Thursday, April 10, 2008

How I almost missed my flight

I was blog hopping as usual, when i chanced upon an entry talking about airports. Deep and thick as feelings were spewing from all corners of the square, it dwells on the love and hate relationship one may have with it.

It suddenly lead me to many feelings; first my own experiences with the airport.

Secondly as it is lead deeper into my shallow self, stories that i use to engage with people during the "get-to-know-you" period.

Finally, it leads to what you blog about.

Answering the questions in reverse order:

I blog about things that i dont want to forget and things that i want to share with everyone. It may be always about food, because i want to remember the experience of enjoying food all over again as i look at the pictures as i type. BUT I realise i can also blog about stories that i can share.

Therefore as if awoken after an overdose of anti-histamines, i can also blog about stories that i use to engage with new friends (*hinting you guys are my friends too*)

Thus here goes, the story about my own airport experience, heavily influenced by this post.

Going to airports has always been 'the usual routine'; to fly, to send off or to receive.

I love airports; most of the time i fly off to new places and experience something un-Malaysian.

Call me lucky or young but i never had the sad and crushing feeling of sending off someone that i would dearly missed. Actually maybe call me selfish, because i would follow along.

The point is, i want to tell you all a story because i am lazy to upload pictures. So relax and read with a big laugh.

I was scheduled to fly off to Johor Baru @ 6.30am. This was after a long break since i last sat in a plane ("9 freaking months! You are such an arsehole")

Not bothered to call a cab, so i could drive and thus claim milage, it got me thinking what time i should leave the house.

So thinking that you have to reach the airport @ 6.30am instead of flying off at 6.30am!, just to make sure i get there a bit early and not realising that you had to check in comfortably @ 5.30am, I woke up at 4.45am, so you know i can shower and prepare to leave the house @ 5.20am.

Still not realising as i log onto my blog at the touch of 4.55am, i realised i made a huge mistake for not accounting time required to check in.


As i sped off like lightning despite my size (*imagine things bouncing up and down in slow motion*)

The way i drove to KLIA, even Michael Schumacher would be proud and Shell would be happy as the petrol the car gulped was unbelievable also.

Amazingly i reached KLIA from Cheras in a record speed breaking 30 minutes, well 35 minutes by the time i parked and ran with my socks in my hand. Running to the counter which was unfortunately at the other side of the airport, i realised i would be in deep shit if i found the counter closed for check in.

Thinking of forking out your own money to pay for a MAS flight to Johor Bahru was just too daunting.

At this point, i must have achieved uncountable miracles as i finally sat on the chair wearing my socks @ 6.20am after checking in. Shortly after, with earphone plugged into the IPOD, i boarded casually to the plane.

Not too bad for an airport experience right?

Promise my pictures will go up soon.


kennymah said...

I'll give you credit, Nipples. Yours is certainly the Most Original reaction to reading my post. Possibly the funniest too, haha.

So, now that you're an expert on the subject, what time should I leave Damansara Perdana, PJ to get to KLIA on time to welcome someone back on a 9:00pm flight?

And please, don't include the bit with record speed breaking in your calculations. I think I'll skip the 'things bouncing up and down in slow motion' part. Lol.

AngryYoungChild said...

lols..I finally can just rot around the internet and read all your blogpost! XP

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

U got time to take photos too?

ling239 said...

u sure ur sock in ur hands ?
sure ? very very sure ?
not in ur mouth ?
aiseh... :p

Nic (KHKL) said...

that is one situation i do not want to get myself into...haha! and i usually prefer night fear of not being able to wake up in the morning...hehe...

i wonder what kinda pics? fastfood..haha!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

kennymah: haha welcoming is can steadily leave your house @ 8.30pm..bcoz the ONE wouldnt come out till at the very least 9.30pm excluding shopping

agy: welcome back..

ll: haha no la..i meant photos that i recently took..i didnt had time to even wear socks, let alone pictures la dear..

ling239: maybe maybe..memories abit blur..

nic: aiyoh you da same as ll..well when you got a meeting @ 9am, theres not much you can too stingy to let me sleep 1 nite..

daphne said...

haha! glad u caught your flight! Well, even if u haven''s still a good story to tell ;p

tigerfish said... must be a relatively empty flight ;) ....I hate to reach the airport and see check-in counters with snake-like queues :O

lili@edlin@ said...

so what triggered you to realise that you were (ahem, such a bimbo) late already ? ;)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

i have this friend, who just WON'T go to the gate unless his name is called via microphone for final/urgent/i-swear-i-will-leave-you/the-whole-plane-is-waiting-for-you/IMMEDIATE boarding

lucky i don't have to fly with him HAHA. I am Ms.Early Bird who likes to hang out in airports, especially the ones with many many duty-free shops (i'd just be window shopping, i swear)

Precious Pea said...

Aiyoo..for your information, last Friday i was at the airport sending my sis and family off...and i was crying and sobbing like mad. So embarassing...but it always happen when i send them off.

JOjo said...

*cold sweat*

yuking said...

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Seaqueen said...

Wow. That's superb record driving. So are you joining the F1 team anytime soon?? Hhahahaha!!!

Henry Yeo said...

Any speeding tickets sent to your house?

Jun said...

hahaha u damn blur case la u!! how many times have u flown edi, yet still so blur~ @_@

lingzie said...

lol! i have a funny airport story too actually now that you're mentioned it. my friend had a flight back to Sabah while I had a flight back to Penang on the same nite (different time). so our friends took us to KLIA and we had drinks and chit chatted while waiting for both our flights. i had the earlier one (around 9pm) while my sabah friend had a later 11pm flight. so...when it was time, i left them and proceeded to board my flight. upon arrival in penang, my sabah friend called. i was puzzled. eh? she should be on the plane what?
turns out she missed her flight!! because all of them saw the time 2230 and thought it meant 11.30pm!! so..she dengan selamba-nya walked to the gate at 11pm...only to find out she totally missed her flight!!! we laugh about this incident til this day....

Xiu Long Bao said...

did u lock ur car?

Bernsy said...

wah 30 mins, you must have been doing 140-160 and slowing down for the occasional hazard drivers who do 70 on the right lane... wakakakaka

I had the biggest scare of my life once, when we were doing 180, and saw one dim red light fast approaching on the right lane.... idiot was doing 40 i think on the PD highway (very dark one) waakakkakaka....

Simon Seow said...

If you can drive that fast, I think you drive to JB will be faster.

leo said...

LOL your post brings back memories of when I nearly missed my flight from Berlin to Frankfurt, thereby missing my connection from Frankfurt - Singapore and hence the Singapore - Kuala Lumpur flight.

Flight was at 7.30am, at 6.45am the taxi guy called up to my room finding me sleeping. Packing 21 days worth of luggage in 5 minutes certainly has to break all world records! I checked in just in time hahah!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

replies made in the opp direction

leo: hahha u r much worse!

simon: cannot la..the car cannot tahan d lor..160-170, about to fly..not to mention petrol also gone!

bernsy: well it was 5am..the roads were pretty cars lor haha..

xlb: surprisingly i did..then again i have a short term memory..

lingzie: which reminds me i have another story..

jun: sigh wat to do..domestic flight mah..

henry: fingers cross..

seaqueen: when i can fit in 1..

jojo: haha sweat..period..

pp: i would sob n cry if i had missed the flight..

mocha: nothing to shop at the domestic terminal..then again..shoppin at 5am is abit too much..

tigerfish: no queue..thank god!

daphne: a good story to tell nonetheless

mama bok said...

Wow..1! heart attack..!!