Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ah Yat Abalone Forum (Dim Sum) @ Avenue K

It is almost turning out like a routine Sunday, an early dinner, a nice shower and seating in front of the laptop.

It is too early to sleep but too late to read my new course notes and i have just done my rounds of blog hopping after the weekend; the conclusion: log in to blog spot and create a new entry.

So what am i going to blog about today? Lets have a look at my Flickr compilation. Flipping through the pages of pictures to sniff out some sort of inspiration and desire to ramble about a meal i just had.

Lets see, should i just blog about updates of my life? The promotion and the "Pass" that i got for my professional paper? 60% completed, i can almost smell victory.

How about the good old Dim Sum? or the option of uploading pictures on a very slow internet night?



Ah Yat Abalone Forum.

Familiar enough to warrant a bigger eye, images of the disturbingly huge abalone being conjured up in your mind as you finish reading the 4 words?

Fortunately, the other option instead of sacrificing a monthly income to eat here, is their decently affordable morning dim sum that does not warrant leaving the restaurant without a leg and an arm. Just a signature or an I O U would suffice, kidding.

Choosing to let customers order while they bite on what seems to be a vegetarian dish, before the petite dim sum is thrown into the huge steamer, the list boasts the usual Hong Kong delights and some interesting side dishes like the Salt and Pepper squid (common in Australia and Hong Kong, but harder to spot it here).

Tick what you want and what you get is a decently efficient service which serves your pipping hot dim sum in the common bamboo basket.

Alternatively warm your tummy with a nice bowl of well boiled porridge with fish flakes that remain to be seen, even after a week of digestion.

Blame the impatient "me" or the wait while the dim sum is served or maybe it is the fact that a bowl of noodles will fill up better then 4 pieces of prawn dumplings? After all, everyone is trying to maximise the ringgit as far as it goes without resorting to photostating, so a nice bowl of beef tendon wanton noodles appears to be the solution. Not as hearty and flavorful as some that i had, nevertheless well braised as the meat requires no effort, while the noodles was al dente.

As i unconsciously look into my pictures, i realise a pattern of carbohydrates laden dishes.

Let me continue with the "cheong fun".

Would you like it pan fried with some dried shrimps and chilli?

Or the usual steam with prawns? Obviously both unique in their ways and deliciously filling.

If i may continue, the fried raddish cakes boosted with some waxed sausages and meat floss was also delicious although i prefer mine with some prawns. After all, what is dim sum without prawns?

After more then half the stomach filled with carbs, time to enjoy the bite size pieces of what appears to be a pork and shrimp mixture with some roe on top and completed with a yellow skin wrapping.

Or have the pure prawn dumpling, undisturbed and just the prawns encapsulated in a thin casing of flour.

Another of the dumplings, this one was either scallop or chive, seriously one of the "other" dumplings.

Sometimes, you just got to inject some luxury to life, just like someone should inject some life into Avenue K. The Shark Fin Dumpling soup is the "king" of all dim sums, this one is affordable at RM12++.

The family tradition of having dim sum is the steam shall come before the fried whilst the rest may come at their own leisure and pace. Thus the only fried we ordered, must be the devil sleeping at home today.

The Mango and Prawn Roll. Sweet and savoury, a brilliant wake up call.

Finishing up with Salt and Pepper squid. The familiar simple flavors are some of the stupidest of reasons why i want to go back to study in university. The long breaks in between the lectures so that we can go and have dim sum.


Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant
M6-8 Mezzanine Floor
Avenue K, No.156, Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Verdict: 3 stars out of 5 stars. If one thing, all this costs us RM90 ++, which is decently cheap compared to my younger days when i will tell the waiter, those that i ticked ARE THE ONE I DO NOT WANT! These days, my stomach and the digestion system often needs to rest and a simple chinese tea with petite dim sum does the trick of settling it down on a Sunday Brunch.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Beauty and the Beast Musical @ KL Convention Centre

Yesterday i was bought away from my familiar surroundings and transported to a fairytale land.

One very important lesson i learnt from Beauty and the Beast was that you need some sort of item, in which case Belle loved her books as there take her away from the real world and transform her ordinary lifestyle to one that is full of knights in shining armour and romance.

To me, musicals do the same.

