Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jimmy Place @ Taman Connaught *CLOSED*

Contrary to what i said in my previous posts, i keep getting mixed up between Jacks Place and Jimmy Place..because both places exists but i have yet to try the Jack's one..though i want to intro you guys to the Jimmy's one..which is totally different by the way..So situated in Connaught along the street of the dim sum place which was my very first review..its a humble place that serves a mix of western and asian dishes..pasta..good steak..proper thin crust pizza..and good hawker noodles as well..Recently they revamped their menu and so we all tried their 3 new fish dishes..so lets see how it all went..

Starting off with a mushroom soup..very heavy in mushroom flavour and skimpy on the cream..very different feel from our Campbells..(RM 5?)

Ice Lemon Tea (Shaken or stirred i got no idea) looks like it got blended..(RM 4?)

The trio fish platter (RM 30 pls) Basically a plate to let you try their new three fishes there are offering..swordfish..codfish...tuna...Awesome and the flavours are all unique according to fish..worth a try..abit skimpy on the serving..

Oops..forgot the onion rings (RM 5?) Served with mustard and mayo dressing thats hidden under the basket..doesnt it look lovely and heart clogging? Tasted good..and gave me the inspiration to mix my mayo with mustard now..

Tuna served with a red wine emulsion sauce (RM30 plus also) Look at the raw pieces of tuna..the way you eat it..Now i seldom or really cant differentiate good quality tuna as you know tuna is more rarer then salmon and the texture is different and you really dun know whether in Jap buffets if they serve u the freshest. Now basesd on my taste buds, being raw the meat is not entirely hot..and as such you seem to get a feeling that the meat is semi thawed from the fridge which i dunno if i am meant to feel that way..but being 30 bucks and with a generous portion you really cant compare can you? But i tell you the sauce that came with it...speechless..throughout the entire dish it kept me guessing what the sauce was made out of until i read the menu in detail..its just unique..

Swordfish served with a cream based sauce..RM20plus..The fish was firm and the side of veges and french fries completes this simple yet tasty dish..

So that completes this long due review..They use to serve this awesome beef dish which they have replaced with a higher quality steak..the names cant seem to get into my head rite now..but you still get decent asian dishes startin from below tens and around 10-20 with big prawns...the simple sirloin is going from 19 bucks..and you have the upmarket dishes like the lamb shank that now comes in XXXXL ..if not mistaken might b more XXs...and i think its priced at over 40plus..

So what you get is hotel quality dishes in a more humble and abit hot atmosphere..so if you are around the corner do give it a try...as in all reviews my rating is a decent 8 out of 10..would appreciate if they could somehow get the place to be cooler..its damn hot!...I honestly thought this was a halal place because they dont serve pork but the red wine emulsion sauce somehow tells me otherwise...so unfortunate..so unfortunate...

Well this might be the post for some time as i will b flying down to Australia to try out their cuisine and wine..so back to you guys next wk!..Have fun...I am suddenly to have this sudden craving for that 600gm T bone steak...yummm

Monday, January 29, 2007

Blood Diamond..

Blood on the diamond? or Blood in the diamond? Some say its pink diamond..I m confused only to know it means conflict diamond..eventhough it looks pinkish..n its a 100 carats..Yes i m talking about the latest raved about movie called Blood Diamond..starring the Titanic sissy boy Dicaprio..hes grown to be a more versatile actor taking on serious roles..n loved his accent that he adopted for the move..

Well m i suddenly goin to diversify to movies review? Nah dont think so..and yes..Lilia..ur entry sort of sparked it to write this entry..sharing is caring..

So what do i exactly want to say? Lessons learnt from the movie? Or censorship in Malaysia? How greedy people are in the world out there? Or how some people are just so busy body and must be in midst of action in other people's business? You see.. there is beyond entertainment when you watch this dragging 2.5 hr movie..y draggy? because i couldnt take a leak..the action was too thick and fast for me to take a min to run to the loo..

