Friday, March 30, 2007

My Weekly Thoughts in Life Part 1

I am too lazy to think of a creative title thus the boring old rubbish that one would put if they are brain dead. So what has happened around me or about me thats worth an entry i suppose?

Firstly, i was shocked with the newspaper article regarding how despite living in a mixed community, we have kids who doesnt have a single friend that are in a different race or skin colour. To go on, the fact is they didnt seem to care? Now this is a real problem, as you all know as long as its food i will eat, despite it being cooked by another race, so chinese,indian,malay,japanese,korean i will eat as long you dont give me their shit to eat la. So it strikes upon me, will the next generation because they dont mix around, will get some rubbish rules like malay restaurant serves malays only? I dread to think that will happen, because i probably go find another country to stay. For you information, i have friends of all races, although the only indian at the moment is a chindian..but that counts right?

Secondly, i m so happy that my blog has suddenly been visited with alot of new people..maybe its because i put comments on their blog haha..maybe thats my evil idea to attract people to come welcome people..i just want to do my bit to the community to where to eat and where not to eat.. =)

Hmm, i am meant to comment on more stuff, suddenly got blockage..argh...yes..i am suppose to sound out a warning that somehow my boss managed to know that i own a small little space on the internet..hmm should i start to becareful with my words? Haha..thank god he hasnt asked me for my address..

I think its blocked..i thought there were more social issues to cover but it doesnt seem to be for my brain. Now i am just thinking of what to eat in KLCC for dinner..i saw from one of the blogs about Bongsen..sounds so good..cant wait..maybe you might have a review by the weekend..

Thats all for now folks!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The 4 "B"s..

If i am not mistaken, i read somewhere in the newspapers that one of the ministers said the 4 Bs are stopping people from making more money once they reached their first million..basically satisfied with life at that point and he urged people to go on and challenge them to make their first billion..maybe thus another 'B'..but the funny thing is i have never heard of the term 4Bs..Yes i have heard the 5Cs..those were the days of the Singaporeans..

Cash..Condo..CreditCard..Car..Country Club..Some say certificate also..

But what are the 4 Bs..?? Beemer..Benz..Bungalow..Boat..

Sorry but i think thats just too funny..HAHA.. and we can do better than that..can you think of your own unique 4Bs??..i can only think of 2 atm..Bentley and Boeing..and thats what i want to achieve before i would stop..

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Short and Sweet..

Dont worry..i am not about to quit my blog..just that when i first started this blog..i would visit my blog 10 times and my visit counts will go up by 11..meaning 1 other reader for the day...but now..if i visit my blog in the day once and nite once..theres almost 30-40 visits difference! Thanks so much for those who have been reading my makes feel proud and good whenever i post a review or procrastination entry..Once again..if theres anything better i can do to improve my blog..feel free to comment..

Monday, March 26, 2007

Restaurant Yee Sang Fatt @ Off Jalan Yew

Now this place is new to me..its near the Pudu Market and its on Jalan Gajah, Off Jalan Yew, near the roundabout where one turning head towards Maluri, one towards Pudu, one towards the old F&N should turn into the one that heads towards the Pudu Market..Now this is a no frill place..manned by 2 chefs with a strictly i cook all your food policy before i serve the other its slow but at the same time everything comes at the same time..Sorry..this place serves pork and also not suitable for those who cant take the heat..its virtually open air..and on weekends..i recommend eating at around 5.30 haha..if not come very late i guess because if you come in around be waiting at least an hour here goes the pics..

You should see this signboard...

People eat with chilli..i cant live without raw garlic..vampires go away!

The steam fish head...

Another view..honestly the fish head was huge..dont know how to take the picture properly also..steamed with some mince ginger..then they fried loads of shallots and put lots of spring onions and with a base of soya sauce..this was a damn good dish..very refreshing and i couldnt stop picking at it..yum!

This vegetable dish was accompanied with venison meat..damn fine..the vege and the juicy and succelent meat..

Marmite Ribs..glazed with marmite without the overpowering taste and also stirred with chili padi..this is one damn tasty dish as complaints at all..although my mom said the meat was too tender to be true..suspected that they use some meat tenderizing powder which is not exactly very healthy..oh well we live once and i dont plan to eat here everyday..well i dont mind..

