Thursday, January 31, 2008

I am going to BANGKOK!

I finally realise how fun it is to pop by Air Asia website and choose some random place and time for a holiday. The tension to find the free promotional seats and the calculator with numbers flying here and there.

Finally it was decided that i should be flying there FREE excluding a stupid thing called airport taxes and paying RM70 for my return flight. Well well, it is still a great bargain for a first timer.

So for those experienced bargainers and travellers to Bangkok, hotel places, shopping places, eating places, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

With that i shall leave it to my two girls to hog the rest of the lime light.

I am gonna eat like theres no tommorow!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Neroteca 2 @ Lorong Ceylon


First you have City Day and the week after you have Chinese New Year. For those looking out for some peaceful time alone during the festive season, avoiding the traffic jams and not taking another eye on work and the red decor all around, Neroteca remains the highly recommended place that i have sung to many and virtually all of my friends.

To feel like you are out of the city and out of the country right in the middle of the city, the irony and the contradictions have never worked so well.

The cupboards of wine bottles entice you to order although the wine lists do features some wallet burning bottles, their house wines are affordable just under RM100.

Being so comfortable in this little humble restaurant, i have visited numerous times and have virtually tried their specials, pastas, antipastis and even their meats. All i can say is that although they dont seem to specialise in home-made pastas or special melt-in-your-mouth wagyu, their food has been consistent. One of my favourite all time dish to start off is their cold cut meat platter.

Tagliere Neroteca (RM37) - Various kinds of ham, salami and prosciutto along with something else very essential below..

Their freshly baked bread. If there is one thing i have learnt here, it is never be shy to ask for another basket. Whether it is early morning or be it late afternoon, their bread always seem to be fresh and dipped in some garlic flavoured balsmic vinegar and olive oil, with a slice of ham, you have me with the eyes closed and dreaming in Alice in Wonderland.

The Fettucini Carbonara is one of our favourites and something similar to this is the Tagliatelle Funghi e Prosciutto RM 22. Although the pasta is not home made, the al dente noodle along with the creamy mushroom and ham sauce was just the perfect comfort food one can have on a rainy or sunny day.
Their signature Tiramisu did not disappoint although the lack of alcohol could have been boosted by a splash or more rum. The smooth texture with the true bitter cocoa powder was amazingly well balanced. This small portion was courtesy of Neroteca because they couldnt serve us a full portion. It goes to show coming to their places often, does have its advantages!

Address and contact details:

Ground floor, Somerset
8 Lorong Ceylon
50250 Kuala Lumpur
tel: 03 / 2070 0530

Ratings: 4 stars out of 5 stars. A firm favourite for a late brunch or breakfast. Dinners tend to be abit crowded as the place can only cater around 40 people at a go. A strong recommendation to take your loved ones for a nice chilling session. Refer to my first review for some yummy seafood pasta as well.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Li Jin @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Fusion, has always appeared in many western cuisines and exotic asian cusines but call me a "country man" but this is exactly the first time that i seen a Chinese Fusion restaurant; Li Jin.

Standing out is the big entrance when you rise up from the elevator to the 6th floor and with the help of a "huge" Estuary garoupa in the front fish tank, you are tempted to go in even with Thai, Indian, Vietnamese cuisine all around the curve.

With a big banner saying Peking Duck for a promotional price of RM28.80++, the deal was sealed as we trooped in.

Expecting stir fry ginger T bone and steam fish fillet served with french fries, we were handed a menu full of items that appeared very "chinese". Well so much for expecting some weird individual dishes and welcome the sharing plates of meats and vegetables that we would go through during any normal chinese dinner.

I was slightly annoyed by the fact that the waitress was really promoting their special garoupas going for at least RM20 plus per 100gm which would tear my wallet and through my pants, i felt that my hint was too subtle for her, and we finally decided on a Sea Garoupa for RM10.00 per 100gm with a 10% discount on seafood at that time.

The meat was firm and the 1kg plus fish did not fail us although it took past the 1 hour mark to deliver it to our table. Our facial expression warranted the captain to chase the kitchen multiple times, which was at least a way to redeem herself.

