Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ricks Cafe Casablanca @ One Bangsar


For most of my fellow readers in Malaysia, Monday will be a public holiday instead of the usual dread of dragging your heavy feet to work thus theres no need for the usual cute moments from my cousins, i guess she can finally take a break from my constant flirting to get her to pose for my bulky black camera that takes forever.

Instead, what i have got is finally a review that i voluntarily want to do instead of being in that lazy foul mood when i wrote a short post about teasing and getting teased. Word of warning, if you plan to read this before any meal, you read this disclaimer properly and understand the consequences for i am a person who trys not to be half hearted. Since i have teased all of you long and hard with snippets here and there, i shall present to you guys, Ricks Cafe in full gear.

I was first acquainted to the place after i heard about the place from the floggers forum. It seemed like a perfect formula, a new place with an established chef trying out in a dying area. Just the place that i could negotiate for a decent deal for my company's function. So the first time i visited, i met the manager and the chef. It was kind of funny as i saw the manager take his time training his new staff, from greeting to taking orders and speaking English, i didnt know whether they were prepared for a crowd that have been getting picky with their food especially with so many restaurants out there or it was just because there were opened barely 2 months ago. That aside, i was also greeted by the chef who was coicidentally taking pictures of his own creations for the kitchen's reference and thus the extensive set of pictures. To add on to that extensive set of pictures i had, we had a floggers gathering which i attempted to get everyone salivating with a beef tartare picture.

So without further ado, lets indulge in a nite of Casablanca.

The menu that greets me..

I have always had a soft side towards Illy coffee, to be honest its far superior to those mass produced coffee that sells you the brand and not the coffee..

What looked like smoke salmon was indeed close but not quite, as it was cured ocean trout wrapped with cream cheese, onion and asparagus..Light and refreshing and truly the way to enjoy the saltiness of the fish

Then came grilled beef skewers that were abit soft on the inside but served with a refreshing sauce that was slightly on the mint side..

Maghreb Lamb Patties with Tomato Relish was another fabulous tapas that would be wolfed down if you love lamb..with the meat slightly on the gamey side but not as bad as meatballs, served with relish that was abit heavy with their olive oil, i found myself lapping out the relish with whatever i have left, bread or on its own

I managed to capture the BBQ Seafood Salad that just looked so simple yet elegant to eat for dinner if you are looking out to start losing some weight to prepare for Christmas..

Fresh white bread was served, for what? Lets have a look..

Chicken Pate is probaby as sinful as foie gras but when chicken liver is used, i find the taste abit revolting if i spread too much on my bread. Then again as someone who definitely plays the role as someone who enjoys fine cuisine, i guess i have to nod my head to pate isnt?

Brandade of Cod was served up next looking like a creme brulee.. What seemed to be like mash potato with anchovies, turned out to be salted cod with cream beaten up to a potato puree texture..well not bad for an amateur? Some sour faces told me it was too salty but then again i googled it and its meant to be salty. A sign of authenticity but versus local palates, this may take the chef some time to get used to..

Ocean trout belly with a piece of bread and tomato pickle..The piece of belly chunk meltd in my mouth and made me realise why i loved Japanese food in the first place, a nice fatty piece of salmon belly sashimi..

I always liked my calamari to be chewy but this were fried to crispy..didnt like the texture when i bit into it..but thats just me..

Garlic confit, was essentially roasted garlic with olive oil and herbs.. A simple dish that you may order with bread to get a very mild healthy version of garlic bread..

The wild mushroom soup that was served was rather watery but that meant it was full of mushrooms rather then cream which resulted in a more pleasant meal without thinking of calories..Very nice..

I managed to snap a picture of the Sea Bream which was latered described as an earthy fish aka muddy fish i reckon, which was taken away after they couldnt seem to appreciate the fish being fishy..It was kindly taken away and a replacement was called for..

A venison shoulder with filo pastry which was rather dry to me but exude a strong whiff of red wine.. I was glad i stuck to my guts calling for beef..

The sirloin i ordered was served medium eventhough i requested medium rare, but then again i had no other complaints. The meat was juicy and rather fatty for a sirloin or as FBB said "I think this is a rib eye disguised as a sirloin but i rather go back to the basics and say whether it was good or not.. What turned out to be smoked duck instead of bacon (slaps face for not thinking that this place is pork free) was wrapped around fried crispy french beans was regrets ordering..thumbs up

I also managed to snap a picture of the sea salt mackerel served with an escabeche on my first visit but managed to taste it during our 2nd visit..the acidic sauce was good and matched the mackerel eventhough this was the 1st time i had it differently from getting it grilled with sea salt.

Ricks offer a variety of burgers, probably to offer people a variety of food or maybe its because its the new gathering to watch Arsenal kick ass every weekend, so burgers are the easiest to sell to a hungry and chanting crowd..The beef burger with mushrooms and bacon was mouth watering although some complaints that the meat was too lean and tough..I think some fats would solve the problem..

