting for your dumplings to be steamed. Is that not the perfect life?

But what if i get bored? Simple, i go to a place where they never fail to change half the dim sum menu, while retaining the favourites.

The place is well, of course non other then Lai Po Heen @ Mandarin Oriental. Yes, true food lovers will disagree that halal dim sum is a sin and to please the "not-to-be-mentioned" religion.

What is dim sum without pork, some may ask?

Then again, why has eating turned out to be such a chore? If it tastes good, does that mean it still has to have pork before it is good? So long as that dumpling tastes good on its own, with no comparison and expectation, is all i am looking for.

I mean why stress?

I have reviewed Lai Po Heen before, so some random pictures for you to drool on..

A new dim sum dish.Seriously cant remember what it is called..

What looked like beef wrapped with a filling, turned out to be eggplant! This was not only creative but delicious.

Not to be overly confused in what they want to serve, there are the old school dim sum as well.

Fried radish cake.

The Yam Puff

Glutinous rice, served without the leaf or the bowl.

Succulent prawn dumplings (Har Kau)

Some prawn cheong fun to wrap it off.

So if i asked you for 1 item (well in my case it was a series of items, but same genre), what would it be? 3 meals a day and not knowing when you can change that fact?


My shoulder is so stiff, i can't sleep properly or move properly. Any remedy to recommend?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

If you all must so insist

I have never pride myself of being what you call a main stream blogger who details out everything nicely and properly nor a flowery poet who can sing a song about their meal the day before.

If i like, i seat down and write an "article", if not, pictures with a small description or if i feel "kiasu", i attempt to write with my "powderful" english and fail miserably.

My hits aren't tremendous, not even reaching 300 visitors a day (so you all know what to do) and none of my posts have hit the newspapers.

BUT if you all must insist, consoling me that at least i have achieved, something.

8th most wanted, i must be doing something either very wrong or very right, right?

Anyways, still feeling the blues, the nice duvet, the humming aircon and a nice soft pillow. Who would want to blog or study for that matter, given such circumstances?

Ok la, i found some DSLR pictures, doing the thing with my new lens. Here you go, drool, tell you later where i ate it (if i want to).

I want sugar..

Custard buns and egg tarts, all the sugar i really need, actually.

Month is ending soon, i just realise the year is ending soon, my goodness me, i feel old.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Little Taiwan @ Avenue K

I know 9 out of 10 reviews i blog, have price tags that not everyone can afford. In fact i found a comment on my chat box that said i must be a millionaire to have eaten everything. What you need is not a million bucks but a millionaire's tummy (huge and spacious).

So, having crumble under pressure to find more should i say "affordable" but not dirt cheap food, we landed at Avenue K, the shopping complex that is almost as dead, well dead. I know, i know, it was meant to be a high class shopping complex to compliment KLCC (another rip-off but i still go there shopping mall) but you will be surprised at what you can find still.

You are almost certain that you can count the number of visitors around the place with your 2 hands, except for the lower 2 floors that houses a few restaurants/cafe, one of which is Little Taiwan.

If you happen to have a craving for braised beef and beef parts, i think they do a decent version. Generous portions of meat with hor fun noodles, and i think it also comes in a set for RM12++? If not the ala carte item is around RM10-RM12.

Another item that signals Taiwan is this Meat Balls (or Lion Head) as they call it. Similar to a hamburger patty but on the softer side, this was ok i suppose, who doesnt like minced meat patties? (unless you don't eat fast food i suppose) (RM8++)

The Wor Tip was ok, would have preferred it in soup instead. (RM5-6++?)

This item called Soup in a Box? is essentially a sandwich filled with the goodies you see. If your imagination is working overdrive and still can't figure, imagine mushroom soup with frozen vegetables and meat served inside a hollow sandwich. (RM 5++?)


Avenue K
On the same floor as Kim Gary and Shanghai 10

Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Yes, not dirt cheap, i mean how dirt cheap can you get food in a shopping mall? The food while not mind blowing but is still a meal when all you want is to dig into some noodles and keep yourself full to continue the rest of the day, slogging at work.

Monday, August 18, 2008

What a non existent weekend..

You would have thought being a food blogger; you would get 3 vastly different meals a day, variety of cuisines to savour and lots of camera action with food right?

I have left my camera in the bag for 2 weeks.

Last weekend, i had 6 meals of which 3 meals were courtesy of McDonalds breakfast and Burger King Lunch.

With no camera in hand, lets just say the other three meals weren't even worth mentioning.

My body is reeking of fast food and i feel like i am mentally stuffed after covering hundreds of tax materials and attending whole day classes.

Pray hard, that i get some half decent sleep and some half decent meals with my camera, im sure it is getting a bit lonely in the bag.

Just fast forward to my study leave soon..well maybe not because it means exams are soon!..

Ok, enough of Monday blues rambling, and get on with life.

*Mentally stuffed*

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kelantan Delights @ Sooka Sentral

I suppose one of my readers got quite close to where i had the non-thai Mieng Kam; thats right, somewhere up northern Malaysia, Kelantan Delights.

How did you guys come up with western, japanese and chinese?