The duck arrived at our mercy.

The roasted juicy skin with hoi sin sauce, cucumbers wrapped with light egg pancakes was the first dish to be served. A delight as our chop sticks attacked it, one by one.

What was to be done with the rest of the duck? I was slightly annoyed to be informed that it would cost RM10++ if you wanted the meat to be cooked in some simple styles and RM15++ for a XO sauce stir fry duck. So it was, splashing another RM15 for XO sauce duck. This is the first time, that the duck was not shredded but cut into chunks of meat with bones before it went into the wok. Disappointed as i wanted the easy access of meat and not bones, and the meat was getting on the tough side when it was cooked another round.

The Duo Combination Roast Meat Platter, was a delight. The distinct layers of the roast pork and the BBQ roast ribs were a joy to behold. The only fusion item appeared; english mustard and sugar, a rare but efficient compliment to the roast pork.

The Pei Pa Tau Foo was colourful and pretty to the camera, but the fishy smell that one could detect from the blended tau foo paste was slightly disappointing. As one of their supposedly star dishes, i expected better not from the looks but from the tastes.

The Claypot Egg Plant has always been one of my favourite dishes to eat with white rice. This simple dish with minced meat, bean paste with some specks of chilli was well done.

The Kai Lan done in two styles has been mushrooming into many Chinese restaurants and Li Jin has also came up with their own version with some fried cuttlefish slices.

Displaying a long list of tau foo fah, we tried it with lychee on the top. Not exactly very smooth but enjoyable as a dessert to the meal.

Address and contact details:

Lot 6.39, 6th floor,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-21482313/03-21419366

Ratings: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars, This Chinese restaurant meal didnt come cheap costing RM300++ for 8 people. The dishes didnt exactly come very fast and the fish took way too long to come out. If the kitchen worked abit harder and faster, i wouldnt mind coming back again despite the hotel prices. Service wise, the hiccup with the bill was also an unfortunate incident that was swiftly settled after we noted the errors. Definitely a worthy restaurant for the classy Pavilion.

[Closed, replaced with Grand Palace]

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sassorosso @ Lorong Yap Kwan Seng

I think i am getting old. Aging till i dont realise that i am not blogging in the same order as food being eaten. If this was to be a meal, i must say this has already been digested and given new life to other sorts of future meals i would have.

Sassorosso, is probably one of the few names that i feel funny after pronouncing it. Firstly, because it is so long that when you finish the last syllable, the person cant remember and second, people will ask you how you spell it and then it hits you because; you realise you dont know how to.

That aside, the entrance has the KLCC twin towers as its background and everything seem to fall in place. The relaxing ambience and an italian face to give you that warm welcome.

The first time i had it, without a camera in me, i realised i found the place with the near perfect risotto. I thought i had achieved what i wanted all this while, to find a simple hearty filling risotto. I was so confident of the chef's skills that i recruited another risotto fanatic on board for the second time. Until i realised it was the squid ink risotto that was the good one because the fresh mushrooms were to be honest;

Uncooked with an overwhelming aroma of fresh mushrooms that smells and tastes earthy i suppose. To make matters worse, i kindly told the captain that the risotto was undercooked but he snobbishly replied; "It is because it is al dente". In which my words were "That day was al dente, today isnt and i know what is al dente". (RM34)

Ahead of my self, the assorted bread basket was generous but i rather have it toasted before being served. Maybe because it didnt taste fresh out of the oven.

The Mixed Antipasti was probably a wise choice for RM68. Filled with samples of their appetisers, we were given a tiny bite of what we would get if we ordered their individual portions. I sincerely apologise with the photo, because the lighting now was rather dim, well dark.

The Duck was generous having done it two styles for RM35 thereabouts. The right side was done in a confit meaning deep fried in its fats. The meat was on the dry side but the crispy skin was something you would rather die for; just like roast pork skin. The left side was grilled and served with a brown thyme sauce that tasted rather bland but was forgiven due to the mast amount of protein i could get from the meal.