The dory fish burger was simple and rather tasty, juicy pieces of dory fish fried in a light batter..definitely a league or make that 2 leagues above your ordinary fillet o fish..

As i realised, i am torturing your internet connection as well as your stomach, i end things with a vegetarian dish that i got a bite off, A mushroom souffle which tasted vegetarian but the cream and cheese all over would have got me lapping all the sauce if i had the chance to..

Now for desserts,

A creme brulee that tasted pretty well with the sugar coated almonds.. Not the best i had but tasty.. after all what sugar isnt tasty?

A chocolate banana cake that went fancy and turned into a banana souffle with chocolate icecream.. The souffle was very light and virtually melt in your mouth with a light hint of banana but the chocolate ice cream didnt seem to have a strong enough hint of cocoa either..I dont know, i seem to be undecided..good or bad..

A preview of an experiment recipe of a Red Velvet Cake from Just Heavenly.. The cake was loose and not dense but the cream cheese had melt and was on the verge of turning watery.. complimented the cake very well..The layers of cream going through the cakes makes it moist which is always a plus point because you dont go rushing for water for every bite you take..Cant wait for this to be on sale..

Address and contact details:

Rick's Cafe Casablanca
One Bangsar
63C, Jalan Ara
Bangsar Baru
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-22871618

Verdict: They have got their ambience spot on, the pricing is rather reasonable with tapas going from RM9-15, starters from RM20 plus and mains also from RM18 to RM70 plus for a tenderloin steak coupled with good food presentation and good food, of course..some hits and misses which is rather standard for a new place, i shall try them again in 2 weeks time for my function..Then again, with so much food around i cant see myself going back unless its to watch an Arsenal match

A good 4 stars out of 5 stars..


AngryYoungChild said...

Omg the red velvet cake reminds me of this episode on Oprah show. Haha. Yet to go Just heavenly.

The burgerssss....Look so temptingg...wah damn torture la reading this post..

babelearner said...

wao..whole lots of food ... all looks yummy ...

New Kid on the Blog said...

I can only say, unbelievable beautiful!!

sc said...

the pictures looks lovely! think i'll pop over soon...

wmw said...

Lovely pics...what happened to the ones that you were supposed to send me??? Thank you!

ling239 said...

the BBQ Seafood Salad in our normal rice bowl ? minus the prawn heads and the clam shells all nothing much to eat right ? :p

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

angryyoungchild: well its finally a place that you can go wat..pretty affordable burgers at RM18-20pls..

babelearner: abit excessive i reckon but oh well..

new kid: haha the food or the photos? keke

sc: haha then you can do ur review after all the floggers r done..

wmw: coming soon..let me sent it does look pretty good!

ling239: haha the bowl is way bigger then your rice bowl la..unless ur rice bowl is 3X bigger then my usual..theres also scallops n tuna in there..

celine said...

The beef burger...hmm...I want it!

teckiee said...

Totally loved my mackerel in sea salt. I'm going again this weekend *grin*

~Christine~Leng said...

such beauty in those food!

Just said...
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Just said...

Fun night wasn't it? ;-)

Tim's a sweetie too. He serves what he loves and as a chef that's honest.

And so you know, Cream of Mushroom soup has cream in it, but the ones we get are usually thickend with a flour roux. That's why they're so viscous. Not because of cream.

He did have cream in his Mushroom soup. Just that he did it without the roux. That's why it was thinner. ;-) So don't be too happy about the calory count. Oh yes, he told me he put in crushed porcini as well.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

celine: im waiting for u to pop over and tell me what u think then..

teckiee: aiyoyo..hahah i m going nxt wk..!

christine: and thats is what makes this food so delicious..

just: just = ?.. yes i can see that tim cooks what he believes in as well.. darnit..u shudnt have told me abt the cream lar..

Jackson said...

hehe... i enjoy the velvet cake but not my plate of chicken....i love their tapas selection

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

jackson: haha thus the passing around of your plate rite?

Precious Pea said...

Eh?? You left out my chicken pie!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

pp: the chicken pie picture not nice at all..sorry ar!..

New Kid on the Blog said...

Both, the food and pic... are beautiful!!! That caught hubby's attention and he also noted that it's beautiful but he meant the pic! :)

Seaqueen said...

Hmm...must try out this place one of these days.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

new kid: haha no worries..just kidding

seaqueen: well worth a try..

ling239 said...

wow... than how much does tat cost ? =.="

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ling239: the salad? mid 20s?

tigerfish said...

What a way to eat garlic....rather garlic confit.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

tigerfish: my first..but its quite good actually..but abit mild

Elle said...

I have tried it. Ambience, taste and value is good, I would definately go again. I have tried the mushroom souffle, it is good but you will get a bit 'jelak' if you finish the whole portion by yourself. I don't normally touch garlic but their garlic confit is really exceptional.

I have also tried their lamb (main course) and their mix mushroom (appetizer) which is yummy too.

Anonymous said...

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