A simple taufu dish with a choy poh (pickled vege) and mince pork dressing..would be good if a home made taufu was used over the japanese taufu..thought it wasnt great..although my sister licked the whole dish up..

The star of the evening..the siong tong word..Yummy..lots of chili padi and garlic with a strong hint of chinese wine..although the lala was normal size and not exactly loads..the soup made up for saliva dripping as i am thinking back on Sunday dinner...hahaha

There you go..another review..albeit abit cheap..easier on your wallets...and also non franchise haha..Guess what..all those for RM70! only..Now thats out to for 4 adults and a do the maths..less then 20 bucks a to your heart contents!..Give this a respectable 8.4 out of 10..minus marks on the dreadful open air with no fans..but the food makes up for it and yeah the non-existent service as well..

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I know its Monday...

For all those suffering from the "blues"..thought i get my cousin to cheer you up..

Excuse me mr, what you starring at? Never see leng lui in the making??

I know..i purposely didnt want to stare at you for the camera..

Ok fine..nah here you go..
After the shot, we asked..whos the girl in the camera? She replies "Ellen!"..
What a smart little girl whos bearly two years old..

Hope that gets rid of all your Monday blues...

Dome cafe @ KLCC

Yes i know, i should be eating more exotic food then stepping inside a franchise cafe..but lets not debate over that matter and let me present you a nice simple place thats available in every simple shopping what makes Dome stand out as compared to the other cafes..e.g. Starbucks..Coffee Bean..and you know..Its the kitchen and the variety of food that they serve..Unlike how the other rewards scheme..i have been a faithful fan..and you actually get great benefits if you come often enough..6rm for 1 bean..and i think you can redeem a drink with 12 beans..a cake with a 100 beans..and meals from 25-45 beans..and supposedly when i first can get 5% disc on selected Melium boutiques like its too rich for my blood..yes i am getting very talkative because i got like 5 minutes more before i got to go and finish off my work for tommorrow..haha..

Starting off with a nice cup of Cappucino (Skim milk on request)..Honestly, its caffeine to me..but to my mom..she claims its one of the best..

Mushroom soup..It has to be one of the best around and i m not exaggerating..but they have an issue with the temperature they bring a boil to the soup..its just bearly "warm"..thats the only down..
Garlic Bread..a serve of 4 pieces..nice and not too overpowering till your breath stinks..

A close up of the new seafood salad which was just put on the menu..The salad of prawns, fish and mussels put on a bed of salad which was honestly too stingy..bearly any leaves..with balsamic vinegar and they also serve separately thousand island..

Thought i let you see the whole thing..

One of my favourite breakfast items..Egg hollandaise..Poached eggs with chicken ham topped with hollandaise sauce (egg yolk and mayonnaise essentially)..packed with my protein and the spinach leaves makes my vege count..and of course the turkish bread to fill me up..

Their signature dish..guess whats inside??

Creamy mushroom,chicken and corn...also served with a side of steamed veges..with lots of coated butter hehe..

So thats sums it up..its one of those cosy overpriced cafes that mainly serves coffee but offers a variety of food that you can eat along with it..the quality is always there i guess..oh yeah..DOME cardmembers actually get preferential seating thus skipping the queue during packed periods..well that was ages back..not sure though its a decent 7.5 out of 10..

PS: I have been playing around with how my pictures should be taken and would like to get some advice..close up? or the whole dish? or just the main ingredient? different angles? All comments are welcome..

Friday, March 23, 2007

Monty Python @ London

I saw this picture when i was surfing the net a couple of days..SPAM by the way is pork..and is luncheon meat..but it reminded me of my trip to London when i caught the musical cum theatre of Monty Python and their quest to the Holy Grail..Hailing from the Spamalot (aka Camelot)..I found it funny because theres not exactly any relationship between the 2..what do you guys think? by the way i think SPAM is way better then the china luncheon meat that we get here but that being said its almost 15rm a can (saw in Isetan)..

Abit more about the was an awesome experience worth my 40 pounds..lots of funny singing..after all London is famous for all these theatres..its a journey to find the holy grail..its really funny and my friend said do catch the original tv show if you cant get hold of the live show..its all about King Arthur singing his way to find his knights..lancelot is gay in this play..his queen sings about Britney..theres lots of damn funny songs and i must say its real good as they dont use any form of microphones..