Apparently with a good reputation of 10 years serving the crowd at KLCC with an upmarket version of old fashion Kelantanese food, the restaurant moved recently to Sooka Sentral for the office crowd of KL Sentral.

Spotting the usual fair of nasi dagang, nasi kerabu and the infamous ayam percik, i walked into the restaurant with saliva dripping from the corner of my mouth, starring at the creamy sauce that was drenched with the ayam percik.

Tastewise though, i must admit that this was my virgin attempt in savouring food from the North and really expected, nothing much.

The Daun Kedok

Right after having fun rolling the leaves with a variety of condiments, our mains arrived swiftly.

The sauce that was poured over the rice was addictive and delicious. Not too spicy, it got my appetite up to finish off my rice till the very last grain.

The ayam percik was nothing spectacular, with nothing to benchmark against whilst the beef pieces required abit too much chewing then i would have preferred.

I suppose the last straw is the slightly upmarket prices to accompany the ambience with a plate of the rice/meat going for RM16-18++.

Add a drink and an appetizer and the bill goes up to around RM25++ which is not exactly the budget of a normal poor and undepaid executive working around the area.

I suppose Sooka Sentral isn't exactly the cheapest of places to eat during lunch.

Address and contact details:

Kelantan Delights

1-5 Level 1
Sooka Sentral
Jalan Stesen Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2780 2045
FAX: 03-2785 1945

Verdict: 3 stars out of 5 stars. I suppose once in awhile when you don't want yourself to stink and sweat in an authentic Malay stall and want to seat in the comfort of the air-con while savouring what appears to be decently good Kelantanese food and don't mind paying, here you go.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mieng Kam, No?

The DSLR has been taking a break and hibernating in the bag, trust me to leave it in there for another while. Everything is chaotic at the moment, catching up with different friends, my last paper coming up in a month's time and the last thing to cross my mind; work.

Apparently, i do have work despite procrastinating theres a lack of work.


Something short and sweet.

Everyone knows this as Mieng Kam, No?

Thai food right?

Guess where i had it? Hint: In a non-thai restaurant.

Give it your best shot and i promise i will be back sooner then you think.

Have a good Monday!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Let me tell you all a story...Were they there or were they not?

Now this is definitely non-food related and does not have any pictures to accompany.


Thought i touch on the topic of A B C D E F Ghost since it is the Hungry Ghost Festival season, the season where some say the unforbidden and the souls roam the Earth, some say to see their family while others say to give the human beings a scare.

Now last Friday, a bunch of 5 guys including me went to karoake and proceeded to sing till the wee hours of 4am. I know it sounds sad since it was not graced by any females but it was a very fun night of yelling and singing.

On any normal weekend, what is the deal about 4am? No big deal as long you are not drunk and not sleepy, capable to drive back home to sleep right?

Well, i found out that Friday was the first day when the "other world" opened the gates.

As haunting as this may seem, i was fetching a friend back to Damansara Heights just before the turning down to the Science centre when i saw:

5 kids bearly the age of 10-12 riding bicycles at 4am on a three lane road!

Thinking i was imagining things, i asked my friend if he saw what i saw.

He saw exactly the same thing!

As i proceeded to brake and drove behind the kids, and eventually turning down the road, my friend saw one of the fellow's face.

Apparently he looked human enough and was spotting a wide smile..

Don't ask me how, but some how i drove him back and drove myself home safe and sound.

Now a whole week after telling a whole bunch people and learning how the area is not "clean", the conclusion is either:

I really saw something that i shouldn't have seen


Some naughty kids were really playing a fool by riding their bicycles out at 4am.

Either way, i am just glad nothing spooky happen like missing bicycles or extra passengers.

What do you guys and girl think?

"This is a community service message warning all of you to not drive out late at night!"

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Four Seasons @ Cap Square

Mention the words "London" and "Roast Duck" and you will get a very irritated man in front of you. Unlike the many students roaming every tight corner of London who had access to plump juicy roast ducks all year round, i was one of those unfortunate or fortunate ones that finally got to visit London only last year and had full intimate contact with the Bird.

To be introduced to roast duck, was probably a blessing or a curse, depending how you want to see it. But what so special, i first imagined when my friend got all worked up and order a whole duck per person.

Apparently one does not eat "proper" roast duck till they eat roast duck in Four Seasons @ Bayswater. Myth has it that what we are eating in Malaysia are skinny cloned ducks that are forced to do a triathlon everyday till their meat becomes lean and mean.

So when someone mentioned that Four Seasons opened in Malaysia, the vivid picture of fat pieces of smooth roast duck drenched in a sweet sauce, slowly devoured for there were nicely de-boned. I would do anything for a meal there again, seriously.

Then when i entered into the dead and almost zombie like car park of Cap Square, i regretted for a split second. With a shopping centre and cafe concept shipped directly from the west, yet hidden so well within the streets of Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Ampang, this was the last place i expected Four Seasons to open at.

Oh well, it is all about the duck, no?

