Monday, April 21, 2008

The Girlfriend biggest achievement

Before i start, i am amused by how generous the Girlfriend was in allowing me to post this story up. Thanks to dear, who most probably tear my site down after re-reading what happened last week.

The Girlfriend was faced with a mammoth task last week, getting to and back from a full week seminar in KLCC Convention Centre. Sounds easy? Not if you stay in Klang. The notorious traffic jam to travel that daily 80km send currents down her spine and it was only courteous that the Boyfriend decides to do something to alleviate that headache.

So the Girlfriend stayed over at my place. Expected to be chaffeur driven to the doorstep, I posed the challenge to her on the way back home after moving half her wardrobe in my boot, could you take the LRT from KL Sentral? I mean after all, it is nearby my office and i dont have to suffer traffic and be late for work.

"Err,err, I DONT KNOW HOW TO TAKE LRT!" was the Girlfriend reply.

Apparently they are two kinds of people in this situation. One that will all out accept the fact that they cant do it, and the other one that will insists all things can be done eventhough he/she doesnt have a clue. Apparently, we both fell in the two distinct categories.

Heard of the saying "The blind leads the blind?"

Thus the night before the big day, the blind lead the blinder into the LRT Putra station. As confident as Donald Trump before revealing the Chosen One, the blind said "this path shall be the one" as they headed to the platform.

"Are you sure this is not going to the other side of the line?"

"Good question (think to himself). No, we are on track. Secretly hoping his head/tails answer better be right if not we would need to U-Turn"

As the train approached, we jumped in and prayed for the best. Four stops later, we miraculously arrived outside KLCC. Confidence full to the bream, we made our way back to my car, 4 stops away at KL Sentral.

On Monday morning, like an eager schoolgirl, the Girlfriend confidently walked towards the entrance and beeped her Touch n Go Card, jolly and gay, proud to have learnt one thing.

To take the LRT to work.

Just as she disappeared up the stairs to the platform, the Boyfriend finally breathed properly.

Phew, my ego is still intact.


lili@edlin@ said...

HAHAHAHA.. you should have asked the pro. *ahem*

anyway, a job well done.. (as the Boyfriend, that is) ;)

kennymah said...

Is it just me or did you just blog about taking the LRT? How instructional. Hehe.

But I do enjoy these little snippets of your life with The Girlfriend. Esp. after her witty repartee and snappy comebacks at FBB's party. You guys are hilarious! :)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Kewl. Next, must try the monorail. It'll be a blast.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

lilia: haha mayb i shud..did i mention i knocked off at 9.30pm after the whole stressed up blind leading the blind?

kennymah: haha well..i could always write a dummy to take LRT?

ll: oh dear me, dont get it started..theres KTM as well..

Nic (KHKL) said...

i know of ppl (ok lar, just one...hehe) who used to board the wrong train at the wrong platform at the wrong directions....will not expose the person..scare later kena belasah...haha!

practice makes perfect, i guess...

Precious Pea said...

Gosh..i could not even remember when was the last time I hop onto the LRT!

Nic: I got a feeling I know who you are referring to..hehe.

Hazza said...

I tried the LRT and monorail for the first time on my last visit in 2006. It was only me and my 6 year old son. What worried me was how abruptly the doors can close and the train would leave immediately.. what happens if a parent and child got separated in the rush hour crush?

Henry Yeo said...

a gentleman would have escorted her to and fro all week :P

JOjo said...

Nice one!
M'sia direction signage can be quite a headache sometimes~
Nic: I think i know who u r referring to too~ Nyek Nyek Nyek~

zewt said...

now i dont feel so bad.... haha!

Xiu Long Bao said...

*AHEM* i know who is dat mister nic khkl referring to lor. he will kena belasah very soon.

ling239 said...

i am sure she is glad to have ur support ~ ^_^

Seaqueen said...

Shows what a good life you guys have. Hahhahaha!!! But in a way, the jam in KL really is a killer.Cos I experience it everyday. Hopefully one day I can finally find a client that does not have an office in KL area. :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

nic: damn obvious who u talkin abt rite? hahah

pp: aiyohhh good life la u..

hazza: i think they have sure they cant squash a kid rite?

henry: im sure all the girls r lining up to be ur gf now..BETTER DUN LET MINE KNOW!

jojo: wah i m sure that person must b bengang by many ppl know..

zewt: hahah, what did you do?

xlb: your fren ke? hehehe..nic better wear helmet n walk around

ling239: i hope i did enuf..

seaqueen: hahah no lar..where got good life..

mama bok said...

Hahahha!! you and g/f too funny lah.. :P

daphne said...

well done 'the boyfriend'! haha

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

mamabok: funny meh? haha

daphne: *smiling gleefully*

Simon Seow said...

Wei, LRT that difficult meh? I think London's Underground is more complicated leh.

MH said...

haha...Joe this is a nice entry!!
Maybe u can tick off your own list of 100 things to do before I'm 30??
But I really against trying might give up on public transport after that!! Yeah..and its really sweet of you to be so thoughtful :P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

simon: on the contrary, after awhile i got used to the london's underground despite there being 4 different lines and zig zags of elevators to add..

mh: ty ty, haha actually my gf did take the ktm as well to an impromptu meeting..thats another day i suppose..

jason said...

LOL... maybe I should put that as my Biggest Achievement too. *dated back in June of course!*

Anonymous said...

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