Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yogitree @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

Randoms of the week

1. What happens if you find out the lyrical queen wrote a lovely poem about a place you wanted to review, and then find out another inspiring writer waltz his away over another place i wanted to blog?

Don't care and blog what ever i have uploaded. Ha ha.

2. Rumours has it that they are selling the P Ramlee Musical OST special edition in their shows, i didnt see any, but if any kind soul sees it please contact me?

I find it funny that i am continously listening to Malay songs from the Musical, shows how liberal i am, are you? If you are, go get a copy of Atilia - Leka and Siti Nurhaliza - Mulanya Cinta

Back to Yogitree, that reminds me of Yogi bear although the food that are being served here bear no resemblance to the big fat bear dressed in green. Matter of fact, Yogitree appears at first sight, a confused concept of whether to sell yoga equipment or healthy food.

Then again, you cant imagine fit yoga instructors tucking into greasy oily meals, 3 times a day right? Thus the concept of healthy eating which is not so confusing after all.

Going through the menu, you will realise that they do not go all out to come up with a brand new menu, but relying on classic and basic western and asian dishes with a healthy twist. Organic chicken, brown rice and a little bit of healthy pointers that they take into consideration while preparing. After ordering, it gives you a feel good factor that you have taken the first step to eating healthy.

Therefore presenting to you "real food" and yoga. If this is "real food", i wonder what we have been eating all this while?

A Rose leaf infused chinese tea that didn't limit you to how many times you refill and how many people drinking it, unlike some place i had where the lady told me, this pot is for TWO only. No complaints as this pot of RM12 served four.

The mango salad came with halved prawns, nuts and a tangy spicy sauce. Cant seem to remember the price but definitely within the RM15-20 range because of the prawns. Really perked up the appetite to take in more "healthy food".

Presenting the "healthy" nasi lemak (RM19) Instead of white rice, you get brown. Instead of a thick piece of chicken skin wrapped in a protein-less drumstick, you get a piece of succulent chicken breast. Other condiments are meant to be given a healthy twist too, but sadly i didnt get a chance to try, although the curry chicken was very tasty i must admit.

When i mention the feel-good factor, i meant it. After all, ordering a steam cod fish served with brown vermicelli, healthy vegetables and soya sauce, cant be that harmful to your body right? Virtually no oil and no frying throughout the whole process, the vermicelli was soaked in the soya sauce and infused the familiar flavours of cod (RM36).

The Mee Siam was fried with alot of ingredients and swiped out immediately by the on-lookers of the table before being returned to the rightful owner of the dish. No complaints at all for RM19.

Proud of their home-made pasta, we have here a carbonara done their healthy style, bacon bits and mushrooms. Now i can't recall the menu, but the inspiring hairy writer tells me it is egg white whilst the lady at Chiaroscuro tells me it is plain egg yolks and rumours has it that Neroteca comes with cream too! Either way, it was meant to be healthy, tasted healthy too but nicely polished by the Girlfriend. (RM21)

There is a story behind this pasta of the day. Light cream, smoked salmon and scallops tossed with freshly made spaghetti (RM28). Apparently, someone was too eager before the dressing of the smoked salmon and served it to us, and quickly rectified before we reached for our forks. They couldnt answer why they had to take it back, but thankfully it wasnt too long when the finished dish came back. At least they were being honest and not cheating us out of the generous amount of salmon.

Being not-a-too-healthy freak, we had to order some desserts to balance the body, after all yin and yang; Pineapple upside down cake that was dense unlike fluffy sponge cakes. The slightly burnt caramelised bits of pineapple was enjoyable along with the scoop of ice-cream that tasted vanilla and normal. Brilliant ending to what seemed like a good healthy meal on our stomachs.

