Thursday, May 15, 2008

Silk Road @ Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

I am having mixed feelings about this paper on Tuesday. Compared to the first two papers i took, this by far is the easiest to digest, and i must admit my digestion system has been well tested from the days in Bangkok.

Though, i am constantly confused whether i am ready for the paper or just over-confident that passing this paper would be rather achievable. Record is not on my side because i tend to be that kind of person, cocky and confident, but also the first one to step on that piece of shit on the road.
Looks like i better study hard instead of day dreaming over the materials day after day.


It looks like i really can give up on this new phone of mine. 3.2mp camera? I think not, the quality that comes up makes me puke. So lets hope this would be the last review using a phone that should be used for calling and smsing, nothing more and nothing less.


Silk Road is another one of the long list of restaurants that feature on the exclusive 6th floor of the Pavilion Shopping Center. Having experienced nothing but good so far, it was a new venture to step in, despite having only one other seated table, with people that is.

Now to judge first impression in a restaurant, the captain or the waiter that recommends plays the biggest role for me. I had plenty of good food in some restaurants but because of the captain, the whole eating experience was ruined simply because they kept asking me WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO EAT? To me, if it is your restaurant, you tell me what is good to eat and what i should eat, isnt?

The Eight Treasure Tea, refilling is done by a specialist.

Well, Silk Road did not disappoint because the witty and chatty Captain came in and took charge of my orders. No time wasted in thinking of what to eat, all i had to do was ask what there was to eat. Now isnt that what a captain should do?

Well with the first part of the test, passed with flying colours, we look on to substance. Well? The food didnt disappoint.

Starting off with three layer pork and a spicy bean sauce i think. This was refreshing, salty, spicy and got me waiting for the mains, eagerly.

Looking for proper smoked duck? Well look no further. Smoked to a pinkish centre, the meat was tender and perfectly cooked. No trouble of tearing tough pieces of meat off the bone, it was definitely done, medium.

The Tea Smoked Duck

Apparently their award winning dish of the whole menu. The Sichuan Cod Fish. Slightly on the spicy sauce and flavoured with black beans, the fish was fried to perfection. Cubes of solid and fresh cod fish was used, taking a bite into it told me it was not your usual slimy "frozen in the fridge for dont know long" cod fish. This was good although i wont say out of this world, but definitely worth a mention.

Their twice cooked sliced pork served with Man Tou was also nice to savour. The balance between lean and fatty meat was beautiful, although shouldnt be consumed daily, if not the fatty bits translate to the fatty bit you find layered around your stomach. Stir fried with some leeks, i am beginning to conclude that i really wouldnt mind coming back again.

A simple stir fried long beans, the customary "green" dish.

The only item to disappoint, leave the xiu long bao for the Shanghainese experts in JW Marriott.

A red bean pan cake served with yam ice-cream. Something sweet to just round up the meal nicely.

Situated at 6th floor, Pavilion.

Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Close to the 4 star mark if i did not choose the xiu long bao. Definitely more things on the menu that i wouldnt mind trying, the list of noodles and the other ala carte dishes. The tea specialist is joy to watch as he pour tea on your cup with a kettle spout that is 3-4 feet long, not spilling a drop of water.

Prices for noodles range in the 10s and if not mistaken Ala carte dishes starts from the mid 10s to 40s (for the fish). The tea is rm5 per pax.

Non halal yeah.

Ok, back to study. Few days more, Tuesday dooms day.



tankiasu said...

Damn, everything look so tempting leh!! Grrr...must save money...

All the best for your papers mate! ;-)

Jun said...

i know i'll get thr one day, but the xlb looks too much like a an old lady's....

... skin. (wat did u think i was gonna say lar? ;p)

how was the yam ice-cream btw? looks a wee bit too purplish for my liking...

Henry Yeo said...

can afford to go westin for xiu long sure you can't afford hilton? at least the man tou and hui wor ro looks good. was the starter sauce dou ban jiang?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

tankiasu: save hard la..after that car of urs..hard rite?

jun: i wasnt thinking anything at all *shrugs*.. yam ice cream was ok i suppose..definitely not home made

henry: haha jw marriott..on dad mah..dou ban jiang..yes bingo!

leo said...

ok enough!! save money!!! hahaha!

lili@edlin@ said...

cehhh..i almost thought this time around you'd be able to make it without blogging, judging from the gap between previous entry and this one.. :D

study hard weyhhhh~!!!

Nic (KHKL) said...

eh, mana itu awak punya 400D??

cod fish is usually either fried or baked. this is kinda interesting. the sauce, i mean.

and best of luck for yr paper! strike 'em gold.

myCoffee said...

Passed by this place the other day. Didn't interest me much but after reading your post, I just might change my mind. Btw, did the yam ice-cream taste like those generic store brands?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

mycoffee: unfortunately it sort of did..then again i dont eat enuf generic brands of YAM ice cream..

nic: haha 400D resting at home..

lilia: i tried..but cannot la..sort of itchy..then again i did had to entertain a few frens here n there while studying haha..

leo: yes boss..haha how much to save?

Seaqueen said...

So tempting..but what's d pricing like?

tigerfish said...

The tea - done by specialist via projectile ? They use a long slender spout , do they ?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

seaqueen: updated.its decently affordable..abit like ur dragon i prices i suppose..

tigerfish: spot on..

zewt said...

i have to really stop coming to your blog already... too torturning.

Kok said...

The xiu long bao hor, looks more like flat long bao. hahaha!

Seaqueen said...

Like Dragon-i?? Hmm...Ok. Probably they give me the perception of being much more expensive than that. ;)

wmw said...

Aiyah, the XLB looks like it ran out of steam while being steam halfway! Hahaha...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wmw: sadly tasted like that also..

seaqueen: yeah it does..but do tell me if im wrong..but im pretty sure its comparable in terms of price..

kok: flat full stop..

zewt: haha i knw..torturing ar? sigh..losing 1 reader liao..

ling239 said...

hmm.... must be the effect of the white light, previously i was using the K700i the photos are not as bad.... >.<"

JOjo said...

All the best for ur paper!!! =)

Bernsy said...

where got ppl use camera phone when he has a 400d ... wasting money leaving the 400d at home..

eh good luck in the up and coming exams...

Shell (貝殼) said...

All look nices..especially the three layer pork^^

boo_licious said...

Well written, Nipples - straight to the point and describes the food well. Now the test, is tasting the food! Hope, we also get the same results as you did as a few people highly recoomend this place.

Good luck for the exams!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

boo: now if only my examiners made the same comments..hmmm thanks!

shell: ohh yeap!

bernsy: aiyah..its not easy to lug it around everywhere i go..n i dun hav any big handbag!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ling239: quite clueless over this fone..sigh

jojo: thanks!

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Jill Siantis said...

Hi there,

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