Friday, April 25, 2008

Picture to end the week

Wanted to finish the week with a full blown review but realised my chicken dish was missing in action, the pain of uploading pictures in batches.

So i thought what could i do then? I realised i got a picture that was receiving luke-warm response in my Flickr account. First picture to have 4 independent people looking into it. Now thats a rare gem indeed.

So here it is..

I am swallowing my saliva as i see this, Time for LUNCH!

For my readers, i know i asked before, but time for you guys with the slightest knowledge about Bangkok to help me out!

Me staying at Indra Regent Hotel, Bangkok.

Places to tailor clothes and food; i need. Shopping malls, i think thats quite obvious by now.

Thank You.


UnkaLeong said...

Check out your facebook wall! ;)

team bsg said...

in BKK u can buy anything any place anywhere anytime so just enjoy it !

leo said...

for fab food goto cabbages n condoms... also the restaurant up in lebua at state tower is worth checking out if u have some serious spare cash... =)

Anonymous said...

Bangkok - must go to Celadon Restaurant for good thai food.
Sukothai Hotel -

Nic (KHKL) said...

make suits in shops in those lorongs at silom, ping pong shows at patpong, and chatuchak market for everything else except the 2 items stated above...have a great time in bkk!

equilibrium2008 said...

I was supposed to be in Bangkok last year but instead I was sent to HK and Macau for a month. But I hope to see this country soon. :) My friend says that shopping here is really nice...