Monday, May 12, 2008

The Finale to Bangkok - Floating market of Dumnoen Saduak

(Can someone identified this snack? It was darn good but believed to be the cause of my down fall at night, spending half of my last night in you know where, only 20 baht for 4 pieces)

As promised, what the ending was for my previous post is my beginning of the adventure to non other then the legendary Floating Market.

Getting to the Floating Market was not a tale of easy matter and free of conspiracy.

If anything, this serves as a BIGGER notice then what tourist websites would have warned you about "sneaky Taxis". Thus as a community announcement, please DO NOT TAKE TAXIS WITHOUT USING THE METER!

Contradicting versions of the story are out, but in a nut shell:

The original plan was to go to the Grand Palace and tour the area for half a day and continue the shopping tour. Flagged a taxi, to be told that it is "closed" in the mornings and we should go to the Floating Market; one of the wonders or more like cut throat places of Bangkok.

Was offered off the meter charge of 2000 baht to get me there, to the Grand Palace in the afternoon and back to hotel by 4pm. Sensing a con job, after all i m a "consultant", i hesitated and couldnt find his identity card displayed in the front like usual taxis, i wanted to leave.

The Girlfriend, after a conversation the night before about how i felt tired being blind leading the blind, decided to lead the way and say, why not? Lets go!

Oh well.

As someone once told me; it is not the morale of the story but story of the morale; in any case, do not follow for the TRICK! or any other that you may derive from reading.

We were lead to a dodgy smelling canal that conned me to paying another 2000 baht to take me around the floating market on a motor BOAT.

Seat back, enjoy and relax, the smelly waters. Laugh when you think when you are not the only conned one as throngs of tourists flood the tiny lanes

See it with your own eyes, people doing their business in the waters, literally.

Selling food as well, its unbelievable how they can make a bowl of noodles all in their sampan. Other cuisine that you can savour include fresh fruits layered in pesticide, not so cold young coconut drinks and even beer!

Giving away free samples of coconut sugar drinks. What else, sweet!

Bangkok is all about traffic jams, on the road and even on waters.

No more conning from you guys, i had enough! Terus terus pergi please.

On the way back, even more tourist! I so wanted to shout out, you have been CONNED!

Haha thus the ending of my exciting Bangkok trip.


To end things off, a short food review on Central Food Hall. Stepping into the supermarket bought me back to the posh days of David Jones in Australia. Everything seem so clean and hygienic, the floors and walls were white without dirty stains of dirt and soot. If i were to compare, i dont think Malaysia has such upmarket supermarket as what i saw with my own eyes.

Not to mention their kick ass food court that serves food which to me, seemed quite a steal in an air-conditioned environment.

If i was stuck in Bangkok without Bak Kut Teh, this would be the closest substitute to stop me from going into a commotion and frenzy. Their pork leg rice with delicious gravy almost got me to get another plate. The braised pork was so soft and tender, pieces tearing out almost immediately from a nudge of the spoon. The egg yolk was bright orange which made wallop the egg before it could say "high cholesterol". Available at 45 baht, bear in mind i went to a lower class food court and got it for 40 baht, so i consider this a steal!

A thai version of seafood pancake. Filled with oysters, mussels and prawns with a batter, which was delicious and addictive from that chilli sauce that they provide. 90 baht was slightly on the pricey side but then again, prawns and oysters dont have a price, do they?

A papaya salad that was cleaned up by the Girlfriend after the hot day in the sun. Refreshing and at the same time tongue numbing. How contradictive can life get when we seamlessly go through a bout of torture to enjoy food?

I would not have forgiven myself if i didnt had this for dessert. The mango was to die for, sweet and juicy for 80 baht.

Rinsed with pandan and lemongrass cooler, 20 baht.

Walked home with pork skin crackers for 30 baht. Sad to say, i couldnt finish as i was busy that night with the Bathroom. My beer and pork skin crackers, when will i ever see you again?


Ok, shall go shower and study. I think that is all for now, till i have the inspiration to write.


leo said...

should've told me u want to tour.. have some really reputable tour operator friends in bangkok that would have been more reasonable and ethical.. oh welll =) see you 3rd june at chiaroscuro

CUMI & CIKI said...

i see som tam!! yummie!!!

daphne said...

looks like a fantastic trip!

Kenny Mah said...

Good gosh, guess I really have to hit you up and Unkaleong for advice before I hit Bangkok (if ever) to avoid being conned left, right, center, huh?

