Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Restaurant PJ Seafood @ Tropicana thereabouts

My gang of food lovers joined up for a Saturday feast in this huge ass restaurant on a rainy nite..Right now i m not in the mood to give you a long let the pictures do the talking and i will just run you through the ambience, tastes and prices...oK? you can always put your comments and i will actually take the effort to amend it as well...criticise me if you want..bcoz i dun really care..muahaha...

oK..firstly this place was fully packed..including the car park that could probably swallow at the very least around 40-50 cars..and i had to park way outside on the yellow lines...imagine how big and packed it was..Now this is a no frill seafood restaurant with the bare minimum..tables and chairs and a very slippery floor..fishes are in pools and tanks..Now what about the taste? Lets find out..

The best of the best..the Claypot Butter Crabs @ 2kgs for RM 54..Dirt Cheap rite? Creamy and thick just the way i liked it..Accompanied with deep fried buns (pics below)...Honestly this is the first place and time to try out this its a really yummy one..

Champagne Pork Ribs meaning non-halal...Dunno what champange they used..definitely not Moet n Chandon..The meat was fatty..and had a sweet taste to it..depending on how healthy you eat..its a pretty sinful dish..

A cleansing dish the abalone sauce taufu..Home made i reckon..again with a rice sauce to drizzle all over your rice...mmmm...

Coconuts Prawns..this was serve with a tom yum sauce..the prawns were fresh and crunchy although the bowl on your left sorts of defeats the purpose because there was not enough space to stuff the prawns into the coconut...

Kam heong lala..honestly..didnt like it..had a very heavy aftertaste of curry powder..

The fried if you want to comment about the order of my pics..just want to tell u i dun give a shit..haha..yes i asked you for comments but..ok..back to buns..sinful again..but suits the butter sauce..

Supposedly the first dish..but the last picture..muahahah..the yee sang..its a variety of fruit slices..colour crackers..vege as well? with some oil, sweet sauce and this one was with salmon that looked like there were rotten..Tasted oK..

The midst of action..

Final bill for 7 was 231.60? The number gave the guys an buy 4D..the result..2136? correct me if i m wrong..but conclusion? they didnt buy the number...stupid...and its pretty cheap for 7 as well...with the ups and downs the rating i give them is a solid 7 out of 10..The End..

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Life kinda sux...Does it?

Just when you thought there are no miracles in the world, especially i just did my online CA quiz..8 MCQs in 20 wrong can you get? I mean for one..i knew shit about the 110 pages i read through..two..there were replicates questions with diff facts n numbers..basically same theory but theory that i hadnt got a grasp on so there were half the questions i knew shit about...and three..the timer was nowhere to be seen and i thought i was going to run out of time and be marked a zero..the result..4 out of 8..i would wish for better because although i knew shit i actually put in the effort to highlight my way through 110 pages of crap..and two..the timer result was 11 mins when i thought i was near 19 mins..and three..i thought a miracle could happen to me just like the one Ruben had when he answered half the questions and got a 51 out of 100 for his aint fair..but if life aint fair then i wouldnt be heading to London this THURSDAY!!!..woohoo...but still sux because work is being piled on top of my head and squeezing its way out from my ears and i got a bloody assignment that i dont know how to do at all thats due on the 25 March..The End

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sugimoto @ Desa Sri Hartamas

My love for Japanese food strikes again as i head to another well known Japanese restaurant in Hartamas for their lunch menu!..This place is notoriously known for their expensive dinners that will burn not only a hole in your wallet but burn your wallet literally..exactly how bad? i have heard too many stories that i do not dare even walk near that restaurant at nite hehe..So what about lunch? Now we are talking, as i introduce you to a halal Japanese restaurant..Lunch bento sets starts from 14++ to 17++..depending whether you want 2 mains or 3 mains choosing from a choice of 20pls odd choices..take note at nite the price is almost 50++.. If you want to indulge in a lil bit of luxury there have the more luxurious sets at around 30++ serving favourite dishes like the Chirashi Sushi which is pictured below..Well so in a nutshell..its a decent 8.5 out of 10..and if you have more people call ahead and book for a room and also order your meals as well so you can avoid the wait during the peak lunch hours..the phone number?..let me check and i shall get back to you..And now..for the photos..enjoy!

My love of my life..Chirashi Sushi..comes with the udon below for onli 28++

Tastes like..udon!..Simple dish but i dunno why they couldnt give me an extra slice or two of fish instead of giving me carbs to inflate my spare tyre..

Sample lunch bento no 1..Unagi, sashimi and the usual assortments..comes with white rice or garlic rice..