Barely a month ago, i was transformed to the 50s of Penang and Singapore during the era of P Ramlee. Yesterday night, i was thrown back to the cartoon that i last watched in Primary 2. The familiar characters of the candlestick Lumiere and the arrogant Gaston bought back an air of familiarity, back to the days when we would rewind the tape over and over again.

Although seating abit far back, despite paying RM175 a ticket, it was a worthwhile experience for i could switch off and hum to the Disney tunes.


SPOILER: The Beast isn't exactly very scary and in fact his character jumps right at the end of the plot when "it" is more humane and remains that way right to the end. The transition was not apparent at all, i am afraid. I suppose it is very hard to just roar his way throughout half the musical but the small attempts in becoming more friendly turned out a bit lame and as soon would say "gay". Other then that, the complaints:

I must say when everyone complains about food and petrol prices going up, the crowd that night definitely didn't show. Bringing children barely able to seat still and know what is Beauty and the Beast isn't exactly the brightest things to do. I admit, we should start young but not THAT young. I suppose the Disney side of the musical attracted the young children as they came in masses. Having small kids moving up and down, asking this and that wasn't what i expected in a musical.

After paying RM15 for the P Ramlee programme booklet, i was shocked that the Beauty and the Beast was selling theirs for RM30! T shirts (the same quality when our Young Enterprise sold in our school drama "Grease" which costs us RM12) was sold for RM70! The CD was RM80! Unbelievable.

CAMERAS! Istana Budaya is known for being very strict with cameras and that should be something that KLCC should learn. Camera flashes from every corner throughout the whole musical was atrociously disturbing, people are here to enjoy a piece of art, not being value for money by taking a picture of every damn scene.

The Centre console being infront of me with various monitors was also very disturbing with the lights glaring over. Clearly the place is more comfortable but if you ever watch a musical in KLCC, get seats INFRONT of the console.

The audience doesn't seem to be as warm as the people in Istana Budaya. Despite the bigger crowd, the clapping was mediocre, this actors and actresses strive on the applause, give them what they deserve for entertaining you.

Other then that, i urge those who have not watched musicals to go, to give it a try. Unless you resort to other things to bring you to fantasy.


On the same note of Beauty and the Beast, the Mille Crepe from Food Foundry is a perfect example, well to me.

The first time i had it, it tasted well, bad. Like the Beast i suppose. After all the hype, i found it sweet and it tasted like it was in the fridge for way too long.

So like a bad nightmare, i avoided it at all costs until i felt like having desserts after my RM14 nasi lemak meal. I was proven wrong by being presented the two beauties.

The Chocolate Mille Crepe suited well with a Cafe Latte (although RM9, a slice). I could taste the layers of Crepe without the cream overshadowing the unique texture.

The Strawberry Crepe on the other hand like much lighter and didn't feel at all sinful to indulge. Definitely a Beauty.

Available at Food Foundry @ SS 17 Happy Mansion

Rating: 4 stars out of 5 stars

Monday, June 23, 2008

6-10 Grill and Nasi Lemak @ SS 17

Promising a review yesterday when the pictures are not even uploaded isn't exactly the smartest thing to do. Then again fret not, as i did not have search high and low too long for some food pictures to let you feast on.

Back to the issue of eating "expensive" cheap food, 6-10 Grill appeared to be another typical example of this theory where people are more then willing to pay more then they should on a dish that is worth far less then the norm.

Attempting to deconstruct fusion food by having two stalls that serve western food on one side and nasi lemak on the other, what you get is typical western grill and non-halal nasi lemak.

At the grilling station, your usual western fare of chicken chops and pork chops are served in a hearty portion but do look out for their expensive items like their chilled NZ steaks that can cost a whopping RM40 a plate. Wait a minute, isn't this suppose to be a neighborhood coffee shop with no air-con?

But aren't the prices equivalent to some steakhouses? Luckily the comparatively affordable pork chop that came with pineapple sauce was available for RM14.50, a steal i must say.

The pineapple sauce seemed abit out of place, especially as it tasted like the usual brown sauce with abit of sugar from canned pineapples. Other then that the nicely grilled juicy pork chop was a delight to devour with the fatty layers melting in your mouth. If there was something positive, this is one the rarer ones that do pork chops.

Now i suppose the irony of "expensive" cheap but promising food doesn't stop there.