Or being me..i might just as well blog about all of the above..so a short summary before i hit to work..lessons learnt from the movie? Girls out there..your diamonds not only causes demand to soar beyond supply thus making us broke when we want to dedicate the rest of our lives to slave for you..(note: engagement ring and wedding ring..) it also costs virtually a leg and an arm..sorry for any hints of spoilers..but yes..the movie has lots of legs and arms...So why dont you give us a break and try to make diamonds worthless..then maybe we will decide to buy some for you..

2nd..Censorship..I actually would like to thank Malaysia for actually showing this movie..and showing most of the blood and gore around..but i thought if the F word would gradually make its way through..i think the movie might sounded better..i mean whats the point when most of us have listened and know what the word is..n u manage to censor the last 3 letters..but the F...is heard..and can anyone tell me if Leo and Jen Connelly made out in the wild because my instinct tell me they did in the movie but it was totally removed...hahaha

Lastly, the two issues out there are abit on the sensitive side..esp wif the two prominent bloggers being sued at the moment..although i got to say..i havent got the chance to read theirs before and the entries that were involved in the matter..but it all sums up..Humans are humans..It is just in their nature to be greedy..be it natural or intentional..Money drives people to alot of things..just look at the society...robbery..kidnappings..and alot more.. And the busybody part..is just done in all scales of the world..small scale = stopping your car to look at what happened after the accident..(although i wish to send my condolences to the family of the deceased ( i presumed, with the black garbage bag over something) after the accident on the federal highway right outside the petrol stations around the Shah Alam) and large scales whether for a good or for bad=greedy..you decide which current issue you want to put into your minds the second you read this..

Well by the way..i know this is truly out of my comfort zone esp if you have read all my funny food reviews..but i m the same person..so back to food..look out for the pictures when i made the 2nd visit to Tai Zhi Heen..and hopefully when the internet gets better i should start doing my review of Jacks Place and Dragon I..

Friday, January 26, 2007

Its decided!!

Just like the brain of a good businessman, you have to diversify..whether it is industries, the food you eat, the clothes you wear, and finally drums roll, what you blog about.. I am sick of specialising thus deciding to this..

So what would be a good opening to my procrastination section?..I have touched the surface of money..so whats next? Hmmmm shit am i having second thoughts on whether to blog or not now..AIKS..

Well the topic for today is Work Life and whatever is associated with work life..basically anything that happens in this firm i work at *** (censored for alot of purposes) i dont want to get fired nor do i want to get murdered..

When you were once small, friends mean friends, you play with them, you converse with them with no bad intentions what so ever, but people mutate..and change.. they think crooked..they think of short cuts and no more the straight line they were once taught at school..

So how friends are friends in the working world? Do they just use you? or are they genuine friends? Am i to judge? Well not just friends, how about colleagues? Do they step on your faults or use u for glory? Sooner or later you are no more the naive kid on the block..when someone offer you a sweet, you think for a moment..is it poison? is the person trying to get on to my good books? It just crap..But thank god i have yet to meet this kind of people..Fingers crossed..

But just to fulfill the requirement of blogging..let me share some experiences..like a simple dinner plan..obviously a dinner plan involves planning somewhere for dinner and who to go dinner with..so simple rite? But you see..with people a step ahead of you..you got to think otherwise..you have to find backup..Get where i m getting at? Sigh isnt so different from when you use to "ajak" your friend in high school out for a movie and you plan a week ahead?

Well how about another one..when you were small..you didnt care whether you were big or small, but when your friend gets bulied, you help..rite? But in the working world, what do you do when your boss ask your friend a question? or mayb ask you a question? How will you answer? Should you bullshit your way through or get help from a friend? Its just stuff in life thats simple yet so complicating..Man i am starting to sound so whiny..But lets continue..

You are now faced with a choice..your friends got work to do..and you are bz blogging away..should you listen to their words and wait for them so you can go out for dinner n drinks with them? or should you one person bloody finish blogging and head to the gym to work out that "dancing belly"? Its really tough isnt? Life is full of choices..especially at work..and with work people isnt?

