Thursday, November 22, 2007

J&Co Donuts @ Pavilion, Bukit Bintang

I thought i was getting a bit blur; solution? To get a new pair with exactly the same power, untouched after three years. Oh what joy!

I digress, the reason for this post is to celebrate my blog first anniversary with none other then the most talked about piece of dough since char leung!

It all started after I got my new pair of glasses. I stared at the crowd with a confused face. Time and time, i passed by the shop, i see a long queue. Time and time, i read blogs about the donuts being a close rival to Krispy Kremes and how it is as good as an orgasm.

I refuse to believe it, the hype, the donuts and the peer pressure. Yesterday night though, seemed to be a different story.

For one, it was my blog's birthday. Every birthday, whether it is for a human, animal or even for a blog should be celebrated with sweets. If not, then places like Just Heavenly wont do very well, would they? Unfortunately, their place seemed a bit far and furthermore J&Co was just in front of my 2 eyes.

Grr..Should I or should i not? It was as hard as a question could get. Will i succumb to peer pressure and blog about this? Will i have the chance to burn the calories off? Will i be able to last the long queue of over 20 people? Would i? Would i?

Questions flew all over my head and i found telling myself to stay calm and think. Before i knew it, i was half way through the queue. Looks like the battle was lost.

So to celebrate the day of my blog turning one, which in turn created my nickname "Nipples" and despite a whole entry of being a slut, I am still Nipples. Yes, i stole all the nipples from the donuts thats why they have a hole in the middle. I digress again.

J&Co seemed to be the latest craze despite being opened for months. The speed that they were making the donuts at 9pm only shows how hot or good it is. The dark and white chocolate is glistening and every topping looks so moist and wet, to show that it produced fresh and upon request. It gives you that privileged feel despite the on-going promotion of RM35 including service tax for 24 donuts. And i mean 24 donuts!!

Indeed i couldnt stop my itchy hand and tried one. I believe the hype is unfortunately true. The bread is almost melt in your mouth and because the topping is still wet, it tastes so fresh. Now even after a night at the fridge, leaving it at room temperature allowing the topping to thaw and it will look like as if i just bought it from the shop.

Looks like Big Apple is in serious trouble, well at least the one nearby my place.

J&Co is available right now at the lower ground floor of Pavilion..Don't tell me you dont know where it is..


New Kid on the Blog said...

hehehe... I dont know where is it, cuz, am from the Pearl of Orient. anyway, is it that good??? cuz, I could see lots of people blogging about it. if it's that good, would find some time to look for it when am in KL this Dec. :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

new kid: hmm its onli at the pavilion kl..haha its one of the latest shopping malls along the Bukit bintang area..take a cab, guarenteed u will reach there.

Nic (KHKL) said...

i resisted the queue too (even sneered at the bad, right?) but with THAT kinda review, i guess it's time for doughnuts..hehe! perhaps i'll start with the singapore's doughnut factory first, since i wont be back til dec.

yammylicious said...

happies anniversary XD
going to hv 2nd branch in pyramid 2 soon!! yahooooOoo

Cutie said...

Oooh, I tried all the flavours d... Wow, the queue is madness. I think they have problems in meeting the demand. SOmetimes we queue so long, than all the different flavours gone, left only the common ones. So sad...

MeiyeN said...

happy belated birthday to "lots of cravings"!!!! what a coincidence, i just blogged bout few hours ago lol..

sc said...

joe, you are not the last of the pack who have not tried j&co..i have not tried yet! hahaha..the long Q turned me off..oh well. happy belated BD to lotsa cravings! may there be many more cravings to come!

tankiasu said...

Donut craze has long died in me, after consuming dozens of them after reviewing J.Co. Now is back to simply "food craze" for me! :P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

nic: i know!i fallen into the same trap too!

yammy: thanks! really?

cutie: wat? all the flavours?..omg..

meiyen: i saw! omg about the half cooked donut..not surprised given the quantity they produce..

sc: i need the cravings to go away for abit..haha..too many d..

lilia edlina said...

*drool* !!

and oh yeah, happy belated birthday to your blog... ;)

babe_kl said...

happy first blog anniversary!!!!

Coketai said...

Hey ! Man!!! Donuts for an way!!! You got be better than that! Anyway, Congratulation for your first anniversay!!!

As I always say : "Eat More, Blog More!!"


~Christine~Leng said...

Happy belated birthday to "lots of cravings"! will keep myself updated with ur posts! :)
I seriously wanna try It's been so long.. ;P

wenching & esiong said...

All doughnuts look so delicious. They're calling out for us! Gonna visit this place soon, we still haven't been to Pavilion, so outdated!

Seaqueen said...

So are the donuts worth the wait?? Each time I see the queue, I'm just too lazy to wait already.

Jackson said...

Happy belated birthday to yr blog!!! I won't Q for the donuts too

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

lilia: you got to try..even if you look like spongebob ok?

babekl: thanks!

coketai: well it was the best i could get at the oh well

christine: well get reading! i have been ultra active for some reason this week..

w&e: maybe not this wkend, apparently huge jam coming up!

seaqueen: well if you get someone to queue for u better la!

jackson: haha more dignity and pride rite?

Cynthia said...

Happy anniversary!

:: Nicole :: said...

i have NOT yet tried J.Co donuts and i refused to do so! hahaha.. coz to me, Krispy Kreme is the BEST :P~

AnGeLiC PrInCeSs SeReNa said...

I resisted trying them donuts for ages too although I practically walk past the place at least once a week. After reading this, I think its high time I make time to join that humoungous q... want some of my 24 doughnuts?

Which reminds me, should I make my brother buy a dozen of Krispy Kreme from Kingsford Smith?

ai wei said...

sigh, the queue is always long and i can't stand it. aiks, become the very out-dated one again~

AngryYoungChild said...

hehehe glad u finally tried

Anonymous said...

i've tried the jco donuts..

i thought it was the best donut in KL..

but unfortunately.. really disappointed with the taste la..

too sweet!!! the donut look like so delicious! so yummy.. but it is really damn sweet lo!

x boleh telan! i bought one dozen but only eat 5 of it.. the rest hmm.. just eat sikit2.. then masuk tong sampah!

only the "alcapone" and "cheese me up" is the best!

sorry la if my opinion not same with you all.. really geram la!

and you all want to know one secret about jco donut..?

their big boss is from indonesia.. my fren said they used "something" for their business.. that's why la everyday pun ramai org queue for the donut! hehehe..

Anonymous said...

I tried and never like it. Too sweet and it will be sticky for take away donuts.... Heard that the big boss is from indonesia for sure and I heard big apple and j co were partners before and they split after a fight.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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