Their famous Nasi Lemak is also available from RM8 and goes all the way to 14! Choices of either 1,2 or 3 side dishes with the usual range of beef rendang, curry chicken, sambal sotong and the most unusual minced pork sambal!

The last time i checked, we could still get packed nasi lemak with sotong and a fried egg for RM3 back in my old office. So was the nasi lemak worth RM14?

The cunning thing about this nasi lemak is that the rice isn't exactly the size of a rice bowl, probably two thirds, so don't be surprised if you order extra rice, with all the goodies surrounding it. The usual condiments were served; peanuts and ikan bilis, hard boiled egg and a sweet sambal.

Then the scrutiny of the 3 dishes that it came along with:

The curry chicken with A pieces of potato was scrumptious and not overpowering spicy, just enough for a good kick when you mix it to the santan rice.

The beef rendang falls apart easily when you nudge it with your spoon and fork. Needless to say, really good without being too filling.

The minced pork with a bit of lime, which somehow reminded me of spicy bolognaise was an eye opener because in my 22 odd years of life, i haven't eaten minced pork sambal with nasi lemak. It was definitely match made in heaven with the rice and kind of reminded me of how the Taiwanese like to eat their rice with minced meat.

Still at RM 14, i am inclined to say it is worth it, but having seen how the auntie carefully calculated how many pieces of beef to give you and how big the scoop of curry you get, you somehow feel that you are being shortchanged especially if you think how much can an extra potato or a piece of beef cost?. Well, i suppose basic economics dictate the whole food industry, as long as there is demand, there is supply.

So as long as you guys out there are still willing to fork out more then RM 10 for nasi lemak, the auntie will happily dish it out for her specialty for you.

Wash it all down with a huge tall glass of barley that cost RM3.50, with plentiful of sugar.

I suppose this was a satisfying meal, nevertheless.

This month seems so long, how come it takes forever to reach the 28th this time around.

Address and contact details:

BG-1, Block B,
Happy Mansion
Jalan 17/13,
46400 Petaling Jaya
Section 17 Low Cost Flats. Close to the SRK Sri Damai.

Tel: 03 7955 4993, 012 601 9976 (Erik)

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays (that is one lesson i learnt, know when the restaurant opens and closes! originally meant to eat Thai food, only to realise they don't open for lunch on Saturdays)

Verdict: If I never gave a toss at the prices i am paying, the nasi lemak definitely deserves 4 stars out of 5 stars but reality does hurt and somehow at RM14 for a nasi lemak, i am not sure how many people can stomach it well. Definitely a return for the minced pork sambal after the 28th.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Monday Blues Part 9

Monday is the start of another week and the first day of the week.

For me, i suppose it is slightly more to that.

After waiting for 2 years and 4 months, i finally got myself on the promotion list. Rounds of haggling with the managers and the partner, it almost seemed like i was bargaining for vegetables and meat in the market when i had to fight for my promotion. Sickening yet fulfilling i suppose.


Its been a while since the 3 monkeys appeared on this weekly segment that was thrown aside after they happily settled down in Jakarta.

Like a blink of the eye, the 3 monkeys are now back with my uncle finishing his stint and settling back down in KL.

My my, they have grown so fast! It only felt like last year that Ellen was just a little baby and now shes turning 3 next week. Natalie has grown to be a little princess with Scott going into Primary 2 as we speak.

If it is one thing that Scott learnt from eating with our family, it is the development of a good palate for food. This monster here adores sushi and i was told that he goes around the sushi train waiting for salmon roe (ikura), "the round round ones, the one that pops in your mouth!".

How may primary 2 kids knows how to eat sushi?

I know this is not the most flattering picture but this is as far as i got with natural photography. These creatures (aka baby girls) spot the camera real quickly and turn into angels with a smile wide enough to show you every teeth they got.

The baby of the three, about to turn 3! Highlight of the dinner was Ellen trying to pronounce Bak Kut Teh but with her non-chinese accent, she did with BAK CUTE TEH! Definitely got the crowd laughing.

Pictures taken at Oriental Spoon, dinner review about to come out soon!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Food Republic @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

I find it ironic when a part of the country declares "war" over the ridiculous prices of petrol, marching down the streets to show that they mean serious business whilst the remainder (i suppose) loiter around one of the brand new shopping centers in the Golden Triangle, filling the food court to the brim.