I promise i shall continue with my food escapades soon..blogging in Starbucks now..still stressed with my assignment and i just finished my first focus session..for CA...till then i will be updating abit less..well at least will continue only mid week..By the way i am glad that my visitor counts has been increasing steadily by the happy!..i mean i know at the start i wanted to do this for fun..but its gives great pleasure that with each post, theres actually someone reading it and saying this is worth reading and not just clicking on the X button..thanks alot guys..and i promise i shall explore all the restaurants i can get hold off...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Life is so "Fragile"...

Alot of times, people take many things for granted, be it food, clothing, love, care, cars, house, friends and so on..People get greedier and always ask for more and never are happy with what they have. Till suddenly, they realise that they have been shut out from all of the above and they start to regret how come no one comes in to clean my room, clothes are not ironed, food equals taking out the can opener and deciding whether its tuna or sardine tonight..its too late..

So whatever you guys own out there, be it love from your parents, care from your loved ones and the luxury of your "toys", take time and appreciate the people and things surrounding you..because one day there may not be there and even all the money in the world cant buy back the home cooked food or the nagging behind your shoulders..

One of my newer readers, zewt..his mom has passed on peacefully and it struck me that the inevitable will happen..maybe in 10,20 or 30 years..who knows? I guess i will never know how he feels to lose someone so close but i am sure your mom will be happy where she is and will not want to leave with a heavy heart...and on that note i also hope that everyone take abit of time to think about how you rebel against your mom, by threatening to leave the house or complaining her food is crap or not ironing your shirt the right way, or having that thought how come your friends have a better life then me..because one day you might regret and you shouldnt..because life is so fragile and thus you should treat it with care, just like you wouldnt throw about a glass vase because it will shatter and you will regret because you simply cant buy back the same one..

Monday, March 19, 2007

Unique Fisherman @ Jalan Cheras

Been real busy here are the pictures..thought i will do this review another enjoy..Fair enough..i guess i can spare 5 mins to at least tell you where it is and how the food tastes.. Its another branch out from the Unique Seafood restaurants..dis 1 apparently is the fisherman..dun know the link between the names..with every seafood can choose ur live seafood from the massive amount of name it you have it..Situated before Leisure Mall, if you are heading from the City..on the opposite side..its huge and you shouldnt miss it..
A simple logo..for a hopefully simple meal

The Kai Lan Combo..Deep fried leaves with normal stir fry roots..Very tasty actually..the deep fried parts tasted more like dry seaweed..sort of..but good..

Scottish bamboo clams i think..these are at least 5 times the size of normal ones we eat..called chuk tang in Cantonese..the meat tastes different too..the normal ones taste like LaLa..while this tastes abit "sotongish"..or "squidish"..Tasted good with the si chiu steam..although came out not hot enough..must be seating somewhere else too long.. =(

Supposedly the main dish of the nite..Soon Hock..At almost 100pls rm..we were disappointed at the was not bouncy as i like to describe it..infact the fish tasted flat..and the meat was reckons its a different species..and i definitely saw it swimming even when it got caught in the net..but like my friend say..alive doesnt mean fresh..well thats a HKie for you..they are the experts..maybe next time i will get an opinion from him..

To round it off steam chicken in a bamboo basket..the name sounded damn exotic..but came out to be salted steam chicken which i didnt mind but felt cheated..

The pork knuckles are supposedly another speciality..meaning NON HALAL..sorry la to my muslim reader(s)...i reckon theys only one...haha...well likewise because its a new restaurant..service was abit seedy...but taste wise not bad..and being 5 mins away from my house is a huge + mark for me..So its a 7.6 out of 10 for this decent branch of Unique Seafood

Sunday, March 18, 2007

J Sheekey @ Leicester Square, UK

Just realised i have another few random photos on another meal i had in a "so call famous restaurant that even my friend who studys in the States has heard of it"..thus i present J Sheekey..If you see all the bread crumbs..yes its our complimentary bread basket consisting of like 5 different kinds of bread with lots of yummy butter..way different from the crap ones we get here..

