Monday, December 31, 2007

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year

Friday night

I had a blast at "My Elephant" but who in the world, calls their restaurant "My Elephant"? I mean, i wouldnt want to touch your Elephant but sir, i have a reservation at "Your Elephant". Lame jokes aside, Thai food was the exotic theme of the night and we were stuffed to the brim before we were carried out to the exit.

Located at a desserted corner of what seems to be low cost flats hidden in Section 17, I was immediately enlightened by the entrance.

Tried to upload pictures and fell asleep, naturally with an overdose of roast duck red curry.

Saturday morning

Being "kiasu" as part of our Malaysian blood, i see reviews done all over the blogosphere of "My Elephant". Is it me, or am i considered slow because i didnt do my home work the night before? I realised i left the menu once again, but more or less i can just steal the names because it is all over my face. Nevermind, it is finally all uploaded to Flickr.

I rather sleep, dont you?

Monday morning

I think i just gave up on writing about My Elephant or His Elephant for the matter. The food is great but hey, i still need to remember how it tastes like right?

Forget it, i am at work but they is no one around. 4 more hours before i enjoy my final 4 hours of annual leave. Will be enjoying the fireworks at KLCC without lugging my camera i guess due to the flow of bubbly available.

An early toast to the year 2008 and with that some more random photos from nowhere.

I know the clock no longer works, but it is to tell you, time is up and it is time for 2008!

What are we looking forward to? Er, I dont know..


Nic (KHKL) said...

looking forward to more great food, of course! haha! nice meeting you last friday...the duck curry was really good, wasn't it?happy new year, dude! see you at the next gathering at my giraffe..ok, bad joke.

Kenny Mah said...

Hehe, I like your take on last Friday nite... quite different from everyone else's. Got the unique 'Nipples" stamp on it.

(Speaking of which, my friend Henny, did she ask you for the private show you promised? Lol.)

But you and Nic (KHKL) very bad lah... what with your elephant and your giraffe. Tak senonoh langsung. Anyway, have a Happy New Year... I'll be at "my KL Tower"... Hahahaha...

(Guess I'm even worse than you too, no?)

Big Boys Oven said...

hahaha! have a great new year!

mama bok said...

Happy New Year . .Joe..!

team bsg said...

Happy New Year !

zewt said...

happy new year joe!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

nic: haha ur giraffe it shall be..where ar?? kekeke

kenny: aiyoh..nvrmind..i got twin towers!!

bbo,mamabok,teambsg,zewt: happy new year!!

Jun said...

hahaha u damn lame la joe, but damn funny too! "come, let's have din at My Elephant" "YOUR elephant? no thanks dude..."

ANYWAY. happy new yr to u and nic!! thanks for the outing tht day-- food always unites! :D

wmw said...

Trust you Nipples to do this! Hahaha....Happy New Year to you!