From the first visit, my friend told me their wood oven pizza was another thing that bought him back time after time. Named after their name of the restaurant, served with escargots and prawns, i thought this would be an absolute winner. Though as moody as the sky which was pouring and thundering, this came out pretty soggy and the taste didnt seem to gel. (RM34)

Not seen in the picture was two bottles of red reasonably priced wines at RM108 and RM128, pinot noir and merlot from Italy which was smooth and light; lingered in my mouth before sliding down my throat. If something was to pull my ratings up, it was their selections of wine.

Address and contact details:

(No pork but alcohol = dont know whether halal or not)

9 Lorong Yap Kwan Seng
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603 21 666 428

Ratings: 3 stars out of 5 stars. The first time, it was great. I had found a perfectly made dish and the antipasti was like a degustation menu of their appetizers. Then somehow on that second rainy night, expectations were sky high, when everything seem to crumble except the wine. Still contemplating whether i would return, i just might, i just might.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Bijou @ Mont Kiara

The brightly lit atmosphere along with the orange and red cushions, the sparkling white washed walls and the smiling waitresses greet us as we walked into Bijou.

The paper to greet you and remind that you are B.I.J.O.U.

The good use of pink, orange and white gives the whole place a feminine touch but who are you kidding when you open a cafe right smack of 6-7 blocks of condominiums targeted at ex-pats? Clearly a favourite for young mothers with playground facilities and plentiful of magazines and newspapers, one can read a book while their kid play the swing till they are sore.

Pomegranate Soda, tasted quite tangy and enjoyable. Something to take caffeine of my mind (RM12)

Other then mothers, it is also a good place for anyone who is looking to chill on a Saturday afternoon. In fact other then Neroteca, this is about one of my firm recommendations if you want to drop your blood pressure and of course raise your sugar levels, you will see very soon.

Their menu consists of light meals such as your sandwiches, salads and pasta but for those looking for a heavier bite, you can dig into some of their main courses like fish, poultry or steak.

A Nicoise Salad that cost me RM25. Now the only complaint about the salad was the rather "raw" potatoes. Being a baby in the fancy salad world, i wasnt sure if vegans or health freaks prefer their potatoes raw but i was pretty sure the other Nicoise salads i ordered did not contain potatoes though. The tuna pieces were a joy to enjoy and so was the string beans. The sauce tasted like what i could do, a mustard like mayo with some thickened balsamic vinegar.

One more thing, how in the world do you pronounce Nicoise??? I got two different waiters from two different places pronouncing it differently and correcting me as if i am an alien!

My girlfriend ordered their Bijou burger at RM28. I was rather shocked to be told that their tomato relish (the one on the right) would cost me another RM3 for another bowl. It tasted awesome but definitely not enough for my rather shocking thick burger. Grilled to perfection, with bacon and cheese, it was a sinfully delicious meal to enjoy. God, my saliva was dripping as i saw her chew on that burger.

The rather oily chorizo risotto was next up (RM25). Rather creamy till the verge of gelling everything together but still tasting rather comforting, the cream did not hide away my eye sight! I saw burnt chorizos! Then again, in that rather comforting and de-stressing atmosphere, i just ate up and kept quiet, nothing was going to spoil my Saturday and raising my voice. All in all, been there and done that with this risotto, it was nice knowing but not worth keeping.

You guessed it by now. The peanut butter cup cake below is from Bijou and so is this walnut chocolate brownie. There were rather forgettable but i still eyed a few others i would want to put in my glutton self. Then again, if you are in a bright cafe sipping a coffee, these desserts will definitely be a very hard test for you to pass.

Address and contact details:

Ground Floor, Damai Sari,
Mont Kiara Damai,
3 Jalan Kiara 2, Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-62012131

Opening hours: Tues-Frid (12 noon till late) and Sat, Sun and PH (9am till late)
Closed on Mondays

Ratings: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. The food was alright and so were the desserts, really loved the ambience and the charming decor but i would dread if there were a few more crying babies the next time i jump over.

I think i am too old for this..

Sometimes i wonder how some people can live virtually their life with minimum sleep of 5-6 hours. Here i am typing this out after a weekend of 3-4am, but managed to desperately catch some sleep where i could but i still look like a zombie from a B grade horror flick.