Back to another infamous topic..lunch buddies..i know my original buddy back to those days when she was pregnant is not happy..sigh its hard..just when you found your cliche during her maternity leave..you are faced with an option..so go back to where you came from or stay to where you belong? Choices again i suppose..Balance is another good word to use..being fat i guess not m i not good at balancing myself literally, i guess i need work in balancing friends..

I m wondering if anyone is still reading on..have i really written enough to put everyone off and just click the X Button on the top right hand side?? Well fingers crossed..i got slightly above a 100 visits..probably half contributed by me when i enter my own blog site to log in..kinda stupid well even if i cheat..i m cheating myself..no issue isnt?

Now just slightly abit more, one of my friend has just whispered hes ready to give up..another incident that just happened recently..i m now stepping on very dangerous grounds..Working hours are meant to be obeyed..i obey them very well..starting at 8.30 and of course packing my bags by 5.30..but there just this person who doesnt seem to know what "time" means..or does the person? I am on the verge of knocking on my bosses door to ask if theres a flexi working hours form that i can fill in..because i have no freaking idea how i can enter work at 10am maybe 10.30 n disappear almost like everyone else at the same time? Is this what you call magic? Well this is just the beginning...the person has powers beyond imagination...now i will let you guys imagine...

Finally, after so much procrastination.. i got to give credit to my boss..if hes ever reading this, i think he probably be very cool with it, infact abit too cool..n i dun mean to suck up..but this man..is probably the only reason for me not to dig up my CV...and start to apply to other jobs..the soft skills that you can pick up from him..its amazing..and hes one bloody sarcastic fellow..and i love sarcasm..but hes on a level on his own..and one more thing..lifes unfair isnt..when you can bloody buy a pair of BOSE speakers for you IPOD..that comes with the dock of course and blast BeeGees everytime a staff comes in to ask for your signature..

To finally round it off...i m announcing that i will be on holiday to ADELAIDE..the boring place that i studied 3 yrs in on the 31-6 feb..and i just got the approval for my LONDON trip in March..now thats the only way i can get back at my boss i suppose..

Phew..i feel so much better...this is a great stress reliever...now what happen to my friends that i am suppose to be waiting for?

Friday, January 19, 2007

Food Foundry @ PJ

This is what you see when you take a seat after a long search for this place...

Long overdue..stupid internet..stupid S*ream*x..( i am not supposed to defame anyone or thing..just incase i get sued)..Well presenting Food Foundry, a place that got famous overnite for its mille crepe cake..and raved upon so many blogs that attracted me to try this out.. So one of the things that caught my eye was the menu that they have on their website..google it..it was cheap..not so when i visited there...mood all gone down d...Food wise..let me tell you as i intro one dish by one dish in no order..lazy to do it in order..

There call this the Kung Pao Prawns Udon..Does this look like Udon to you?? I didnt even bother..they probably tell you they ran out off Udon and gave you Penne..Well the taste..the concept was there..but little does the chef know that the noodle is almost impossible to seep much flavour into..so it was a thin coating of kung pao sauce and when you bite in..its pasta..the prawns was nothing to shout about..infact abit mushy..ermm..was it right to visit?

Next up, i know..its dessert..haha well think of my entry as abstract ok..Now honest to god, i think the concept is awesome..but the cream they put in between..hmm again i wasnt bothered to ask..but it tasted sourish..now does that mean it is not fresh? but there was a whole bunch of it in the fridge..well i guess i love the crepes..but just leave out that creme...

Now back to appetizers, eggplant cook some style that i cant remember, but i still remember the waiter thought i was dumb and i didnt understand the meaning of tapas...hes like..this is very small size..well what would i expect of RM 7.95..not tat little though mate..and definitely not cold n oily...

Another main course, the chicken chop..although it looked oily..it tasted good..well my gf said she definitely chose the right one..so i guess the lesson learnt is to order the obvious..bcoz i doubted her choice because it sounded so boring..grilled chicken chop..RM 17

Last..back to another tapas..Would you pay near RM 8 for this? The bread was cold..not toasted..the mushrooms were cold..oh my god..i think they need to know the meaning of tapas..

