Sunday, June 15, 2008

Degrees @ Pan Pacific KLIA

In one of my first attempts to write a "proper" food review similar to what you see on boring articles, courtesy of Foodstreet , i was invited to Restaurant Degrees at Pan Pacific KLIA.

I must say it has been eye opening since all the while, well majority of the times my reviews are done incognito. This time around, i met the manager, the chefs and learnt alot more about this quiet and serene corner of the hotel.

I finally realise that all this while my reviews are more like diary entries where i just jog my memory in what i eat and taste whilst writing a proper review is like writing an assignment.

Nevertheless, enjoy my "serious" version of what i would deem as a serious food review.


PS: Learnt some eating habits of some F1 drivers, apparently one of them eats 3 pieces of roti canai with dhal and curry every day when hes down for the annual Sepang race. Roti Canai rocks!


Find yourself once too often succumbing to expensive yet not exactly the best of food while waiting to board a flight in KLIA? Or not looking forward to the meals provided on flight?

Look no further than a 7 minute walk from the Airport to Pan Pacific KLIA, where a range of goodies awaits at Degrees.

Like Lemon Garden is to Shangri La and Melting Pot to Concorde, Degrees is the 24 hour “coffee house” that offers a buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner along with a variety of ala-carte items that covers local and international flavours to suit taste buds from all over the world and at any time of the day.

As far as quality control is concerned, Head Chef Alias can be seen walking around with his sous chefs ensuring that everything is in order. We also had the opportunity to shake hands with Executive Chef Rene from Switzerland and got a few tips from Ismail (or Mac as he prefers) the Service Manager on what are the highlights of their daily dinner buffet.

Despite the daily rotating menu, the highlights are the “live” stations where food is cooked on the spot and upon request. Pasta, with three different kinds of pasta and sauces, a variety of ingredients from salmon pieces, mushrooms, coloured peppers, and julienned vegetables is prepared in accordance to your liking and preference.

Freshly deep fried cucur bawang or udang depending on availability is adored by even the Chairman of Malaysian Airlines Berhad and the Royal family. Crispy on the outside with a smooth and soft inside dumpling, it is brilliant with a dip of chilli sauce.

In terms of international flavours, we were greeted by a selection of Japanese sushi rolls with a variety of tuna, prawns and salmon. Freshly made and bite sized, this may not be as good as specialised Japanese restaurants but definitely enough to satisfy the sushi cravings.

Other highlights that we discovered that night include:

Find your children restless while waiting for you to finish up the food? They supply crayons and they can draw on the paper that doubles up as a table cloth.

Freshly tossed Caesar salad DIY style, just add the leaves, bacon, croutons, parmesan cheese and sauce or get the staff do the work.

Fresh oysters and poached prawns, eat as much as you desire

The roast salmon with lemon and caper sauce, request for the belly piece which has a higher fat content and would melt in your mouth.

Going vegetarian? A variety of Northern Indian curries and briyani rice will take care of that.

Local Malaysian flavours that feature your usual fare of rendang and curries.

- The chocolate fondue with marshmallow and grapes.

At the current moment, their hot item on the Ala Carte menu is their cod fish aglio-olio, with chilli padi and fried garlic pieces. Localised for our Malaysian palates, the garlic pieces gives it a kick and the chilli gives a bit of heat. The cod fish is fresh and accompanies the pasta nicely.


Overall, if you find yourself stranded in the airport because of a delayed flight or having to eat your meal in the airport, consider Degrees. The premium you pay is compensated by quality food. The buffet spread offers a bit of everything for everyone to enjoy themselves, to the children right up to the elders. If you find yourself short for time to eat, flying Malaysia airlines and don’t have luggage, you can choose to check-in your flight at the hotel too!

Prices are as follows:

Buffet Breakfast – RM55++

Buffet Lunch – RM75++

Buffet Dinner – RM75++

Family Fun Sunday Brunch – RM55 nett and RM35 nett (children aged 6-12 years)

Ala carte – ranges from anywhere between RM 25 – RM120


leo said...

hehe yeah that's my usual makan place before i fly... food in the airport (lounges included) are generally crap..

ling239 said...

no strawberries at the chocolate fondue ? :P

Seaqueen said... as much as you can and fly with a bloated stomach. Hahhaha!! But the food looks really tempting. Even after my hearty breakfast. Shows what a glutton I am.

backstreetgluttons said...

