Monday, November 5, 2007

What a first day

It wasnt as if this was my first time flying. No longer did i had to pack my luggage till i had to seat on it to shut, no longer were there yells if i had packed all my clothes, no longer was there any emotions running as i stepped across to the boarding gate. Although i had a couple of holidays this year which did not involve going off to study of any sorts, this holiday seemed a bit different.

This was another trip to Adelaide, a place that i had study at for a good 3 years, well technically if you count the number of days, its only 2 years because you have a good 4 months of holidays which i would die to spend it in Malaysia. This was a trip that was pretty much, buy my ticket, ask my friend if i could bum at his place and off i went. No aims in life, no targets to achieve, no purpose at all, it was just going back to a place to experience deja vu.

The feeling of going for such a holiday felt weird. It was a out of comfort zone trip. Firstly, i didnt bring my towel and toothbrush. Secondly, i couldnt bum in my brother's place and i had to bum at another friend's place. Thirdly, i would be arriving at an early sunday 8am morning. Whatever was going to happen, i had 6 hours to plan for a flawless beginning. It appeared not, either way it had to involve lots of walking from one place to another. As i left my sleepy brain to think about it, another mini accident happened. My glasses dropped from my jacket and the poor air stewardess (thank god for her weight!) stepped on my glasses but it didnt break. Just distorted its shape and made me look like some scientist who hadnt seen sunlight in centuries.

When the actual morning came, my brother woke up, took his towel and toothbrush, showered and had breakfast. I realised why i wanted to take this trip. I wanted to sip my caffe latte and experience the spring breeze. Dreaming of nothing and letting my mind wonder as usual. (Review of breakfast coming soon, i promise).

So it was, one day gone and 12 hours slept. It appeared everything has settled down before i realise my gracious host had to leave for Argentina before i fly back to Malaysia. Thank goodness for the internet and a slightly loose budget, i booked myself a hotel for the last two nights. Lets hope no more surprises, my heart cant take it anymore.

Going to see if i can register for a free poker tournament later at 6pm. Adelaide readers! Where are you? Can you please call me out and take me out for some food tasting??


ling239 said...

so poor thing... the air stewardess is air-light ah ? @_@

New Kid on the Blog said...

pls share more Adelaide... wld like to plan for a holiday in Aussie.

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

I stumbled upon your blog and i think i've seen you in uni before..=\

Adelaide's got heaps of nice food, and we've got a new japanese restaurant here!

aromatic coffees, exquisite italian....mmm! =))

i'm sure you would know all these things seeing that you were here for 3 years?


daphne said...

oo..hope u have lots of fun there!

Christy said...

Oooo....have fun!!!
I so want a vacation too....and do bring back lots of good stuffs to tell after your vacation yeah?:D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ling239: if it was me, confirm i had no glasses to wear d..haha

new kid: hmm i would rather suggest melb,sydney or gold coast..adelaide is just a place to quietly chill and not holiday really..

anon: well keep the list flowing..i m hearing you..wheres the new jap place?

daphne: i am..sort of..haha soaking up the air that i was breathing years ago..

christy: if my luggage weight forbids haha..

MeiyeN said... are in adelaide?!! there's nothing much to do over there right? heard from fiance's sis that it's quite a small place and boring! :p remember to buy lotsa chocolates home and have fun okay! ;)

lovegoddess said...

wahh..its nice to be there in during spring and ya! enjoy the cool clean breeze..unlike stuffy kl.

how long you'll be there??

and Hahahahaaa...i carved a big smile when reading your this sentence 'like a scientist who hasn't seen sunlight for years' - its damn funny ;)

jason said...

Ah, enjoy yourself and take care ;)

Kuanniewong said...

Oh, the japanese place is called Wasai and it's in Chinatown,off Gouger st. I like it, the Sushi and Sashimi boat esp =) that's just me lah =)

Chianti on Hutt St. is really nice. Italian fine dining.

Amalfi's on Frome Road is yum! Italian.

Alfonso's at the corner of Hutt st. and Halifax st. Plain simple Italian. No pizzas there tho..

Brekkie at ETC is nice, for the atmosphere and the whole works. Banana Pancake is apparently their specialty.

Enoteca on Carrington, fine dining, Italian. Supposed to be REALLY good, but i thought it was so-so, maybe it's just me.

Estia on Henley Beach Square - Greek. Nice.

Strathmore Hotel(The Balcony, upstairs) on North Terrace isn't too bad, their known for their stone grills, quite a unique thing, but dind't have the time for that as it was a work lunch..

Australian Pizza house..need i say more? haha.

Oh, and Haighs Chocolate! It's just re-opened from a store renovation. I just went in there during lunchtime today and I got some free choc tastings. YUM!

Sosta on Rundle St. Good for Carnivores! haven't been there tho.

Belgian beer bar cafe off rundle st - mussels! and belgian beer =)

And all the wineries around...for free wines? =P

Lucia's in the Market isn't too shabby either, I like it because it's got the whole market feel, and you can like sit down and watch the world go by on a Friday night. Oh, that Yoghurt shop in the market is the best! I love their yoghurts..=) There's a still that sells really yummy Chocolate Croissants (but should heat it up if it's cold)

That's all i can think of for now.You would have probably known most of these places from when you were a student here. Thinking of all these places is making me hungry! Something tells me i might just be pigging out in the market this Friday evening..and over the weekend..=P

Seaqueen said...

Wah! Go holiday?? Sigh. So nice. I wonder when's my turn.

Cynthia said...

I'd say you're off to a fine holiday, what's life without some bumps along the way. Can't wait to hear more.

wmw said...

When you are in a fine mood, you'll start seeing things in a different light! You'll capture those moments....