Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tamarind Springs @ Ampang

The day before Valentines, i asked "So how did we celebrate Valentines last year".

In which a rather harsh tone replied "You went for happy hour with your friends and we almost broke up".

Oops. Truth was i on the dreadfully wrong side in assuming when she would get back from her 1 day outstation trip from Johor. My horrible mathematical skills derive a solution of "not coming back on time". It is probably the biggest miracle that she still my same Valentines this year.

This year, i was back with a vengeance. Eager to try to make up for what i did.

"Did you know, in the korean drama, the guy blew up balloons in the car to surprise?" [Checked, to buy balloons]

"Did you know its been awhile since you bought flowers?" [Checked, to buy flowers]

"Lets celebrate the dinner on another day" [Checked, to celebrate within Klang and find a good place on Saturday]

Looks like i was all prepared.

Tamarind Springs, with an ambience that could melt any heart. The minute you walked down the stairs down the middle of the jungle, you feel like you have just stepped into a different world, abit like Alice stepping into wonderland.

This is not what i saw in the brochure, this is what i saw.

Crackers with sweet chilli. The dip was exactly what reminded us of Australian life.

A complimentary sweet and sour asian salad

The dark atmosphere just makes the whole place so much more romantic, but hell to my pictures..

The pot of asparagus and crabmeat soup was pleasant on the palate, smooth and about the only item that was not spicy and cooked to make you sweat.

The sesame beef was disappointing (RM30plus). Getting lost between sesame and garlic, the tender cuts of meat was cooked well but the marinade, the sauce was just lost in my mouth.

The deep fried sea perch with spicy tamarind sauce (RM80pls). The meat was deeply fried and no signs of oil dripping. Although the sauce was tongue numbing and caused me to sweat profusely. At this moment i realised the ceiling fans were for show and the humid weather with no rain didnt help at all.

The shrimp paste on french baguette seemed to an alright appetizer but seriously nothing seemed to have tickled my fancy.

Address and contact details:

Jln 1 Taman T.A.R,
68000 Ampang,
Selangor D.E.


Verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. The ambience was mesmerizing for both of us. The dim lights, the green wrapping around the wooden "atap restaurant", the attentive waiters basically shot the stars up to the sky BUT somehow the recommendations didnt seem to be what we were looking for. The food wasnt tantalizing but numbing to the mouth, even on the verge of mediocre. Then again, love is what fills up the stomach and not food, so if you want to impress, you better call and make a reservation soon. Real soon.


teckiee said...

"love is what fills up the stomach"... enough said (or rather.. typed) for this post.

sc said...

my friends told me that this place scores for ambience but food is very average (hence i didnt wanna go and try)..nonetheless, sweet of you for what you've done for your gf :)

mimi said...

Nice ambiance :)

ai wei said...

romantic n fine ambience. both of u must hv a wonderful valentine. and never neglect her again o... :P

Big Boys Oven said...

Place is good, very romantic, food is just average nothing to shout about!

Henry Yeo said...

enjoyed the Cricket Philharmonic Orchestra?

wmw said...

You had a memory lapse or what? You knew what happened last year and yet you ask her ah? Aiyoh...thank goodness you did right this year :o).

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hahahahaa... sorry, I can't stop laughing when I see you asked that question.... Thk god, you made it right this year!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

teckiee: haha singing *love is in the air*

sc: i guess if go for a date can kua..

mimi: almost like a dream

ai wei: haha phew got 11 months to rest..

bbo: i wouldnt shout also..very quiet place..

henry: was too bz sweating actually..

wmw: yeah been having short term n long term memory loss..haha

new kid: hahahaha..

celine said...

So, you really bought balloons anf flowers?

daphne said...

well done joe- that looks like a lovely v-day dinner. =) even with THAT question asked. tsk tsk tsk. =)

Jun said...

hahaha see la, go happy hr for vday, i'm amazed u're still alive ;p nice place indeed joe, at least u knew how to redeem ur actions ;p thanks for the condolences- much appreciated.

ling239 said...

wow... a very beautiful this place is ~ ^_^

where are the balloons and flowers ?
the smile on her face must be priceless... ^_^

kennymah said...

"Then again, love is what fills up the stomach and not food..."

Hey, bro, I'm all about the love, you know that... but makan pun perlu lah. If not how to love on an empty tummy? :P

Seaqueen said...

Hi....I'm back...after a long trip away. Heheh!! So did you managed to redeem yourself this Valentine's?? You didn't say much on that but the food looks delish. Hehehhe!!

Nic (KHKL) said...

sounds like my experience at basil leaf, ampang minus the lovey dovey moments lar...but must give you distinction for effort lar! bravo!

Tummythoz said...

D last time friends went there, they came with several souvenirs - mossies lovebites. So today, I've not been there. Then again, what does one know of such pleasure coming from one who spent V day trying to guess who're d psychos on a CSI binge?

Bernsy said...


This restaurant must have one of the BEST ambiance and atmosphere for a romantic dinner with a loved one. Good choice for venue....

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I've always liked Tamarind Springs. It's a favourite for me and my friends when we want to celebrate an occasion. And your photos are okay mah. Got some mood lighting there...captures the romance!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

gosh you had such a romantic v-day, and mine was totally chaotic here haha, sharing it with you

love malaysian food, will post the ones i've tried soon. ur blog is superb, keep it up!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

gosh you had such a romantic v-day, and mine was totally chaotic here haha, sharing it with you

love malaysian food, will post the ones i've tried soon. ur blog is superb, keep it up!

fatboybakes said...

havent been here, but been to tamarind hills, also big on ambience but lousy on food. what's the point? i might as well set up a tent in gasing hill and feed her maggi mee. then again, its just me, an old cynic...snigger.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

celine: yeap yeap!

daphne: that question was definitely not planned!

jun: im counting every day after tat n being very grateful haha..

ling239: pricless as a mastercard ad

kennymah: haha tats y i cant lose weight

seaqueen: if tat didnt redeem myself..i dunno wat else to do!

nic: bows dwn n say thk u haha

tummythoz: i almost thought so romantic until love bite!

bernsy: yeap yeap

ll: you are too kind lar..

mocha: goin to read it in a sec

fbb: shit darn good idea..more points scored on effort cooking the noodle also lar..shud try it nxt yr..let u knw if i come out alive

mimi said...

ambiance is a dream but price will make my hubby cry :....(

~Christine~Leng said...

you're sweet Joe :)
nice environment... this place ;)

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Dean said...
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niz said...
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wow nice foods mate!

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