Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How it has been so far?

I first thought this trip to Adelaide was nothing but a waste of time. Here i was, going to a place that i could almost call my second home, having visited every nook and corner of the city. What was i going to do for a whole week? Well, no one could answer that question, even myself.

I found myself outside Rundle Mall and Rundle Street. I could picture myself, being 19 once again, with my Crumpler bag and my lecture notes, with another two friends, walking past David Jones, shopping while waiting for lecture to start. Now? I am just carrying my camera bag, walking without any aim and purpose except reach the end of the street and wonder what to do next. At first i found it so hard to take pictures of the street that i have walked countless of times, my camera was just comfortable where it was, in my bag. I had come to this place for a holiday and determined to at least come up with a few photos minimum. Here i was struggling to get inspiration, out of ideas, just drained. Looks like i just realised why i am in Adelaide.

I am here to rest.. Walking in Central Market and buying prawns and prosciutto was what i was meant to do. Going inside David Jones and grabbing hot bargains from Country Road did just the trick to rejuvenate myself. Eating lots of good food is as expected.

Well its already Wednesday and now i just wish i could more time.


fatboybakes said...

adelaide's nice....if you are in a coma.

ling239 said...

erm... still no post on food yet ? >.<"

Jun said...

wow, u still blogging in adelaide wtf! wat else u wanna eat???? i know u mite not wan asian lah, considering how u suggested alphutte...-_-

Seaqueen said...

Wow. So come on out with the photos. Food there. Be a typical tourist and take photos of things there. Hahahha!!

lilia edlina said...

u better enjoy ur holiday while it lasts! and stop being so bluesssss... ;) just chill!

Wuttisak said...

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zewt said...

no idea how is adelaide... but i do know you're having fun.

come back dude... our dinner is long overdue.

Precious Pea said... on diet there?? Show me food pictures!!!!!!!

leo said...

"adelaide's nice....if you are in a coma."

HAHAH! I can't seem to agree more!

But enjoy yr trip and let's finally do nero vivo when you get back aight?

I'm staying put till a couple days b4 christmas (hopefully boss doesn't need me in Dubai)..

Cheerios and see you soon! Leo

UnkaLeong said...

Pics! Hahaha...

Cutie said...

Hey, enjoy ur time there. Before you know it u are on ur way home and u gonna start missing it. Hmm, how i wish I can go back to UK for holiday and walking back the same road thinking back of my student life. *sigh*

Cynthia said...

Have a good one. Like Cutie says, before you know it, it will be time to head home.

New Kid on the Blog said...

no food post??? [pout]

Kelly Mahoney said...

Sounds like a lovely holiday.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

fbb: or u r old..haha

ling239: photos still in my to be patient..haha

jun: thanks for the intro of the pizza..

seaqueen: well obliged to in the end..

lilia: i m back!

wuttisak: thanks!

zewt: ok i m back..can plan but dis weekend already booked out..aiyoyo..

preciouspea: haha diet? dont understand..not in my dictionary..

leo: ok i m when again?

unkaleong: ok! ok!

cutie: its kinda deja vu isnt?

cynthia: back home..sigh

new kid: wait wait..on a "diet" haha

kelly: well more like a very unprepared 1..