I am sorry to the owners of Food Foundry and all the previous reviewers that loved the place..but i honestly wouldnt visit it again..well maybe not order the tapas..Not my cup of tea i guess..Sorry..at quite steep prices..this would be bearly a 5/10 for me..have anyone gone there recently??

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bad News...

All that hype that i will be able to churn out those reviews have unfortunately meet a roadblock..I received bad news back from ipoh that my grandpa has passed on peacefully..will get back to blogging whenever i can..i mean when i am physically and mentally back in KL..Well...hmm...signing off..

Monday, January 15, 2007

Jogoya @ Starhill

Jogoya..about the biggest place i ever set on foot for a buffet..The funny thing is their main selling point is that its a Japanese cuisine buffet..yet they boost about their Chinese and Indian cuisine in addition to what they are suppose to be good at..So wait a minute..what buffet is this suppose to be? for RM 88++ as well..this better be good..

Well as i set foot inside, i realise the main part of the food they offer is Jap but is complimented with Indian grills and Chinese steam and wok fry dishes..So the next question, is quantity as important as quality?

I seriously had an issue with their quality, as you probably know my QC standards aint that high, if the company is right or if the setting is good and the food provided is edible, it normally passes my test with flying colours..So Jogoya the king of buffets failed my test? Even with a reputation in Taiwan as big as my belly? For information, a friend told me, the Jogoya in Taiwan spans two floors and even has karaoke as well...welll this looks so small..

As this is a buffet style i am just going to randomly post my pictures and let you guys have a feel of the place and the food they offer..But like i say i think they failed my test..Well for me despite it being a buffet, i still appreciate quality over quantity..There were one too many dish that disappointed me, there came in minute portions or they came in cold (yuck!).

Abit more on the introduction before you can freely scroll down to the pictures, the way this buffet works is like this, around 45% of the food is available on the spot, meaning just pile it up on the plate and go. Whereas the rest, is ordered via a clip they give you. You simply choose your dish and put your clip (has your table number) on the order dish. In a minute or two, they will pick up the clips and proceed with the order. Now the problem is, there is i think only 3 clips for 2 persons although we went in a group of 10. Imagine when you tour around, and you dont have enough clips, its a pity..and that means walking more, which isnt a problem until you realise how smelly you can get when you walk pass the teppanyaki or the tempura stalls..

Next is the quality of the food, when it first opened we could get unlimited king crab legs with their paper steamboat which were fresh and plenty. Now they have disappeared and there are only available for the VIPS. What we get, is a tiny piece in a pre-order paper steamboat that now tastes honestly like shit..Sorry to you guys at Jogoya, i am just trying to be honest here.
Now for the pictures..

Steam geoduck that came in cold (i doubt the quality as i have yet to try the proper ones you get at proper Seafood restaurants)
Free Yee Sang (Promotion) for table more then 8 people, tasted decent but honestly abit too early

One of the highlights, salmon belly and mushrooms..tasted great

Tempura prawns that didnt taste like tempura, smoke salmon rolls and the cold looking steam egg in crab shell

Ordered egg plant tempura..

Odd looking drumstick tandoori style..No taste

The paper steamboat that was once the highlight of this place..Now a disgrace

Snail shells that i didnt try..looks like from the garden haha

With camera flash, sashimi..credit given, there were fresh, although the demand of the oysters were too huge that they were freshly taking it out of their shells n serving it, thus there were not chilled..

No flash, same picture..what do you think? With or without?

So the verdict, a measly 5 out of 10 considering that i normally take lots of sashimi and they were good by my standards, but honestly the crowd which were abit "pasar" meaning market just ruins the whole environment. After all, at that ridiculous price, you would expect it too be classy, but just no..and another thing..we have to refill our own tea...which is sorry i am too lazy and i expect my service charge to be fully utilised..so damnit listen to me...go get ur workers to fill up my tea...The END..

