Sunday, October 21, 2007

Monday Blues Part 8

To be honest, i have been comfortably eating at places where i have reviewed recently. Its as if the word "adventurous" has been omitted from my dictionary and when i ask myself what i want to eat; i can only mutter the same old places that i have reviewed. I know it doesnt sound like me and lets hope after reinstalling the words "try something new; you dumb git" i can hopefully take my new Canon DSLR to snap pictures of food that i have not eaten before for you all.

So what can i present to you fellow readers on what will usually be a dark and gloomy Monday with not enough sleep and droopy panda eye bags and to boot; a long stack of outstanding work? Yes, its time for more pictures of the few stooges that came all the way from Jakarta. Its sad to know that they have gone back but refreshing to know they will be back even longer and bigger (oops mine the pun) in December.

Its even sadder to know that my new memory card so quickly failed on me at the most crucial time; half way loading pictures of the three stooges. If not i would have enough pictures to last till they come back but oh well, lets ration and see how it goes..

You bugger, i pose so many different styles for you and you didnt save a copy???

Lets smile for the camera ok? The two sisters in stripes..

Cant you give me a break? I am eating here!

Snap away photographer, i am clearly posing for you..happy?

Lastly, the eldest stooge and probably the best poser..

You know, the phrase "kids says the darnest things"? Well, when i fetched the stooges today, i individually carried them up and asked them, so will you miss KL? If you have to choose Jakarta and KL, which would you choose?..Ellen just nodded and shaked and probably only was thinking of Jakarta because of the huge area she can run around, Scott obviously was wanting to go back to school and play but Nat answered well..I want to sleep in Jakarta at night and be at KL in the day!..Well what can i say the darnest things..

Happy Monday blues and let me see if i have some old dingy handphone photos i can post..


It is indeed a bloody rainy Monday, how true can my wishes be? To add to that blues, i am wearing all blue, left my office tag and my car park tag in my other car. Luckily to sneak into the car park because the parking attendants are probably still napping away and had to ask people to tag me all the way to my desk, what luck again! Now i am racking my brains to see how i can escape the parking fellows when i leave work haha!


Christy said...

No blues...hehe, don't be affected by your blue background in the blog:D
Be happy...
And no worries, you are not the only one..I always stick to my comfort eating places too....I am such a pickyeater and sometimes I just don't want to eat...haha, so I just go to the places that I am familiar and that's it:p

Cheers ya!!~:D

ling239 said...

Yeap... a rainning monday can be kinda boring especially when stuck in the jam =.="
but today is different for me because KIMI WON !!!!!!!! woohoo ~ :D

team bsg said...

maybe u could consider doing an Xtreme sports do for a change and yes whatever happened to nipples or maybe now u shud progress to something deeper lower hahaha !
or do a drunken post that might help too !

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

christy: haha moody mondays..sigh..well its over!

ling239: i know! now the wait for the actual crowning of the champion..

teambsg: lower then nipples naughty naughty..

MeiyeN said...

guess what? i am experiencing da same kind of feeling too... not that adventurous anymore.. me think me really getting old and getting lazy :(