While you tenuously aim for your serious food review degree ( as any bona fide food reviewer should ), we still much prefer and like your natural "incognito" style with great pixs vis a vis this official std ( version ( something like it came off an inflight errrrrr as you wouldn't want us to say , "boring' magazine). Like a certain gush of stiff upper lip kinda of thing you know, with your tutor staring down your back, as you struggle to put words to screen... But the food range is colorful amazing, just like a 5 star hotel !

Nic (KHKL) said...

i thought it was a rather good attempt for a proper review. ;) wah, you not bad also ar. first review already got such a fantabulous subject.

nice collages as well!

Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

Oh the collages are magnificent, Joe! I feel like I'm sitting at a table with the stream of dishes passing me by... Brilliant colours.

As for food reviewing, I'm not one myself but I reckon you pick it up as you go along, no? One fine day I will be having this conversation with a pal:

Pal: You mean you know Joe? Joe Lotsofcravings? Joe the Man himself???
Kenny: Yup.
Pal: *girly fanboy screams*

Celebrityhood awaits you.

P.S. What's all these eatin' gonna do to your gym routine though? :P

Shell (貝殼) said...

wuwu~~usual makan place b4 my fly..........Mc Donald only

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

shell: is mcdonalds more expensive in the airport?? i usually have to take my meals at the weirdest of times if i have to fly

kennymah: what great words of encouragement haha..lets hope when the day comes, i dun go out wearing size 40 pants again..

nic: rather good ar?..shall improve given the next chance ok? haha

team bsg: shall go back to my incognito reviews soon..very soon..

seaqueen: the collages does look tempting to me even!

ling239: yeah lor..only freshly cut strawberries..

leo: yeap..might as well fork extra to eat here..

Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

Yeah, I've had those size 40 days too. Now trying to turn my size 32 into a size 30... :P

mimid3vils said...

pls buy me an ENO, I had hard time digest ALL those foods !!!!

Seaqueen said...

Hahhaha!!! Tempting right. Taking the photos while salivating away.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

kennymah: sing about at 36..cant go dwn..

mimi: haha no problem..!

seaqueen: its the processing that is the hardest bit..

YilingL said...

wow food looks good... and getting recognized is definitely a good thing- more food reviews!

daphne said...

if only i know of this place when I was in KL...but there is always a next time.

Henry Yeo said...

okay, that was fast. i haven't even open my google doc yet.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

henry: err yeah haha..thought i get it done and over with..

daphne: pity isnt? if not a good meal b4 u fly..

yiling: i think u will find plenty in the archives..but dun worry..plenty of fresh n hot off the ovens coming soon!

CUMI & CIKI said...

wow! maybe the head chef and the sous chefs were walking around so impressively because they knew you were around writing a review?! haha.. they were lucky!
I perfer your own writing style too... ! COME BACK! :)
Having said that... great review.. can consider giving up your day job .. *grin*

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

c&c: hahah own writing style coming back soon! sooner then u think..

if i get paid, i wouldnt mind giving up my day job..more time for gym too!

Sugar Bean said...

Never thought of visiting this hotel every time when I'm in KLIA, usually would go for McDonald's or some sandwiches. Can't eat too full before my flight! Haha!

Tummythoz said...

So serious with no rating. Think I miss the personal touch.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

sugar bean: well think abt it nxt time!

tummythoz: serious hor? ok la..personal touch coming soon..ok?

New Kid on the Blog said...

This is even cheaper than Westin Langkawi, and more variety too.

jason said...

Nice collages! You must have took a hell lot of photos there.

More to come ya? ;)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

new kid: serious ar? then langkawi is where tourist splurge on food..cant blame them for serving expensive food eh?

jason: errr 70++?? hahah collages are nice to hide the "actual" quality of the camera mah..keke