Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Loaf @ Pavilion KL

As the mystery uncovers to why people flock new shopping centers like pigeons swing towards food, Joe decides to venture further to what food offerings Pavilion got to offer.

[Something sweet with orange peel RM3plus]

Now, bread to many is like a necessity, in essence the western version of rice, the carbohydrates to keep you energetic and at the same time sleepy during lunch. I remember growing up to Gardenia, hardly classy but classic and at RM1.60 a loaf, it was a savior to many poor people as they live on affordable bread. Recent times, a whole different story is being revealed. No more is bread a cheap thing but its a chic thing. Bakeries has mushroomed all over, from Bread Story to Bread Talk selling chicken floss buns, expensive savory and sweet breads which costs more then a bowl of noodles to say the least. From RM1.60 a loaf that will probably last you a good 3 meals, i would always end up paying more then Rm10 for 3 pieces of bread.

[Pumpkin seed and cinnamon roll RM9.80]

Here comes a new competitor, famed for its bread and so well branded that people can recognise its name despite it being hailed from Langkawi. One of the many brain childs of the Malaysian ex PM and the fact that he stills enjoys the bread even though he is sick in hospital, the bakery definitely has a reputation which i was so eager to try. I randomly picked three pieces of bread just before it was about to close at 9pm on a busy Saturday night, took pictures and tried it the day after. I find it ridiculous when bread started to sell for RM18 a loaf, but never did i imagine paying almost RM 10 for a piece of bread that could pass for a baseball or a stone.

Infact i was confused by the different sizes they had of the same kind of bread. The story goes

"Rm17.65 please"

"17 what? for that 3 pieces of bread? Did i get you correct? I looked back at the price of that pumpkin bread and saw RM2.60"

"The pumpkin one is RM9.80. RM2.60 is for the petit one"

At this point, Joe runs to the basket, frantically looking for a small one. Indeed it was small and in the same basket. Once again he was conned legally and in defeat he took out the money and paid.

As he bites into that piece of bread, pumpkin seeds spill and the strong infusion of cinnamon is evident although a bit blunt and strong. It was a pity because it was real solid though. The sweet one with the orange peel was good, but then again buying at night and leaving it for the day after is not a good idea as it was yet again on the hard side.

[Red bean bun (RM3 plus)]

The last and probably the better one was the red bean bun. The walnut added a contrast to the smooth red bean paste but then again i didnt like the hard piece of dough surrounding it.

As Joe lets the pieces of dough digest in his system, he wonders if it was a good idea to forgo that long queue at J&Co where he could as a natural glutton took away a dozen of calorie bursting donuts. Well, theres always tomorrow. Anyone interested? Thursday night around 7.

Address and contact details:

The Loaf
Lot 3.13.00 & 4.12.02
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-21453036

Rating: 3 stars out of 5 stars, i think i had enough of expensive bread, seriously is it better then a nice hot steaming bowl of noodles? Top floor apparently is for fine dining but after the fine bread i had, maybe i better not.


New Kid on the Blog said...

after reading this post... am speechless..... :)

btw, you've been tagged by me... hehehehe... pls check my blog. :D

irenekay said...

All the buns were Cold and the rolls were hard when I bit into it

try heating it up cuz I heard one of the manager advising a customer. I tried and it was perfect

ling239 said...

Wow... expensive buns ~
given a choice i will grab the Cream Chocolate posted by Boo_licious ^_^

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

new kid: speechless why? hmm i will consider the tag..looks abit patchy by putting out the whole list of links..

irenekay: darnit..why should i need to do work when i m paying so much ar?..oh well..lesson learnt..

ling239: i think i might too..

team bsg said...

Thats a very interesting observation , very true / realistic ! KL has joined the bandwagon of developed societies where we pay not only for what you get but actually what you think you will get ! ala Marketing of 'perception' ! but we must say tho that the pakaging is classy ( a bit like Dunhill/Malboro where branding/packaging is King.)

But won't it be great if our purchasing power is same as in developed Japan ( but alas ...)