For a split second, i contemplated on a whole duck, i mean after all one whole duck was cheaper then ordering two halves, isnt? (RM46 vs RM25 per half) Well logic got over gluttony and i suppose i made the wise choice of half a duck. Apparently, when i ask for the duck to be de-boned like you would in London, the captain said no, it is just chopped to pieces. I knew it, seeing that the ducks were like skeletons compared to their obese cousins in the West.

Taste wise, the lean meat was good, the skin not overly crispy but i miss the melt-in-your-mouth sensation from the duck fat. Ask for the char siew sauce and you are probably at the first flight of stairs to high blood pressure heaven.

For RM 16, i thought the kai lan was nothing but a small bunch, too expensive for a vegetable. Stir fried with alot of garlic though.

The BBQ Pork Ribs for RM 16 was also quite decent. The meat was easy to tear out from the bone and there was alot of charred pieces that reminded me that i also miss my char siew (aka BBQ pork).

With two bowls of rice and drinks, the bill came close to RM75 plus, which is not exactly cheap. THEN again, thats what? 12 quid, something so micro for those who grew up on London Four Seasons duck and hankering to get the nostalgic feeling all over again, albeit not the real deal.

Address and contact details:

Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant
Lot G16 & G17
No. 7, Persiaran Capital Square
Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: 03 - 2698 9393

Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Not the real deal but almost there. Wouldn't mind if they don't make their car park so eerie to park in and if their ducks gained a bit of weight. Did i mention there is a cinema there that almost no body goes?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Fatty Crab @ The Mines

Another assignment crossed out of my need-to-do-list, and blogging resumes finally again.

Skipped gym for two weeks because i wanted to do my assignment. Almost died from the heart overpumping after running on the cardio machine just now.

Always have the feeling that i am not getting enough sleep but find myself still needing to read materials even at 11pm (yes, i am a baby).

What else? Yeah, a good old fashioned food review, yes ladies and gentlemen, it is CRAB TIME!


In my not so many years of hunting for good crabs, there has not been 1 restaurant that is as special as Fatty Crab, which does not necessary mean it is a good catch.

Where else have you eaten crabs that is offered in 2 two styles? and i mean T W O styles.

Sweet and Sour (I mean Chilli) Crabs or Steam Crabs?

I digged my ears and asked, is that it?

"Yeah, you want which one ar?" was the simple reply.

I almost fainted.

To make things easier (because there aren't many options around) or tougher, was either the captain was just being a prick and telling me two items per protein/carbs or the chef that day was also being a prick by declaring i only know how to cook so many items.

Fish? Two choices

Carbs? Fried about noodles? Err, udon.

Chicken, squid or prawns? At this point, i just pluck the 1st item she muttered and let my misery be by gone.

If there was one thing i respected about this place, is that they really stick to what they believe is good, what my taste buds say is good though is obviously another matter. The dishes came flying out so fast as well that by the time i poured my tea, the first crab dish appeared.

When i ordered this, i was thinking of Greenview. The sweet and sour sauce laden with roe, and pieces of toast to go with it. BUT what i got was sweet and SPICY watery liquid as sauce, small crabs to boot. The amount of chillies in the sauce can make you tear immediately; thus if you want to torture yourself; try the crabs here for RM28/600gm.

If you cant take spicy, then you only got 1 other choice, the steamed crabs with abit of egg white at the bottom. The problem is this; it gets cold and then its horrible to eat. While its hot though, it burns your hands when you suck out the meat from the claw. The lack of essence from the crabs that flows to the scarce sauce was a pity assuming that the crabs were fresh, of course.

The Teo Chew steam Siakap or "Barramundi" to others; was the way it was meant to be, sour and sour, laden with pickled vegetables, tomatoes and tau foo.

The udon noodles that wanted to be like Hokkien Mee. It was decently seasoned with black pepper sauce and a mix of seafood. I suppose a good substitute for white rice.

Another item that was recommended by the captain. In fact it wasn't so much of a recommendation, more like "Do you want fried rice? *Stares at you demanding an answer*. The good thing was every grain of rice was separately tossed in some beans, eggs and prawns giving the so hyped up about "wok hei".

At this point, you wouldn't have thought that i manage to squeeze out from the kitchen another two dishes, well i did.

The stuffed tau foo with mayonnaise that looked more like yau char kuey. It was definitely stuffed with some sort of crab meat paste; the left over crabs perhaps?

A nice vegetable to end the ultra dramatic dinner.

For RM 200 plus, i think i find another place for dinner.

Address and contact details:

5, Jalan Tasik, The Mines Resort City, Seri Kembangan
43300 Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: 03-8945 6448

Verdict: 2.5 stars out of 5 stars. Yes, the view of the massive lake and the golf course is beautiful. Seating beside it as well, resulted in no sweat throughout the whole dinner, with the breeze working in full gear to ensure your dinner is not interrupted with wiping sweat of your forehead. Then again, this is the era where people demand choices and if you only serve two kinds of crabs which are rather not memorable, it is kind of crap right?

Friday, August 1, 2008

I wonder what is this for..

I wonder what this is for? Crack nuts?

Last Sunday, I had a one-of-a-kind experience with this particular restaurant. Stay tune and coming soon!