Thursday, December 27, 2007

Delicious @ Bangsar Village 2

The year 2007 is going to be over in a matter of days. To some, another year is just; well another year.

To others, it is a year of changes, gluttony or adventure. To me? Well to be honest, it just another year which i am looking forward to.

Looking back this year, so many things have happened. I have met a whole new group of people that i call friends. People who share the same love for food and photographing food. At one point in time, i thought i was weird, now? I just feel so warm at home.

Back to food.

This common sight of desserts is going up to my head like drugs, really fast and a big hit to my wallet because i cant resist.

Delicious was a place that i last tried in February. Last i heard, a different management has taken over, the menu has been refurbished and it has been the talk of the town. It never did impress me the first time i went. It was packed with lots of chic people and "tai tai" that had all the time in the world for a drink while people slaved at work. The food was "ok" and you could get plenty elsewhere for the same price. Yet, it has blossomed and outlets opening from all four corners of KL.

Stepping back in, gave me the same feel. For one, the decor had the same "feel" which isnt to say it was bad of course. It once again gave me that "chic" and "cool" feel, where only young and trendy people eat at.

Looks the same?

Some items vaguely tickled my fancy whereas some stood up like a big zit when you look at the mirror just before your dinner party. The Wagyu Beef Pie was one of them. When it is also priced at RM20++, you dont stop to think that the word 'Wagyu' might have been loosely used to entice greedy pigs like me. It is when you eat it and realise the long hours of cooking beef will make it tender anyways, you shrug your shoulders and enjoy.

Not exactly pityful in serving but nor was it enough when i tried to let everyone have a share. The little bowl where they stuffed the salad was abit ridiculous as i couldnt eat out from it. Though, who cares when you have a hot pie filled with wagyu beef next to it?

Next came a slightly soggy angel hair cream pasta with smoked salmon and a little roe at the top. Before i issued a warrant for a bite, i saw sauce left on the plate. I dont know if it is that good, got to ask my brother, but then again, he eats anything and i mean anything. (RM20++)

Their Caesar Salad was generous with beef bacon chips; similar to the one you get at O Briens, a poached egg, anchovies and your usual fare of Romaine lettuce and sauce. Then again, this salad is almost RM20 i think.

Then came sweet desserts. Dining with three ladies, my lady, my sister and my mom; desserts were a must to lit up their day.

Their waffles were rather flat and not crispy but soggy. The sauce didnt help either to lit the mood but then again my brother ordered this and finished everything. Told you, he eats anything and everything.

I still dont understand their French Toast. The bananas yes but the bacon still doesnt make it happen. Why dont they learn?? The fluffy light french toast was a delight to savour and the caramelised bananas a brilliant accompanyment.

The brownies was about the most sinful dessert item i ate in a long long time. The chocolate sauce was hot and warm, plentiful and with cold vanilla ice-cream, the picture says it all. All was forgiven if the brownie was rather hard and dry because the sauce saved it all.

Address details:

Bangsar Village 2
Ground Floor

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars. Again, i was not truly convinced but then again, it is rather handy to have a restaurant that you can go to for a snack or a meal. It is not magnificent but memorable to walk in again. Did you get it? I dont think i did; thus the love and hate affair with Delicious.


Kenny Mah said...

I sure share your sentiments, bro... 2007 has been a great year for us to find a new group of people to call friends.

Now me, I'm not the biggest foodie around nor even a foodblogger, but I will say you guys are the funnest to be around! Good food? Okay if got lor. Great company? Indispensable! ;)

Have a great 2008 ahead!

MamaBoK said...

Basically.. i think food gotten in more value for money than what i can get here. I'll have to say that the food i get here.. in Nova Scotia.. ain't even half as pretty as the ones you get in Delicious.. nor do we get so many selection either.

teckiee said...

younger or older brother? he must have given his tastebuds to you hehe

Jackson said...

sad to know all the most didn't suit yr taste. I feel that their quality drop a lot since they open so many outlet!

leo said...

hmmm another "nice interior, sucky food" outlet..

i empathize with you..

I do apologise for the hold-up on our nero vivo date, but things just keep popping up lahhhhh....

any nice places in singapore for ny eve?

team bsg said...

giving comments without looking at the delicious pixs ( which did not appear on screen , isit tech problem yr side ?)

happy new year !

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

kenny: same to you, flirtatious blogger of the year..

mamabok: haha we r seriously spoilt for choice..

teckiee:younger 1..dunno how he gave me ahah..

jackson: well maybe too "mass produced"..

leo: haha i havent expanded to singapore yet..will let u knw haha..

team bsg: isit? too slow connex..TM on holiday i reckon

KampungboyCitygal said...

have to agree with u that delicious is not a place for proper dinner..but its great for tea and dessert!

Nic (KHKL) said...

it's been ages since i visited delicious...i enjoyed their shepherd's pie and duck confit pasta...but with marmalade, suchan etc at bv2, i cant really find a good reason for a revisit..and wagyu for RM20??

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

kbcg: yeap!

nic: wagyu little cubes more like it..

Anonymous said...

sugar and salty is all the rage now on food-blogs, but bacon and maple syrup on pancakes has always been heaps popular, in canada, usa, australia even? i've had them in both the us & oz. Plus... it's HEAPS yummy! think honey roasted almonds. still non capiche??!