Sample lunch bento set no 2..California rolls, stir fried beef and because my stupid screen is so dark and i cant be bothered fixing it..i leave you to guess the third dish..

Well thats all the photos i managed to snap..they have also an assortment of interesting the viagra 1..why the name? maybe the ingredients? or maybe its rock would i know..let you know when i order it..

Dragon I @ Midvalley

This post must be overdue by months..i little introduction about this franchise of "lai mien" and "xiao long pao" that originated from China..My personal preference is the branch in 1 Utama, somehow the tastes seems stronger over complaints about this place..prices are ok i guess and the food is good..although earlier on i had the problem with consistency..

Fried rice with smoked salmon..Not very chinese but thats my brother who ordered..

Highly recommended honey somethin eel..

Lai Mian..Their noodles are just different from the cheap noodles we get in your normal coffeeshop..

Their signature siu long bao..

There were meant to be more pictures..cant seem to find it though..With the consistency problems solved according to newly found friend in UK whose family actually was the mastermind of these growing franchise..the siu long bao is guarenteed to have soup inside now..if not go ask them to get it changed!..well thats what he said..overall no bias because i know him this place still scores a respectable 7.5 out of 10 for me..and yes..its not halal..if you havent realise..other must try dishes include the smoky duck..the cold drunken chicken..any of their lai mian..the "wor tip"..ok..i think its too long since i wrote a review..i got no idea what to write..well like i soon as my internet at home works..i will upload my london pictures and review for you guys..stay tune..dont worry i know i love to give people false hopes..but it will come ;) ..

Friday, February 23, 2007

Procrastination about the newspaper headlines..

Its the time of the week again, to procrastinate..friday afternoon just after lunch, when you are your most vulnerable..your head is nodding off and the workload may strike anytime now..although very i shall give my 2 cents regarding the headlines of the past week or so..Drums roll...

1st topic..its been talked before and i have read before ..chastity belts..for god sake who in the world thinks they are still staying in the medieval days man..and to be honest with you..i had no idea how it looked like till i checked it out on wikipedia..but even looking at their diagrams..i still got no idea how one can pee and shit in peace without unlocking the damn thing..secondly..who should wear the damn belt..the guys or the be honest..if you were to implement the damn thing..i be the first to leave the i dont give a shit..i mean as the saying goes..theres a will theres a wont stop the rapist from taking a nice pair of clippers to clip the damn lock away from his or hers..would it? So omg..i really cant believe the idea..instead why dont u create awareness by introducing loud alarms in the girl's handbag..esp those of a car? so that way if the guy comes near..both of you prob be deaf haha..or..pepper spray? i think those would be better ideas..but i still think the best idea despite how you want to disapprove is..castration as a punishment for all the rapists..end of first topic

2nd topic..nudie pics taken with handphone all the girls out there..the only solution is like the saying goes "tit for tat" want to take mine..i want to take urs too..esp if his brudder is damn small..that way you may be scarred for life..but he wont be able to get a fuck for life..muahahah...but i guess theres more to lose for girls..i mean as a guy myself its alr hard for me to face if my gf nude pictures are available for public can u imagine the girl? but all i got to say is..just think of the consequences..its so easy..reveal to someone and you will expect it to be revealed to everyone..

3rd topic..i really cant think of anything else to write..oh yeah..the Mat Skudeng..or Skodeng..those spies who spy on couples doing their thing..i reckon after they have informed the should arrest this people because they are just pure perverts..who in the right mind would hide under the bushes and feed the mosquitos waiting for a couple to lets say kiss? and by the time they call the authorities..the couple probably had the brains to go back home and continue right? so isnt such a useless scheme? And to all those couples..i know its more adventurous to do those kinda things outside in public.. but come on guys..just pay abit of cash n get a room..that way you can do anything in the world with your girl and no one will know..perhaps this might create a demand for cheap hotels?

I guess thats it for now..maybe another entry on work..and till next time..the procrastinator who just craves to procrastinate and eat...muahahah

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Calling for people enrolled in the FIN course for ICAA

Attention!..I need help and if you know anyone doing the FIN course for the ICAA (the certified accounting papers)..please let me know..i am scratching my head over my 1st paper due this May and theres this stupid online test next week..appreciate alot..thanks..

PS: Reviews coming all posted up..but somehow i m still in the holiday mood..probably too much pigging during CNY..and btw I will be on holiday again soon..1st lets start counting down till the day i m going to learn how to speak proper "England" kekeke...