Starting off a smoked salmon dish..expected something just smoked..and not cooked as well..nevertheless served in a bed of veges and a piece of fried batter..guess what? its an EGG!..and the yolk spills out to blend with the dressing to make eating veges ever so exciting and interesting to eat..

The famous dish here is the fresh seafood grilled..but thats 20 pounds we are talking thus the cheapest option..the fish pie..filled with lots of yummy and fresh fish..well it certainly tasted fresh and with no "fishy" aftertaste served with creamy mash potatoes on the top..i want to find fish pie in KL!! 10.75 pounds only..

Guess what is this piece of fruit cake with a nice chunk of butter on the top, syrup poored all over served in a bed of custard? The dish is called Cock's i had trouble ordering this dish..Imagining tell that to your normal waitress in malaysia..there be like "excuse me, oh behave!".. or sorry? i where got cock eyes are just unique..or "sorry bang, i only got mata kerbau "egg bull's eye or sunny side up"..Well that was another 5 quid..

A decent lunch on a rainy Sunday afternoon..this was certainly under the category of comfort food..and the unique appetizer and dessert i had just opened my cock eyes to the culinary world..Ta Da..! 8.25 out of 10..there you go..2 decimal points..

Wong Mei Kei @ Jalan Pudu

Those who knows how to read the chinese words on the sign board please correct me..i think what it is.. Well this is again a very outdated post..if the food was an indication on how long this was either be rotten or processed and exrected out of my body into the sewers and probably travelled down south to Australia by now..shows how lazy i am or if you want to look it from a different angle, yes i eat alot. Warning, what we have here is a delicious mouth watering picture of roast for all my muslim readers..just avoid the picture if you find it offensive..

There are meant to be fair to you thus the prices are displayed..Dont bother tryint to squint because i certainly didnt..

That day we had roast chicken and duck..unfortuntately the duck was swimming within my stomach walls before i realise my camera was still in my pockets..

The signature dish that costs me a bloody bomb @ RM 45!!! This is ridiculous!!! What kind of pig did they use man? Anyways it was good for the first few pieces then it just got honestly abit disgusting with all the fats oozing in your mouth from all angles..Wah i cannot take it anymore..I guess i will stay away from roast pork forawhile...a decent 6 out of 10 eventhough this shop is famed for their roast pork..scared me away with their outrageous pricing though..

Do you read?

Time to take a break from my assignment..its taking a toll on me..never in this world have i been faced with an assignment that i can barely understand..throughout my 3 years in school...has the word "difficult" received a new meaning ie impossible? Well mission impossible it is for the next week for me.. Well back to the news..Our deputy PM has finally complained that the Malays do not read enough! So for all u mat rempits and u kids who think just because you were born a Malay and receive preferential treatment in terms of Bumiputra status and cut the queue for scholarships (oops..!) this should be a smack in the face..Well even worse still..the blame is on to the TEACHERS...well i mean kudos to those who risk getting murdered to educate the kids in school but of course they are just some who are so plain lazy...get your arse up and do your job!..By the way..just a question..if they dont read enough..what makes you think they would have picked the newspaper up and read the article of your complaint?
Well just abit more rambling before i head off for dinner.. So whats the punishment for not reading books? No more libraries and tax deductions..Now i smell something fishy..where will the funds be allocated to? Shouldnt it be the opposite? More libraries and tax deductions? You are meant to encourage and not discourage! For one i have always prefered overseas mainly because they have top of the art libraries that probably doesnt smell like a dirty old basement and gives me peace to study..but here i cant seem to find a decent library mainly because its not near anywhere i stay..and two theres no promotion!..Instead i have to lie on my bed to study and do my work..causing me to be damn bloody inefficient haha..well dont worry i am not blaming anyone but myself..So lesson learnt?

You kids out there go pick up a book and read instead of riding your bikes...and those smaller ones..stop your guli playing and pick a book to read..I mean if you dont want to read a book..then read my blog!...I promise you plenty of goody proper English articles if i see a demand for some..unlike my plenty of full stops flying across the roof..oK?

Marmalade @ Sri Hartamas

This place needs little introduction as it has been frequently blogged about by food enthusiasts for their healthy options. Colourful salads seem to be the main attractions and it was certainly very appealing to me especially for someone who chooses their veges .. So back to main point..a review..yes..its been awhile but here you go..eaten awhile ago..