Andy said...

They look really tasty to me! I wish the little town I live in had bread like that.

Nice blog, look forward to more of your posts.

Precious Pea said...

Pricey but this, i still must try.

Nic (KHKL) said...

Joe, i totally agree with you...It was really expensive! And there's nothing great about it except the difference in the bread's texture (i think they are using a different kinda flour)...will blog about my visit to the loaf soon...give me a bowl of hot noodles, anytime..hehe

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

team bsg: although quite diff from ciggies..yeah i guess so can make such a comparison

andy: stay tune!

pp: ok lar, go and try then..

nic: will stay tune for ur take on the loaf..

jason said...

Nahh.. I'll skip this. Maybe you really should go for J&Co. You'll be happier I think :P

Cutie said...

Wow, pretty pricey. Hmm, I love bread a lot but then I will still not spend on those expensive buns. Well, bake your own buns, it will be much cheaper. *grin*

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

jason: i think so too..sigh more time on the treadmill..

cutie: if only i know how to..and also own all that equipment haha

Anonymous said...

walau eh... PM = Pay Me?

i don't believe in paying so much for just a small piece of bread. if there's alot of goodness in it, then "boh wey gong". in my opinion, pay for the content, not for the brand name.

haiz.. in the past ppl say no money so just eat bread. now, it's no money don't eat bread. what do poor folks eat then? sibeh cham.

d2e said...

i guess this is the life of a flogger then.... ;p u get the good stuffs, sometimes the bad stuffs yet other times, the uncategorized... like this one ^^

AngryYoungChild said...

fuh~ so expensive. O.o Hope u're gettting your J.Co today!

New Kid on the Blog said...

speechless because of the price, 2nd... because of the pic... it looks like an art to me....

celine said...

Nowadays, price for bread/bun has been raised, more varieties, lots of decorations as well.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

anon: how very true..haha very nice comment..

d2e: still clueless..

angry: i refuse to queue up!..didnt get any!

new kid: wow..wat a compliment!

celine: but has it gone too far?

KampungboyCitygal said...

i read from some newspaper article that their bread rolls are suppose to be hard and chewy, European style worrr. Not my kind of bread

Nic (KHKL) said...

should have queued for J&Co instead. Btw, I've posted by 2 cents worth review on the loaf in my blog.

daphne said...

another bakery? Actually, now that u mentioned it, it is expensive..especially since cheap and good malaysia food is around everywhere.

tankiasu said...

Wow, I guess Mahathir will get healthier if he sees how much profit he is raking in from this outlet!

fatboybakes said...

hey, nipples, your expensive toy is paying off. lovely pics.

Tummythoz said...

Think I'll wait for promotional prices or when they have 50% off prices after 7pm. Way too rich for my pockets. =(

Bernsy said...

fuiyoo... expensive buns..but someone's gotta pay for DrM's medical bills what.

I think bread should be cheap, not chic..... so I won't support this bakery ... hahaha...just the same rationale as I wont support that Japanese Bread Jusco is selling...

The pics are very very nice.... which Canon do you have already ?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

kbcg: not my kind of bread either..

nic: goin to read rite now..

daphne: yeap..m'sia food aint cheap anymore..

tankiasu: haha soon he will b running!

fbb:haha it will start paying off if i can actually earn somethin haha

tummythoz: where got? i went at 9pm wat..

bernsy: haha i m a sucker for that bread haha..i use a canon 400D

MeiyeN said...

rm3+ for a red bean... O_o still, i wanna go try.. heard their breads are darn good?

d_luaz said...

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Do contact me (Desmond) at info [at] malaysiamostwanted (dot) com. I could provide you with more information on how this is actually done.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

meiyen: well since its rm3, then give it a try..haha..let me know..

d_luaz: looks good..will give u an email..

J2Kfm said...

wonders anyone tried their main dishes b4? looks swanky, but the price a bit on high side. From the looks of the bread, (and ur review, haha) certainly i'll avoid.