Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Oh No, it is true, petrol prices are going only way, and it aint down

I think my perfect chance to get some hits; read from the New Straits Times


Exactly well almost exactly 7 hours and 27 minutes left to pump all the petrol you want, anyone want to go for a joy ride, drag race, vroom your engine or enjoy the luxury of cheap petrol, DO IT NOW!!

Beware of food prices this weekend, eat all you want as well!!

Enjoy and adios!

EDITED: To all those that rushed to pump petrol, thank you for causing a massive jam on the streets and wasting my bloody petrol getting me home! It is already almost 11pm and there is still a bloody long queue to pump petrol! Did you not know if you leave your engine idle with your air-con on, it will burn petrol! ARGH!!


I think it is only in the next few days can people finally seat down and let the fact that we are no longer pampered with cheap petrol sink in. For me, i was shocked at the suddenly price increase because i wasnt KIASU enough to queue and pump petrol. The mere fact that if you have to wait half an hour in the jam, i can't bear the fact that i am wasting petrol to pump petrol; get it?

Just some facts and figures, as well as what prices of other things are going to be like:

If i was a normal citizen in Malaysia that stays in PJ or right outskirt where price of houses are decent, i am bound to at least a 20km-25km ride to work. So lets take 25km x 2, on the way to work and back from work.

50km x 7 days (instead of work, you go shopping.) = 350km

For fuel efficient cars, 12km per litre sounds reasonably decent which would work out to: 350/12 = 29 litres a week.

The difference of 78 cents x 29 litres a week = RM22.62 a week which works out to RM1176.24 a year.

With the cash refund of RM625 (if you are driving a car like me), the amount we potentially have to bear is RM 551.24 a year.

Now that is direct.

What about indirect costs? I remember the days when petrol prices went up by 30 cents, roti canais and nasi lemak were going up by 10 cents. With a simple and slightly inaccurate calculation bearing in mind of the subsidy we get, this time around we are paying an extra 36 cents a litre (using my consumption of petrol), does this mean another 10 cents hike for staple mamak food? 50 cents for a bowl of noodles? Sneak in a dollar here and there?

With no service tax for restaurants with a turnover of less then RM3 million, there shall be no more service tax of 5%. This would mean a meal of what would cost RM200 (RM175 x 10% service charge x 5% service tax) would now be cheaper by RM 7.50 but with a price increase of lets say 10% due to more expensive fuel, we would be worse of by RM3.50 compared to the days with service tax. Is this called reducing the burden?

I think end of the day, we have to bear the extra costs, the country is realising that we can no longer pampered and is passing the costs to the people of Malaysia. The issue is this, will the money saved (RM13.7 billion) be passed on indirectly back to the people to bring up the salaries and development of the country? Or will it end up in "some pockets".

For those who havent got their salary increment, i think its time to voice your concern.

Remember your milage claims too!


Argus Lou said...

It might comfort you a little to know that it costs about RM7 a litre of petrol in Switzerland.

leo said...

heheh quick bring your aunty, uncle, father, mother, sister, brother's cars too!! and don't forget the buckets, plastic tanks, cocacola bottles and anything you can get your hands on!

ling239 said...

plus the thunderstorm earlier... it causes traffic jam all over the places !!
by rushing to pump full tank of petrol does it help ? wont the jam and long queue causes more stress ? >.<"

zewt said...

my friend said... even the motorcyclists were pumping... WTF!

CuteJoey said...

not all the ppl are as rich as u all.. able to save about rm10 considered not bad already if to think positively

Henry Yeo said...

It actually makes no sense to rush for it. rich or poor. The only effective way is to carpool or take an efficient public transport. Sadly, neither are available to me here in Selayang, yet.

Nic (KHKL) said...

this morning, some singapore radio djs joked that even the usually jammed custom checkpoints at jb are empty today...

aiyah, there goes another plate of miso black cod per day...sigh...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

nic: hahah i would joke abt it too!

henry: i find it true very true..i agree with the "neither" are available..sad to say isnt?

cutejoey: as much as i would like to think positively and logically, jamming up the roads for the inconvenience of others as well as indirectly burning more petrol then you are for RM10 isnt exactly a good thing as a whole..but fair point made..RM10 to some is a lot.

zewt: i heard cars were being shaked just to fit in abit more petrol!

ling239: damn stress

leo: sigh, my car also cannot pump..dont talk abt others..

argus: well swiss dont earn what we earn; peanuts!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Didn't you feel a sense of camaraderie joining the rest of the people on the roads, like Indiana Jones and the Search for the Emptiest Petrol Station? Adrenaline pumping....almost like the recent elections? Malaysia unite. :-P

tigerfish said...

The worldwide phenomenon is true. Everything goes up except our hoo hoo...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ll: sigh i just gave up, sat down and enjoy the movie, just like i did in indiana jones..

tigerfish: yeah..definitely not in tandem..