This is no ordinary food court, may i add. With a concept imported from the country below, where they say style and branding means more then the taste of the food, Food Republic was born on the lower ground floor of Pavilion.

To add insult to the poor souls who march down the streets in the hot sun and the hordes of workers taking the LRT and abandoning their car, here we have humans who do not give a care for the extra ringgit because bowls of noodles costs ONLY RM 7-8, drinks that cost you an arm and a leg as well posh "price tags" of street food that you can get all over Malaysia.

If i can go one step further, we have stalls claiming to sell Thai food, Malaysian food, Taiwanese and Korean food but served uniformly by foreign and most likely underpaid cheap labour. Is this what you call authenticity? Well lets give them benefit of the doubt, because i don't have a pocket deep as the ocean to try.

Carrot cake? Where?

Ohh there you are. The carrot cake wrapped with an egg omelette

The first stall that captures your eye would be Thye Hong, imported straight from Singapore. Serving their famous "Prawn Mee" that doesn't look like a Malaysian Har Mee, i didn't find it exactly very exciting when i digged in. Getting confused between a wet or a dry noodle dish, with some doubtful looking skinny prawns thrown in; the zest of lime and the chilli just about saved it from being a failure. Their carrot cake well, was average if i must say anything, and the deceiving picture which had big prawns to go.

If there was one thing positive, it is the range of food they offer. Everything under roof, to satisfy any craving you have, food cravings of course. So when i dreamt of satay, i got satay but for a ridiculous RM12.90. 5 pieces of satay, 2 pieces of ketupat and peanut sauce. Not the best in the world but enough to say it is edible satay and please be happy.

Not my wallet though.

I suppose the last draw is the Lin Chee Kang that costs RM4.20 for the shallow bowl with not the most of ingredients.

Has everyone gone cash rich for people to demand RM4 for a dessert at a food court?

I guess the petrol price issue is really going up in my head, a good wake up call for everyone, prices aren't exactly cheap anymore but we happen to be so used to it. As if i woken up from a dream, I now find myself paying exorbitant sums of money eating, do you? Looks like it is back to the basics with no frills, well as soon as i get my salary on the 28th of course.

The PMS you get when you find funds running short at the same time of the month, close to month end.


Lower Ground Floor of Pavilion, Food Republic

Rating: 3 stars out of 5 stars. Fancy having a meal that will burn the smallest hole in Pavilion, look no further because here is the place to go. Don't expect the greatest but the choices they have is good enough if you are as indecisive as me.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee @ Kota Damansara

Ever since we moved our office away from the food haven of Jalan Raja Chulan, we were always deprieved of good and cheap food. Well in particular (although this does not come cheap) was the Chilli Pan Mee from Kin Kin. The burning sensation that starts from your throat right after two bowls that will cost me more then RM10 that travels down to the stomach and of course flushed out from the-you-know-where with lots of heat to go, albeit torturing was always worth another go until we had to say bye-bye.

When the weekends came, somehow or rather i never got back to going to Kin Kin until i meet its match last weekend. Hailing from the outlet opposite Kin Kin, Spicy Kitchen came into my world in the form of it's Kota Damansara branch outlet.

Much cleaner which would hopefully reduce the fiery flushing sensation, we were greeted with the familiar looking bowl of noodles, poached egg, the dried chilli paste that you could help yourself to, anchovies, minced meat and shallots. Not being the original, i felt this was definitely on par with the sweet memories i once had. The chilli paste was not as tongue numbing as the original but can be easily corrected by adding another table spoon, the only downside it being RM 5.50 a bowl. Then again, you pay the extra for the air-con and the ample parking space.

Accompanying the noodles, is the potato leaves soup with pork balls

Situated somewhere in Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. As i was kidnapped here from the nearby Starbucks, try looking out for Pappa Kopitiam, definitely very close from there.

Verdict: Slightly more expensive, slightly less spicy, given the less nostalgic "feel" it gave me meaning the rats running around, the feverish hot stove at the front of the stall, the burning after-sensations, it deserves a 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.

Definitely a worthy substitute of Kin Kin, if you are around Kota Damansara

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Degrees @ Pan Pacific KLIA

In one of my first attempts to write a "proper" food review similar to what you see on boring articles, courtesy of Foodstreet , i was invited to Restaurant Degrees at Pan Pacific KLIA.

