Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another culinary idol @ Setia Alam

In the world of Food Blogging, one must possess the following traits: willing to put anything in their mouth, whip out the camera at the sight of food and with the latest trend; it appears that one must also be able to whip up a feast in their kitchen.

Exactly what my latest culinary idol decided to do; whip up a BIG feast that struck us with awe.

So like Mr and Mrs Smith, Mr and Mrs Pea decided to not blow up their house and kitchen but blew us all away with their lip smacking dishes. With the score of plates all over the serving table, she has risen to a level of food blogging that minors like me can only have a wet dream of.

With that the tag team, presented to us their signature dishes that only Setia Alam can offer.

What appears to be a simple dish of stuffed tau foo and chillies turned out to be home-made all the way! Unfortunately the chillis were not grown in the garden and she didn't exactly made the tau foo but imagine the fish paste being splattered on all sides of the wall to ensure the bounciness and freshness of the meat was retained. That got us going for seconds and thirds before we lost count.

The Curry Chicken was a joy to behold. Being mildly spicy but enough to give a kick, i was secretly hoping some would make maggi mee to accompany this. Nevertheless, white rice was as good as gold with the gravy, potatoes and succulent chicken thigh pieces.

The reason why we were all invited for; the piece de resistance (did i spell this out correctly?). HOME MADE ROAST PORK - Marinated and air dried in the fridge before roasting taking a total of 48 hours to get it to this state. It is a pity it took less then an hour to demolish the whole plate without a trace of what it was.

Just when we thought, oh my thats a heavy as a lunch can ever get, another strong aroma was sensed. The familiar smell of vinegar and ginger lead us to the vinegar pork trotters. Tradition has it that this dish is especially potent and medicinal for ladies after giving birth. If you looked at who were picking this plate clean, i think we just reinvented tradition with males hogging the plate and saying IT WAS HARD LABOUR you know.

So what could someone like me do? Roast a duck? Nah, bought it in Klang for RM32, looked good enough to be walloped clean, although very oily.

We polished off the meal with a colourful vegetable dish. I think we were only missing some red peppers to make this a rainbow dish.

A healthy smooth tau foo dish with a delicious topping that really got us hankering for rice. No wonder the rice cooker was filled to the brim with rice.


When the main dishes were eaten and gobbled down by famished bloggers; we had to leave desserts to the Bakers.

Apparently i was suggesting that they should compete for the top spot to become famous but stupidly not realising that the duo has 1,000 friends between them on Facebook. How more famous can one get when they already have a thousand friends on Facebook? Err, apparently my little brain couldnt handle such rapid calculations.

FBB latest creation or some would bluntly say pirated off a cookbook and made it his own, an upside down Pear and Ginger pudding. Served with thick cream, this cake was a favourite and got everyone eyeing for spare pieces. Apparently another hoo haa i made was asking so how did you poach your pears?

Err, heard before of SPC?


A sweet Yorkshire pudding that was virtually made on the spot, baked in the oven before our main meal was complete, served with icing sugar and honey. Ohh, so lovely!

What meals can go out without alcohol? Wine Jelly was served, white wine, sugar and gelatin. If i was alone, i would probably get drunk on this while watching TV.

Soon, it was time to say goodbye but we vowed that despite her elevated status that we would convince her to shower us with her delicious cooking in the near future.

I hope, hope you are reading this, oh Mrs Pea.


leo said...

fantastic... i'm speechless!!

CUMI & CIKI said...

the desserts look amazing.. but the siew yok looks to DIE4 !!! lol... great blog

Jackson said...

ok. Now yr turn to make me regret of that!

UnkaLeong said...

*Hic* that wine jelly was really something yar! So was the rest of the spread Pea! Had fun, we should do it again sometime soon :)

Seaqueen said...

Amazing!! I gotta ask my forumers in Setia Alam where this place is. A hidden jewel in my neighbourhood. Heheheheh!!! Time to loosen my clothings a bit to fulfill my cravings especially for Wine Jelly. Yummy!.

Nic (KHKL) said...

eh, din realise that SPC joke leh...maybe i was too busy sliding those wine jellos down my throat...fantastic stuff! and of course, mr and mrs pea's dishes were fantabulous. me lurve the pork trotters...haha!

fatboybakes said...

actually, nic, i think nipples got his facts mixed up. the spc thing wasnt mentioned at pea's, but at sooka sentral, where i also brought the same dessert.

and young man, nipples, you want to die ah? i never claimed it as my own, and always gave credit to the recipe book. afterall, what good is buying a recipe book if you dont use the recipes in them? hahaha. PBBBBBBTH.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

fbb: must b still intoxicated..but the fact remains i got hooked on SPC pears.. i think the feet is already a permanent fixture in my mouth and looks like it has spread to my blog too! eh, ur pudding was way cool!

nic: SPC = canned pears..

seaqueen: haha good luck hunting!

unkaleong: lets get a quorom and "convince" pea shall we?

jackson: soon everyone is goin to make u remember and scar u for life!

c&c: died for it already..willing to die again hahaha..CHOI

leo: yeap, when is it ur turn?

Bernsy said...

u guys can really eat ah...wakakaka

Precious Pea said...

Aiyoo...*blush blush*

Thank you for such generous compliment. Glad you enjoy the food. Ahem...actually those fish paste didn't splattered on the wall, it was all over the floor! Hahah! But bouncy right????

Live2Talk said...

Err I don't know that you can actually link 'wet dream' with food ;P

Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

Live2Talk: I guess that's they call it food porn? ;)

Mrs. Pea: Oh do listen to Nipples and have us over again, please? *bats eyelashes furiously*


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

kennymah: looks like i no need to reply them lor?

live2talk: refer to kenny mah haha

pp: yes..very bouncy..jumping around in my mouth..

bernsy: haha no.1 rule la

ling239 said...

must be lots of work for them....^_^

mimid3vils said...

what a feast!!!!

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

hahaha food is probably the closest thing to sex that anyone has ever invented, toys not included! ;-)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ling239: i heard they woke up before the sun was up..and this is for lunch..mind u..

mimi: yes indeed!

nigel: ok..food better then toys? and sex being the best?

Simon Seow said...

I heart the wine jelly. Eating eat with roast pork must be heaven.

mama bok said...

I need to come home..!!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

when's the next big chow-down??u lucky ppl of kl!

Precious Pea said...

kenny: Not so soon or else you all will be jelak of my food oledi. I will need to experiment more with my cookbook to learn a dish or two.

Terri: When you are in KL, please make time to my house. I make roast pork for you yah?

Seaqueen said...

Do you happen to have the address of the place??

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

simon: i need to korek the recipe out..lets see if i can do so from the creator..

mamabok: YES u need to!

terri: what can i say?

pp: roast pork, how to be sien???

seaqueen: well..u can ask her?

leo said...

lol find me a nice kitchen, house and crockeries i'll be there with my knife set =)

J2Kfm said...

where is Mrs Pea's restaurant huh?
Me in Ipoh, so far away ...

daphne said...

that's a lovely spread of food! and Mrs Pea-wow!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

leo: hahah aiyoh tough job..

j2kfm: hahah somewhere in setia alam keke..long waiting list..some say years..

daphne: i know..when is it ur turn to host haha..

Rasa Malaysia said...

I am partial to yong tow foo and that plate of stuffed tofu and red chilies are calling my name!!!

Aroma Rice Cooker said...

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"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

aroma rice cooker: ok ok..

rasa malaysia: hahah i thought they were calling me!