Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Before it is too late..

I would have thought it would not have been too late when i decided to talk about My Elephant or rather his Elephant. Unfortunately my usual blog hopping session revealed more reviews; so rather then crowding the same old pictures on the internet although i can dare say mine was taken rather well, i am going to put it in draft mode and reveal the curtains when the time come.


Now back to the main topic, prior to my picture crisis, i was about to reveal the introduction of the Red Velvet by Just Heavenly.

Like a small little kid, i waited as Nigel explained a re-make of one of the most famous cake in the West. I wasnt exactly curious to know the mechanics but rather wanting to satisfy my palate and my growling tummy.

Now the Red Velvet is (if i am not mistaken) a dense chocolate cake with a natural red coloring topped up with their signature cream cheese drops.

Feeling rather light and without a hint of chocolate, i felt as if i was eating a novelty cake then what is meant to be a classic cake of the West. I cant seem to understand the hype for it is a nice-to-eat cake but thats where the full stop ends; nevertheless it is a very handsome cake to be consumed by a rather savage man.

The perfect cake to be seen eating if you want to be seen as a classy person, but for RM7.90, i rather savour their other classic cakes such as their Choc and Cheese and their Choc Durian which comes in a rather bigger portion for an extra one ringgit.

Well what can i say? A rather feminine cake to be eaten, one thing is for sure, i am definitely looking out for more new delights!

Which brings me to a rather late introduction of some goodies i sampled prior to Christmas.

A Christmas Bread with icing sugar. Tasted rather like a cake but the bread texture is evident. The variety of nuts gives it a crunchy bite to the "Stollen". Meant to be a Christmas special, i am not sure if you can get it, unless you beg them really hard, well really hard i guess?

The Pannettone. Well indeed an eye opening experience after tasting another new Christmas dessert to me. The sweet yeast like texture was unfamiliar but comforting but those who have been eating out of the boxes you get in the supermarket, should know better then me. Again a Christmas special, so i guess you really have to beg hard, blame it on me!

Snowman cookies which i doubt will carry any value past Christmas. But arent they adorable?

Last i saw, the truffles were still there which was a couple of days ago. So hurry up!

Once again, Happy New Year 2008 and lets get the food reviews rolling away!


zewt said...

allan is really getting free advertising from u huh.. :)

yammylicious said...

Red Velvet!! awww.. u make mii craving for it badly now! wan some can...

ling239 said...

i guess i will stick to Death by Chocolate then ~
HaPpY nEw YeAr !! ^_^

mama bok said...


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

zewt: err..not really la..although i m easily bribed by sweets.oops did i say anything?

yammy: hahah did i? oops..

ling239: well i still prefer the banana pie keke..

mamabok: i know..y is life full of yummy things!

Cynthia said...

I can tell you have a blast this holiday.

Happy new year to you and yours.

Nic (KHKL) said...

oh...colouring, is it? i was always curious about the redness of the cake and thought it's from cranberry juice and such...hmmm, with so much being said about Just Heavenly, guess it wont be long before I pay a visit...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

cynthia: yeap i did!..happy new year to u too..

nic: apparently natural colouring from beet root is used also..im not too sure which is which now..haha

~Christine~Leng said...

wanna try red velvet :)looks cute ;P
Happy New Year Joe!

kennymah said...

Eh, your blog colour changed di... is this why you need help with the banner? Email me a reminder, bro... these next three days looks killer for me... perhaps I'll get some time this weekend?

Happy First Post of 2008, by the way... :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

christine: happy new year to u too! looks cute? keke

kenny: err the border doesnt match the size of the banner..haha i will catch u in the weekends then..

daphne said...

new look? nicely done!

The stollen with the variety of nuts is sooo appealing to me!

celine said...

Yea...the snowman is adorable!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

daphne: haha i saw everyone changing..so i thought i changed too!

celine: cant bear to eat it rite?