Thursday, November 15, 2007

DIY @ Central Market, Adelaide

The two shiny balls that were recently polished and restored, one of the many funny icons on Rundle Street that represent Adelaide. I will throw in the white man to entice you, if you insist.

If after a whole week and you still see me blogging about Adelaide, chances are i am still suffering from post holiday syndrome despite it being a town meant for people in coma.

Now, one thing that one should learn to do on holidays in a different place is to explore the fresh food available in the area. By that, i dont mean finding McDonalds and KFC even if you are having your honey moon in Italy or Spain. Now, a very cheap way is to go to the Central Market. Satisfy your cravings by picking fruits in season, fresh seafood and any meats that seem to wink at you to bring them back home.

400gms of smoked salmon, 500gms of boiled unpeeled tiger prawns, 4 avocados and 2 packets of strawberries. Did i mention 200gms of prosciutto as well?

This for breakfast..What more can you ask for? (AUD 9 for 200gm packet)

Then this as your side dish, am i really in heaven? (AUD 3.70 for 100gm)

Bright red and juicy strawberries for AUD 1.50 a pack

Chances if you dont seem to see the other items that i have mentioned, i ate them way too quick. Back in reality, do i really see myself in a wet market choosing which chicken to "slit", which part of the cow i want or decide which swimming fish i want to steam? Hmm, maybe not.

On another note, tommorrow i get to introduce Sean Ghazi before he starts his performance. Nervous? You bet, hands are sweaty but i heard he sings real good.

And on another another note, i took my camera for dinner. Took it out and all ready to snap, guess what the screen said? "No CF Card". Took it all out to upload my photos, am i sotong or what?


Jun said...

ish! how come u get to intro sean ghazi???! whr's he performing btw? muz tell me how it went :)

Nic (KHKL) said...

jaw-dropping breakfast, i'd say...gosh, that looks great! btw, are you using macro lens?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

jun: haha our annual dinner..haha i will try to sneak a picture or 2 where i can..

nic: thanks..nope..just using a 50mm lense..

Christy said...

Whoa!!! You are soooo lucky!!!!
Salmons and strawberries!!!!:D
My FAVE!!!! nice!!!!

fatboybakes said...

actually, dollar for dollar, its cheap la, if you're earning aussie dollars. but really, AUD9 for 200gm of smoked salmon is exorbitant, considering a packet here is RM18.90 for 200gm, and that's in ikea. can get even cheaper in village grocer.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

christy: haha really?

fbb: well considering the smoked salmon from ikea is frozen and not fresh, its a whole diff story lar..still yes its exorbitant if you convert..but what is not exorbitant if you convert?

MeiyeN said...

whoa.. i want, i want! da salmon looks so orangey.. must be freshly sliced!!!

New Kid on the Blog said...

dollar to dollar this is real cheap... I wonder what's the inflation rate like. where as our goods price is increasing, but salary remain unchange. [sigh]
well, share more pls, plan to visit aussie next year.

Rasa Malaysia said...

Your pictures are very awesome, too. :)

ling239 said...

the smoke salmon !!
the strawberries !!!!
you are so very lucky ~ ^_^

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

meiyen: yeap! well it was freshly packed..not the vacuum packed ones..

new kid: well more food reviews coming..

rasa malaysia: thanks! but mine is non-macro lens though..

ling239: haha m i? yes i am..

wmw said...

Tip : Always pack an extra storage card in the bag! Ooooh, I love strawberries!

team bsg said...

That must have been an awesome & fresh homecoming trip ( need we have to say u r indeed lucky ). Its no wonder yr mind was adelaid for a while hahaha

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wmw: haha thats y i alr have two..apparently thats not enuf..

team bsg: yeah its gonna awhile more..

mama bok said...

The kinda breakfast i love.. ;) yums..!