Friday, February 16, 2007

Tai Zhi Heen @ Prince Hotel Part 2

Guess what? I went to Prince Hotel again after all my saliva virtually went dry from convincing my father to try the slightly premium dim sum offered here. Why? Because currently Amex credit card users get a 15% or 20% discount on their ala carte dimsum..why not? He He..and now that i have gained alot of skin thus thick skin..i bravely took out my digicam and here are my rewards..the results are still the same..awesome and fusion halal dimsum..same rating same price..Have a look at yourself..Yum Yum..

Chicken version of Char Siu Sou (Chicken Puff) sitting on top of glutinous black rice.. Where else can you get such a combo man? And look at the plating..doesnt it remind you of fine dining?

I know it looks familiar..Har Kau (Prawn Dumpling)..notice the black spot on top of it? Guess what..its thats what you call fusion and classy..first time i tried such a combo

Siu Loong Pau..well i guess the chef only started to learn the arts of making soup inside but other then the contents was a gem

Fried radish cake..i guess this slightly lack some oomph..could be better with some prawns and some pig lard hahaha...

Mushroom dumplings..just complaints on this man..

A dish i described before..the unagi rolls..just so cutting edge and unique

Needs no introduction..chee cheong fun (rice rolls) not too thick till you are stuffed..just nice

If i told you this came out from some fancy western restaurant, you probably believe it..presenting the Onion Biscuit/Puff..very nice..i am so speechless..

With all fine dining you do need some staple food to make your stomach filling so presenting to you the smooth bowl of fish porridge..

To all those AMEX users, try googling for the contact numbers and ask if the promotion is still on, because its definitely worth a visit..Signing off..Argh too much cravings = fat..but who cares right?

Bak Kut Teh @ Sun Foong Jalan Imbi

As you all know..this is firstly a non-halal post..and second i am talking about a pioneer food hailing from why Jln Imbi..but i mean dont you feel sometimes when you have that craaving for BKT but you dont want to drive that 1 hour just to eat? So alternative..head down to Jalan Imbi opposite KTZ ("Dessert place") where this growing establishment has increased to 5 shoplots long and huge..whatever you want to call it..specialising in accomodating tours of foreign people from HK and China and any country you can think of, you also have your old local timers.. so just a short one..price wise pork has never been cheap so it will set you back around RM 15-20 per pax..depending how much pork you consume..and the soup is of a lighter kind..less herbal then the thick ones you get in Klang..let me give it a 8 out of 10 for old time if you at their wall of will notice that alot of HK singers and actors actually visit this place too.. i mean who doesnt like their Bak Kut Teh rite?

Claypot Bak Kut Teh (Vege Only)

Your usual affair, rice, garlic and chinese tea

The real deal

A nice plate of vege to cleanse up the fatty pork (you wish)..

Isnt it such a short and sweet post?

Kiku Zakura @ Mid Valley

Situated on the same floor as the cinema, this place is the best for japanese food, forget Oh Sushi which is crap, and dont you dare mention Sushi King and Teppanyaki..well theres Gyu Ru Tei but i have yet to visit it so this is still technically the best place..

So following the trend of short and sweet posts because i have virtually turn into a Pig or Boar since it is year of the Pig/Boar anywayz..Have a look at the pictures..and since i loved the doubt i rate this pretty well 8.5 out of 10..and if you noticed the pictures have also gone in the opposite end..the appetizers are at the end and the main meals start 1st..well its called innovation or its called plain lazy depending how you look at it..i posted the 1st picture first so didnt realise that the pictures get pushed down..haha..getting out of topic..lets continue.

This was Dish of the day..A pot with some Konyaku, Egg and Fish cakes..clear

Should be familiar..Unadon..Solid dish

Forgot the Japanese name..pregnant fish..let the eggs ooze into your mouth when you bite in the middle

The sushi and udon set..sorry..didnt realise the camera didnt capture the sushi bit..plain but well i really had no idea why my sister ordered it..

Grilled squid with teriyaki sauce..good starter for a yum yum

My favourite dish of all time, Chirashi Sushi..assorted slices of raw fish accompanied with Sushi rice..sorry the best 1 i ever had is still in lovely hot Cairns

An interesting Maki..filled with bee hoon like noodles accompanied with crabstick and prawns..very unique..

California roll...simple yet rewarding..