I must say it has been eye opening since all the while, well majority of the times my reviews are done incognito. This time around, i met the manager, the chefs and learnt alot more about this quiet and serene corner of the hotel.

I finally realise that all this while my reviews are more like diary entries where i just jog my memory in what i eat and taste whilst writing a proper review is like writing an assignment.

Nevertheless, enjoy my "serious" version of what i would deem as a serious food review.


PS: Learnt some eating habits of some F1 drivers, apparently one of them eats 3 pieces of roti canai with dhal and curry every day when hes down for the annual Sepang race. Roti Canai rocks!


Find yourself once too often succumbing to expensive yet not exactly the best of food while waiting to board a flight in KLIA? Or not looking forward to the meals provided on flight?

Look no further than a 7 minute walk from the Airport to Pan Pacific KLIA, where a range of goodies awaits at Degrees.

Like Lemon Garden is to Shangri La and Melting Pot to Concorde, Degrees is the 24 hour “coffee house” that offers a buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner along with a variety of ala-carte items that covers local and international flavours to suit taste buds from all over the world and at any time of the day.

As far as quality control is concerned, Head Chef Alias can be seen walking around with his sous chefs ensuring that everything is in order. We also had the opportunity to shake hands with Executive Chef Rene from Switzerland and got a few tips from Ismail (or Mac as he prefers) the Service Manager on what are the highlights of their daily dinner buffet.

Despite the daily rotating menu, the highlights are the “live” stations where food is cooked on the spot and upon request. Pasta, with three different kinds of pasta and sauces, a variety of ingredients from salmon pieces, mushrooms, coloured peppers, and julienned vegetables is prepared in accordance to your liking and preference.

Freshly deep fried cucur bawang or udang depending on availability is adored by even the Chairman of Malaysian Airlines Berhad and the Royal family. Crispy on the outside with a smooth and soft inside dumpling, it is brilliant with a dip of chilli sauce.

In terms of international flavours, we were greeted by a selection of Japanese sushi rolls with a variety of tuna, prawns and salmon. Freshly made and bite sized, this may not be as good as specialised Japanese restaurants but definitely enough to satisfy the sushi cravings.

Other highlights that we discovered that night include:

Find your children restless while waiting for you to finish up the food? They supply crayons and they can draw on the paper that doubles up as a table cloth.

Freshly tossed Caesar salad DIY style, just add the leaves, bacon, croutons, parmesan cheese and sauce or get the staff do the work.

Fresh oysters and poached prawns, eat as much as you desire

The roast salmon with lemon and caper sauce, request for the belly piece which has a higher fat content and would melt in your mouth.

Going vegetarian? A variety of Northern Indian curries and briyani rice will take care of that.

Local Malaysian flavours that feature your usual fare of rendang and curries.

- The chocolate fondue with marshmallow and grapes.

At the current moment, their hot item on the Ala Carte menu is their cod fish aglio-olio, with chilli padi and fried garlic pieces. Localised for our Malaysian palates, the garlic pieces gives it a kick and the chilli gives a bit of heat. The cod fish is fresh and accompanies the pasta nicely.


Overall, if you find yourself stranded in the airport because of a delayed flight or having to eat your meal in the airport, consider Degrees. The premium you pay is compensated by quality food. The buffet spread offers a bit of everything for everyone to enjoy themselves, to the children right up to the elders. If you find yourself short for time to eat, flying Malaysia airlines and don’t have luggage, you can choose to check-in your flight at the hotel too!

Prices are as follows:

Buffet Breakfast – RM55++

Buffet Lunch – RM75++

Buffet Dinner – RM75++

Family Fun Sunday Brunch – RM55 nett and RM35 nett (children aged 6-12 years)

Ala carte – ranges from anywhere between RM 25 – RM120

Thursday, June 12, 2008

P Ramlee The Musical Special Edition CD-DVD, All mine!

Sometimes it doesn't take a miracle to happen before you tell yourself that you have found your lucky star.

It can be anything from finding the "one" to become the Girlfriend, asking if i want a curry puff from the uncle downstairs to wishing me good morning with a nice warm smile, with a plastic bag behind you.

Not any normal plastic bag but one that contains this.

A true friend who answered my online prayer and got more then what i bargained for.