UnkaLeong said...

Good time to learn cycling, no?

Precious Pea said...

How much money can you save actually from pumping petrol for the very last time at RM1.92 per liter? The jam, the time wasted....very obvious i was happily watching TV at home with a care of the massive jam outside. WUAHAHA!

I will certainly raise about mileage claim in my next management meeting!!!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

pp: of course!! i dunno la..i knw i would have saved around 20plus RM la..can go makan BKT d lor..

unkaleong: i dunno..maybe hor..10km to bike to work..isnt that bad..just the fumes that i breathe in, i may want to consider..

- m i c h e l l e - said...

My friends were telling me they went to queue to pump petrol too. And i was like, "So stupid one you. Although the price will increase, but you queue so freaking long jz to pump petrol, u eventually waste more."

But then their reply to me was still: "But tomorrow increase by 40% already lah!" Typical Malaysians are like that one i guess. Each time there are rumours that the petrol price is going to rise, sure massive jam one. (-__-)"

lili@edlin@ said...

sHeeSh didn't know about the hype until about 7pm when i was still at work. thought the massive traffic i looked from the window was because of the heavy rain. dang.

anyway, my car was running out of petrol (close to E already) so had no choice but to join the rest of the KL-ians queuing at the petrol pump....only to 'waste' it going to client's place in Shah Alam first thing in the morning today!! huuu~~~

Seaqueen said...

No service tax?? Has that been enforced?? When?? Or am I reading it wrongly??

amei79 said...

this issue is hot...hotter than the rice hike...u all din eat rice, as no complain at all....:p

CuteJoey said...

well, for some ppl they night think that at least can save for this time, 20 plus plus.. technically it wont burn up rm10++ of fuel while queuing up.

of cuz car pool works but then how many of the ppl willing to do that? will u sacrifice ur 5mins or 10mins of sleep just to get out early to wait for ur frens or colleagues to pick u up OR are u willing to turn here turn there to send ur frens back? not many of us can do it. Here comes the conclusion, public transport in malaysia is sucks

Henry Yeo said...

UKL: Cycling would be an option if my workplace is out here near Kepong (or maybe even Rawang :P). But going into the city, I really need efficient public transport and they have none here in Selayang.
(then again, I do know of a Kiwi Expat who cycles to work in PJ from KL Sentral every day)

Joe: As for your calculation, here's mine goes something like this. I always drive car until empty (which gives me about 550-600km) so i top up about 3 times a month (10 days interval).

Each time I will fill up to roughly 35 litres each. So the difference I pay is RM27.30 (every 10 days).
Annually, the increase will probably cost me RM 996.45 per year (and counting, even increasing because older cars become less fuel efficient over time).

Welcome to the world of market forces (where the govt subsidy walls have been breached)

Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

I completely missed the jam. I was back home early anyway, and when I received the millions SMSes alerting me to the price hike, I just went "Bleh" and popped in a couple of DVDs instead.

And this morning I learn of the jams and folks who wasted the last bit of their petrol waiting in line to get their last bit of "cheap" petrol. Eh, too kiasu lah these people...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

kennymah: heavy rain and still got back home early? wat luck!

henry: yeah that sounds abt right too..using a week for me was easier to do some calculations thats all..

cutejoey: carpool only works if ur frens are around the neighbourhood..not any further haha..

lilia: OUCH!

michelle: sien rite, imagine a monthly ritual..
amei79: to tell u the truth..i dun eat rice at home..and u can ask my mom to testify..i try not to eat rice during dinners esp i only eat the dishes if im eating at home..

seaqueen: effective 1 july, for restaurants outside hotels with annual turnover of 3 million

team bsg said...

If you think long and deep, its another knee-jerk attempt ( or a devious conspiracy if you like )to hoodwink a majority of Naive Malaysians into thinking that the Gomen is doing its best to protect the country as a whole. And OMG the ridiculous cash payment to certain motorists as a rebate which is more stupid than stupid ! (Think of it as an accountant and the staggering wasteful admin work )The truth of the matter is more accurately reflected in Anwar Ibrahim and Mukriz Mahathir's counter arguments which I subscribe to. We have been conned ! We are paying for corruption and wastages of the hihest order of the phoenix , for many years !

Seaqueen said...

Oh if that's the case, will there be a possibility that they'll under declare their profits and still charge service tax?

I didn't remember seeing this in the papers. Where did you get the info from?? Do share. ;)

Paprika said...

Pester the boss for a raise. Meanwhile, cut down on your Coffee Bean intake - RM11 once a week. RM44 a month. RM528 a year saved. Some more you have to drive to get the coffee righttttt

I am so glad my car is only 1.3L.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

paprika: 1.3l? haha time to dwngrade also la..well coffee bean ar..sommore got parking fee of RM3 too!

seaqueen: replied on ur blog

teambsg: true true