Their colourful salad (RM 19) certainly not cheap with lots of different coloured capsicums, avocados, veges i hope..and chicken cubes..a delicious main or a side to share..aids with digestion and avoiding constipations haha..

The mysterious sandwich..Any guesses? I know there was something wrong with picture..Anywayz its a smoked salmon filling..not overfilling till i cant put it in my mouth in 1 go..but could have filled it up abit more..tastewise it was good healthy bread and no complaints on the filling..RM 14-18?

Pasta cooked in some cream sauce that i forgot..Carbonara perhaps? Definitely no complaints when i stole a bite..the healthy alfafa n asparagus makes it look like a healthy option..but the cream part..i leave it for you guys to decide...its again around the 15-20RM price range..

The Chicken stew...Hearty home cooked food style..something you want to eat on a bloody cold winter night..but how often is cold not created by air conditioning in Malaysia? Well the stew is basically a thickened up version of chicken soup with chicken bites..definitely comfort food..

Well this place despite its steep prices is a nice small cafe to eat in for a quick healthy bite..if you want there are desserts and Coffee Bean is just around the corner as well for a ice blended if you think this is just too healthy for me..But definitely worth a go especially after festival events when you just pig on anything that moves or dont move for that matter..Worth a decent 8 out of 10..soon when i realise all my ratings are around that mark..i am officially going to more detailed score with lots of decimals..just let me see when i feel like maths..haha..

Friday, March 16, 2007

All the noise we make..for what??

Remember recently when we made a big fuss when the toll in LDP increased by an enormous 60cents? Well we striked, we fussed about, wrote articles to the newspapers and demanded that the agreement be made public..for what? I mean firstly, the toll payments will not go down, it is basically admitting a mistake was being the next best thing being kiasus, we ask for the agreement to be made public..basically we couldnt catch the big fish and we will be satisfied with anything even the ikan billis..

So the latest news is that the concessionaire has agreed for it to be made public..but now its back to the cabinet's decision..honest to god..whatever hanky panky that was done you reckon it would be released to you citizens? So long has passed, and whatever can be changed could have been changed..But what we have allowed is..the ministry to increase their "budget" to create a special airconditioned room for the agreement to be housed at..for the public to view..OMG!..just released the damn thing online!..And warning.."just read there in our comfy chairs and tables and no pictures" says Datuk I cant be named in case i am sued..So if there was something to be come they released it? If there was nothing to hide, how come they cant release it fully?..Am i confusing or am i the one confused..anyhow..i think i have the best solution..get a PAY RISE! and we wont be arguing for an extra 60 cents each time we pass the damn toll!

The End..

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My most crazy about cousin at the moment..Ellen..

Just when you are exhausted mentally and physically from reading your notes and frustrated at the amount you need to understand and learn, you give up and face reality..i did the test and i scored a miserable 4 out of 7..still a pass i suppose..the questions seemed straight forward and i thought i walked away with a better mark..but oh well..ok back to the beginning before the when you are all divert your something cute and peaceful like an dear Ellen..shes a brat i tell a tender age she already knows how to pose for the camera..oh dear.. Well i guess sometimes kids teach us a lesson..learn to chill out for a moment and be like them..stress free..thought and sleep...

Time to hop to bed i suppose..

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Help..I am going nuts..

Thought before i reveal my food reviews, i give a shoutout for help..I have been trying very hard for the past 2 hours trying to understand the concept of hedge instruments and hedge items and how they form a hedge relationship..coupled with the way they are put in a journal entry..its driving me nuts and i have just reached the end of the road..i sense that my doom is coming near..a huge chunk of the assignment is based on it and its due on the 25th..oh well i guess what has to be done has to be done..i have given up for today and hopefully my brain will somehow be smarter tommorrow as i attempt to finish up the unit and complete my online quiz which is worth a measly 2.5%..

Ok there you go..after reading this you can scroll down to my review..enjoy!

Attention: Cam whoring pictures of myself..

I reckon this is it guys..the brainstorm behind this blog is about to appear on this entry with his face..No..i am not the Big Ben..Dont tell me you thought a clock could talk..?

If you havent noticed..the orange blob is me..infront of the Buckingham Palace..

The dark shadow is also me..behind the original London Eye..