For RM20, i got my CD-DVD that i wanted and something priceless.

Signatures from the main cast of P Ramlee the Musical, P Ramlee (Musly Ramlee), his first love Azizah (Emelda Rosmila) and the three wives; Junaidah (Atilia), Norizan (Melissa Saila) and Saloma (Liza Hanim).

From the left: (on CD); Muzly (left) and Emelda (right)

From the right (on cover); Atilia (top) and Melissa (bottom)

On CD; Liza.

My first "collectible" merchandise with signatures from stars that showed us how shiny Malaysians can be when it comes to the big grand musicals. Step aside Broadway and West End, Malaysia can do as a good as a job as you guys despite the petrol and political crisis and so forth.

Thank you my anonymous friend (well not anonymous to me, but i am not sure if she wants it to be known, and she knows who she is anyways).

I am totally in the world of the 1950s and so absorbed in the few songs, it is not funny any more. The last time i had that feeling was after i watched a Broadway musical and made me feel like a knight in shiny armour.

To know how good the Musical was? The Agong and the Prime Minister attended the musical yesterday night, no kidding.

Until this Saturday, 14 June.

*Skipping off to watch the making of P Ramlee the Musical*

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chiaroscuro @ Jalan Bedara

Apparently a name of the restaurant says alot about them.

Chiaroscuro other then being an italian word also means a contrast between light and dark.

The contrast between the many flavours that Chiaroscuro had to offer was definitely on my mind as i walked in to the unpretentious humble little restaurant. The extra bleached white clothed tables greeted me and i immediately felt at ease with the dark walls. The timing couldn't have been better as the rain started to pour outside which only made me look forward to some hearty italian cuisine to warm the stomach.

Carol, the owner/maître d' greeted me with a twist. Knowing that my table was under Leo, she greeted me by my name, which i must say was definitely a first. How well informed could one get about their guests? Apparently, our prior discussion on his blog caught her eye, oh well, at least i can safely take out my camera without any starring.

After learning that rustic classic italian food was up for offers, which meant pasta and pizza, the most basic carbohydrates that italians have it in, it would naturally mean pasta and pizza for order? Apparently the "angel" of me, decided to have a protein meal since the night wasn't exactly young no longer and sleep was barely hours away.

Giving the pasta and pizza a miss, only means i am coming back soon judging from the items i had that night.

Still, we had to have at least some freshly baked bread with a refreshing tomato based dip. No butter, no vinegar and olive oil, just plain sun-dried tomatoes. Sweet and sour at the same time, how can you not have some bread?

The bread played devil in this mixed seafood dish cooked with white wine. The prawns and the other variants of seafood were marvelous and fresh but the highlight was the sweetness of the sauce that caused the emptying of the bread basket. A very good first impression.

The Prosciutto with melon needs no introduction as the sweet and savoury flavours play in your mouth. They have an option with pineapple as well, i wonder how it will taste like?

For the mains,

Special of the day; the Mama venison or oops, was it veal? The wholesome sauce made it a perfect home cooking dish that one would want to come home to. Something bursting with taste and that robust sauce that you would want to lick it off the plate. The puff that was stuffed with peppers was a different take as a mere side portion of vegetables. Definitely what you want to call your Mama to cook although you may ask her to skim on the salt (like in this dish) or just serve freshly baked bread with it (like what i did to this dish).

The Mushroom gnocchi was interestingly served in a cream sauce although i was way too busy with my meat. Maybe the next time i go, this definitely looks like something i would try because the plate was swiped up.

The Tiramisu was served in a sweet cone cracker (pardon the lack of remembering the exact words that was flying all over) but the inside was exactly what a Tiramisu should be. Pity the lack of alcohol, but then again blame the wine that was being swirled and served with the meals.

Address and contact details

Ground Floor, 38 Bidara, (Behind Istana Hotel)
30 Jalan Bedara,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2144 8006

Verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars. What i like about this place is (well that night) the quiet surroundings and the lack of a commercial feeling you get in cramped and famous places. What you get is a nice humble place that serves decent italian food without people ushering you out of the door when you are done with your food, you don't get busy people walking past the restaurant while you eat and the feeling that you have a special place all to yourself (although i am sure the owners wouldn't want to just have the place to you only, if not, it would not be very sustainable, would it?) Lets hope it stays that way until the next visit.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yogitree @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

Randoms of the week

1. What happens if you find out the lyrical queen wrote a lovely poem about a place you wanted to review, and then find out another inspiring writer waltz his away over another place i wanted to blog?