Address and contact details

Yogitree (www)
Lot F-237B,
1st Floor,
The Gardens
Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: 03- 2282 6163

Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. This is a place to go, whenever you have words like "detox", "healthy" and "am-too-fat" in your head. Although eating healthy is supposed to be a daily ritual, eating at Yogitree will burn your pockets if you visit on a daily basis. Start with small steps like taking in more vegetables, less fat and oil and good protein will do the trick along with the caveat; EXERCISE! If not, Yogitree will do your conscience some good once in a blue moon; for a price of course.


Henry Yeo said...

Sorry, I want unhealthy stuff on my plate. btw, that Thai mango salad looks funky.

CUMI & CIKI said...

wow! I just read some other reviews about this place.. yogi tree must be calling my name.. LOL. Nice shots

Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

This is a place to go, whenever you have words like "detox", "healthy" and "am-too-fat" in your head.

I thought the place to go when I had such thoughts in my head would be the shrink cos I must be mad! Lol. Cheers to oily-moily cholesterol-laden food! :P

Precious Pea said...

Reading nic's and your review on yogitree back to back. So healthy! Hmm..don't mind going there for a change.

Bernsy said...

bro... if u feel fat , go work out with FBB la..... wakakaka...

Im feeling fat too, need to start workout regime soon...

ling239 said...

smoked salmon and scallops....
the scallops must be very shy ~ :p

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ling239: there were 2 scallops, hidden..the b4 picture would hav shown u..mayb i post later la..

bernsy: working out already..but not hardcore enough..always feeling like shit after work..

pp: dilemma lor..i saw nic review on friday also!

kennymah: that is for sticks like u..not me..haha

c&c: well after a dose of CKT, why not?

henry: well sometimes cant help it when ur body screams i need a break!

Nic (KHKL) said...

hehehe...ya lor, like you, i also chose to just post whatever's been uploaded...if i recall correctly, the egg description is in their menu as well. let me check again tonight.... ;)

leo said...

carbonara egg yolks + parmesan..

think of it as a parmesan omelette with pasta hehe

food looks quite good, will i attain enlightenment after eating?

greetings from kota kinabalu airport

mimid3vils said...

Nic reviewed abt this restaurant too, both of u went together?

Jun said...

"yogitree" sounds synonymous with "health food", but looking at the carbonara, i think i mite have formed a preconceived misperception :p

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

jun: hahah well theres always a healthy version of everything i suppose..haha

mimi: nic was meant to be who i perceived to be the inspiring writer that blogged abt the same thing that i wanted to..

leo: enlightened? nah, if you have wine, maybe haha

nic: confused, let me know..

sc said...

looks too healthy for me. i'd rather exercise :p

wmw said...

Ok, with us having to change our lifestyles, won't pay to eat healthy food! hahaha...I want something sinfully delicious to make it worth my while :p

♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥ said...

Smoked salmon and scallops spaghetti looks delicious and creamy~

after reading Nic's post and your post, it really make me feel to try it out! :D Somemore the picture also looks attractive

daphne said...

oh boy. healthy can be delicious too!

team bsg said...

Just by your pixs alone, they look typically cafe like tho may be more generous with the "real" ingredients to match the price. Probably slotted in between a normal cafe and a 4 star fine dining place ?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

team bsg: very well could be..very well could be..stuck in the middle..

daphne: well it can be "delicious" indeed..

alvin: thanks for the try n let us knw

wmw: fair enuf..had it b4 the "petrol craze"

sc: haha fair enuf option

New Kid on the Blog said...

wrong timing to visit this blog.... am starving now!!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

new kid: thank god its lunch time back then mah..feeling better?

ai wei said...

this place gives me a very 'organic-feel'.

how much is that dessert?! looks interesting n this is the 1st time i saw pineapple cake.

Nic (KHKL) said...

joe, confirm with the menu d. what i had was egg and not just egg white. looks like i gotta amend my post d...oopppsss....

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ai wei: yes very organic..err i think the cake is around 9-11rm? can check their website..

nic: haha actually checked the website after u told me..but forgot to tell u earlier worries

Clark Smith said...

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