London Bridge is falling down..Well this is the Tower Bridge or rather..

My dreamland in Oxford Circus..Where all the famous brands live in..

Pretending to be very Trafalgar Square after a visit to the National Gallery Musuem..

So there you go guys..couldnt resist myself..thats how i look you guys are all disappointed now right? muahahah

Nobu London @ Mayfair, London

This has got to be my proudest moment in life, stepping into a 1 michelin star restaurant despite it being a japanese restaurant. If you guys havent heard michelin stars are awarded by the frenchies to restaurants based on the food, decor and ambience and etc..In London, as far as i know there is one 3 michelin star restaurant which is Gordon Ramsays the foul mouthed chef thats always popping up on TV maybe not local TV..and all in all probably safe to say less then 30 restaurants to receive such a rating..So can you imagine how happy i was to get a chance to eat here despite the reputation that this place requires a month in advance booking to eat?? Well the photos werent great, being in a posh restaurant i wasnt going to be foolish enough to have everyone in dresses and coats staring at me taking pictures with a i got my phone out..

Starting off with a rock shrimp tempura..being slightly fusion the batter is as original as Japanese can get so they tasted authentic until the minute you either dip it into the spicy jalapeno green sauce, or the salad orange sauce and even the ponzu vinegar tasted different..a whole new experience..

Looks familar with the handrolls? Well sort of..the only distinguished feature is the seethrough layer over the seaweed which tasted abit like your vietnamese spring rolls sheet, dried and before soaked in water..Quality was awesome..they stuffed 5 different fish into the roll and the soft shell crab was not in the slightest oily..all for only around 18 pounds..aiks..

Vege Tempura..I know its abit measly but orders are in pairs..and we got a few going on...all in all i would prefer the prawns anyday..

First main that appeared, the cod fish in miso..rumoured to be marinated in miso for 5 days, firstly the cod fish used is fresh and unlike the ones you can get gives a whole new texture and the slight saltyness in the fish..omg i can eat this all day long..until my wallet burns at 24 pounds a plate..

This was recommended by my friend..another fish that i have ever heard or seen in black bean sauce...Sorry this probably wouldnt have made it other then the freshness of the fish and thoughtfulness of frying the bones as decor to the plate...the swimming oil probably from the black beans made it look abit disgusting and the dish was probably abit too subtle for my liking..but oh well its only 27 pounds..though this dover sole or sole dover or dole sover me the thumbs up as the meat texture is so unique..bouncy like a ball..

Wasabi peppered chicken..another overrated dish i guess, wasabi taste was nowhere near my buds..though i was coming down with a flu, cough and sore throat by the time dinner was served..but the chicken was cooked to perfection and like i said the taste was they say just like Japanese complaints..this was around 18 pounds..

The highlight of the evening that got my hands all shaken up so i couldnt take a perfect photo despite 3 tries...the foie gras gyoza..5 pieces for 37 first time tasting foie gras...there was a slight minced meat feeling but otherwise it was full of the tasty creamy liver that ooze and linger in my experience that would last me for sometime..because that was just RM50 a pop mate...

Lastly, i leave the best for the last..the tendorloin beef in teriyaki sauce..again the sauce was very subtle leaving the freshness of the beef to give us the highlight of this dish..served medium raw..the beef was melting enough for a few bites before it slithers down your 24 pounds i reckon that was probably one of the most worth it dish after the black cod..

The dinner was also served with a white wine that my friend choose...which was seriously too sweet till the verge of regrading it as ice wine..dessert was a special bento box containing a cake that looks way too familiar to Beard Papa chocolate cake..but with double and triple the amount of melting chocolate inside served with a scoop of green tea icecream which honestly i think my dead taste buds couldnt really pick up...All in all an excellent experience..fine dining Japanese food served without green thats unique eh? The price? 55 pounds a person, so you are looking at around 400 odd RM per person..not to mention your flight ticket there is around 3k plus..the tube there would cost you around 30rm one way there..

Phew..i think i feel less stressed and looking at the time..i think i be better off going to sleep rather then hitting the books once again..or maybe not..oh yeah..the restaurant scores a commendable 8.5 out of 10..considering my taste buds werent working properly and the oily fish with the subtle tastes..arent i such a lenient marker??