Its been awhile since i wrote a review, infact too many up in my head and i cant seem to put it down properly..infact i just feel like rambling on and on...i think its about time i post another procrastication entry soon...stay tune

Souled Out @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Yes i am back..with some old news..this happened a week ago at a famous joint in Hartamas..Souled Out..Always wondered the meaning behind the name of the place..is it where you gain back your soul during the weekend? Or are they trying to imply they have "sold out" meaning the food is way too awesome to have any leftovers..Ponder ...Wonder..

So talking about this place..it was sort of a backup plan anyways..we originally wanted to go to a place called Halia..Booked the place for Friday on Thursday..Forward friday..people were on MC..people needed to go shopping..people wanted to watch TV..and some poor people had to work..ended up our good friend Ruben decided to screw everyone that stood his way with his infamous Chinese swear words that sound Indian...btw hes Chindian..So on that stressful Friday, five of us ended up in Souled Out for some cheap Happy Hour drinks and some food..To you guys who made it..i will send you the pictures..unless i get authorisation to post up on the blog..hmm..maybe that might rake up my ratings a little...

If you noticed..the two pictures are essentially the picture taken of their Signature Grill Chicken Chop (RM19)..Now lets start the votes counting for the best picture..Noted there are two different angles and taken by two "sober" people..From then on..i shall then take pictures depending which angle wins..

Back to the chicken chop..Our friend who tried it said it was pretty good and by the looks of it..i wouldnt mind going again to give it a try

Next up, Butter Chicken (RM19) Comes with either "naan" which looks and tastes like pita bread or rice..Didnt count the pieces of chicken but definitely could do with more..but the filling sauce that accompanied the bread was very satisfying..But you know the beer and the hunger sorts of impact the reviewer strict standards..

Fried Calamari Rings (RM 12?) Oily but yummy especially with chilled Tiger Beer..(Not sponsored in any way) and courtesy of Joanne hand..this picture looks lovely..Doesnt it?

Another angle of the Butter Chicken..Vote about this too ok..although at this point, i really cant remember who took which picture..might be the same person, who knows?

Last picture taken before they all cam whored the camera, the carbonara chicken with spirali (RM 19)..For one, i always thought carbonara and fettucini were always came as a couple..just like Mickey and Minnie Mouse..this combo is sort of a screwed up couple like Mickey and Daisy Duck..you get mouck..Back to the tastes..managed to sneak preview the pasta...pretty good sauce not too powering just subtle enough to finish the whole dish without spewing,,

All in all, if you are looking for some decent food and for 29++ a jug of beer during Happy Hours , do give it a try..its a quite a happening place and as for me, its just convenient because everyone knows where it is and its smack right in Hartamas, a place where i always want to be hehe..sounds lame but i know..im abit rusty after a lack of blogging you know..

Rating: 7.5 out of 10..but as a friend once told me..the food maybe good or shit..but its the company that counts..so in that case, am i suppose to increase or decrease the rating? hahaha

Only thing to watch out might be the parking, especially on Friday nites..its crowded..By the way i didnt get a free jug of beer by posting this up...So if anyone from Souled Out sees this and you are happy with it..remember to give me my beer the next time i come ok hahahahaha..i think i "gila" already.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Rojak @ Taman Midah

Rojak..its a Malay word that means "mixed"..but the ironic thing that i discovered is..there is no Malay rojak..infact to me there are only two different kinds of rojak..the chinese one..and the indian one..today i present to you a chinese rojak thats nearby my house..which is CHERAS..
The Van that sells this awesome combination of fruits

When poured out in a plate..

A short introduction..Chinese rojak can be eaten pre-mixed by the old man that sells..but it looks dirty so we get it packed separately sauce,fruits and prawn crackers..The sauce that comes in it has a sweet texture but chili paste is added on if you want it hot..plus lots of peanuts..the fruits we are talking about ranges from mango..papayas..cucumbers..chinese pears?..taugeh also got...

So for a short refreshing snack and if you are passing by Taman Midah..where all the shoplots as turn into Taman Midah..outside one of the Kodak shops..give it a try..comes in RM 3.50 and 4 packs..i think?

Well i really got no idea if its halal...really need to ask him because i got no idea what pot he uses to make his rojak sauce and if he uses non-halal ingredients..but i m sure there are places that will serve halal rojak..probably in shopping centres i suppose..