Being so young as i am, i feel so old and just want to lie in bed all day. Maybe i should, but i am not. With that all i want to have now is to tuck into some comfort food.

Where is this you might ask? Well when i am awake from my deep sleep.

Do you notice the reflection on those shiny silver balls?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Lots of Cousins Special..

Now apparently when you have two female as siblings who were born to camwhore, you tend to sway abit and turn into one of them. You dont exactly play with their dolls but you pick some of the most obvious traits from them. That is what happened to dear Scott.

Apparently, he enjoys seeing photos of himself on the computer. His mom related the story one day, and i thought i better do something about it before they all start tearing hair from each other's head.

Scott asked how come he sees Ellen pictures on my blog. Refusing to sleep one night, he asked mom if she could click on the Monday Blue links one by one, till he sees his face! Panicking, she clicked on it one by one, and each post would be filled with his little sister smiling cheekily and tormenting him indirectly.

So i thought why not make him a happy man..Let the pictures roll guys!

Refusing to pose..


The sisters now even do silly poses..
Potrait shots..

Sister shots again..

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oh Glorious Seafood, Where are thou all thy while?

As i stepped inside this humble restaurant, with no air-con may i add, i knew i was in for some serious seafood business. A long list of fish was printed on the wall, pictures of funny looking fish i never saw, prices that immediately got my metabolism rate going sky up.

The cheapest fish may be at RM2.50 per 100gm but some of this river delicacies goes up to RM 25 per 100gm. I was even told that the most expensive fish in the house costs a whopping RM100 per 100gm and ironically the name is "Wang Bu Liao" or translated "Forget me not". Now that is some expensive fish that i would definitely not forget.

Some say that their supply comes from the deep rivers accessible to only the orang aslis.

Well want to know more? Read below..

Now being a serious seafood place, one cannot escape from eating a fresh whole steam fish. Those who choose to not eat fish here, is akin to going to McDonalds and not eat their burger. So without much surprise, we settled down on the Soon Hock or Ikan Hantu which was around RM12-13 per 100gm. We were told that this fish was a particularly big one, meaning juicier and firmer texture meat but only the front half was given.

It was a case of you see it now and you see it not. Steam with lightly fried ginger slices and black bean sprinkled, with soya sauce. The fish was fresh and was devoured by my two siblings. Another fish had to be ordered but by then, with no budget, the cheapest fish was ordered. We ate and realised there was no picture of that fish, well nevermind.

Going with the steaming trend, a ginger steam frog legs was next up. Equally wiped up in record time, the coarse ginger paste packed a punch and accompanied the firm huge frog legs. These were most probably reared frogs, lazy but meaty.

The huge clams were done in a broth style. The fiery green mini chilli flavoured the broth and was great with the chewy clam meat. The shells were heavy but we were rewarded with the mother of pearl meat inside.

By then, we had to go for a meat and a wild boar curry was ordered. Verdict? Just as good as their steam specials. The addictive sauce accompanied the ever flowing white rice. The meat was tender and lean and the beans and brinjal are my favourite vegetables.

The obligatory stir fry vegetables, refreshing.

Address and contact details:

Restaurant Fast Food Fish Head (Tai Kei Hor Yu Fan Dim)
58, Jalan R adin Tengah,
57000 Sri Petaling
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-90585397

Open for Lunch and Dinner but closed on Tuesdays

Rating: 4 stars out of 5 stars. Yet another fulfilling adventure. Something that is worth four stars and is indeed rewarding for coming all the way to Sri Petaling. At the time of writing, i have already returned back and try more steam fishes and i can see myself going back many more times.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Hawker Food @ PJ New Town

I never thought much when i posted a picture of a plain looking piece of toasted bread, cheap margarine and a thin layer of kaya.

Hold and behold, i got feedback even throughout the weekend!

It is a pity that i am not here to blog about bread but about simple hawker breakfast food, noodles and etc.

