Sunday, May 4, 2008

Holiday in Bangkok

As the hours passed as you go back to the routine of life in KL, I cant help it but wonder what in the world i was doing the last couple of days. In a normal working week, i would flashback the hours i seat in the chair staring at the monitor, drafting letters and advices, speaking to colleagues and clients and of course the dreading course materials for my exam.

This weekend seemed different. The bustling city of Bangkok, the hot sun that gave the whole city a natural sauna and the fiesty spice in Thai food suddenly came back all to me.

This Bangkok trip was a first of many.

A trip to a city where English or any other language that i speak is not the first language spoken.

A trip just for the two of us.

A trip to a place where I had no friends or contacts.

A trip that i took the lead and played blind leading the blind.


To summarise, if there was one dish that i could my relate my trip to; it would be Sweet and Sour Pork.

The Sweet times when things were going smooth, everything was laid out in front of us, good food to savour, good tailor, good massage and the cooling air-con in our cosy albeit old hotel room.

The Sour times when we got lost in the drizzling rain, a huge ego that would not take a taxi and insist that walking is part of experiencing the local culture, getting conned on our hard-earned baht, different expectations of a holiday and the stomach flu.

Balanced properly, you still get a good dish that would attract bowls of white fluffy rice.


Never ever wish for something that you dont mean it. I still remembered telling the Girlfriend that we would try to resist street food until at least the last night of our trip. After all, if there was a stomachache, it will be on the last day back home, leaving majority of our trip undisturbed. True enough, the last night i found myself seating in the toilet bowl for what seemed an eternity.

The food we tried in Bangkok was somewhat mild and properly disappointing by floggers standards.

No Grasshoppers, lizzards and other insects alike. No street tom yum food, seating outside the pedestrian walk. Food court and clean environment was somewhat the norm when we had our meals. In actual fact, i didnt even find a decent green or red curry at all!


When you are so used to using a fixed lens because of food, using it for holiday was torture. Going back to my kit lens was like sending me back to my first digicam. I was somewhat not impressed with the picture quality and not to mention digging it out of my backpack every 2 minutes.

What i found myself doing was just soaking up the moments that passed by and taking a perfect photograph in my head.

Suddenly i didnt feel like i wanted to take brilliant drooling photos but instead captured it using my phone which i now truly regretted.

My DSLR is still next to me, untouched and unprocessed.


What is a food blog without pictures of food, you may ask? Well to start things off, let me recommend you to Amaltery @ Erawan.

Ice-cream is already as sinful in its original state. People here, have decided to make it even more sinful by adding what else but, alcohol. Backed up by a guarantee of minimum 5% alcohol, you wouldnt say no when you see tubs of ice creams labelled with familiar names of cocktails.

B52 and Sex on the Beach was chosen and presented to us in the most simplistic manner as possible.

With a waffle piece on a clean bowl.

The B52 was evident of Kahlua and Baileys which made a joy to eat especially in the blistering heat. After conversion at around RM 7 a scoop, i was considering getting myself drunk on it, but oh well, moderation is the key. The smooth creamy taste makes it one of the best ice-cream i ever had.

Now if anyone has a ice-cream making machine, i suggest pouring Kahlua and Baileys into it the next time you make ice-cream.

The berry flavours of this scoop was a smooth transition from the first scoop. After something sweet, this was on the sour and had a bigger kick from the rum. Another scoop that rock my socks. Judging from the 15-20 flavours i saw, i found myself puzzled why i didnt return for another round before i left.

Then again, life is full of mysteries.


Henry Yeo said...

so you didn't try cream and fudge factory?

Jun said...

bangkok!!! yay! next time i go, i know who to ask for getting around town ;)

J2Kfm said...

hehe, its ok. what's so wrong with taking pics with phone leh? hehe.
anyway, the ice cream with liquor does sound fine. least its something special and NON halal at that ...haha

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

henry: i googled to see what i missed..haha thank god, there have this concept in australia, and i had plenty d!

jun: haha dont bet your baht on it..

j2kfm: well its quite a sin when u have a DSLR haha..and it turned out all blury..

Henry Yeo said...

the best part was there was an outlet in Siam Paragon itself.

ai wei said...

welcome back.
me planning for a bangkok trip with family but not that soon.
so, ur blog info here would be very useful for me


Precious Pea said... poisoning?? Actually, the more careful you are, the more likely you will kena. That is why you need to boost your immune system with the street food here first before venturing into Bangkok. Hehe..hope you are feeling better now.

leo said...

hahah enjoy life? nah.. i work hard and play hard mah..

:) so you didn't go to sirocco in the end? what a waste no? but i hope u managed to sample some nice food nevertheless...


daphne said...

oh lovely! Ice-cream!!! With alcohol..even better!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

daphne: yeap..with alcohol! hic!

leo: haha i was scared away by the potential price tag of rm500-rm700 for a dinner for two without wine la..

pp: take me! take me!..yeah it was pretty much one nite only..keke

ai wei: well have fun planning, can giv my recommendations i suppose..

henry: i noticed that on the website..then again, siam paragon was just huge!

sc said...

hey, i always have my vanilla ice cream with a shot of baileys..yummy stuff!

Henry Yeo said...

where did you get your alcoholic ice cream? I recall one such outlet in Siam Paragon that was selling it, but forgot the name.

Oh well, at least I have June to try and track down that shop.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

sc: i see someone has already learned the arts of eating true ice-cream!

henry: this is at the basement of erawan complex i think..right next to erawan shine..u should see a burberry and take the stairs down.

ling239 said...

no rum and raisins ? :p

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ling239: hahah got on sale..nvr ordered..keke..

Nic (KHKL) said...

sweet and sour pork...wah, like that description, dude! so aptly related...

at least u started posting on bkk d...mine is collecting dust since jan..hehe...

jason said...

Ehh.. hope that you're better now. I'm going there in July... excited excited :p

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

nic: hahah..nothing to blog might as well..since the idea is fresh..

jason: haha minor hiccup..eating like a king now again...

Imbi & Itchy said...

the ice cream got me there, and i wonder, how come no one's bringing the idea over lol

wmw said...

How about pics of you in your new suit(s)? :o)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i&i: the halal nonsense la..theres pork everywhere in bangkok!

wmw: i was thinkin just that dis morning..apparently cam whoring infront of the mirror with a dslr is not as easy as you think..

leo said...

well the rooms there aren't that expensive.. great view too! :D

eh lets forget about nerovivo and do chiaroscuro together hahaha! How about 2nd June?

Babyballet said...

Amaltery rocks! I had two scoops few days ago in Central World Bangkok.The one with Kahlua flavour and Wine flavour.Simply irresistable.

Anonymous said...

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