Well look out for more reviews this week...i got quite a few...the preview...drums roll...Souled Out @ Hartamas...Jimmy Place @ Connaught...DragonI @ Midvalley Megamall...if i am hardworking enough you probably get to read it soon enough..fingers crossed

Friday, January 12, 2007

Procrastination about Money @ Office

Procrastination time...its about probably a few minutes (own judgement) since i announced that i will start to procrastinate if i am not reviewing restaurants..So first topic: Money.

Our firm has a bi-weekly internet newsletter, so this issue title was Salary and Benefits Enhancements: 2007..which made me smile with glee as i clicked on the link waiting patiently like a small little boy waiting for candy while the man measures to make sure you only get the 100gm you paid for, 1 gm no more.

Then the thunder struck and the wind blew, the firm claims that last year increment and bonus was vastly improved. Eventhough it was pro-rata for me, it was miserable and hardly enough for my lifestyle, lets just say my lifestyle very hard to keep. Even worse was that there was mention of salary revision in January 2007 that kept my hopes up until they mentioned that it was only applicable to our Seniors, and not us fresh grads. Oh well this sucks...No money is not a great feeling.

Now ever since i went on a high and "coma" in September 2006, I never recovered. Obviously conscious, I crazily bought my watch of my dreams, A Tag Heuer..Never recovered since..I lost the will to save..and i have been on the negative since then..Worse still, somehow or rather i finish my money faster then before..without knowing of course. That comes to the next topic..

I promised a friend that we will go visit UK..the place where all the rich brats of GIS went after high school while i was left in some kampung place of Australia that half the aunties and uncles just nodded with ignorance..Well he emailed me and hey..free from March 3-11..want to come? Now i just cant resist temptation and i have given myself till Monday to decide..well for me to convince my parents to throw 6-7 grand for me to fling in London..Just how succesful am i? Stay tuned to find out..

I think i probably can submit this as an essay if i dont stop writing..but wait a minute, by typing i at least look like i am busy..you know like drafting a tax advice for my manager or maybe writing an email to a client..but little do they know they are actually employing me to use up their bandwidth surfing the net and blogging online! Muahaha i am so evil...so till i am rich again..i shall come up with Part II of Procrastination about Money..


I never thought i would do this..its so unethical and unprofessional yet i am doing it. Yes, i am officially blogging in office! Aiks, if i get caught what will happen how? But i need to get this all out, its too much for me. How can such a big accounting firm employ staff to seat around and look busy? Grrr, please give me work..and i know all my readers out there cant wait to beat the shit out of me..HaHa..

Well i think i have decided to have another possible permanent section in my blog..the craving to procrastinate. So watch out as i spit and spat at people, work, life and anything that i can possibly attack..

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Restaurant Hy Thian @ Sri Kembangan

Now, my father frequents this restaurant very often, infact on average once every two weeks if not every week. Actually the head chef is a close friend, so we always get alot of freebies like new dishes before there are released on the menu and soups as starters. So i thought why not, lets do a review on them, after all most of my reviews tend to lean towards western cuisine.

The selling point for this place is mainly quantity and it is cheap. Some of doubted their quality but i find it ok and most importantly value for money. If you manage to get hold of one of the more experienced waitresses to recommend you dishes, you will never fail to have dishes all over the table.

So lets start off, with the steam fish..

The seven star garoupa (steamed)

The reason why i put the picture this way is just an afterthought. Imagine that you are a fisherman and you manage to catch this fish, and being Malaysia the sun is hot and you know you tend to day dream in this kind of weather..i thought maybe this image might be in the fisherman eyes, catching a nice steam garoupa..ready to eat straight away! KeKe..Lame i know..but thats who i am.

Ying Yeong Har (Two style prawns)

The black sauce is their house specialty where as the brown one is the ham dan har (salted egg prawns). The combo is interchangeable and the best part you can ask them to deshell the prawns so no mess! Their prawns also come in salad and butter but the butter style is unlike the usual ones with the egg flakes, want to find how it tastes like? Give it a try haha.