Nic (KHKL) said...

busy that night with the bathroom?? apa ini??

eh, u din go to the chatuchak market ar?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

nic: i went weekday and ciao la..pasar pagi not for my blood..too rich..

kenny: any case say No!No! and No! probably staying in the hotel room is the safest haha..

daphne: memorable would be a nice word

c&c: haha yes u did..

leo: well wat can i say? nxt time do my research PROPERLY..

sc said...

only went to floating market when i was a kid. never returned after that...even at that time, i realised it was a cut throat place..hahaha

fatboybakes said...

where's central food court? paragon?
i'm going in july... shall scrap the floating market then. (not my first time going to bkk la)

Crunchasarus Rex said...

I think they try to con everyone lah.. unless you go with a local.. but then local also can pakat and con you.. so donch be too hard on yourself.

tigerfish said...

Pork skin crackers? In HK, they have those fish skin crackers that is good with beer or even dipping into the fishball noodle soup too :)

I'm quite a sucker for Thai food but too bad...near where I am staying...nothing authentic.

Cynthia said...

This is so darn awesome.

Henry Yeo said...

to nipples: what happened to chatchuchak weekend market?

to Kenny and FBB: heading over there in June, will take photos of Siam Paragon since I will probably spend 2 days there (especially the supermarket, think it is upend gourmet stuff). When will you be going over there, Kenny?

Seaqueen said...

Wow!!! I'm drooling already in the early morning while I'm reading this.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

seaqueen: hahah oops..

henry: aiyoh i say i went during weekday to chatuchak ler??

cynthia: it is..

tigerfish: pork skin is in its own league haha..

rex: i suppose so lar..

fbb: the shopping centre is called central..or used to be knwn as world trade centre..

sc: nothing has changed, has it?

ling239 said...

boat jam!! hahahaaaa....

Jun said...

wow, the mango dessert more ex than ur pork leg rice? LOL.

eh u din go to that chatuchak (or however it's spelt) market ah?

Xiu Long Bao said...

Eh, we also dun use meter when taking taxi in KL isn't?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ling239: wat to do if not enuf car traffic jam..

jun: you are the number gazillion to ask me that SAME QUESTION!!

xlb: no wor..i dont take TAXI 1.. haha..but usually in the blue moon,when i do..i use meter..

jason said...

I'm going there again in July with bigger gang of friends :)

I never think of going to Floating market cos it's darn faaarrr and hygiene reason. Chatuchak has more stuff to see and buy than Floating market.

mimi said...

Traffic congested at river...hehe
don have chance try those pig skin cracker..sigh... muz have "krak krak" sound when u eat it rite?

Simon Seow said...

pig skin cracker, wah i wan i wan. 80bath is a bargain for the mango dessert.

fatboybakes said...

henry, i love the gourmet supermarket at paragon. alas, i dont cook when i'm there, so cant buy all those lovely fresh stuff.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

fbb: aiyoh looks like ur forum bug is starting here ar...

simon: shiok rite? well not bargain la..high class food court..

mimi: YEAH!

jason: well we learn from mistakes..

Precious Pea said...

We nearly get conned also in front of grand palace. We wanted to go to another temple which is within walking distance (15 mins) and they told us it's closed for lunch. *Temple closed for lunch??* Sensing something was not right, we decided to walk instead and right in front of the temple was a big sign stating "WE NEVER CLOSE"! Hahahahahaha!

Aiiyoo..i miss the delicious tender trotter rice.

Lianne said...

I've been wanting to go Floating Market since ... but judging from this blog, have to really, really plan properly and be extra careful. Thanks for the tips!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

pp: close shave haha..

lianne: i think still can go..just be carefulll...

Jackson said...

i miss BKK!!! Floating market!! and...Silom!

Michelle said...

I just went to BKK in April, went to this authentic floating market with a local Thai tour I found online, the cheapest (some charged THB2000/pax). Only costs me THB700/pax, including of pick up and send off to/from hotel and the speedboat ride into the floating market itself. From there, we just needed to pay THB150/pax to ride on the sampan to really experience the whole floating experience.:) I guess doing lots of research prior to your vacay is the best. I did mine 1 month ago online prior to going, and I've not experienced a single "con" experience, hehe. Reading what other travellers experienced on their trips really helped. :) Oh, the aunty in the sampan asked for tips from me, I refused to give her though, haha!