Obviously my first picture

Well lets see, if i am not mistaken, this should be halal..didnt see any pork here..but u are never too sure till u i suggest you ask hehe..prices wise..its not cheap..i mean typical japanese prices..never have dinner sets starting from 20pls to almost 40pls..ala carte dishes depending on what you order can go to the hundreds for the big ass sashimi ship...i know my stuff is flying everywhere..but i am desperate to get some entries out before everyone abandon my hoo hoo..but guess what..theres almost 300 visits..quite impressed because i am sure not more then 20 people know about this blog..haha..well you know who you are guys..well have fun drooling over the pictures..till next then sayonara!

Delicious by Ms Read @ Bangsar Village

Delicious by Ms Read..Is it really that "delicious"?

Starting off with a Latte..Tastes complaints

Starting off with a lambshank pie..which is more of a sheperd pie version..with lots of mash potato on the top served with a side salad. At RM20++, the lambshank was of a decent size but still abit on the small side..the flavours were good and the potatoes were definitely of the category of "comfort food"

Continuing, with a olio pasta with grilled chicken..The pasta was lightly tossed with garlic and olive oil..light and tasty but the chicken although looked fine..had a very bad burnt after it the pan that they cooked it on perhaps?

Greedy us, continued with a french toast served with beef bacon and banana..I seriously dont know why the bacon is there in the first make the dish more expensive perhaps? A bit of a mixed up between sweet and savoury and definitely didnt look right.but the french toast albeit a bit small was soooo goood...the egg was soaked in the bread very well accompanied with the caramelized bananas..nice dish to finish it off of a good meal..

So there you have it..a short sweet review..deserved at least a 7.5 out of 10..taking points off ur burnt tasting chicken and the price aint cheap and pls take out the bacon from the french toast..but other then that..Delicious doesnt seem pretty far fetch to me..Good job

Random food @ Adelaide

Just some more pictures that i took with my handphone..yum yum..

The iced Dark Chocolate at the dessert place @ Glenelg..So thick and from good dark crap sugar rubbish

Prosciutto Pizza @ Amalfi..Just have a good look at the high quality ham..omg..its so good (non-halal) and none of that crap mashed up organs rubbish ham we get at the supermarket..this is the real deal

Last but not least, a good old supper snack only available in Adelaid.. called ABs supposedly inspired from Abortions..Well it looks crap but it tastes damn fine..comprises of chips and lamb kebab meat and the sauce is a mixture of bbq, tomato and mint sauce..the best snack you can get if you want a quick dose of grease to prevent that hangover

Thats it for now..but stay i loaded up all the you will get to see so long promised reviews real soon..Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate and happy holidays to those who deserve that holiday.

I have been tagged "voluntarily" with the Boringg quiz...

1. Three names you go by
a) Joe
b) Joeboy
c) Jojoba

2. Three screen names you've had
a) Revamped
b) Cravings
c) JoeChen

3. Three things you like bout yourself
a) Small eyes
b) Flat nose
c) My big "ab"

4. Three things you don't like bout yourself
a) I am not rich enough
b) Being not sarcastic enough
c) My big "ab" [Its a love and hate relationship]

5. Three things that scare you (or mostly creeps you out)
a) No money
b) No girlfriend
c) No food

6. Three of your everyday essential
a) Eating
b) Procrastinating
c) Talking to girlfriend

7. Three things you're wearing right now
a) Tag Heuer
b) Bvglari Aqva perfume
c) cK underwear... [am i meant to wear onli 3 items?]

8. Three of your favorite bands (or artist at the moment)
a) Rain..[people says he works out very hard for his body..but shit how i wish i can also not work and just work on my body everyday]
b) Akon [who doesnt want 3 live-in girlfriends?]
c) Pussycat dolls [dont you wish your gf was hot like me? hot]

9. Three of your favorite songs at the moment
a) The carlsberg theme song
b) Corinne Bailey Rae - any song from her would do
c) James Morrison - any song also would do ...[ how about Rain? got 4th choice 1 ar?]

10.Three feelings you are having now
a) irritated
b) holiday mood
c) fat

11. Three new things you'd like to try in the next 12 months
a) liposuction
b) having a 6 pack
c) being skinny

12. Three things you want in a relationship (love included in the package)
a) less driving
b) less arguements
c) more time

13. Two truths and a lie
a) i got a big cock
b) i got a small cock
c) i actually typed the two answers obscene rite?

14. Three people who have to take this quiz now
a) You..especially if you have read it all the way
b) Your friend
c) My friends

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I feel like General i suppose

I feel like procrastinating because my ass wouldnt get itself out of the seat to either a) work eventhough there is no work b) study but my materials are at home and it is too conspicious to take a big file to work with big words saying CA Financial Reporting... c) gymming eventhough i am feeling the heat with my slightly expanded the conclusion? Procrastinate aka kao peh in hokkien lor..