Hakka Siu Chow (Hakka Mix Veges)

Consisting of cuttlefish, pork, tauge (bean sprouts), capsicum and a couple more veges, this is a nice dish to eat with rice..Enough said.

Claypot Yam Chicken

Another nice dish to eat with rice. The aroma of the chicken is enhanced with curry leaves and the nice chunks of yam is not too soft and not too hard accompanied by the fine bite sizes of kampung chicken.
Rounding it off is the Fu Yu Chau Yau Mak (Fermented Bean Curd Lettuce?)

I dont exactly know how to translate this dish. But beware of all the chili padi in this dish that gives more then what you might have bargained for.

So thats about it, i noticed that there is a request to mention whether the food i put up is halal or not..so here you go..unfortunately it is not halal =( . Now at this moment of time, i do not have the phone number or the directions. Drop me a message and i will try to describe it. It s basically on the way to the Mine and South City Plaza. From South City Plaza, you just go in further till you see a Petronas petrol station, from there you should see the place, its 5 shoplots combined..

On that note, i will try my best to visit halal restaurants for the benefit of everyone! And hope those who can eat pork visit this also..

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Max! Kitchen & Wines

After reading the review by Kuali, The Star, i was excited about this place..situated in not exactly a peaceful and up class place but the raves about his shiraz wagyu beef cheeks made me sweat and crave for it day after day since i read it. So a little bit of persuasion and one day my dad decided to bring us there..little did he know that dinner wasnt going to be cheap despite the current promotion for a two course lunch at 18++..

At the entrance after the meal

Now if you dig up the archives of Kuali, you would know this is opened by a talented chef with a resume as thick as a dictionary..maybe not that thick. But if you were to bump into him on the street, you probably wouldnt know hes a chef, not that theres a particular look for a good chef..no offence mate. Anyways, hes chinese..balding..and he wears glasses..more like a house husband..man whoever his wife is...damn lucky woman.

The interior..
It is an open kitchen concept whereby the kitchen is integrated to the main seating area which was abit intimidating because you could see him handle four dishes at a go, and on the other hand wondering if he would create enough smoke to make you smell. But never fear, because the food came out without a fuss, four plates, plate by plate within a minute of each other..

Now enough gibberish and lets talk about the food..Now my dad thought that the food was pretty cheap..till he saw the menu..and his face turn black.. lets face it..hes a china ah pek (uncle) and hes not accustomed to the face that a plate of good food will cost RM 40 and above..well thats my dad and i am not complaining!

So first off, they serves warm bread..i reckon its foccacia bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar..the vinegar was slightly thick and sweet unlike what i have tried before..it was damn awesome but careful me, when the waitress ask if i wanted another plate i said no..because i thought they probably charge me extra..!

To the main courses..starting off with the Trout..

Served on a bed of mashed potatoes and abit of bell peppers. My mom commented that this is about the smoothest mash she has ever eaten. The fish was cooked perfectly, not overcooked like in most places..No complaints but the size for RM 45, might have to think twice.

Next is the duck..look at how tender it is by the redness of the meat. Again served with a bed of mash, my father commented at RM 30 although steep, he loved it and especially how he plated every dish differently.

Another fish dish, this time the Cod Fish. I know its abit hard but to tell you the truth, its because the piece of fish is too small to tell apart from the artichokes. But once again the creamy sauce complimented the texture of the bouncy Cod fish and the contrasting taste of the artichokes completes this dish for only RM 35.

Lastly, i save the best of the last, the dish that made me swear i will visit this place. For RM 60, this has got to be the biggest plate (quality and quantity) of beef cheeks i ever eaten. Actually i have only eaten it twice, the other time at Cafe Cafe which was dreadfully small but heavenly at the same time. Now again served with mash, notice a pattern coming on? Accompanied with a mushroom ragout, the cheeks melt in your mouth, even a toothless old man can enjoy this dish because its just so tender and i cant find the word...its just heaven.. THUMBS UP!!

