Monday, May 19, 2008

Fong Lye Taiwanese Food @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

I had enough of studying. I seem to be constantly day dreaming what i should do with myself in the future; career, settling down where, holiday, drinking coffee and wondering how which topic will come up in my paper on Tuesday.


Fong Lye is definitely not new to me. Their first outlet in Imbi back in the days when i was holidaying back in Malaysia from the atrocious huge servings of Roast Meat on Sundays and Pasta Night on Thursdays of Australia was a great experience. Serving standard albeit tiny servings of ala carte Taiwanese dish to go along with sweet potato porridge, we somehow never got back to visiting the place. Not even when they branched out to Hartamas; a place that i am notoriously guarding zealously from True Fitness or Coffee Bean, Mont Kiara.

So it was not too big of a surprise when we stepped into Gardens, wondering what to eat, when a voice in the crowd say lets try Fong Lye after all these years, well for old time sake. I guess we do alot of things for old time sake, whether regretting or not but this is probably not of one of those "i dont believe what i have done" moments.

The Menu revealed many differences from the menu in my mind from the yester-years. Featuring sets that comes with rice and soup ala a Taiwanese bento box or noodles with a few appetizers to boot.

The place here acts like a high class fast food restaurants. Crazily long queues like the ones at J&Co donuts are evident at peak hours of lunch and dinner, so everyone is pumped up to order, serve and EAT.

The standard sides for the day. Home made tau foo fish paste, mine being served with peanut butter sauce, a cuttlefish ball and crunchy long beans.

Something special from other places but very common in Taiwan is the use of minced meat in their rice. Very very appetising, as i could see people happily digging into your rice while leaving the mains untouched.

If it wasnt distracting enough from the mains, a soup is given as well. Today's soup was bitter gourd soup, although not bitter, it was surprisingly very refreshing and some say de-toxicating.

Just when i want to talk about the mains, a nice bowl of orange balls is placed infront of us. Yes, we ordered sweet potato balls. All i got to say is nice to look, nice to smell but eat? Well if you are all too familiar with this street snack in Malaysia, the ones when it is filled to the brim with sweet potato, you will be terribly disappointed. You are virtually biting into air, but reminiscence of sweet potato is evident as you chew into the skin, i suppose.

The "3 Cup" Chicken. Very aromatic with herbs, cooking wine among other things. The Girls in the table finished without saying anything except showing us pleased faces.

The Taiwanese Fried Chicken served with Noodles. The chicken was crispy and was definitely up to standard. The noodles was polished off by The Dad nicely.

The Dumplings in Beef Soup. Now the soup was tasty, oily, spicy and fragant. Definitely a trend you will find here, very fragant dishes. The Dumplings? These were more suitable pan fried then dumped into soup.

"Char Chiang" Mien. This was so far away that all i could do is take a picture and sentenced to the other side of the table.

Something to cool down the tongue, the Taiwanese ABC? The first item on the Desserts menu.

Located on the 3rd floor of The Gardens, Mid Valley

Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. If there was one genuine complaint, it is the height of the sofa chairs, which are made too low for tall people like me. Unable to have a decent meal without straining the back, i rather pay more money for a decent seat before we talk about food. Choose the square tables with the "normal" chairs if you can. Then again, the long crowd, fragant food will probably warrant taking any seat that is granted to you.


tigerfish said...

Yeh, they really like minced meat in their rice here. Just imagine how italian like bolognese....kekekeke...
I'm starting to think "where" ever made "3 cup chicken" famous...maybe it's Taiwan because it is a common dish here too.
Taiwanese ABC looks like ice-kacang to me...:P

Seaqueen said...

Hmmm..I've tried the place but probably the cook didn't have a happy day and the food wasn't up to my expectations. But the tea was good at least. :)

leo said...

looks nice tho.. hehe i think it's alll about presentation no?

-kent- f0 粉肠 said...

i like the fried potato balls....wee...and the dumpling in beef soup were get my attention~~


-kent- f0 粉肠 said...

i like the fried potato balls....wee...and the dumpling in beef soup were get my attention~~


irenekay said...

I adore their fried potato balls... Its exactly the same chewy sort found in the popular Ximending stall in Taiwan...:P
for those who prefer the real usage of potato will definitely be disappointed!

Jun said...

good luck for ur paper man! (it's tomorrow, rite? or next tue?)

Hazza said...

Never really tried Taiwanese food before. Does not look too different from usual chinese fare but this lot seems much better presented than those I have seen in other blogs.

Hazza said...

Never really tried Taiwanese food before. Does not look too different from usual chinese fare but this lot seems much better presented than those I have seen in other blogs.

ling239 said...

oh, tks, will avoid the fried potato balls ~ ^_^

Nic (KHKL) said...

i wonder if there's any place out there that sells dumplings with beef filling...that'll be interesting, eh?

for old time sake...wah, long time never hear/say that cool line d...

- m i c h e l l e - said...

Hey Joe! It's Michelle here, do you remember me? The girlfriend's cousin? Haha.

Do you actually know Fatboybakes in person? Is he your friend or something? :)

sc said...

walked pass Fong Lye a few times..always crowded, too lazy to wait for a seat..hahaha

Precious Pea said...

Hey...celebrating your freedom already??

I like the minced meat with rice. Even the 3-cup chicken smells so good , especially the basil. But i find this outlet pricey..for that kind of price for set meal, it would be better going to their outlet in hartamas for a proper ala carte meal. Eh, want or not? When when?

Kenny Mah said...

"The place here acts like a high class fast food restaurants."

Such a paradox, no? High class yet Fast food...but I get what you mean. The "Char Chiang" Mien kinda looks like Hakka Mee though...

Henry Yeo said...

xiao chi, xiao chi, xiao chi!!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

henry: wat wat??

kennymah: you get what me mean rite? clever boy..

pp: yes..celebrating..hmm sounds like a good offer..shall take it up soon..weekend?? hahah..

sc: u have to go in the most obscure of times..

michelle: yes i know FBB! hes famous..must ask him to come over and say hi..

nic: yes..for old times sake..sigh..young ppl nowadays ar..

ling239: welcome..

hazza: well a different kind of chinese food..

jun: its done!

irenekay: then i like my kl street ones haha..

kent: well thanks!

leo: well presentation plays half the role doesnt?

seaqueen: yeap..the tea was very fragant

tigerfish: good point!

daphne said...

Hey, what a coincidence! I'm meeting a friend next week in the same place! Doesnt sound too fantastic though?

ai wei said...

i love their minced meat rice a lot!

Jackson said...

OMG! It's been a while since i read yr blog and now i notice that yr photography skill have improve to a level what i call "professional"!!!!!!!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

jackson: no larr...where got??

ai wei: me too..haha

daphne: its good..just dont go when its real crowded..

fatboybakes said...

michelle, hi!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

fbb: one word no more, one word no less...keng..

New Kid on the Blog said...

is this a new place?? looks like lots of people blogging about this place.