Friday, January 18, 2008

Lots of Cousins Special..

Now apparently when you have two female as siblings who were born to camwhore, you tend to sway abit and turn into one of them. You dont exactly play with their dolls but you pick some of the most obvious traits from them. That is what happened to dear Scott.

Apparently, he enjoys seeing photos of himself on the computer. His mom related the story one day, and i thought i better do something about it before they all start tearing hair from each other's head.

Scott asked how come he sees Ellen pictures on my blog. Refusing to sleep one night, he asked mom if she could click on the Monday Blue links one by one, till he sees his face! Panicking, she clicked on it one by one, and each post would be filled with his little sister smiling cheekily and tormenting him indirectly.

So i thought why not make him a happy man..Let the pictures roll guys!

Refusing to pose..


The sisters now even do silly poses..
Potrait shots..

Sister shots again..


Christy said...

Now he will definitely be appeased!!:D

ling239 said...

Poor little boy ~
how can u treat them so unfairly... =.="

daphne said...

ehehhe.. how cute!! all those children. so many cousins!

Jun said...

ur portraits are so nice~!!! yeah u shud giv more credit to scott next time, he's adorable!

Nic (KHKL) said...

ahh...children never fail to amuse. wish i was young worries, no books, no work, eat only...hehe...

Jason said...

Pilih kasih :P

lilia edlina said...

aren't you just so sweet? hehe..

they r so adorable!

(so this one is not under the Monday Blue's category?)

Imbi & Itchy said...

luckily i don't have that problem .. only 1 niece ...phewwww

Cynthia said...

Joe I still think you are going to get into trouble with Scott, look at the ratio of Scott to the girls photos you have here - 2:3! :)

alexander said...

They are all cute!
Nice shots!
You are so lucky.

Alex's World! -

ai wei said...

all sweet n cute happy smiley faces!


Crunchasarus Rex said...

Hehehhe!! that was cute..!
didn't think lil' boys like their pictures taken. ;)