So as you probably realise, i loved this place. Not my dad but i loved it..Although he had a valid complaint..at that time there was two tables seated, ours and another one. The chef only went over to that table to greet, but i think he knew them, but he didnt had the courtesy to come over. Well make an effort next time please if you are reading because i shall be back soon! The affordable price and the great atmosphere gives this place a 9/10. Wheres the other '1'? The notorious place got no parking at all...And if you park nearby there are guys who rip you off by asking for Rm 10!...I dont like extortion...oh well maybe for food..

Before i forget the address and phone no is..

27 Tengkat Tong Shin 50200
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-21418115

Disclaimer: I am pretty sure no one will leave that place unsatisfied..except your wallet or unless you need three big bowls of rice every meal...

Alexis @ Bangsar Shopping Centre


As you all might know or had no idea at all, i was on clearing my leave and i had the last week of the year off..my my...life is so good..so off we went 1 day 3 of us, a friend, my gf and i to alexis, BSC. To tell you the truth, i knew of its existence through this blog Memoirs of a Chocoholic

I must say i loved the atmosphere of the place..very trendy and chic..Ok about the pictures..i still have a problem taking photos..so i have a few pictures but not all..at least a good start ok?

Starting of the meal with a nice hot cup of Cafe Latte (RM10)

If you ask me to name one place that serves you coffee with steam coming out, this is the place. Sorry to all the Starbucks and Coffee Bean fans, but they dont make hot coffee like Alexis does. By the way their coffee are from Illy..

Next up, we ordered two dishes from their light mains, the duck confit and the roast beef sandwich for the ladies and i ordered the duck breast from the mains. Unfortunately, the camera didnt make it in time for the light mains, but never fear as i still got my amazing English to describe the dishes to you people. The duck confit is basically crispy fried duck, or more professionally it is duck cooked in its own fat.. artery clogging but sounds damn good all the same..well Alexis serves it with a green salad and a light dressing and if not mistaken with some mandarin oranges which makes it refreshing and light..just like how a light main should be..and for RM 20? thats pretty decent. Though if you are looking out for the real deal duck confit..try Cafe Cafe which i might visit again in the near future for a proper review.

Next up, was a pretty normal and disappointing roast beef sandwich for RM 24? Nothing much to say...To the main duck breast..

Slow Roast Duck Breast RM 35

I suspected they were abit lazy here, because they used the same greens as the Duck Confit..go and buy a few different greens to serve is all i can say. Otherwise, notice how red the duck is...and i normally dont complain about bleeding meat, but this duck was bleeding abit too much, perhaps another minute in the oven would be nice..duck should always be eaten medium, but this was more of a rare for me..but thumbs up all the same..

Lastly, to finish it off is the most sinful part of the Lunch...DESSERT!

Palova?? Egg whites isnt? RM 10 for a whole load of fresh fruits as a topping. Not too sweet and just nice....

Tiramsiu RM 12.. Supposedly the best tiramisu that one can find and it is Alexis speciality. Honestly this is the first time i have eaten it with nuts covered all over it and served with a berry sauce..Its damn good though i admit but i would go back for any tiramisu served in a single portion cup..

Well i know its been ages since i have come up with this review and honestly i think i could have done better. So lets rate Alexis..other then the rare duck as a blooper and the normal sandwich..the awesome coffee and the nice atmosphere puts it up to 8/10.

I seriously wont bother with the disclaimer anymore. So what you guys think?? Or have the few visitors that once visited me, deserted me??..

Monday, January 1, 2007

Im BaCk....StILl Alive....

Hey guys...i looked at the counter and realised even if subtracting all the time i visited my own blog to increase the visits hehe...there are actually some strangers out there reading my blog...this is getting exciting just when i thought i was just blogging to the wall and almost giving up with the whole taking photos of all the food before i gobble it up...

So stay tuned for two food reviews although with pictures taken with a 1.3mp camera phone..sorry i still got no guts to go snapping photos of the food with my red Sony Digicam..
Actually wanted to tell you guys that i am alive earlier..but the stupid earthquake in Taiwan which screwed the internet and my trip to Penang to get food poisoning obviously delayed this post..