I got to say that i seldom blog about this items because of the following:

1. They dont do name cards, trying to remember how to take you guys there and remembering what the name is; a pain in the ass. I let the pros do that.

2. To lug a DSLR then having to guard it with my thighs or legs after taking pictures is; a pain in the ass.

3. I havent found any that are out of this world to be honest, they serve the primary purpose of eating, to fill you up.

So i guess this has to got to be abit different, no? yes?

After a long bout with rich food, we settled down in this kopitiam for some simple hearty affair.

I realised i cant find my porridge pictures on Flickr, so i shall it as it is now, and finish off the review later. Well, this is the start of lazy blogging, blogging in sections.

Ta Da! My internet connection is finally sensible enough to let me upload my gigantic pictures. Without further ado, the main star of the breakfast, porridge!

The claypot porridge comes in what ever seafood you want to throw in, crab meat, fish and even frogs! Kept warm in the claypot, the smooth bubbling porridge is enhanced by the sweetness of the seafood. The rather oily and limp fried dough is kind of sad but will do when you have hot pipping bowl of porridge to eat.

Other side dishes include a roast spare rib, imagine a meatier and robust version of char siew with bones, now thats what i call finger licking food. (RM10)

The china ladies manning the stall looked rather authentic and so it was, some generously vegetarian filled dumplings that were rather enjoyable while we waited for the porridge to cool down.

Address details:

8 Jalan Tengah
Off Jalan Yong Shook Ling
Petaling Jaya New Town
(Next to the United Overseas Bank)

Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. The prawn mee and porridge are staple items we order everytime we pop by. Although not cheap, the perfect combination of instantly fast noodles to settle down while the porridge cooks and then eating porridge after that.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I think it is finally time for some good old bread

I know i have been extravagant in my food adventures. So much so, that i am resorting to bread. Just joking, its been awhile but i am finally going to blog about hawker food.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Yeah! Its holiday!

It takes an enormous effort to try to put youself in the 1st gear for work.

When everyone comes back to office fresh, you have actually been working and feel dead.

When they decide that they want to take things slow; they ask you to do everything.

When i try to do something, the holidays seem to pile up.

It is as if you want to cruise on the highway but you are queuing up at the toll.

Nevermind, happy holidays for those off tommorrow!

Woohoo! Holiday!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ikan Bakar @ Jalan Bellamy

*The following rumours have no truth whatsoever but is used to simply spice things up*

Some say that the stretch of stalls here actually catered for the Sultan when he is in town.

Others say that the grilled seafood is actually so good that it attracts all his cats in the compound.

All i know is, this is the Ikan Bakar stall on Jalan Bellamy, which is forever crowded with working people queuing up for the various kinds of seafood available in the market that morning.

Choices is not when you have the money, but you dont know what to eat.
Choices is when you see so much seafood plated in front of you, you dont know where to start.

Calories on the other hand wasnt a choice at all to begin with.

The busy man was constantly on the grill, fish after fish, sotong after sotong. The end result? Lots of money for him to pocket and happy customers.

There is only word that describes this sotong; orgasmic. Well if you would like a toned down version, delicious and out-of-this-world is applicable as well.

The temptation to hide the plate from the others was beyond imagination. We couldnt believe how good it was as we kept going back to the counter for more. Three plates was considered a controlled move by 5 persons.

Ikan Kembong (I think). Plenty of small to medium fishes nicely marinated and wrapped in a banana leaf. Alot of them had remnants of scales left, so it was the meat we savor and the awesome skin forgone.

My favourite Ikan Pari. The strands of flesh that tears out easily bought tears to everyone as we savour the food with the view of the Istana.

I dare say that this has been one of the most satisfying meal in a long while, the meaning of cheap good food has finally been realised.


Jalan Bellamy,
Bukit Petaling,
50480, Kuala Lumpur

The last stall towards the end

Rating: 4 stars out of 5 stars. Although not exactly cheap, but then again as gluttons, its a whole different story altogether. At only RM15 a meal, something you cant eat with a place with air-con, proper tablecloth, proper plates and a waiter to serve you, here it is all you can eat at the counter and self-service which is definitely alright with me.