Don't care and blog what ever i have uploaded. Ha ha.

2. Rumours has it that they are selling the P Ramlee Musical OST special edition in their shows, i didnt see any, but if any kind soul sees it please contact me?

I find it funny that i am continously listening to Malay songs from the Musical, shows how liberal i am, are you? If you are, go get a copy of Atilia - Leka and Siti Nurhaliza - Mulanya Cinta

Back to Yogitree, that reminds me of Yogi bear although the food that are being served here bear no resemblance to the big fat bear dressed in green. Matter of fact, Yogitree appears at first sight, a confused concept of whether to sell yoga equipment or healthy food.

Then again, you cant imagine fit yoga instructors tucking into greasy oily meals, 3 times a day right? Thus the concept of healthy eating which is not so confusing after all.

Going through the menu, you will realise that they do not go all out to come up with a brand new menu, but relying on classic and basic western and asian dishes with a healthy twist. Organic chicken, brown rice and a little bit of healthy pointers that they take into consideration while preparing. After ordering, it gives you a feel good factor that you have taken the first step to eating healthy.

Therefore presenting to you "real food" and yoga. If this is "real food", i wonder what we have been eating all this while?

A Rose leaf infused chinese tea that didn't limit you to how many times you refill and how many people drinking it, unlike some place i had where the lady told me, this pot is for TWO only. No complaints as this pot of RM12 served four.

The mango salad came with halved prawns, nuts and a tangy spicy sauce. Cant seem to remember the price but definitely within the RM15-20 range because of the prawns. Really perked up the appetite to take in more "healthy food".

Presenting the "healthy" nasi lemak (RM19) Instead of white rice, you get brown. Instead of a thick piece of chicken skin wrapped in a protein-less drumstick, you get a piece of succulent chicken breast. Other condiments are meant to be given a healthy twist too, but sadly i didnt get a chance to try, although the curry chicken was very tasty i must admit.

When i mention the feel-good factor, i meant it. After all, ordering a steam cod fish served with brown vermicelli, healthy vegetables and soya sauce, cant be that harmful to your body right? Virtually no oil and no frying throughout the whole process, the vermicelli was soaked in the soya sauce and infused the familiar flavours of cod (RM36).

The Mee Siam was fried with alot of ingredients and swiped out immediately by the on-lookers of the table before being returned to the rightful owner of the dish. No complaints at all for RM19.

Proud of their home-made pasta, we have here a carbonara done their healthy style, bacon bits and mushrooms. Now i can't recall the menu, but the inspiring hairy writer tells me it is egg white whilst the lady at Chiaroscuro tells me it is plain egg yolks and rumours has it that Neroteca comes with cream too! Either way, it was meant to be healthy, tasted healthy too but nicely polished by the Girlfriend. (RM21)

There is a story behind this pasta of the day. Light cream, smoked salmon and scallops tossed with freshly made spaghetti (RM28). Apparently, someone was too eager before the dressing of the smoked salmon and served it to us, and quickly rectified before we reached for our forks. They couldnt answer why they had to take it back, but thankfully it wasnt too long when the finished dish came back. At least they were being honest and not cheating us out of the generous amount of salmon.

Being not-a-too-healthy freak, we had to order some desserts to balance the body, after all yin and yang; Pineapple upside down cake that was dense unlike fluffy sponge cakes. The slightly burnt caramelised bits of pineapple was enjoyable along with the scoop of ice-cream that tasted vanilla and normal. Brilliant ending to what seemed like a good healthy meal on our stomachs.

Address and contact details

Yogitree (www)
Lot F-237B,
1st Floor,
The Gardens
Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: 03- 2282 6163

Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. This is a place to go, whenever you have words like "detox", "healthy" and "am-too-fat" in your head. Although eating healthy is supposed to be a daily ritual, eating at Yogitree will burn your pockets if you visit on a daily basis. Start with small steps like taking in more vegetables, less fat and oil and good protein will do the trick along with the caveat; EXERCISE! If not, Yogitree will do your conscience some good once in a blue moon; for a price of course.