Thursday, June 12, 2008

P Ramlee The Musical Special Edition CD-DVD, All mine!

Sometimes it doesn't take a miracle to happen before you tell yourself that you have found your lucky star.

It can be anything from finding the "one" to become the Girlfriend, asking if i want a curry puff from the uncle downstairs to wishing me good morning with a nice warm smile, with a plastic bag behind you.

Not any normal plastic bag but one that contains this.

A true friend who answered my online prayer and got more then what i bargained for.

For RM20, i got my CD-DVD that i wanted and something priceless.

Signatures from the main cast of P Ramlee the Musical, P Ramlee (Musly Ramlee), his first love Azizah (Emelda Rosmila) and the three wives; Junaidah (Atilia), Norizan (Melissa Saila) and Saloma (Liza Hanim).

From the left: (on CD); Muzly (left) and Emelda (right)

From the right (on cover); Atilia (top) and Melissa (bottom)

On CD; Liza.

My first "collectible" merchandise with signatures from stars that showed us how shiny Malaysians can be when it comes to the big grand musicals. Step aside Broadway and West End, Malaysia can do as a good as a job as you guys despite the petrol and political crisis and so forth.

Thank you my anonymous friend (well not anonymous to me, but i am not sure if she wants it to be known, and she knows who she is anyways).

I am totally in the world of the 1950s and so absorbed in the few songs, it is not funny any more. The last time i had that feeling was after i watched a Broadway musical and made me feel like a knight in shiny armour.

To know how good the Musical was? The Agong and the Prime Minister attended the musical yesterday night, no kidding.

Until this Saturday, 14 June.

*Skipping off to watch the making of P Ramlee the Musical*


backstreetgluttons said...

you could be the rare gem who wishes to become an old diamond, But
thats pretty fine

Precious Pea said...

Why all your frens so nice flickr and now free CD. Where to find???

Nic (KHKL) said...

wah, you really dig this musical eh? must be really, really good...did the images from the show intercept your goal moments of euro 2008? hehehehe....

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

bsg: haha no diamond for me la..not shiny enuf..

pp: actually not free CD..i paid her for it..but the signatures were priceless!

nic: yes i dunno into it haha..surprisingly i havent found myself glued to the telly for Euro 2008..shud start from Friday..

Bernsy said...

when england don't qualify, sure a lot of ppl also wont stay glued to the TV. But tonite Holland Playing.. sure ON !!

SuLee said...

hi joe! is beeen a while since i dropped by here, just wanna say hi and see how u been!

Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

Man, I now pronounce you the NUMBER ONE FAN of P.Ramlee the Musical!

You so deserve this, dude. :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

bernsy: dont say d..i MISSED THE MATCH..dozed off minutes before the kick off..

sulee: Hey! im good thanks!

kenny: coffeebook for sale too..any sponsors?

HafidzMD said...


do you know if the DVD (for the whole play) is available?

It would be priceless, to me at least.