If it didnt make life easier..CNY is around the corner and my UK holiday trip is schedule in 1 March so i am not only on a holiday day mood..i virtually feel like a pig...

So what m i going to talk about..well lets start from study..I have just started my 1st self study course..which to say the least is just damn daunting because everything you read from the first page onwards states you should be familiar with the damn Australian standards which 1) is not applicable in Malaysia and 2) I have not looked nor done a proper set of accounts since i graduated in Dec 05.. so my 1st online test which supposedly gives u an idea how you will fare the rest of the course is due in two wish me luck..and wish me more luck for my assignment because i have no freaking idea what it is about and remember this is not free for all photocopying of that genius who gets perfect scores..

Continuing from work..have you ever heard of wishful thinking? Well i am currently in dreamland over this secondment position to Australia which in the first place offered to Consultants and above which basically means way out of my league..but i have looked and scrutinised the whole bunch and cant figure who will go..all of them are married..some have kids as they really such a cruel person to leave their husband/wife and kids in M'sia for a year? Anyways my ex manager asked me to go ask the partner if i could go..but like i say wishful thinking because i am not meant to know about this whole scheme..oh well..pushing the limits of wishful got it..

Hmmm what else am i suppose to blog about..yes..the overrated event of the year...Valentines..sorry to a country where everyone has the mind of a Chinese businessman (no pun intended although i m exactly like one) slaughtering is the main theme of the year.. Thankfully my gf is kind and understanding that we spent our V day dinner early on a Sat nite..peacefully with good food, no camera on her request, ala carte style..

There are meant to be many more topics to talk about..but i guess i just forgot as i am typing it out..and yes before everyone says it such a pity i am spending my time away procrastinating instead of food review blogging..dont worry i will try my best to load up those pics asap..its seriously been long overdue..

Well thats it for now..till next i really so old till i m forgetting what i m suppose to blog about barely 20mins ago??

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Recipe: UniDon (aka Sea Urchin Sushi Rice)

I know..I know.. I have diversified from food reviews to procrastination issues and even random crap that i have posted recently.. I promised this will be the last time, presenting Recipes! which is probably a one off..

So here is the recipe and credit be given to Michael Au specialising in about any cuisine that exists in the world and hailing from the kingdom of cuisine, Hong Kong.. [btw hes no special chef just a very passionate hobby]

So what do you need? for 4 servings

2 kgs of fresh sea urchin [We bought ours in the Central Market of Adelaide at 14 Aus a kg)
3 packets of instant sushi rice either korean or japanese [available from any Japanese or Korean speciality stores]
Soya sauce for tasting (preferably Japanese)
Wasabi (for the extra kick)

Man i m laughing as i type this as a fellow giving out a recipe..muahaha..but nevermind lets continue..

This simple dish requires not too much cooking except for some interaction with the microwave oven. First of all, using a glove to hold the sea urchin and a pair of scissors, cut open the urchin through the middle and spoon out the sea urchin, beware of all the goey black stuff..clean thoroughly and put in fridge to cool.

Secondly, nuke the rice according to the instructions given on the packet. Roughly 2 minutes. Cool the rice down by putting it in the freezer for 10 minutes. Combine all the rice into a big bowl and mix half the sea urchin together with some soya sauce thoroughly. Spoon into small separate bowls. Top it up with more sea urchin at the top. Finally add soya sauce according to taste buds and abit of wasabi for the extra kick..Voila..

I apologise for the photos taken, mainly because we were just too mesmerized with the food and the aroma of the exotic seafood that is normally out of our range if we eat it here in Malaysia..But you get my point..

Muahahaha i have completed my first receipe post!!!! And oh yeah, its just damn bloody good, the rice is creamy with sea urchin and on top of the fresh sea urchin, its just fresh fresh and fresh!!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Dessert @ Glenelg

Churn and churn..thats what i m suppose to do..n i guess with the start of my studies, shit i m getting lazy..Well here is the second post relating my trip to Adelaide, courtesy of a free ride from my friend, Hooi Wen. Short and sweet , just like this entry, have a look at the mouth watering desserts!Sticky Date Pudding..

Belgian Waffles..

This place here sells top class chocolate drinks and everything that has chocolate content inside it, pictures that were not taken was the awesome ice chocolate made from belgian dark chocolate..yummy and if you drop by Adelaide, visit their most famous "tourist" beach, Glenelg, and depending on your luck you will probably find these place as you walk the main street.. Order down stairs and eat and drink upstairs..thats a big clue isnt? Enjoy..till next entry might take a while..